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Recap / Archer S 6 E 5 Vision Quest

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The gang, sans Malory, get stuck in an elevator. Hilarity Ensues.

This episode provides examples of:

  • Bottle Episode: Almost the entire episode takes place inside the elevator.
  • Brick Joke: When Cheryl rattles off what all the characters want to do at that particular moment, she says Cyril wants to masturbate. In the last scene of the episode, he does exactly that.
  • Call-Back: Once again, Ray closes the elevator doors while saying that he's trying to keep them open, claiming that it's "just like Maximum Overdrive" like in the previous episode, itself a reference to something Archer said in "Legs" in season four.
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  • Cellphones Are Useless: Because Krieger put a signal-jammer above the elevator for no good reason.
  • Continuity Nod: Archer points out that he's been lost at sea.
  • Foreshadowing: Within the first minute of the episode, we have this exchange. It wasn't revealed until much later on that Pam actually isn't wearing panties:
    Lana: Oh, keep your panties on.
    Pam: One step ahead of you! ...Or am I?
  • Gainax Ending: Nobody's entirely sure as to what happened at the end of this episode. Somebody who works on the show theorized (but didn't confirm) that Archer rerouted all calls to Malory to the elevator and set it to play the voicemail, but didn't count on Kreiger setting a signal jammer above the elevator. This doesn't explain why Lana thought Malory was in on it, although Lana might've been drawing conclusions based on how Malory just happened to be the only one who didn't get stuck in the elevator and knowing what a Manipulative Bitch and Bad Boss she tends to be.
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  • Not Me This Time: Lana assumes Malory rigged the elevator and that everybody getting trapped was the team building exercise she was talking about. It wasn't.
  • Potty Emergency: Pam chugs most of a forty-ounce bottle of malt liquor and moments later has to use the restroom. Despite Lana actively trying to tell her that they should hold off, as they're going to be stuck in there a while.
  • Really Gets Around: When Pam strips from the waist down:
    Pam: Oh please, you've all seen it.
    Lana: Wait, oh my God, we actually have.
  • Serious Business: Archer is aghast when he realizes he was about to soak up urine with a cashmere garment.
    Archer: It's cashmere. There are rules!
  • Shell-Shock Silence: Archer fires a gun to get everyone to stop fighting. When the dialogue resumes, it's everyone calling him an asshole while holding their ears.
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  • Trivial Title: The reason for the title doesn't come up until right at the end.


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