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Recap / Archer S 6 E 2 Three To Tango

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Archer and Lana must extract an agent from Buenos Ares. Unfortunately, the agent is none other than Conway Stern. Back at the office, Malory loses AJ.

This episode provides examples of:

  • An Arm and a Leg: Conway loses another hand because of Lana.
  • The Bus Came Back: Conway Stern reappears as a freelance agent in need of extraction.
  • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: Conway literally stabbed Archer in the back last time they met. This time he shoots him.
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  • Even Evil Has Standards: Conway was planning to abandon Lana and Archer and shot Archer in the back for revenge, but he wasn't going to shoot a mother.
  • Everyone Has Standards: Mallory thinks at first that Cheryl is the one who took AJ away, but Pam saves her, knowing even a psychotic baby-hater like Cheryl cannot go that far. When Krieger is exposed, Cheryl is clearly as disgusted as the others.
  • Let Us Never Speak of This Again: Everyone agrees that there's no need to tell Lana what happened to AJ while she was gone.
  • Grandmama Bear: When Malory deduces Krieger has AJ, she busts in gun at the ready.
    Malory: And, Krieger? I swear to God, if I catch you near this child again...
    Krieger: But-! (Immediately shuts up as the laser sight of Malory's gun drifts downward to his crotch.)
    Malory: And the implied threat here is that I will shoot you in the genitals and then sit here sipping Amontillado Sherry while you bleed to death.
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  • My Little Panzer: Cyberneddly Teddly doesn't seem threatening, but considering it's a cybernetic endoskeleton that Krieger plans on growing real bear tissue to cover...
  • Person as Verb: Archer says he's "Archerizing" the plan.
  • Villain Ball: With Archer already shot and Lana unarmed and at gunpoint, Conway was in a perfect position to escape with the disc. But he just had to stand in the window and gloat for a minute, including making a crack about Lana's baby weight. This hits her Berserk Button and results in her slamming the window on him so hard that his hand, still clutching the disc, is completely severed. He still gets away, but ISIS wins the day. Plus, Lana suspects that he got his cyborg hand from Krieger, which could make getting another one difficult.


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