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Recap / Angel S 05 E 04 Hell Bound

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Spike is being drawn into Hell.

  • And I Must Scream: Matthias Pavayne, paralyzed by electrodes in a man-sized cell and left to stare out a small window into an empty corridor for all eternity.
  • Bait-and-Switch Comment
    Angel: I just want you to be careful, Fred, because I know how charming Spike can be.
    Eve: He is quite the dish, with those eyes...
    Fred: And the hair and the cheeks and what do you think I am, stupid? I know he's been playing me with the looks and the smiles. I'm not some idiot schoolgirl with a crush.
  • Buffy Speak
    Spike (to Angel): Just thought we could hang is all. Couple of vampires from the old days doing our... hangy thing.
  • Call-Back: Spike ranting at ghosts no-one else can see (BtVS "Lessons"), being frustrated that no-one can see him while he can see them (BtVS "Same Time, Same Place"), and being disappointed that he can't get a scare out of Fred (BtVS "Blood Ties").
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  • Creepy Basement
  • Couldn't Find a Pen: Spike writes REAPER in the condensation of Fred's shower stall.
  • Cut His Heart Out with a Spoon
    Pavayne: Defilers! I'll cut you into nothing! I'll feast on your brains. I'll swim in lakes of your own blood!
    Angel: (punches Pavayne) You'll shut the hell up.
  • Dangerous Workplace: Team Angel realise something is wrong when the W&H psychics don't detect any ghosts on the premises. Given the number of people we've seen killed there, even on-screen...
  • Decontamination Chamber / Shower Scene: Fred takes a shower after the seance.
  • Department of Redundancy Department: Necronomicon means roughly "Book of the Names of the Dead" so Necronomicon des Mortes would be "Book of the Names of the Dead of Death".
  • The Disembodied: Spike.
  • Everybody Knew Already
    Fred: Spike told me where he goes when he disappears. It's...Hell. He's slipping into Hell. (suspenseful music cue)
    Gunn: Kinda figured.
    Wesley: Of course.
    Gunn: Where else would he be going?
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  • Eye Scream / Facial Horror
  • Failure Is the Only Option: Angel thinks that he and Spike are both going to Hell regardless, as there's no way to atone for the evil they did as vampires.
  • Fanservice: Showering Fred and naked Spike.
  • Fingore: Spike comes across a man cutting off his own fingers.
  • Friend or Idol Decision: Spike gives up his chance to become corporeal in order to save Fred.
  • Genre Savvy: Wesley thinks maybe they shouldn't be trying to contact Spike through a psychic and Gunn agrees because he's seen enough horror flicks to know these things always turn out ugly.
  • Homoerotic Subtext: Spike and Gunn ("20 minutes from now he'll be popping up next to you in the shower, making cracks about your... am I the only one he does that to?") Becomes No Yay with Pavayne and naked Spike.
  • Human Sacrifice: Pavayne was sacrificed to deconsecreate the grounds of Wolfram & Hart. He stops his spirit from going to Hell by sending other spirits in his place.
  • Immortality Hurts
  • Impending Doom P.O.V.: Spike stalking Fred in The Teaser.
  • Intangible Man
  • Mad Doctor: Pavayne
    Angel: European aristocrat, 18th century. He was a doctor, nicknamed "The Reaper" for performing unnecessary surgery on his patients.
    Fred: Well, what kind of surgery?
    Wes: The kind you don't recover from.
  • Mandatory Line: Lorne appears in nothing more than a brief cameo at the very beginning.
  • Metaphorgotten: Spike invokes this as a way of consoling himself that least he won't be lonely in Hell.
    Spike: Least I got company, eh? You and me, together again. Hope and Crosby. Stills and Nash. Chico and the—
    Angel: Yeah, we done?
  • Nietzsche Wannabe: Angel is beginning to cross over into this territory, a dangerous viewpoint given his current position.
  • Not So Different: Team Angel look up "The Dark Soul" in their source books.
    Gunn: There are over 3,200 different references. 4 of them are about you.
    Angel: Let me see this. (looks in book) Well, that's not fair. I didn't even have a soul when I did that.
  • Orphean Rescue
  • Punch Catch: Spike works out how to bend reality like Pavayne does and starts pounding on him...until Pavayne catches his punch and starts dishing it out in return.
  • Psychic Nosebleed / Gory Discretion Shot: The Wolfram & Hart psychic starts bleeding from the nose, them her blood splatters all over Fred. This naturally requires a gratuitous Shower Scene to clean up the mess.
  • Reality Warper
  • Room Full of Crazy: The gang find Fred writing formulas on the glass window of her office.
    Angel: Oh, this is never good.
    Fred: No, er, I just ran out of whiteboard...
  • Scare Chord / Stealth Hi/Bye: Fred with Spike, then Eve, then Angel.
    Fred: Would everybody please stop doing that?
  • Security Cling: Played for horror when a woman with no arms asks Spike to do so.
  • Ship Tease: Fred/Spike and Fred/Wesley.
  • Spooky Séance: Subverted
    Psychic: Now, I have pilates at the crack of why-am-I-awake? So we're gonna move this right along. I will mutter a few calming words to get us into the zone, and then we'll see if we can scare up your missing spook. OK. Clear your minds... which, judging by the looks of you, won't be that hard.
    Fred: Should we hold hands?
    Psychic: Only if you're lonely. Now, zip it and let me do my sweet funky.
  • Technobabble / Layman's Terms: Any time Fred says something.
  • Tempting Fate: Fred asks the psychic, "Are you all right?" Cue Your Head Asplode.
  • This Is the Part Where...
    Spike: Is this the part where I say, "Who's there?" And something creepy happens?
    (A black shadow glides quickly across the balcony)
    Spike: Thought so.
  • Tome of Eldritch Lore: The Magdalene Grimoire, Necronomicon des Mortes, Hochstadter's Treatise on Fractal Geometry in 12-dimensional Space.
  • Verbal Backspace: Gunn is unhappy about the upcoming seance.
    "Seen enough horror flicks to know these things always turn out ugly. (the psychic enters — a pretty blonde woman in a red dress) I stand corrected."
  • Volleying Insults
    Spike: Never much for small talk, were you? Always too busy trying to perfect that "brooding block of wood" mystique. God, I love that.
    Angel: Not as much as I loved your non-stop yammering.
    Spike: The way you always had to be the big swingy, swaggerin' around, barkin' orders—
    Angel: Never listening.
    Spike: Always interrupting.
    Angel: And your hair, what color do they call that? "Radioactive"?
    Spike: Never much cared for you, Liam, even when we were evil.
    Angel: Cared for you less.
    Spike: Fine!
    Angel: Good!
    (long pause)
    Angel: There was one thing about you.
    Spike: Really?
    Angel: Yeah, I never told anybody about this, but I liked your poems.
  • White Void Room / Panthera Awesome : The White Room now sans creepy kid and with a panther instead.
  • Who Dares?
    Pavayne: You dare?!
    Spike: Quite a bit, mate.

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