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Recap / American Horror Story S 01 E 09 Spooky Little Girl

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Season 01, Episode 09:

Spooky Little Girl

One of history's most famous murder victims pays the house a visit. Constance discovers more of Tate's questionable behaviour.

1947 - A woman emerges from a yellow taxi for her dental appointment in the former Montgomery home. She's an actress, short on cash and willing to do whatever she must in exchange for her dental work. Her friend has recommended Dr David Curran.Later on, a mother is walking her baby in a stroller. She sees what she thinks is a mannequin before realising it's actually a mutilated body. It's the woman from earlier and she's then known as the 'Black Dahlia'.

2011 - Moira is making the bed in the master bedroom. Ben enters and tells her that Violet is holed up in her room and won't leave. She asks Moira to make Violet a sandwich. Moira begins making advances on Ben, saying that it's a shame what happened to Vivien as they'd become friends. Ben finally puts Moira in her place but she tells him it's only a matter of time as his 'soul is willing and flesh is weak'.


Travis arrives at Constance's house. Inside, she is drunk and upset about Addy's death. The pair argue about Travis' freeloading. He responds by walking out, bumping into Hayden who lures him into the Harmon's.

Jack Colquitt, an LAPD detective, arrives at the Harmon house along with Hayden's sister, Marla. After much accusation from Marla that Ben has done something horrible to Hayden, Hayden suddenly appears. She declares that she never bothered to ring Marla as she normally only wants to speak to her if it's about money. She also says that she's moving in with Ben. Marla drops the subject and leaves. Hayden tells Ben that she finally had the abortion.

Elizabeth Short (The Black Dahlia) has arrived for a session with Ben. It's unscheduled and Ben insists that she needs to make an appointment to see him but agrees to see her the following day. She offers to 'pay' him with sex. He says no but begins fantasising about it.


A doctor calls Ben and says that the news she has she would not normally tell a father. Vivien's twins have been conceived by a rare medical phenomenon where the paternity of each twin is different. Ben is shocked.

Moira is cleaning when Constance arrives. She accuses Violet of sleeping with Travis. Moira claims that her accusation is absurd as Violet's in love with Tate and that Travis wouldn't even get a look in. Moira relays the news about Vivien's twins and that Tate is the father of one. Constance confronts Tate who admits he raped Vivien. She beats him as he begs her not to tell Violet.

Ben walks in on Elizabeth and Moira having sex on the couch. Ben fantasises about joining them. He demands that Elizabeth put her clothes on and asks her to leave. He tells her he cannot treat her. He then promptly fires Moira. Elizabeth is distraught, saying she thought that this would work.As Moira leaves, Hayden enters. Elizabeth tells her that she wants nothing more than to be famous. Hayden asks her if she realises who she is before filling her in on her history.

1947 - Dr Curran the dentists rapes Elizabeth while she's under anasthetic and she dies from an overdose from the gas. Frantic, Curran drags her body to the basement of the house. Charles Montgomery appears, saying he can be of some help to him. Charles begins to dismember Elizabeth, telling Curran she'll be easier to transport. Curran looks on as Charles gives her the infamous Chelsea smile. When asked why he's cutting her in such a manner, Charles replies that he wants to give her a permanent smile as she seemed so sad.

2011 - Ben visits the institution where Vivien is being held. A doctor explains to Ben that Vivien is being restrained after attacking an orderly. Upon entering Vivien's room, Ben tells her that he's aware that she can't respond to him but vocalises his disgust at her betrayal. After he leaves, Vivien looks shocked and very aware of what Ben said.

In a flashback from 2010, Ben is talking with Hayden in a bar. She admits that she lied to him to get him closer and he says that his marriage isn't going well.

Back to present day, Hayden and Ben are discussing their affair in the gazebo. Hayden insists that they're destined for each other whilst he calls his actions unforgivable. He says that he was never in love with her and he wants nothing more than for Vivien to be back home. A hug turns to a kiss but Ben still asks Hayden to leave. She tells him that Vivien's been having an affair with Luke.

Constance apologises to Travis for her actions before asking him to marry her. She explains that she wants to raise Tate's child as her own and wants Travis to be the father. Surprised, he claims to not be ready for marriage and children. He explains that he's still trying to build his acting career. Constance berates him and cites her own experiences. Their argument turns physical and Travis leaves. He returns to Hayden where they have sex again, though he moans about Constance the whole time. After they finish, he tries to leave abruptly. He says he wants to be with Constance and wants to make it work. Insulted, Hayden stabs him multiple times.Travis' ghost appears along with Elizabeth's and Charles'. Travis' ghost mournfully realises that Constance was right that he'd never be famous. Hayden comments that the only 'famous' person in the house would be Ben, being accountable for Travis' murder when his body is found. Belatedly, she realises Ben would go to jail if found accountable meaning he'd leave the house. Charles says the body need not be found in the house and that he can make the body more 'portable'. Hayden recalls that somebody owes her a favour and will move the body for her. Larry moves Travis' severed body and hides it at a basketball court where some guys find it.

Constance visits a more lucid Vivien. She asks Vivien how the baby is doing and offers to help her as much as she can. Vivien tells Constance that she was raped and she isn't going crazy. Constance claims that she's believed her all along, though Vivien asks her not to say anything as she wants the doctors to believe she's 'coming to her senses'.

Ben triggers the security alarm to attract Luke to the house. Ben then confronts him about his affair with Vivien. After telling Luke about the twins, Luke says he is sterile and therefore can't be the child's father. Moira sees the Rubber Man mask Ben is holding and tries to tempt him into cheating. Ben refuses, saying he's in love with Vivien. Finally convinced, Moira congratulates him. As she leaves, Ben now sees the older version.

Billie Dean tells Constance about her tv show pilot which may be picked up by Lifetime. Constance asks her about ghost conceptions. Billie Dean tells her about the 'Pope's Box'. In the room of tears, the Pope opens a box containing a secret about the end of the world. Billie claims that a child born of human and spirit will usher in the end of times. It's the essence of evil, a perversion of the immaculate conception.


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