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Recap / American Gods S3E7 "Fire and Ice"

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Season 3, Episode 7

Fire and Ice

In Lakeside, Shadow grows closer with Marguerite and uncovers the surprising truth behind a local crime spree. Wednesday makes his own shocking discovery. Laura and Salim negotiate with the enemy of their enemy.

Tropes That Appear In This Episode:

  • Bargain with Heaven: Laura makes a deal with Mr. World, with Salim as negotiator; Laura gets to kill Mr. Wednesday (Laura, being a neutral party, keeps any potential war from happening if she kills him) in exchange for help in getting Gungnir (the one thing that can kill him) from Sweeney's horde and safe passage from any retribution the Old Gods would try to enact against her. Should she fail in this or try to back out, the New Gods will have her and anyone she cares about killed.
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  • Closet Gay: Or rather "closet trans". The reason why Derek has taken to stealing women's unmentionables is because he likes wearing them but is too afraid of word getting out in their small town, hinting at either some latent transvestism or transgenderism.
  • Foreshadowing: While skating on the lake, Shadow has a vision of Ganesha that gives him a gold coin that melts through the ice to get to him, which skates all the way to the clunker. Keep in mind that Ganesha represents New Beginnings and is a remover of obstacles.
  • Internal Reveal: It is here that Cordelia finds out what Mr. Wednesday is and that gods and magic are real.
  • Not Me This Time: While Derek was definitely guilty of stealing underwear due to some latent transvestism, he assures them that he is not the kidnapper.
  • Our Trolls Are Different: Mr. Wednesday meets with Dunker, an obese butcher who shares the name of a troll in Norse Mythology (and is very likely that) to learn more about the rampaging Johann.
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  • Red Herring: It turns out that Johann isn't the killer. It's Tyr, who has been killing Wednesday's followers to draw him out. It is even likely that Johann was actually trying to figure out who destroyed the bar earlier this season and that his Roaring Rampage of Revenge was after Tyr all along.
  • The Undead: Johann has somehow returned from the dead as a Draugr, hunting Wednesday through his living worshippers and associates.

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