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Recap / American Gods S 2 E 8 Moon Shadow

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Season 2, Episode 8

Moon Shadow

Shadow is tormented by recent events and Wednesday has disappeared. Those that remain witness the power of New Media as she is unleashed, and the nation is enveloped in a state of panic brought on by Mr. World.

Tropes That Appear In This Episode:

  • Alien Abduction: This happens to a human child who, after going to bed after watching a Science Fiction movie on his television, winds up getting taken up by a flying saucer because of his belief in aliens.
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  • Aw, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other: After arguing through most of the season, Salim and the Jinn finally make up with a Big Damn Kiss.
  • The Bus Came Back: In "The Greatest Story Ever Told", Mr. World "retires" Technical Boy, who has since disappeared with implications that Mr. World killed him. Here, the CEO brings him back, new and improved through revived faith in the memory of his father's music.
  • Call-Back: In "Lemon Scented You", Media explains to Technical Boy the impact of the kind of belief born from hysteria has by citing the infamous The War of the Worlds scare of 1938. Here, the episode begins showing a human family living through this very hysteria, followed by Mr. World discussing it himself as an example of the kind of power fear has like he was Rod Serling introing for an episode of The Twilight Zone (1959). New Media later mockingly quotes the old radio play to Shadow.
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  • Frame-Up: The New God's plan involves pinning an absurdly massive number of unrelated crimes both high and low - including the police station massacre in "Lemon Scented You" - on Shadow, Mr. Wednesday and Salim (preying on the public's Islamophobia), the new Technical Boy using the CEO to collect "evidence", and New Media using her abilities to distribute the "evidence" to news outlets and impersonate newscasters.
  • Homoerotic Subtext: The conversation between the CEO and the new Technical Boy is... charged.
    Technical Boy: "Is it everything you imagined? Being touched by a God?"
  • Irony: Mr. World got rid of Technical Boy because he could not convince the CEO to create a working replacement for Argus. That replacement? A new Technical Boy.
  • Motivated by Fear: Mr. World believes that this is how the world works, people in America motivated by their fear of the unknown and each other. The new Technical Boy seems to agree wholeheartedly.
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  • The Omnipresent: The new Technical Boy is able to simultaneously be in the CEO's office and Black Briar.
  • The Reveal: After being dragged into Backstage by Yggdrasil, Shadow realizes that the reason why Mr. Wednesday is so interested in him; Mr. Wednesday is his father.

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