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Recap / Amazing Stories (2020)

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Season One

  1. The Cellar: During a storm, a man takes shelter in the cellar and gets transported to 1919, falling in love with a woman he meets.
  2. The Heat: A track athlete is hit by a car and killed. She comes back as a ghost and tries to help her friends solve her murder.
  3. Dynoman And the Volt: A grandfather who has gotten cantankerous over his descending body discovers a magic ring that allows him to become a superhero.
  4. Signs of Life: A woman wakes up from a coma, but her daughter is disappointed when she does not remember her. Her daughter investigates similar cases of coma victims waking up with no memory.
  5. The Rift: A young mother and her son help a World War II era pilot who gets transported to the present.