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Recap / All Hail King Julien S 04 E 05 The Jungle Rooster

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When a noisy rooster invades the kingdom, Julien allows Karl to take it back to the Fossa, but guilt begins to consume him and he stages a rescue mission.


  • Bowel-Breaking Bricks: The chickens all lay eggs when they see the fossa attacking. Even Maurice lays an egg!
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Again, Julien gets a surprising amount done all by himself, allowing himself to be captured by the fossa so he can exploit Chauncey's jealousy to create a diversion to free all of the chickens.
    Julien: (To the rooster) What, you thought I couldn't pick this lock? Please, too easy.
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  • Dirty Business: The Fossa haven't been attacking the lemurs lately because they've been breeding chickens to eat instead. While everyone agrees that giving the rooster back to the fossa is the right thing to do for the overall safety of the kingdom, the guilt proves to be too much for Julien to handle.
    Maurice: Either the fossa eat chickens, or the fossa eat us. By sending that rooster back, you saved a lot of lemur lives. You made a tough call, but I support it.
    Julien: But if you think I made the right decision, why don't I feel better about it?
  • Green-Eyed Monster: When Mary-Ann begins flirting with Karl, Chauncey becomes jealous, which King Julien exploits to get them to turn on each other.
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  • Villains Out Shopping: Karl doesn't have an evil scheme, he just works part time as a Chicken Hunter and was hired by Mary-Ann.
    Karl: Being your nemesis isn't cheap. So I have to pick up work here and there to fund my ingenious schemes.

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