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Recap / All Hail King Julien S 02 E 08 Daddy Julien

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It is the royal naming ceremony where the King gives names to all the newborn baby lemurs. Seeing all the happy fathers and sons makes Julien want a son of his own, and demands Maurice get him one. Maurice wonders if Julien even knows where baby lemurs come from, and Julien tells him a story of how on every full moon, father lemurs go out into the baby patch to look for the child the Sky Gods has left for them, as identified by the child and the father having matching tails.


That night happens to be a full moon, so Julien decides to go into the baby patch one more time to find his son and actually finds another ring tail attached to... Mort! Julien has found a son of his own and is happy as can be. Clover and Maurice wonder if Julien has completely lost it as Mort can't be Julien's son as he is older than Julien, but Julien isn't hearing any of this and proudly names his newborn son Prince Falcon.



  • Awesome Mc Coolname: Prince Falcon. Other names Julien gives run the spectrum but include: Dribble Peesworthy, Fontainebleau McGuiness, Jazz-Man Saint Ives, Tiny Toes, Breadcheese Crackers, Juniper Atticus, Tinkle Ear Ringer, Scout Ryder, Haverford Johnson Sparklenose Junior and Arlo Glowstick.
  • Call-Back: LALA sees what Mort is doing and assume it's part of a plan to assassinate King Julien. Mort, who still hasn't realized LALA is an anti-King Julien organization, lets them go along with it.
  • Egg Sitting: When Clover worries that she would be a poor mother, she attends a parenting class where she is tasked with doing this.
  • Mythology Gag: Julien uses the skeletal hand/staff he used in Madagascar. Just like it does there, the skeleton hand gestures in ways that match Julien's
    • Julien not knowing where babies come from was also brought up in an episode of The Penguins of Madagascar. The two versions of the character were wrong in different ways though, with the Penguins version thinking lemurs hatch out of eggs.
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  • Obfuscating Stupidity: Julien admits he knows full well that Mort can't be his son, he just wanted a son so badly he was willing to pretend for a while.
  • Parents for a Day: Amusingly, it's Maurice that ends up playing Prince Falcon's mom more than Clover.
  • Sadistic Choice: LALA puts Clover in a position where she can either save Julien or her egg child. Because it's Clover, she manages to do both at the same time.
  • Squick: Julien feeds Prince Falcon via regurgitation while Maurice and Clover watch in disgust.

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