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Recap / Albedo Erma Felna EDF Volume One Number Four

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This is the last time we see Usagi Yojimbo in Albedo. Good luck trying to find this issue cheaply.
The issue begins with a very strange page that combines three different events:
  • A news break that resumes the events from the Battle of Derzon and the following political fallout between the government and society of that planet with the rest of the EDF and the ConFed by proxy.
  • An email from Eda, Erma's mother, congratulating her daughter and being reliefed that Erma has now recovered from her wounds from Derzon, while explaining what is happening right now in Dornthant, the Felnas' homeworld, including her brother Tasak is now a member of his homeworld Home Guard and Erma's father Kanoc acted in a withdraw way after hearing Erma's last message. It also mention both Itzak Arrat and his father, Joseph and what Itzak is doing right now.
  • A report from the aforementioned Itzak Arrat regarding the events from the last issue. It's revealed that the colonies were attacked by two ILR ships, and one of them was destroyed offscreen, while there's still one remaining at large. It also describes the casualties and injured members that Itzak and his crew sustained when dealing with the first ILR ship.
It's implied in those three cases that Erma was reading all of these at the same time, while taking a nap in Ekosiak. After that, the story continues where it left off in the last issue.

We see Itzak Arrat in his bed, talking with The Net about the current mission and his personal doubts about his own ability as a captain, after the battle against the ILR ship damaged his ship, and killed and maimed many members of his crew, since he's not prepared to deal with such tragedy. After taking his nap, Arrat and the surviving crew were ready to deal with the remaining ILR ship, but before they could do something, it turns out the ILR tries to escape from the solar system by doing an emergency jump. Everybody in Arrat's ship were shocked about that event, since trying to jump outside the safe distances is extremely dangerous and, needless to say, the ILR ship was destroyed by the disrupting gravity forces.After the destruction of the ship, Arrat and his crew took a look on the remainings of the ship, who had a booty of many mineral resources they stoled from the colonies.


A few days later, the DH270 and its crew managed to reach the remaning colonies of the Chishata system and Arrat sent a search and rescue team to save whoever surviving colonists they could find there. Meanwhile, the S & R team were discussing if the Lepine agressors were really members of the ILR, terrorists or space pirates, since there's no way an organized military organization could be so over-the-top homicidal.

After reaching the colony, and using a scout robot to help them with the job, the S & R team entered the colony, but, when they reached the colony's main bridge, it turns out there was a booby trap in the form of a gun inside the bridge, and after activing the trap, the gun shoots, blowing the brains of a female member of the team with it. Everyone in both Arrat's ship and the remaining members of the team were shocked by those events and by the messy death of one of their own. The things starts to get even worse when the S & R team and their robot found the remaining members of the colony... who were unconscious and attached to their automatic medkits (autodoc). The crew cannot avoid cursing against the people responsible for that atrocity, and while trying to check out what happened with their autodocs by using the scout robot, the autodoc exploded, killing many of the colonists and the scout robot as well. After returning to the DH270 with the remaining survivors, it turns that the colonists were gassed with a neurotoxic gas that could kill any person after a long exposition to the gas or, if they get lucky, crippling them for life.

The issue ends with Arrat in his room deducing that the agressors were members of the ILR and not terrorists or pirates, since the whole incident was too elaborated and organizated for being the job of criminal hands. Itzak Arrat cannot avoid to curse himself for being unable to save the colonists and many members of his crew.


  • Absentee Actor: Erma only appears briefly in the very first page, but she doesn't show in the rest of the issue. Justified here, because the protagonist is Itzak Arrat here, not to mention the issue continued with the story regarding the Chishata system.
  • Bloodier and Gorier: Since the issue continues with the events from the previous one, the death toll get pretty high on all sides. The ILR lost two ships and their crews, a female crewmember is killed by a booby trap and the remaining colonists were killed by both bombs attached to their autodocs and also by being gassed with neurotoxic gas.
  • Downer Ending: The Chishata subplot ends in a very dark note for everyone involved: The colonies were destroyed, all the survivors from them died, Arrat lost many members of his crew, but at least the ILR payed for their crimes with the lives of the people responsible for killing all those people as well.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Eda and Tasak, Erma's respective mother and younger brother, are mentioned here before their official debut in the next issue. Also, Joseph Arrat, Itzak's father, is also mentioned as well.
  • Precision F-Strike: The issue ends with Arrat uttering "shit" after his failure to save the colonists and many members of his crew. Keep in mind this is the first time in the whole comic we see uncensored profanity, as previously before all the expletives were of the Symbol Swearing style instead.

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