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Recap / Aitor Molina Vs.

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Egun on guztioi, Aitor Molina recaping to you!

This is the official list of episodes. If the episode is in YouTube, it was probably altered to avoid copyright.

Aitor Molina vs.

  1. "Best Hercules"
  2. "Seahorse Seashell Party"
  3. "Bleach"
  4. "Originally, Top 20 Reviews I Will (Or Not) Make, which is Canon Discontinuity and the 4th Year Anniversary special, which is the 40th episode, takes its place."
  5. "Hateful Comparisons: Vete A La Versh vs. Telegordo"
  6. "Evil Dead"
  7. "Creepypasta HighSchool"
  8. "Aitor Molina Marvel 1 (First Year Anniversary Special)"
  9. "Top 9 Pixar Sequels I Want To See"
  10. "Jet Jaguar"
  11. "Catastrophic Music"
  12. "Aitor Molina Marvel 2"
  13. "Dick Figures Movie"
  14. "50 Shades Of Gaston"
  15. "Super Mario Anime Movie with Ganchito (Second Year Anniversary Special)"
  16. "Hateful Comparisons: Spider-man vs. The Amazing"
  17. "The Fantasia Revenge"


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