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Recap / Age of Empires II Battles of the Conquerors

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Battle of the Conquerors is a series of free, unrelated scenarios depicting various historical battles across the Middle Age with different conditions, players and objectives. In Definitive Edition, those scenarios and Battle of the Forgotten were gathered together as "Historical Battles".

List of Scenarios (Chronological order)

Tours (732)

Following their victories in Spain, the Berbers have crossed the Pyrenees and are now invading Aquitania and threatening France. King Charles Martel leads a mighty force to meet the Muslims in battle and crush them at Poitiers.


The player is in control of the Franks, the color being Red.

Vinlandsaga (1000)

In the frozen wastes of Scandinavia, the bold explorer Erik the Red decides to explore the sea, searching for new expanses of land for his people. Fighting Britons, rival Vikings and wild beasts, Erik must find a way to cross the Sea of Worms and reach the fabled new world where the Skraelings lie in wait...

The player is in control of the Vikings, the color being Red.

Hastings (1066)

Harold the Saxon is currently ruling over Britain, but two contenders oppose him: Harald Haardrada in Norway, and William the Conqueror in Normandy. The Normans prepare to cross the sea, facing the deadly Saxon navy, to take over London and bring the Saxon's rule to an end.

The player is in control of Franks, the color being Blue.

Manzikert (1071)


The Byzantine rule in the Middle East is hampered by the ferocity of the Turks. With a small but well-equipped army, you'll have to raid and submit several Byzantine villages before taking on the mighty enemy forces and crush them under your hooves.

The player is in control of the Turks, the color being Purple.

Agincourt (1415)

Having failed to conquer Harfleur, the tired army of Henry V finds itself in dire straits in France. The King has to make his way across the French lands and cities to find a way to reach England safe and sound.

The player is in control of the Britons, the color being Red.

Lepanto (1571)

The mighty fleet of the Ottoman Empire is a threat to all of Europe. A coalition of Spanish and Italian warships prepares to face these mighty opponents at Lepanto. Will Don Juan be able to repel the Turks?


The player is in control of the Spanish, the color being Red.

Kyoto (1582)

Unifier Oda Nobunaga has been betrayed by his vassal Akechi Mitsuhide and dies in the burning Honnoji. Nobunaga's right hand man, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, has heard the news, and hurries his armies to Kyoto to punish the traitorous army.

The player is in control of Japanese, the color being Cyan.

Noryang Point (1598)

Korea is threatened by the Japanese invasion ordered by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, which is threatening the coast with their ships. The Koreans and their allies must bide their time, as their Admiral works on an invention that could potentially change the tides of the war...

The player is in control of the Koreans, the color being Red.

These scenarios contains examples of:

  • Artistic License – History
    • Erik the Red never actually reached America in person, but had to stop in Greenland, while his son led the expedition there.
    • Harold and William didn't cooperate to invade England, but invaded at different time, with Harald meeting his end at Stamford Bridge.
    • Henry the V actually conquered Harfleur, but his army was forced to retreat due to dysentery, among other things.
    • While Oda Nobunaga was assassinated at Kyoto, Hideyoshi was busy fighting in Shikoku at the time, and by the time he got back to Honshu he managed to nail Mitsuhide in Yamazaki, not Kyoto. Also, Akechi Mitsuhide isn't mentioned.
  • Downer Beginning:
    • Agincourt starts with Henry's demoralized army trying to make it back to England.
    • Kyoto starts with Nobunaga's assassination and Hideyoshi trying to make a base to take revenge on the traitors.
  • Gameplay and Story Segregation: Not even the two Mesoamerican civilizations would be a good match as Skraelings, so the closest Ensemble would find to represent them are Celts with Militias and Woad Raiders. The Definitive Edition still keeps them as Celts, but uses a feature that changes their civilization name to Skraelingsnote , and the Woad Raiders reskinned as Algonquian Warriorsnote 
  • Good Bad Bugs: One infamous bug in Vinlandsaga has a region which sets off a nature aggression trigger, where wolves were meant to attack your starting settlement, but it also enables deer to attack buildings. That bug has been rectified in the Definitive Edition
  • Here There Were Dragons: The Sea of Worms in Vinlandsaga, a tract of ocean which destroys all your ships and forces you to take over Greenland to proceed: upon defeating them, the whole map is revealed to show that the Sea of Worms is in the shape of a giant serpent.
  • The Hero Dies: Oddly enough, Charles Martel can die, with no consequence on the scenario's story, and the outro mentons that he survived nevertheless. In Noryang Cape even if Yi-Sun Shin survives, the narration mentions that he died in the naval battle.
  • Historical Villain Downgrade: Since he's only there for the initial minute or so, none of Oda Nobunaga's infamous exploits (which may have caused his death) are mentioned.
  • Protection Mission: Lepanto has you building and defending a Wonder to show your superiority to the Turks. You have to complete it and resist the Turkish attacks by sea and by land to protect it. If it's destroyed, you lose.
  • Red Is Heroic: Most of this scenarios have your faction in red. Curiously enough, two of the non-red players you control (Turks and Japanese) appear in later scenarios as the villains opposed to a red player.
  • Secret Weapon: The Turtle Ship in Cape Noryang are this, allowing you to turn the tide in the naval battle against the Japanese fleet.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Harold Hardraada was actually present in the Scenario Editor of Age of Kings... as an heroic Monk note  unit with greater speed of movement and conversion. Conquerors switched him for Harald Hardraada, a souped-up Berserker who attacks by lobbing his axe at the enemies from afar.


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