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Recap / A Thing Of Vikings Chapter 84 Generation Unto Generation

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Book III, Chapter 16

The draconic mating period is primarily instinctual, although that is not to say that dragons are completely ruled by their instincts during this time. The mating period is triggered approximately two weeks before the Autumnal Equinox by hormonal changes; dragon populations living in the tropics often have idiosyncratic mating periods as a result of the region's reduced/eliminated seasonal cues. During the mating period, all sexually mature adults in a flock of sufficient size go into a mating frenzy for a period of six to nine days. A variety of secondary factors play into the mating trigger, including nutrition levels, access to a suitable nesting site, and the size of the flock. Below a certain threshold of any of these factors, the mating instinct effectively does not trigger for the affected dragons, beyond perhaps some pair-bonding and reduced levels of mating that will result in undersized clutches, if any eggs at all.

An Introduction To Dragon Biology, 17th Edition, Oxford University Press, 1793

Tropes That Appear In This Chapter:

  • Culture Clash: In Hiccup's inner monologue he lists some aspects of Christianity that he agrees with and some parts that he doesn't.
    Yes, he'd read some of the Christian text, and while there were some parts that he liked, there were others that he… didn't. He'd liked the general topic of the Sermon on the Mount, for sure—be nice to each other and all that. For Tyr's sake, the part about giving to the needy was part of the tribe's laws! But their god's admonition about not divorcing was horrifying to him, given how it could be used to trap someone—like Wulfhild, or any woman with a man that beat her, or vice versa—and telling people not to make oaths… well, that was just wrong! And, well, the whole 'worry not' admonition... when he'd first read it, he'd actually said out loud, exasperated, Yes, the pagans run after food and clothing! Because we don't want to starve or freeze!
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  • Gender Reveal: Gudmund Halvarsson is actually Heidrun Halvarsdoittor, a fact she reveals after kissing Sigurd, and while he's sputtering in surprise and confusion, still not getting it, decides to take drastic measures and pulls off her shirt, just to get it through his very dense head.
  • Sweet Polly Oliver: Gudmund Hallvarsson a.k.a. Heidrun Hallvarsdoittor.


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