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A Final Unity, unlike its predecessors note , contains only a single, linear storyline, presented in the format of a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode titled "A Final Unity". Nevertheless, gameplay is occasionally interrupted by cutscenes, and periodically switches between action on the Enterprise and away-missions on planets. Though the seams are usually less obvious in the game, this recap attempts to represent them anyway by splitting the story into distinct segments.


  • While this game offers multiple different solutions to each segment, it has no scoring system to help determine whether any specific solution is "better" or "worse" canonically. Thus, there may be a more canonical solution to some of the missions than what is presented here.
  • At higher difficulty levels, the game allows the player to manually select which crew-members to include on any away mission. The recap below uses the away-team compositions that are automatically selected by the game when playing at the lowest difficulty. These are optimal to the success of each away-mission, and (typically) make the most sense story-wise.

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    The Garidian Encounter 
Starfleet has detected a ship attempting to cross the Romulan Neutral Zone, heading into Federation space. The U.S.S. Enterprise, which had been patrolling the Ruinore Sector along the Neutral Zone at the time, is sent to intercept that ship.

The ship turns out to be a small scout belonging to a race known as the Garidians. While not much is known about this race, they are known to be close allies of the Romulans. The ship's occupants hail the Enterprise and request political asylum. As soon as the scout ship crosses into Federation space, a Garidian warbird de-cloaks and captures it in a tractor beam.

With the tractor beam in place, the Enterprise cannot contact the scout ship nor beam out its occupants. Picard orders the Enterprise to fly between the Warbird and scout ship, briefly cutting off the tractor and rescuing the three members of its crew. He then confronts the Garidian captain, Pentara, about her violation of the Neutral Zone. During the conversation, Pentara reveals that one of the refugees is her own son Avakar, but explains that all three refugees are criminals and that she would do anything to fulfill her duty and bring them home to trial. Using his signature subtly-aggressive language, Picard nevertheless convinces Pentara to withdraw.

The other two Garidian refugees are Lucana and T'Bak. Lucana describes herself as a reformer of Garidian society, whereas T'Bak turns out to be a scholar studying ancient Garidian history. T'Bak explains that Garid's two-class society, in which one class has been oppressing the other for the last thousand years, is entirely based on the philosophy contained in four ancient scrolls written by the "Lawgiver" - a mysterious figure now Shrouded in Myth. According to T'Bak, the Lawgiver and his Followers were driven from Garid by the ruling class before he could reveal the final Fifth Scroll, which supposedly outlines the rights and privileges of the lower class. Lucana hopes that finding this scroll might spark a rebellion and put an end to the oppression.

T'Bak believes that the Lawgiver and his Followers found a new home, somewhere in what is now Federation space. He implores Picard to help him find a Vulcan archaeologist named Shanok, who has been studying Garidian history and might know where the Followers ended up. Picard informs the three refugees that the Federation cannot meddle in internal Garidian affairs, but T'Bak insists that he is purely interested in the Fifth Scroll as an archaeological find in the name of science, and Avakar says that once the scroll is found, the Garidians will handle the rest themselves. Picard finally agrees to take the refugees to Shanok, currently excavating ruins on the planet Horst III.

    Mertens Station 
On the way to Horst III, the Enterprise receives a distress signal from the nearby planet Cymkoe IV. Cymkonian Chancellor Daenub informs Picard that an unknown vessel has attacked Mertens Station - a science facility orbiting the planet. Data comments that this is one of the most advanced science stations in the Federation. It is studying methods of power generation, as well as methods to detect cloaked vessels. With hundreds of personnel still on board the station, and its experimental power core at risk of a breach, the Enterprise changes course to Cymkoe IV immediately.

Arriving at Cymkoe IV, the Enterprise finds Mertens Station in bad shape. Data scans the station and determines that something has sliced its science sections clean off, with surgical precision. Since the Cymkonians did not detect the incoming attacker, Worf theorizes that it may have been a cloaked Romulan vessel - coming to stop the Federation from developing cloak-detecting equipment.

Regardless of the damage to the station, something else is apparently still destabilizing the station's power core, which could breach at any moment. Someone on the station has apparently aborted the automatic emergency protocol that should have jettisoned the core. The Enterprise quickly assembles an away-team to beam over into the station and find a way to jettison the core manually before it explodes.

Riker, Geordi, Crusher and Worf beam over to the station's transporter room, and quickly determine that the station's Life Support system is failing. They make their way to the Administration section, but on the way there they encounter the station's medical officer, Dr. Benyt, trapped under a large cable. Worf cuts the cable by careful phaser fire, and Geordi beams the cable off the injured officer.

Crusher resuscitates Dr. Benyt, who describes the attack in some detail. Benyt also mentions how the experimental power core, installed by a researcher named Dr. Griems, went unstable due to the damage caused by the attack. She explains that the core is powered by a singularity - a black hole - and also uses gravity waves to exert even more power from the phenomenon. After helping Benyt, the team reaches the Administration room. Using Benyt's authorization code, they stabilize the station's life support system.

The team heads down to Engineering to try and stabilize the core, but in the lobby they discover a massive alien object floating around, siphoning energy directly out of the station's main power conduits. Geordi scans the object, but the tricorder insists that it is nothing more than an asteroid. Surmising that the object might be projecting a false sensor image - a "Chameleon Field" of sorts - Geordi reconfigures the tricorder and scans again. This time the tricorder reveals that this is in fact a highly-advanced alien probe; the destabilization of the station's core is being caused by its energy siphon. Unfortunately, any attempt to enter the core control room is met by hostile plasma fire from the probe.

Geordi accesses the station's power flow controls and shuts down all energy flowing through the main conduits. The probe, having lost its energy feeding point, simply flies out and jumps to warp. This clears the way to the core control room. In the room is the previously-mentioned Dr. Griems. He had prevented the core from being jettisoned automatically, and has apparently been fighting to stave off the breach. Griems explains that the core is inherently unstable, but has simply been knocked out of its operating parameters during the attack. Geordi impresses Griems with his understanding of the theoretical physics behind singularity-powered cores, and the two men finally bring the core back to alignment.

With the core now "stabilized", the Enterprise can finally evacuate the station and treat the wounded. Once this task is completed, Picard orders the ship to resume its original course to Horst III.


Arriving at Horst III, the Enterprise makes contact with the Vulcan archaeologist Shanok. He is currently excavating ruins belonging to an ancient and highly-advanced race called the "Chodak", who had occupied the area now controlled by the Romulan Empire. These are the only Chodak ruins discovered in Federation space. During the conversation, Shanok mentions that he had sent some ancient Chodak isolinear data rods, found in the excavation site, to Mertens Station for analysis. He is dismayed to hear that the station was attacked, and these invaluable relics lost.

Picard brings up the matter of the Garidian refugees. Shanok confirms that the Lawgivers and his Followers did indeed end up in Federation space, and that they brought the Fifth Scroll with them. Although he has evidence that the Followers settled on an M-class planet, Shanok does not know exactly where it is.

Presented with this dead-end, Picard orders the ship to resume its patrol along the Neutral Zone, as per their previous orders. T'Bak, however, refuses to abandon his hope of finding the Fifth Scroll.


Before the Enterprise can resume its patrol, it is contacted by Starfleet Admiral Reddreck. The Admiral asks Picard for a favor: It seems that Dr. Vi Hyunh-Foertsch, a Federation exobiologist who was cataloguing animal species on the planet Morassia, has gone missing. Local authorities believe that the doctor has simply gone on an unannounced field trip, but the Admiral wants Picard to investigate. He also mentions that Morassia is in the process of applying for Federation membership, and that this could be an opportunity to check up on their progress.

The Enterprise arrives at Morassia, homeworld of an ape-like species with a strictly-matriarchal society. Picard contacts Constable LLiksze, who administrates the local wildlife preserve where Dr. Hyunh-Foertsch was working. LLiksze allows a team to beam down to the preserve, but insists that they bring no weapons.

An away-team commanded by Lt. Commander Data, and including Troi, Crusher and Worf, beams down to LLiksze's office. LLiksze reiterates her belief that Dr. Hyunh-Foertsch is on an extended field trip; the items missing from the doctor's quarters seem to corroborate this. LLiksze also claims that the preserve's sensors would've been able to locate the doctor had she been in any distress. Data requests information about the doctor's latest known activities, to which LLiksze replies that the doctor had last dined with Consultant Iydia, another Federation exobiologist working at the preserve. LLiksze is apparently displeased with Dr. Hyunh-Foertsch, claiming that the doctor had accused the Morassians of smuggling banned species into the preserve. LLiksze reluctantly allows the away-team to roam the preserve unhindered, so long as they don't enter any area that could disturb the local wildlife.

Examining the doctor's lab, Data determines that the doctor's computer has been damaged and most of the files erased. However one surviving message indicates that the doctor had indeed been planning to go on a field trip, and has canceled a study session with the preserve's head tracker, Melas. Data contacts Melas, who concurs that the doctor is probably on a field trip. She also mentions a series of mysterious power outages plaguing the preserve of late, saying that one power surge at the quarantine shelter injured two of the Morassian Watchers (zookeepers) and allowed several animals to escape.

Data examines the laboratory and discovers three animal carcasses brought there by Dr. Hyunh-Foertsch. One of the carcasses turns out to be a different species than the one listed in its identification tag - and its true species is actually illegal to import. Tracker Melas confirms that that specific animal is a recent shipment. She says that they'd been having trouble with multiple animals from that shipment, brought by a Ferengi trader called Aramut. She also mentions that Dr. Hyunh-Foertsch had a loud argument with Constable LLiksze in her office regarding this issue, accusing LLiksze of deliberately helping to smuggle these animals in order to sabotage relations with the Federation.

Finally, another animal carcass appears to have died from having all of its neural energy drained - which Data theorizes could have been caused by another animal at the preserve. He asks Melas, who says that she knows of no such animal on Morassia.

Data confronts LLiksze about her argument with Hyunh-Foertsch. LLiksze candidly admits that the doctor had accused her of illegally importing a Romulan species, tagged as a similar legal species. LLiksze denies any involvement, and Troi says she believes her story. However during the conversation LLiksze mentions that the Ferengi trader Aramut was recommended to her by Consultant Iydia.

While waiting for Iydia and other witnesses to return from work out in the field, the away-team begins searching the preserve itself, using specialized robots to collect samples from animals living in each biotope. Analyzing the samples in Hyunh-Foertsch's lab, it appears that there are many mistagged species present here, and also many animals that have died of the same mysterious energy drain. One sample appears to have come from a creature that consumes energy - the potential culprit.

Data contacts Iydia, an arrogant scientist who is openly annoyed that his time is being wasted on the investigation. He confirms that Hyunh-Foertsch had dined with him before her disappearance, but claims that she said nothing of interest during the dinner. He also confirms that it is his job to verify the identification of each animal brought to the preserve.

When asked about the illegal animals found in the preserve Iydia blames the Watchers, claiming that they had requested the acquisition of illegal species multiple times in the past and were repeatedly denied. He calls them zealots who are only interested in collecting as many endangered species as they can. Iydia suggests that the Watchers themselves smuggled those species into the preserve, and that they might be responsible for the doctor's disappearance after she found out about it. He claims that the Watchers' stun weapons could be used to knock out a person without the sensors detecting it.

Data finally confronts Iydia with the obvious mistagging errors - which were his responsibility to report. Iydia claims that only the Watchers could have reprogrammed those tags, and that he didn't report the error because he wanted the chance to study those extremely rare animals.

Following up on this information, Data contacts Healer ZZolis, a local doctor tending to the Watchers who were injured in the recent power surge. She denies that the Watchers would ever have conspired with a Ferengi. She then mentions that Iydia and Aramut have a long history together, and that Iydia even came to the planet on Aramut's ship. When asked about the injured Watchers, ZZolis sends Data their neuroscans which he matches to the scans of the neurally-drained animal carcasses. ZZolis then urges Data to go speak with Watcher Tzudan - the only Watcher who had dealt with Aramut's suspicious shipment, and who was not injured in the power surge.

The away-team finds Tzudan at the quarantine shelter that was damaged in the power surge. Tzudan admits that Hyunh-Foertsch came to him with smuggling accusations as well, but claims that he was the one who brought her the first mistagged animal that sparked her investigation. When asked whether the Watchers are the only ones who can change animal tags, Tzudan confirms, but adds that the animals arrive already tagged by their suppliers. He also counters Iydia's accusations by saying that only 4 out of 112 of the Watchers' requests for exotic species had been denied, and that they don't mind trying again in the future.

Data notices a large cage next to Tzudan, seemingly broken from the inside. He asks Tzudan, who says that the cage had contained a massive reptile from Aramut's shipment, and that it is still missing. He says that he had found the two injured Watchers right next to the cage, just before the generators exploded. Data scans the feces in the cage and determines that the animal was heavily dosed with tranquilizers, to which Tzudan remarks that both Aramut and Iydia always drug their animals. He also mentions that the animal had woken up shortly the accident. Data concludes that the animal in the cage was probably mistagged; that it was in fact a different, energy-consuming species; and that it was responsible for the accident. Tzudan discounts this theory by saying that the creature was not seen anywhere near the other power outages, but Data counters by suggesting that the animal may be able to turn itself invisible.

With evidence against Iydia mounting up rapidly, Data goes to Constable LLiksze and presents his conclusion - that Iydia was responsible for Dr. Hyunh-Foertsch's disappearance. LLiksze orders Iydia to be apprehended immediately, but he fools the guards and escapes by beaming up to Aramut's ship. A search of his quarters reveals Dr. Hyunh-Foertsch, sedated and gagged. Rather than pursue Iydia, Hyunh-Foertsch urges the away-team to first help catch and subdue the creature that's killing the other animals in the preserve.

Data comes up with a plan: Redirect all of the preserve's energy into a transmitter at the quarantine shelter, creating an abundant power source to attract the hungry creature. When the invisible creature arrives to feast it suddenly becomes visible, and Data traps it in a stasis field inside the enclosure. With this problem solved, the away-team beams back to the Enterprise, which proceeds to pursue Aramut's ship. Before they leave, Hyunh-Foertsch mentions that several of the mistagged creatures definitely came from Romulan space.


The Enterprise hurries to pursue Aramut's fleeing ship, which is heading to Joward III.

During the chase, T'Bak contacts Picard, saying that he had heard about the problem with the energy-draining creature on Morassia. He says that the creature fits the description of a Varenach - an animal that once lived on Garid, but was driven to extinction long ago. He adds that the Lawgiver and his Followers took some animals with them when they left Garid - suggesting that this animal may have come from wherever the Followers ended up settling.

At Joward III, Data detects faint engine tracks leading to the Nigold system. The Enterprise hurries there, catching the Ferengi ship as it is just about to escape again. Picard orders the Enterprise to fire a warning shot, which convinces Aramut to open a communications channel.

Aramut protests his innocence, claiming that Picard is persecuting him. Picard accuses Aramut of smuggling illegal animals, and demands that Aramut surrender and accompany the Enterprise to the nearest starbase. Aramut refuses, saying that there is no evidence of his wrongdoing, blaming his own suppliers for mistagging the animals before he ever got them.

Instead of pressing the issue, Picard hints to Aramut that he will be contacting the Romulans to let them know that Aramut is smuggling illegal aliens out of their space. He subtly reminds Aramut how Romulans treat smugglers. Aramut protests, saying that he only took his animals from a planet called Frigis, in Federation space. Picard sticks with his Romulan threat anyway, causing Aramut to negotiate a deal.

In return for Picard's silence to the Romulans, Aramut agrees to hand over Iydia as well as his ship's recent shipping records. In return for his own freedom, Aramut agrees to divulge information about unusual movements of the Romulan Fleet.
Picard accepts these terms. Aramut says that the Romulans have recently been refitting their entire warbird fleet for speed at the expense of firepower and cloaking ability. Their ships can now outrun any Federation vessel at maximum warp. While bragging about his ability to acquire such information by carefully reading the market, Aramut casually mentions that there has recently been a sharp rise in the price of ancient Chodak relics - the same race whose ruins Shanok is excavating.

With the negotiations concluded, Aramut transports Iydia and leaves. The Enterprise crew analyze his shipping manifests, concluding that the animals previously thought to come from Romulan space had indeed come from an uncharted planet in Federation space close to the Neutral Zone: Shonoisho Epsilon VI, also known as Frigis.



The Enterprise makes its way to Frigis, where Picard expects to find the lost colony of the Garidian Followers. However, once they reach Shonoisho Epsilon VI, they find that it is not an M-class planet; and in fact there are no such planets in the entire system.

Riker suggests that Aramut may have altered his records, but Data points out that Aramut's ship was covered in particles that are only emitted by the Shonoisho Epsilon star, indicating that he had been there recently. Troi concurs, saying she can feel some sort of life somewhere out in the system, but cannot be specific. She argues that because the Followers had fled their home world, they might be trying to hide. She then suggests asking the Garidian passengers whether they can think of a particular message that could be broadcasted to get the Followers' attention.

Picard consults with T'Bak, who suggests quoting directly from the Lawgiver's teachings. Picard patches T'Bak into the comms system. He broadcasts the Lawgiver's final written words before fleeing Garidia, in which he accused the Garidian ruling council of subverting his philosophy.

The Enterprise is hailed from the planet below, by an unidentified man who asks for the Federation's protection. Picard points out that the planet is in Federation space, and would be defended even if the Romulans or Garidians claimed it as theirs. This convinces the man to converse openly.

Picard tells the man about the Garidian refugees on board the Enterprise, and about their mission to recover the Fifth Scroll. The man replies that Garid squandered its chance when they cast out the Lawgiver. When Picard explains that the refugees seek to use the scroll to repair Garidian society, the man approves. He takes a few moments to consider the issue, and then identifies himself as Laraq, chancellor of Frigis.

Laraq explains that Aramut had purchased some local animals in return for technology needed by the Followers. He adds that the planet itself is disguised using a device similar to the "Chameleon field" encountered on Mertens Station, to defend itself from possible Garidian persecution. Laraq agrees to allow an away-team to visit the planet, on the condition that no Garidians beam down; There is still bad blood between them and the Followers.

Riker beams down to Frigis along with Data, Geordi and Troi. They are welcomed by Chancellor Laraq. Riker asks whether Laraq can help locate the Fifth Scroll, but Laraq says that only the heads of the religious sects can help. It appears that the Followers' religion had begun to split even before the Lawgiver died, with each sect making a copy of the Fifth Scroll that emphasized its own agenda. The Lawgiver, disgusted by their behavior, hid his original manuscript of the Fifth Scroll - saying that it would only be found once the sects learn to cooperate with one another. They never did.

Instead, Laraq says, the sects have formalized their feud, creating a contest known as the Declaratory. This is a philosophical contest whose winner can claim any item from the loser. Since each sect originally held one item that could lead to the Fifth Scroll, each sect now tries to win all of these sacred items for themselves - but none have managed to do so in a thousand years.

Riker also inquires about the strange pyramids littering the Frigis landscape. Laraq explains that these are transporters originally built by the ancient Chodak, now used by the sects as portals into their temples. Laraq prides himself on being able to translate Chodak runes.

The away-team enters one of the pyramids to find themselves in the temple of the Chanter sect. Songmaster Stamblyr, the Chanters' leader, greets them warmly. The temple is dominated by a large apparatus with wiggling, bubble-like plant growths - called Pluvoids - which Stamblyr explains act a sort of pipe organ. He says that the Chanters believe that singing is the path to true enlightenment. Unfortunately, it seems that the Chanters have lost several decorative parts of the pluvoid organ to the Seekers - another sect - in previous Declaratory contests. Stamblyr instructs the pluvoids to sing for the away-team, and even gives them a recording of the song called "The Futility of Wisdom".

Next, the away-team visits the temple of the Quester sect, which appears as a dark, foreboding fortress. Their leader, Madia, explains that the Questers believe in discipline, physical suffering, and denial of pleasure to make the soul stronger. Madia says her sect lost their sacred Scepter of Light to the Seekers in the last Declaratory, and that she would give anything to have it back. When Riker inquires about a large force-field blocking the way into the Questers' inner temple, Madia explains that behind it is a Chodak transporter that the Lawgiver had used frequently before his death. She refuses to let the away-team in.

Finally, the away-team finds the pyramid leading to the Seeker temple - a magnificent building with a large door guarded by an ominous statue. They are greeted by Nachyl, the assistant to the Seekers' leader Aelont. Nachyl says that the Seekers are solely focused on admitting ignorance and seeking truth. He calls his temple the "Hall of Triumph", due to the Seekers' recent victories in the Declaratory. He also mentions that others have recently begun referring to it as the "Path of No Return" after Aelont disappeared through the Door of Enlightenment, gesturing to the large door. Nachyl claims that Aelont is the only person ever to have managed to open the door. Supposedly, the statue in front of the door is a gatekeeper who only opens the door for those who can answer a series of random questions. Nachyl is unclear about whether the statue was made by the Chodak or the Lawgiver, but claims that it has telepathic powers.

Riker decides to try the door himself, waking the Gatekeeper. The Gatekeeper presents his first question: "Why do you wish to pass through the Door of Enlightenment?", to which Riker answers honestly that he wants to find the Fifth Scroll. The next question is: "Who was the Lawgiver?", to which Riker answers honestly again that he was a philosopher who formed the Garidian culture. The Gatekeeper's final question is: "By what right are you here?", and Riker answers that Laraq gave him permission. The Gatekeeper counters each answer, pointing out its deficiencies. He instructs Riker to look deeper within himself, and ultimately refuses entry.

Riker, Troi and Data discuss this conundrum, and realize that the Gatekeeper may be seeking answers that are in line with the philosophy of the Seekers, who are only interested in the pure truth and are not afraid to admit their ignorance of it. Riker decides to try again, this time thinking more carefully about the truth value of his answers. To the Gatekeeper's first question, "By what right are you here", he answers that he doesn't even know if he has any right. The Gatekeeper asks Riker to define the Prime Directive, which Riker explains is not a rigid law and could have multiple different interpretations. The Gatekeeper asks how the sects could be made to cooperate, to which Riker replies he has no idea. Finally, the Gatekeeper asks Riker: "Who are you?". Riker counters by saying that a person cannot be summarized or labeled. The Gatekeeper seems pleased with Riker's ignorance, and opens the door.

Beyond the door, the crewmembers find themselves in a chamber lined with highly-advanced Chodak machinery. In the center of the room is a man trapped inside a stasis field. They find a control panel, but are hesitant to use it due to complete unfamiliarity with the technology. However they also spot a nearby plaque with Chodak writing on it. Returning to Laraq, Riker asks him to translate the plaque. Instead, Laraq uploads a Chodak-to-Garidian translator into the team's tricorder.

Returning to the Chodak chamber, Geordi uses the tricorder to translate the plaque and discovers that it is a set of instructions for the stasis field controls. He turns off the stasis field, freeing Aelont safely. Aelont explains that he had tried to take a pair of talismans found in the chamber when the alarm sounded and he was trapped in the stasis field. Aelont insists on rewarding the away-team for rescuing him, giving Riker the two talismans he had picked up as well as the key to the Seeker vault containing the items won in the Declaratory from the other sects.

Back at the Seeker temple, Riker opens the vault and retrieves the Chanters' missing ornaments as well as the Questers' Scepter of Light. As reward for the ornaments, Chanter Stamblyr plays two new pieces of music for the away-team, and provides them with recordings of both songs. In return for the Scepter of Light, Quester Madia removes the force-field blocking the way to the Chodak transporter in her temple, though she does not know how to activate it. Fortunately, a tricorder scan reveals that the transporter control panel is activated by a specific series of musical notes. Riker plays one of the recording from the Chanters, called "Traveling Music", which activates the pad and transports the away-team instantly to somewhere else.

The team find themselves on a platform in front of a large cavern, with an arrangement of smooth marble tiles covering a chasm. At the far end of the cavern, across the tiles, is a large closed door, while four more musical orchestrions rest on platforms on either side of the tiled floor. A few moments after the team arrives in the room, the tiles vanish into thin air. Using a different piece of music called "Watch your Step", Riker makes several of the tiles reappear, forming a path to one of the orchestrion. After grabbing it, the team plays the music and the tiles change positions again to a new configuration, which partially overlaps with the first. Data and Geordi slowly analyze the patterns of the puzzle, figuring out where to stand and which musical pieces to play in order to create paths that lead to each consecutive orchestrion.

After acquiring all of the orchestrions, the team has enough musical pieces to form a path to the door at the rear. Using the talismans from the Chodak chamber, Riker opens the door, which leads into another large chamber. In this final chamber is a large crystalline structure, containing the Lawgiver's Fifth Scroll. Riker grabs the scroll, activating some sort of alarm. However the team quickly beams back to the Enterprise.

     Pentara's Return 

Back on board the ship, Picard hands the Fifth Scroll to T'Bak, who verifies its authenticity. Picard contacts Laraq to thank him for his help. Laraq says that it is better that the scroll has left Frigis, as its presence there might have turned the sects on one another. Picard asks if the Federation can send an archaeological team to Frigis, and Laraq agrees on the condition that they share any information they discover on the Chodak. Picard offers Laraq's own scientists to join in the research.

The Garidian refugees wish to return to Garid immediately, but suddenly a Garidian warbird decloaks nearby. It is the Asiram, captained by Pentara - the same captain who had attempted to stop the refugees at the beginning of the game.

Pentara thanks Picard for leading her straight to the Followers. She reveals that one of the refugees had covertly sent a message to Garid from the Enterprise, and that a full-blown rebellion has erupted on the planet. Pentara threatens combat if the refugees are not handed over immediately.

Picard confronts Lucana, the staunch revolutionary among the refugees, about the unauthorized transmission. She claims her action was justified, saying that her people's freedom is worth any price. The third refugee, Avakar, argues with her. It turns out that he is Pentara's son. He wants to speak with Pentara to try and convince her to allow the refugees to return home safely and try to stop the bloodshed.

When Avakar tells Pentara that the Fifth Scroll is indeed real, she realizes that the ruling council of Garid has been lying to the population for a thousand years - but she fears the Fifth Scroll's return will only create more bloodshed. Avakar manages to convince her to try it, given how bloodshed is already occurring on Garid. The refugees are beamed over to Pentara's ship, which heads back to Garidian space.

With the Enterprise's quest for the Fifth Scroll completed, the ship returns to its original mission - patrolling the Ruinore sector.

     The Romulan Incursion 

As the Enterprise makes its way back to Ruinore, it receives an urgent distress signal from Starfleet headquarters. It is an open message to all Federation ships, informing them that the Romulans have begun a massive invasion of Federation space. They have attacked outposts guarding the Neutral Zone, effectively declaring war. Picard attempts to contact Starfleet, but it appears that the subspace relays in the Ruinore sector have been destroyed.

Worf attempts to reroute communications to contact a local outposts, and manages to reach Admiral Reddreck. He orders the Enterprise to proceed to outpost 543 in the Goldur Delta system to coordinate defensive action with Commander Chan. He also informs Picard that he is free to engage any Romulan ships he encounters.

At Outpost 543, Chan fills the Enterprise in on the situation. It appears that the first wave of Romulan warbirds flew straight through the sector, not even bothering to cloak or to attack her outpost. They seemed to be heading straight for the Z'Tarnis Nebula.

The conversation is interrupted by three warbirds attacking another communications relay nearby. The Enterprise intercepts the warbirds, and despite their numerical superiority they begin to flee. When the Enterprise closes in, one warbird breaks off and engages it, buying the others time to escape. The Enterprise defeats its opponent rather easily, indicating that these warbirds are indeed underpowered for combat as Aramut suggested earlier.

Picard contacts the crippled Romulan vessel and offers to rescue its crew. Unfortunately the Romulan commander refuses politely, and activates his ship's self-destruct mechanism. Picard makes a final attempt to extract some information from him, and the Commander freely admits that the Romulans knew they would be intercepted crossing the Neutral Zone. However, before his ship explodes, the Romulan gloats that the Empire has achieved far more in this action than the Federation realizes.

Picard contacts Commander Chan to report on the outcome of the battle. Chan immediately redirects the Enterprise to go help a Klingon cruiser block three more Romulan warbirds from attacking Outpost 543 itself. The Enterprise meets with the Klingon cruiser, the Bortas (Emperor Gowron's old flagship), now commanded by Captain Ky'Dra. Ky'Dra reports that his ship has already managed to defeat the Romulans, and has in fact captured one of their ships. He confirms that the Romulans had modified their ships for speed, losing almost all offensive capabilities. Data comments that such modifications would shorten the life-span of the Romulan ships to just a few weeks, suggesting that the Romulans are not expecting the war to last very long.

Ky'Dra describes the interrogation of the Romulan prisoners. They revealed that they have been fighting a desperate war against an unknown but extremely powerful alien race on the other side of their empire. They invaded the Federation in order to find "an ancient weapon of ultimate power" built by the Chodak empire, hoping to reach it quickly and use it to put an end to their alien foes as well as the Federation and the Klingon Empire. Though Ky'Dra does not believe this story, Picard connects the dots to the Enterprise's encounters with Chodak artifacts over the past few days. Picard asks to interrogate the Romulan commander himself, but Ky'Dra says that he has already had him executed.

Picard contacts Commander Chan, and reports the Bortas's victory. He also reports the story acquired from the Romulan prisoners. With more Klingon cruisers arriving to defend the sector, Chan gives Picard permission to go looking for more information on the Chodak weapon.

     Searching for the Chodak 

Admiral Williams of Starfleet headquarters contacts the Enterprise to confirm that Starfleet believes Picard's analysis is correct: The Romulans have limited their invasion to the area of the Z'Tarnis Nebula. Picard reports his intention to go investigate the ruins on Frigis and Horst III once more, to see if there is any information there that could help locate the mythical Chodak weapon.

Picard decides to start the search on Frigis. On the way there, Laraq contacts the Enterprise to request their assistance against a Romulan warbird that has entered their system. The Enterprise arrives to engage and destroy the warbird.

Picard beams down to the planet to meet with Laraq in person. Laraq reckons that the Garidians had told the Romulans about Frigis and its ancient Chodak ruins, explaining why the Romulan ship had come there. The Romulans demanded information about something called a "Unity Device", but the Followers refused to respond - keeping their colony hidden behind their Chameleon Field. The Romulans eventually withdrew without a fight, only to be destroyed by the Enterprise.

Picard inquires about the Chodak, and Laraq is happy to provide information - being a scholar on the Chodak thanks to the many ruins on his planet. He reveals that the Chameleon Field protecting the planet is in fact ancient Chodak technology. He says that the Chodak empire spanned the entire quadrant, and controlled tens of thousands of star systems. The empire lasted for 100,000 years, and collapsed nearly overnight some 900,000 years ago. Laraq describes the "Unity Device" he had referred to earlier as the machine that enabled the Chodak to maintain their vast empire. He calls it a "super-weapon" of nigh-unlimited power, and says that the empire collapsed right after they "lost" the device somehow.

Laraq explains that the Chodak ruled their empire from a planet they called Allanor. They mapped their territory using a system based on travel times between specific stars. He speculates that the ruins on his planet, Frigis, may have been built by a rebellious group of Chodak who referred to the empire as "evil" and was determined to destroy the Unity Device.

Finally, Laraq hands Picard a fragile Chodak data crystal that might contain more answers, if the Enterprise could find a way to read it without destroying it. He also gives Picard a Chodak isolinear rod that was found in the ruins, and claims that it can be used to activate any Chodak device.

Picard returns to the Enterprise and orders the ship to Horst III, for another conversation with Shanok. On the way there, Data uses the ship's computer to analyze the Chodak data crystal. Though most of the information is corrupted, the surviving fragments confirm that Frigis was a rebel colony and explain how the rebels attacked the Unity Device. A partly-corrupted section describes how the rebels attacked a freighter named the Rinkyl, then used a ship camouflaged with a Chameleon Field to impersonate the Rinkyl and come aboard the Unity Device. The rebels apparently planned to somehow send the Unity Device into the future, denying its use to the Chodak government.

Upon arriving at Horst III, the Enterprise receives an automated broadcast from the surface, recorded by Shanok. In the recording, Shanok explains that he and his research crew have evacuated the planet due to the Romulan invasion. He implores visitors not to disturb an important Chodak base he had located, but Picard reasons that the extreme circumstances warrant ignoring that request.

Picard himself leads the away-team to the Chodak site, along with Data, Geordi, and Troi. They beam down to a ledge described by Shanok as the entrance to the site. A pile of rubble blocking the way into the site is cleared with careful phaser fire. Inside, the team locates a million-year-old but still functioning Chodak computer terminal, and Geordi uses the programmable isolinear rod from Laraq to activate it. When he does so, the screen displays a single, partly-corrupted image - possibly a map of some sort. Geordi records the image with the tricorder for later study.

Delving deeper into the base, the away-team discovers an open shaft dug several kilometers into the ground. It is a geothermal energy source, powering a large instrument mounted on a tall spire at the top of the shaft which is pointed up into the heavens. Based on the knowledge that the Chodak navigated the stars by measuring travel times in space, Data reckons that the instrument was set up to help measure the intervals of specific astronomical phenomena. He records the exact angle of the instrument for later analysis.

With all this information in hand, the team returns to the Enterprise and feed it into the ship's computer, hoping to discover the location of the Unity Device.

     Alien Menace 
While waiting for the Enterprise computer to finish its analysis, Picard receives an urgent message from Starfleet. Admiral Williams explains that an unknown alien race has crossed the Neutral Zone into Federation space, in hot pursuit of the Romulans. They've refused to communicate, and have been attacking any Federation and Romulan asset in their path. Outpost Delta-08 in the Yajj system lies directly in the path of this new alien force, and the Enterprise is sent to intercept them before they can destroy it.

On the way to Yajj, the Enterprise is suddenly assaulted by three unidentified alien spacecraft, with no forewarning. They seem to have been using a Chameleon Field to mask their approach, and appear to be of similar construction to the alien probe that attacked Mertens Station. The Enterprise manages to overpower and destroy the ships. The pattern of the attacks of the alien fleet in the sector indicates that it is headed for the Z'Tarnis Nebula, just like the Romulans.

The Enterprise computer completes its analysis of the Chodak starmap. Though it does not indicate the location of the Unity Device, it does position the Chodak capital of Allanor relative to other known stars. The planet is inside the Neutral Zone, but at this point Picard figures the treaty with the Romulans is already pretty much irrelevant. He orders the ship to Allanor, in the Brinus system.

On the way there, Data completes his analysis of the Chodak time-measuring instrument found on Horst III. It was angled specifically to measure the period of a specific pulsar. Unfortunately, that pulsar is now obscured by the Z'Tarnis Nebula, and can only be observed from the far end of the nebula, well inside Romulan space. Picard takes note of this, hoping to eventually observe the pulsar to get a better picture of how the Chodak measured time.


The Enterprise arrives at Allanor, finding an irradiated planet with obvious signs of a massive war that took place hundreds of thousands of years ago - as per Laraq's story. Data scans the surface and detects an extensive network of underground caverns, as well as signs of an active computer deep within the site. This computer would probably be their only real chance to locate information about the Unity Device, but the only suitable beam-in point is many kilometers from the source of the readings. With no other options, Picard decides to try and reach the computer on foot.

Picard insists on leading the away-team himself, taking Data and Geordi with him as well as a junior security officer Carlstrom. The team beams into a strange antechamber with many doors leading in different directions. Unfortunately, a tricorder scan reveals that all of these doors are blocked by either debris or heavy radiation.

In the center of the antechamber is a large mechanical drone, seemingly disabled by a device attached to it that inhibits logic circuitry. When Geordi removes the device the drone suddenly comes back to life, welcoming the team to Allanor as though thousands of years had never passed, and warning that a state of war is currently in effect. It demands that the crewmembers surrender their weapons, so Geordi quickly replaces the logic inhibitor and sends the drone back to sleep.

Further inspection of the chamber reveals a pile of ashes containing the genetic material of a Romulan, indicating that the Romulans had found Allanor and landed on it, and that one of them was killed by the guard drone. The team also finds a way out of the room, through a metal grille blocking a pathway, though it leads in the direction opposite to the alien computer signals Picard was hoping to investigate.

Beyond the grille the team finds a large cavern containing an atmospheric processing facility. Data accesses a nearby computer terminal, discovering an automatic log that chronicled the catastrophic failure of the facility during the war, as well as the much-later arrival of the Romulans (who've apparantly also sabotaged parts of the facility to prevent future access to it). Data tries to access the main computer banks, but only receives multiple errors.

Beyond the processing facility is another cavern, with a walkway across to another door. As the team crosses the walkway, two maintenance drones fly into the room, with the larger drone stopping the smaller one and administering repairs to it. Geordi's visor picks up an infrared signal sent from the larger drone to the smaller drone causing it to shut down for the repairs. Data suggests duplicating this signal with the tricorder, should they need to shut down any other drones in the facility.

The team reaches the door at the far end of the cavern, only to find that there is no way to open it manually. However, the maintenance drones seem capable of opening the door for a brief moment, just long enough for them to fly through. To get through this door, the team first returns to the antechamber and uses the signal to disable the security drone, retrieving the logic inhibitor device that previously kept it from waking up. Data then jams the logic inhibitor into the door mechanism, causing a drone to stop in right front of it, waiting for it to open. Data uses the signal to disable that drone, and removes the logic inhibitor - causing the door to open permanently.

The room beyond the door appears to be a charging station for maintenance drones. A drone with empty batteries sitting on the charging platform is blocking the team's path, and refuses to leave while the station is offline. Data locates a control panel and reactivates the station, causing it to charge the drone, which flies away. However now the platform is dangerously electrified, and shutting it back down creates yet another traffic jam of drones. Data solves the problem by cutting incoming power to the capacitor but keeping its output active, so that each visiting drones draws some power out of the capacitor. Once the power level in the capacitor drops to a low enough level, Data fires a phaser at the capacitor, knocking it out, and causing the remaining drones to scatter.

As the team crosses the charging platform, they are suddenly confronted by two alien creatures floating around in bubble-like suits. They ask Picard and his team to come and meet their leader.

     The Chodak 

Picard and the away-team are led into another room, where a third alien awaits. The alien welcomes Picard to Allanor, and introduces himself and his colleagues as Chodak - descendants of the survivors of the civil war that destroyed the planet, and now caretakers of this ancient facility.

The Chodak asks what the Federation team is doing on Allanor, to which Picard replies that they are on an archaeological expedition. The Chodak says that a Romulan delegation had also visited the planet recently claiming they were on an archaeological expedition, but were driven off after they turned hostile. Picard promises that his mission is of a strictly-peaceful nature, to which the Chodak replies that Picard might be able to help him locate an isolinear rod to help access the computer in the "Hall of Records". Picard senses that there is something wrong here, with the Chodak claiming to be natives of the planet and yet asking outsiders for help with operating its machinery. He hides the existence of the isolinear rod in his possession, and says that they should probably go search the "Hall of Records" for one. After some convincing, the Chodak permits the away-team to proceed without an escort.

The next room turns out to house a Chodak transport system, still operational, which the team uses to teleport themselves deeper into the facility. The entrance to the Hall of Records is protected by an automated weapon, which Data defeats by discovering a frequency gap in its force field and tuning the phasers to fire though the field and disable the targeting sensors. Finally, the team reaches the Hall of Records, dominated by a large obelisk with a computer panel in its side. This is the source of the signal that the Enterprise had detected from orbit.

Data uses the isolinear rod to access the main computer, and accesses a starmap showing the location of the Unity Device. As soon as he records it to the tricorder, the three Chodak from earlier appear in the room. Their leader reintroduces himself: He is Admiral Brodnack, high commander of the Chodak star fleet. He was waiting for the Enterprise crew to use their isolinear rod on the computer so that he could finally access the records of the Unity Device. He orders his colleagues to hold the away-team at gunpoint while he downloads and erases the starmap.

Brodnack orders the computer to play an old advertisement for the Unity Device, explaining in broad terms how it works and how the Chodak Empire used its power. He confirms that Chodak rebels did indeed send the device into the future, and says that the device is about to return to reality soon. He facetiously expresses fondness of humans, and says the Federation might even qualify for second-class citizenship in the new Chodak Empire. With that, the Chodak take the isolinear rod and leave.

Data examines the computer again, discovering that it has failed to sign out when the isolinear rod was removed and is still accessible. He takes this opportunity to study the other accessible records, all pertaining to what the Chodak call "The Great Treachery" - the kidnapping of the Unity Device.

One record contains a statement by one of the scientists who created the Unity Device, accusing the Chodak government of abusing its power for conquest, and warning that continued irresponsible use could tear the space-time continuum apart. Another record plays the last message sent from the device - the final words of the scientists who kidnapped it and sent it to the future. In it, they once again condemn the Chodak government for its actions, and insist that they are only acting to save the Chodak race from itself. They say that the Chodak could one day reclaim the device, but only once they have gained the necessary wisdom to wield it.
As the away-team leaves the Hall of Records, they discover that the Chodak had used their own (non-programmable) isolinear rod on a security panel to open an accessway out of the facility - but the rod became stuck in the panel and they decided to leave it there. Geordi notices that the panel has a small hole for manually ejecting the rod, similar to the one used by 20th-century CD-ROM drives. The team scours the facility for something that could slip into the hole, eventually finding the Chodak equivalent of a paperclip. They eject the isolinear rod, and make their way back to the antechamber to beam back to the Enterprise.

On the Enterprise, Worf says that the Chodak ship had already left sensor range and cannot be pursued. Picard sends its last heading to Starfleet in the hope that another Federation ship might be able to intercept it. While they do so, Worf picks up signs of cloaked ships approaching the Enterprise. Picard orders the ship to return to Federation space immediately.

     Finding The Unity Device 

The Enterprise computer finishes analyzing the Chodak starchart, and determines the location of the Unity Device. The Enterprise races into the Z'Tarnis Nebula at maximum speed.

Deep within the nebula, the Enterprise encounters the Unity Device - a gigantic structure with a diameter of 314 million kilometers (roughly the size of an average red giant star) orbited by several small planetoids. Data's analysis predicts that the device is probably hollow, like a Dyson Sphere. A scan reveals that the device is surrounded by a large quantity of debris and radiation, indicating that the Romulan and Chodak fleets had both already arrived there, but destroyed each other.

While they are discussing these findings, the Garidian warbird Asiram - Pentara's ship - decloaks nearby. She hails the Enterprise and explains that the fleets did attack one another initially, but the fighting triggered the Unity Device's defenses which annihilated both fleets.

Picard inquires about the situation on Garid, to which Pentara replies that the revolutionaries have taken over the government and enacted their own oppressive regime - executing members of the opposition. Pentara intends to take control of the Unity Device in the hope that it can help save her society.

The conversation is interrupted by yet another ship entering the system - a Chodak vessel commanded by Brodnack. Brodnack broadcasts a threat and arms his weapons, hoping the Enterprise would shoot first and trigger retaliation from the Unity Device, but Picard does not fall into this trap. Instead of firing, Brodnack sends a signal to the Unity Device, which opens a small access port on its surface. Brodnack's ship dispatches a small shuttle which flies towards this doorway. The Garidians take the opportunity to launch their own shuttle there, so Picard decides to do the same. He takes Data, Worf, and junior Engineering officer Butler along with him down to the surface.

     Tests of Unity 

Landing on the surface close to the other shuttlecraft, Picard orders the team to look for the Chodak and Garidian landing parties in the hopes of following them into the bowels of the Unity Device. Inside a large structure nearby they discover another Chodak transporter, and one after the other they step inside.

When Picard reappears at the transporter's destination, deep inside the Unity Device, he finds himself alone and without his tricorder or phaser. The transporter appears to have been one-way, and cannot be used to return to the surface. As he searches the chamber, a voice out of nowhere welcomes him by name, calling him the "chosen representative of the United Federation of Planets", and announcing that he will now go through tests designed to prove his worthiness of controling the Unity Device.

In the adjacent chamber, Picard finds Brodnack and Pentara next to what appears to be a small shuttle. Their landing parties have also disappeared, and the shuttle will only proceed with three passengers - indicating that it had been waiting for Picard to arrive as the final "contestant" in the tests. Brodnack protests that the Chodak are the only ones who have a right to the device, but Picard points out that Brodnack cannot proceed without the other two captains. The three enter the shuttle, which takes them to the Unity Device Control Complex.

As they fly through the vast distances within the device and marvel at its Bizarrchitecture, Brodnack says that while he does not know what the tests may entail, he feels uniquely prepared as Chodak society is built around the concept of tests and challenges to acquire status. When asked how powerful the Unity Device is, Brodnack says that it is potentially powerful enough to unmake the galaxy itself. Even a well-meaning master, he says, could wreak havoc with it. Brodnack says that if he wins the device, he will use it to restore the Chodak Empire. Picard counters that the device is too powerful for any one race to control, and that it must be used for the common good - to establish peace between the species of the galaxy. Brodnack scoffs at this "fantasy".

At their destination, the three captains are confronted with several doors. As Brodnack goes to check on one of the doors, Pentara turns to Picard and says that they should work together against Brodnack, since his vision of the future necessarily entails the subjugation of both their species under the Chodak Empire. Picard agrees with this assessment.

Picard finds a door that opens before him, and enters a large room. As he steps inside, the room goes dark, and a mirror image of himself appears before him. The image speaks with Picard's own voice. It introduces itself as Picard from shortly in the near future, who is using the Unity Device to go back in time to warn himself not to trust Pentara and Brodnack, claiming they will betray Picard. "Future Picard" offers Picard an artifact that would help him win the Unity Device for the Federation. The image then disappears, and Picard finds himself standing next to Pentara and Brodnack.

Picard describes his vision to the other captains, but for now does not mention the artifact he received. Pentara suggests that it might be a trick, designed to make them suspicious of each other. The captains look around the room, and realize that they are surrounded by force-fields. Brodnack says that the force-fields will only lower once they pass a test.

Spotting a large pedestal standing in the center of the room, Brodnack says that this is called the "Second Challenge" - a traditional Chodak test used to cull the weak so that they cease being a burden on society. When asked how the test works, Brodnack refuses to answer, saying that his lifetime of practice and study in these Chodak tests have rightfully bestowed this advantage on him alone. Picard counters that if Brodnack is truly worthy, he would not need such an advantage to win at all.

This convinces Brodnack to at least explain the test: It is a simple test of endurance, where each contestant places blocks on the pedestal to tell it which other contestant should receive a powerful shock. The last man standing wins the test. Picard attempts to convince Brodnack that this test is foolish, and that it would be better to just find another way to leave the room. Brodnack is certain that he is going to win and thus refuses to cooperate. Pentara and Picard, realizing that Brodnack is the main candidate to win this test, decide to join forces and only shock Brodnack.

At first it appears that Brodnack will be able to withstand this double assault. Picard attempts to convince him to abandon the idea of restoring the Chodak Empire, but Brodnack laughs it off and shocks both of his opponents. As the test continues and Brodnack is repeatedly shocked by both Picard and Pentara, his resolve begins to waver and finally he admits to losing the test. Expecting them to kill him, he only asks that they promise to use the Unity Device wisely. Picard argues that Brodnack is but one Chodak, and that a solution must be found to work together with their entire race. He describes a council of races that will control the Unity Device together to protect them all from its misuse. This finally convinces Brodnack to change his mind about his dreams of Chodak supremacy.

Now the matter turns to finding a way out of the room without anyone getting killed. Picard examines the forcefield emitter, and realizes that inserting the blocks from the endurance test into the emitter will cause it to short out - but he needs all three sets of blocks, one from each contestant, in order to do so. Fortunately, the others trust Picard enough by now to hand him their blocks, and he manages to disable the force-field. All three contestants leave the room together.

Beyond the room is another huge chamber, with a chasm splitting it in half. Just on the other side of the chasm is a large key on a pedestal, which Brodnack recognizes as matching a door he had seen earlier. At that moment, Picard's image from the future speaks to him again, telling him to use the artifact it gave him earlier. Picard uses the artifact and is instantly teleported to the other side of the chasm. Instead of taking the key for himself, however, he uses the artifact again to teleport Pentara and Brodnack to him. Brodnack is surprised, saying he thought Picard only agreed to cooperate earlier because his position was weak and he needed allies. Picard's action here causes him to ponder the concept of mutual trust.

With the key in hand, Picard and the others return to the door they spotted earlier and use it to pass through. In the next chamber they come across a strange creature frozen in stasis behind glass. It appears similar to a creature that appeared earlier in the Unity Device advertisement, and Brodnack claims that the Chodak actually created this race. Picard disables the statis, and the creature immediately begins to speak, saying that it is their judge. Before it will let the team move on, each of them must explain why they deserve the device.

Brodnack claims only that the Unity device belongs to the Chodak, since they created it. Pentara claims that no race in the Galaxy deserves it any more than any other race, so it might as well be the Garidians.\\
Picard says he is only here to make sure that the Unity Device is used for the good of all species. This surprises the judge, who asks Picard what he would actually do with the device - what he thinks would be the ultimate good for all species. Picard argues for individualism - that each culture and each individual has their own definition of "good" and should be allowed to make that determination for themselves. This prompts the judge to probe into Picard's own life and deficiencies, bringing up his rocky relationship father and brother, his disgraceful behavior as a Starfleet cadet, and even the love of his life whom he left on Earth for fear of commitment.

When Picard attributes his past mistakes to the follies of youth, the judge turns to more recent mistakes such as the incident that destroyed the Stargazer - allowing his crew to die. He then accuses Picard of betraying the Federation as Locutus of Borg, and of handing over Federation secrets to the Cardassian Gul Madred. Picard protests that he never betrayed anyone willingly, and that he accepts his faults as a human and has done his best to learn to live with his failures.

The judge turns to Brodnack and asks him what he thinks of failure. Brodnack says he has never failed - but admits he did today. The judge accuses him of always playing it safe, which Brodnack says he takes pride in. The judge condemns him for destroying the lives of others who failed, to which Brodnack replies that Chodak are not allowed to fail. When the judge tells Brodnack that his people have failed to improve themselves, instead only learning to master the challenges they knew they would have to face, Brodnack fails to provide an adequate answer.

Pentara interjects, saying that she cannot even trust her own people to wield the Unity Device, strengthening Picard's point that all three should be allowed to proceed together. The judge accepts this, and opens the door to the Unity Device control room.

     The Final Test 

When the three captains enter the control room, the voice of the Unity Device speaks to them, congratulating them on winning control of its powers. Pentara asks the others what they should use it for. Brodnack suggests contacting their respective governments first, to inform them that control of the device will be shared.

Before they can do so, however, the Unity Device warns them that it has detected an incoming fleet of Borg ships that is going to destroy their civilizations within the next 1.2 years. It asks them to select a response to this information. Brodnack argues that the Borg fleet should be destroyed in order to convince the Borg to call off their invasion and agree to negotiate - as per Picard's insistance that the Unity Device should be used for the good of all species. Pentara once again interjects, pointing out that the Borg never negotiate with anyone under any circumstance, urging Picard to eradicate their race from the galaxy altogether.

Picard, instead, decides not to use the Unity Device at all, since the Prime Directive prevents him from taking such actions. Brodnack begins to protest, but the Unity Device says that Picard has chosen wisely. It explains that this was just the final test: The Chodak scientists stole the Unity Device explicitly to prevent its use a political or military tool, and therefore would not appreciate any action against the Borg.

With that, the image of a Chodak appears, and the voice explains that it actually belongs to the scientists who took the Unity Device and have since melded with it. Each of them is responsible for anchoring the device to the space-time continuum, preventing it from tearing the universe apart. They ask for a volunteer to join them and anchor the Unity Device to this point in time. Brodnack volunteers immediately, but Pentara protests - still believing that this means Brodnack will receive control of the Device. The voices explain that the device would never have served anyone's purpose at all; This whole ordeal was designed to prepare one of the Chodak to the task at hand - to join the device and help it mend the space-time rifts it had created back when its power was abused by the Chodak Empire.

Brodnack is absorbed into the Unity Device, and the voices thank Picard for turning Brodnack away from his ambitions for conquest - preparing him for his new duty.
Picard is teleported into a closed container near the surface of the Unity Device. He is immediately contacted by Riker, who tells him that the away-team had reappeared on the Enterprise hours ago and that they have been looking for him ever since. He says that the Unity Device has begun phasing out of time. The Enterprise attempts to lock on Picard's signal for a beam-up, but struggles to locate him. Distortion waves begin to hit the ship as the Unity Device starts disappearing from our universe. The Enterprise begins to withdraw, while still trying to lock on Picard. It barely manages to get out of range when the Unity Device disappears in a blinding explosion.

Moments later, while the Enterprise crew assesses the damage to their ship from the explosion, Worf detects Picard inside an artificial bubble floating next to the ship. He is beamed aboard.

In a Captain's Log summarizing the events, Picard ponders whether the Federation will some day be able to create a Unity Device of its own. If so, he wonders whether they would have the wisdom to use it well.