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  • This is the concept behind yoshi3000's Project Blackthorn with all the reality warpers all under a "Order of Reality" council. It's rather chaotic.
  • In The Butcher Bird, Grigori Vinci eventually develops a low-tier version of this ability via observing the effects of an Awakened Devil Fruit and incorporating it into his Third Gear. It's downplayed compared to many other examples as it causes Heroic RRoD to varying degrees whenever he uses it, due to trying to enact Power at a Price without there being a Devil Fruit to set said price.
  • In Child of the Storm has many, being partially derived from superhero comics.
    • Skyfathers, Earthmothers, and higher end 'Greater Gods' (gods with specific mantles of power) can all do this to varying extents - Loki, as a God of Magic, is a particular example. However, their use is limited by various Rules, some unbreakable, others formal and informal restrictions to prevent Earth being vaporised.
    • This is the most fundamental feature of Chaos Magic, as explored through Chthon in the first book, and through Wanda Maximoff and Hermione Granger (Wanda's so far unaware daughter). Aspects of it are described as being part of all magic: it's why magic, wandless in particular, affects technology and practitioners' surroundings in general, and how hexes and jinxes often work). Pure Chaos Magic, though, goes beyond probability manipulation to the borders of Wrong Context Magic: potentially, the only limitations on it are those imposed by how much power the wielder can physically sustain, what they can comprehend, and what they are willing to do - especially given that too much weakens the fabric of reality (which is part of Chthon's plan). As is discussed, Hermione, who thrives on memorising and understanding the rules and limitations of magic, is quite possibly the very worst person to end up with such a power set.
      • Additionally, Wanda's mutant power ties into this, thanks to Chthon's influence. Her blessing on Harry (in short: he'll always have someone to back him up) makes him a Magnetic Hero and is strong enough to be detected by Odin.
      • Hermione's own mutation, which turns out to be Spatial Manipulation, borders on this in its own right, as is demonstrated when she gets possessed by a minor Eldritch Abomination that was a living Psychological Torment Zone.
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    • Doctor Strange is repeatedly stated to be someone who long ago decided that the Laws of Reality were for other people, performing feats that shouldn't really be possible, with it occasionally being speculated that Reality took one look at Strange and decided it didn't want any trouble. However, he can't do exactly what he wants and admits that he would be tempted by the power offered by Chthon, suggesting that it's limited - most likely to his immediate proximity.
    • The Phoenix, along with the rest of the Endless, with one being (Harry) that she possesses being described as not so much standing up as arranging the universe around them so that they were standing up, in the exact way that Chthon did just a few scenes earlier, as well as being described as having 'complete control over the powers of life and death'.
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    • Harry during the finale when Chthon possesses him and just after, as Strange arranged matters so that he would be at the heart of reality when it was in an especially malleable state, allowing him to set things right - with help. However, there are still cracks and flaws, suggesting that the repair job wasn't perfect - when an older alternate counterpart of Harry notices this, the defensive response is that he "worked with what he had."
    • The Dark Phoenix is this in horrifying spades, walking the line between Humanoid Abomination and fully fledged Eldritch Abomination (the most recent one was a Humanoid Abomination. The original graduated to Eldritch Abomination after an unknown period of time).
  • In the Pony POV Series, alicorns and draconequi, being concepts of reality, all have this power (though the alicorns are more reserved, being Nature's Law), Discord simply has it Up to Eleven after eating his brother Destruction and their father Havoc's avatar to the point a normal alicorn or draconequus is no match for him. While it's not shown how much, the Elders are this on a cosmic scale to the point Entropy erasing her mate Havoc from existence and then him willing himself back into it is equal to one member of a bickering couple shoving the other to them. We see later that the Elders have the ability to alter reality with their words alone, they just prefer not to use it most of the time. Entropy's mortal incarnation, Maud Pie, makes 'fourth cousin twice removed by a fifth cousin' a thing when she's convinced of it.
    • General-Admiral Makarov, the Big Bad of the Shining Armor Arc, can do this to a certain extent in his immediate surroundings, due to actually being a creation of Pandora's; he mostly does this to boost his image and ability to win, as part of his status as a Parody Sue. During the climax of the arc, he uses a Paradox Engine to boost his powers, in order to wipe out all his enemies and establish himself as the flawless hero-ruler of the whole world. Fortunately, an enraged Shining Armor destroying the Engine, combined with Pandora nullifying his Plot Armor, causes the various plot holes he's created to catch up with him, leaving him weakened and leaving his forces at a significant disadvantage.
  • Ultraman Moedari, Oh God, Ultraman Moedari. Lunaram flings alternate space and warped realities about like heck in the latter part of the series, Lugeno is trapped in one, Finem does them, and they're treated like everyday appearances due to "god going berserk."
  • Several Winx Club fanfictions have Mirta upgrade from making illusions to flat-out altering the universe when she gets in the grips of powerful emotions; most explain her wallflower personality as her way of keeping her powers in check.
  • Fallen King has this. Pegasus, Yami Bakura, and Joey and Tristan gain the ability to summon monsters from the Shadow Realm into reality. Pegasus also alters the structure of his castle, locking the heroes into an endless room.
  • Several characters are capable of this in Diaries of a Madman. Anyone capable of learning "true magic" can do the same, but Celestia and Luna stamped out the practice due to it being abused.
  • Alice from Alice in Wonderland is portrayed as such in Disney's War A Crossover Story and its two sequels. The Horned King is the first to discover this ability and tries to brainwash her to use her power to bend reality itself in order to make him into an all-powerful god.
  • Malkuth from The Games We Play has the power to change the rules of reality. In theory, he has limits, but they're broad enough that he might as well be a god. Unfortunately, he's a dick. The dick, as he created the Grimm. In fact, most of the Grimm, particularly the biggest and strongest types, can only exist because he bends reality over a barrel.
  • In The Story to End All Stories, the Nothing does this to fiction, causing characters from different genres to meet.
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines: The beginning of the story reveals that Cyrus did not die when he vanished into that portal, but instead found the way to manipulate the strands of reality, and eventually figured out how to create his world without spirit.
  • In Visiontale, determined beings are reality warpers, even more than in Undertale itself. The inherent determination in humans allows them to cast magic without training. Sufficiently-determined humans can create physical objects, in addition to saving and loading. Monsters' personal experiences and knowledge of the laws of physics they are violating limits how they can warp reality and how extensively they can do so.
  • The Fiddley Thing in Halloween Unspectacular is a device that can do anything, from transforming someone into a were-lioness to ripping holes in the fabric of space and time. It's upgraded thrice over the course of the second collection, Do the Gasmask Shuffle; at the climax, having all three Fiddley Things together wipes out the multiverse and, later, ascends the heroes involved in the final battle (except for the L.A. Noire characters).
  • In Neither a Bird nor a Plane, it's Deku!, Fumikage Tokoyami doesn't have a Quirk. Instead, he's bonded to a fifth-dimensional genie named Tskymi, who can do almost anything with a command. Tskymi tends to operate on Toon Physics most of the time, pulling an enormous magnifying glass out of Hammerspace and turning into a cannon with functioning arms to load and light himself. He also claims to have "phenomenal cosmic powers" like Bat-Mite, who can alter all of reality and shatter the fourth wall at a whim.
  • The Legendary Girl of Legend in the Blizzard shrines of the Video Game Shrines possesses the Aspect of Arceus, which literally allows her to modify any and all of existence at will. She never does, believing she would cause more harm than good if she continually remade existence to suit her vision. Instead, she fights alongside adventurers to fix problems the old fashioned way.
    The Legendary Girl of Legend: "I’m sure you’ve wondered why I don’t just remake space-time such that Anu never existed or something. I mean, it’s within my capability to do that, but who am I to say that I’d create a better existence than this one? Wouldn’t I make mistakes? And what would I do when another Anu appears? Remake space-time again? It’s not a good solution.”
  • Miraculous! Rewrite: Marc gains this power when he's akumatized into Anansi. Everything around him becomes warped to fit his superhero Self-Insert fanfic, from Nathaniel becoming his crime-fighting partner to the Ladyblog spontaneously transforming into the Spideyblog.
  • Brittany develops this ability in Special, and while learning how to control it turns a pillow into a goldfish and makes Lord Tubbington talk. It fits with her Cloudcuckoolander personality. It's later revealed that her powers, like some of the other kids', leaked through before the story began. Which means that some of the bizarre things she talked about (her cat reading her diary, getting lost in the sewers) most likely actually happened.
  • In The Weaver Option Lelith Hesperax has refined her swordsmanship to such a degree that she can sever and reshape reality with a single swing of her blade. While cutting an anti-matter meteorite in half and freezing it in stasis with this ability was impressive enough, she later demonstrates she can sever the barrier between the Materium and Warp to destroy a daemon's essence permanently.


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