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Reality Ensues / Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V

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Happens a fair bit... Or at least, as much as it can in a Yu-Gi-Oh! series, anyway.

  • In Episode 2, when spectators discover that only Yuya possesses the "Pendulum Monsters" required for Pendulum Summoning, they consider it to be an unfair advantage and even accuse him of hacking the Duel System. Similarly, as the Pendulum Monsters came into existence suddenly, Yuya initially has no idea how they work and loses a duel because he doesn’t know how to use them. That they're new cards that only he has further makes him a target of duelists who want to know more about them and him.
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  • In Yuya's duel with Mieru, because of his larger amounts of Level 5 and above monsters in his deck and relies on his Pendulum Summon's to bring them out, he opens with a brick handnote  with scales too low to Pendulum Summon any of them with no card effect to search for cards he needsnote  and has to skip his turn, with no monster or Spell/Trap to defend him. This is common for players who don't properly balance their decks.
  • Played for laughs when Gongenzaka duels Ankokuji. He gets some encouragement and gives an emotional speech, firing up Shuzo in the crowd... And then ends his turn, since he's already attacked and doesn't have any spell or trap cards.
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  • The Lancers instead of being a well oiled machine on their first outing actually hinder each other due to differing personalities and lack of connection and time with each other.
  • How does an evil government cover up the fact that people who lose in a well-publicized tournament are forced into slavery? It doesn't. The society itself supports such treatment of losers, and when the main protagonist publicly announces this atrocity no one gives a shit, and the crowd's actions throughout the duel further demonstrate how messed-up this culture really is.
  • The basic idea of a revolution against an oppressive government making things better is questioned because of Shinji. While the Commons are oppressed by the Tops, the show gives up plenty of examples that show the Commons aren't good people either, sharing the same beliefs as the Tops. In effect all Shinji's revolution will do is switch the rulers, but keep the system in tact, not unlike many real life revolutions.
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  • Just because people suffer from oppression does not mean they cannot be oppressive themselves. In the Commons' revolt, the Commons, bitter and full of hatred from years of being controlled by the Tops, refused to listen to reason and were perfectly willing to murder the defenseless Tops. Just like how there are many examples of people that have suffered from oppression but have similar tendencies themselves and fully believe they are justified for their actions/thoughts because of their pasts.
  • A major theme in Season 2 is using your dueling to speak to someone's heart and reach out to them. Season 3 points out that a lot of people are blinded by hate and other negative emotions, and in such a state they probably won't be so receptive to talking, especially if you happen to be the son of someone they hate.


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