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  • The episode "Town & Out" is basically this trope, or at least an attempt at it. For starters:
    • The girls are riding the bus to school. They get laughed at by the other children (even the bus driver laughs) due to their matching outfits, them being new students, and how obviously different they are from their peers.
    • While the girls are in class, the teacher refuses to allow the girls to help save Citiesville. They are also still getting picked on by their classmates (and nothing is done to cease the bullying).
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    • The mayor of Citiesville called them in after they had stopped some bank robbers - not to congratulate the girls, but to admonish them for blowing up a bridge to stop their getaway. The $400 the crooks were stealing was nothing compared to the 3 million the city now has to pay to get its bridge repaired, not to mention the fact that the bridge was a historical landmark and served as the only way to enter the city for the thousands of people who commute to work every day.
    • The final straw was when the Girls confess to the Professor about their true feelings towards the town, the Professor also confesses how he hated his job because of how he got picked on and got called square at work. This is realistic due to workplace bullying being a prominent issue in real life.
  • When Rainbow the Clown suffered an accident that turned him into the sound-and-color-hating "Mr. Mime." He almost succeeds in turning Townsville into a silent, monochromatic wasteland, but the girls set everything right with The Power of Rock. Rainbow's mind is freed from the evil and he thanks the girls for saving him - at which point they beat the tar out of him and have him carted off to jail, because... well... he kinda attacked a lot of people, including the girls. Though he did get parole in time for the girls' birthday.
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  • A similar situation occurred in "Slave the Day." Big Billy (one of the members of the Gangreen Gang) joins the girls after they saved him from getting run over by a subway train. He later puts them on train tracks, only to remember how nice they were before and pushes them offnote . He still gets his ass kicked, since Becoming the Mask does not mean you are Easily Forgiven.
  • In one of the first episodes of the show, Powerpuff Bluff, three criminals successfully frame the girls using Paper Thin Disguises, and the Mayor mistakenly has the real girls arrested. The girls break out of prison, defeat their imposters, and prove their innocence, but since breaking out of prison is still a crime, as stated by Blossom earlier, the actual Powerpuff Girls wind up immediately getting arrested again.
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  • In "Bought & Scold," Princess's dad was able to buy Townsville from the Mayor. Princess then exerts her authority over the town by making it legal to commit crimes. To get back at Princess for this, the Powerpuff Girls steal all of her belongings. Princess then finds out her things are missing, and begs and pleads for the girls to find them, only to find out that the girls were behind the theft of her things. Due to crime being legal at the time the girls stole Princess' belongings, Princess' stuff technically belonged to the girls. This forces Princess to make crime illegal again (mostly to avoid getting in trouble with her father) and then give back Townsville to the Mayor so she can get back her stuff. Even when Princess' stuff was returned, her father was still able to find out that he was robbed. Due to the fact that he was robbed, he's as mad as you would expect.
  • In "Divide & Conquer," while Blossom and Bubbles are actually paying attention in math class, Buttercup refuses to do so. This inconveniences Buttercup later in the episode when the Amoeba Boys become Not So Harmless Villains by multiplying themselves and she doesn't know how to do division, while Blossom and Bubbles are able to defeat them and save the day by using their math skills.
  • "A Very Special Blossom" had Blossom steal some expensive golf clubs as a Father's Day present for the Professor and lying that she found them. Naturally the clubs are reported stolen, the Professor is arrested and put in jail when he's seen with them and Blossom's lie snowballs till eventually she's forced to tell the truth. Despite giving a passionate and sincere apology and the Mayor and Professor stating it is her first offense, the head of police isn't moved to just let her walk and Blossom is forced into community service for her actions.
  • "Cop Out" has a lazy cop do nothing but eat doughnuts and sleep all day in his car, even when called into action, yet he thinks he's qualified for a promotion. He finds himself utterly baffled when his chief promptly sacks him. The closing denouement even make it clear what the rest of the cops in town (and the girls) think of him for his lack of professionalism and Never My Fault attitude: "You're not a 'good cop gone bad', you're a bad cop gone worse!"
  • The girls get hit with this big time in "Super Zeroes" when they create new superhero personas based on their favorite comic book characters, believing it would make them better heroes, but end up becoming completely ineffectual when they try using them to stop a rampaging monster. First, their individual Transformation Sequences take so long that the monster leaves before they've finished. Then when the monster returns the next day, Blossom's Freedom-mobile gets stuck in traffic, Bubbles' pogo stick takes forever to reach the scene, and Buttercup's refusal to go out until night leaves her waiting on the professor's couch for several hours. Again, the monster is long gone by the time they actually arrive. On the third day, they're finally able to face the monster using their new methods—and are so incredibly useless that even the monster yells at them to quit screwing around.
  • "Fallen Arches" has Blossom decide to deal with a trio of elderly villains by bringing back their old arch-enemies to deal with them, on the grounds that they must "respect their elders". The episode ends with both parties badly injured simply from exerting themselves too much, and all others involved agreeing that the Powerpuff Girls should've just dealt with the situation in the first place, with Bubbles and Buttercup glaring at Blossom, who can only give a sheepish expression and sink to the floor, for allowing all this to happen.
  • A meta Crossover example: 2018 saw Ace Copular, the Gangreen Gang's leader, become the bassist for Gorillaz while Murdoc's in jail. As the animated band members age in real time like people in real life, the same applies for Ace; while a teenager in The Powerpuff Girls, he's currently 37 in the canon of Gorillaz's lore.
  • In the movie, when the girls are born and they (unintentionally) terrorize the town while playing tag (and destroying buildings, causing millions of dollars in damage), the citizens are rightly freaked out and scared for their lives. They arrest the Professor for creating the girls (since they can't punish the girls for being minors), but they do release him presumably because the Professor caused trouble without any intention of harming anyone.


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