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  • Neither shivving a person in the neck nor shooting oneself is easy, quick or painless.
  • In "Child Abduction Is Not Funny", the town hires the City Wok owner, Mr. Kim to build a wall and guard the town from kidnappers. It doesn't work because one person alone cannot guard a town, as he finds out the hard way when he gets distracted and ambushed by the Mongolians (and the kids). Then he builds himself a home-made missile launcher to fire at the Mongolians but they launch a flaming baseball to distract the missiles and hit the wall instead. Then he sees a trojan horse and goes Leeroy Jenkins on it, only to fall for the trap, and the Mongolians break another hole in the wall. Then he dresses himself in ancient Chinese armor for battle and does a war dance, but while he is doing this, the kids wheel a large cart laden with explosives in behind him and blow up the wall.
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  • "Good Times With Weapons" treats us to some very abrupt Mood Whiplash during the stylized anime battle between the boys and Professor Chaos. The make-believe fireballs and energy blasts aren't working, so Kenny tries his magical shuriken and scores a direct hit on Professor Chaos. Cut back to the normal art style, with poor Butters shrieking in pain and terror while blood streams from the throwing star in his eye.
  • In "Stanley's Cup" Stan leads his Pee Wee hockey team against the Detroit Red Wings, firing them up as a battle against all odds to cheer up a cancer-stricken friend. The team is completely crushed by the professional players, 32-2 as little kids have no chance against adult hockey players.
  • In "Cartmanland", a typical child's dream of owning a private amusement park for their personal use is turned on its' head. Cartman realized that he needed someone to get rid of unwanted guests like Stan, rides break down over time and needs someone who can fix it, and someone who can operate the complicated machinery. So he needed to hire security, repairman, and operators to run the park respectively. In order to do so, he needed to allow patrons to provide income to pay his workers, something that Cartman never wanted. By the end of the episode, Cartman sold the park to the previous owner but had all of his money taken away by the I.R.S for not paying taxes.
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  • In "I'm a Little Bit Country" Cartman constantly attempts to induce a flashback to the American Revolution to get out of doing a history paper. He first attempt (dropping a big rock on his head) led to a bruise on his head. His second attempt (electrocuting himself after recording history shows) result in him getting hospitalized. And he ended up flashing back anyways.
  • In "Go God Go" Cartman ends up freezing himself so he wouldn't have to wait three weeks for the Wii, and ending up being frozen for hundreds of years. When he's thawed out in the future, he takes one from an old museum, only to find that the old VHS output no longer exists since the technology would have changed after five centuries.
  • In "Up the Down Steroid", Cartman pretends to be mentally disabled so he can enter the Special Olympics and win, believing that being non-handicapped would give him an advantage. However, he fails to realize that, in spite of their handicaps, the other athletes had months of training for the events and were in great shape while he is in terrible shape and possesses no athletic ability. Therefore, he finishes last in every event (which gets him the "Good Try" award: a gift certificate to Shakey's Pizza, which he's actually okay with).
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  • In "Free Willzyx" a prank that goes horribly wrong leads the kids to think that a whale at a water park is really an alien from outer space who lives on the moon, and they struggle to get it back to its home, eventually succeeding. Despite the fact that the audience knows it's a prank, given the fact that the show has had several bizarre things turn out to be true, it looks like it's setting things up for a joke where it turns out there really is a civilization on the moon... only for it to cut to the whale's lifeless body on the barren rock.
  • In Cartman's subplot with Dr. David Nelson in "With Apologies To Jesse Jackson," there's a scene when the latter attempts to talk to Mr. Garrison and Principal Victoria about Cartman's jerkass behavior towards him. They both tell Nelson that the idea of having a conversation with Eric Cartman isn't wise, and that the former should just let it go. The duo are proven right when they call Eric Cartman down to the office, and the latter only makes fun of Nelson when Nelson tries to be nice to Cartman. Point is, simply attempting to reason with bigots with words won't change their views (nor make them want to change).
    • Accident or not, blurting out racial slurs will have you subjected to gossip, humiliation, and ostracizing, despite you constantly showing remorse for doing such a thing.
  • "The Snuke" features an invasion of the British fleet secretly invading the USA, only that the British fleet are using weapons and equipment (except for a cell phone) from The American Revolution. When the American jets arrived, the result of the battle is expected when you match muzzle-loading muskets and wooden sail ships against jets and missiles.
  • In "Lice Capades", the children all decide to try and find out which among them has lice, as Mrs. Garrison is unwilling to reveal whom due to school policy. The witch hunt finally escalates to the point where Kenny is singled-out and forced to undertake a painful humiliation for it...only for Mrs. Garrison to reveal that all the children in the class, boys and girls, had lice, and that all the boys just went through with the witch hunt to try and blame someone else for it to spare them the embarrassment.
    Mrs. Garrison: Lice spreads fast, ya dumbasses.
  • In "South Park is Gay", Mr. Garrison, Kyle, and Mr. Slave try to stop the Queer Eye guys from making everyone metrosexual. They try to have Mr. Slave crash through the window of the television headquarters, only to be badly cut from all the broken glass. He appears to be fine in the next scene though.
  • In "Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society" Wendy gets breast implants because she is jealous of the attention Bebe is getting for her developing breasts. When she appears at school to show them off, they are repulsed and laugh at her, because breast implants on an eight-year-old girl are anything but sexy.
    Clyde: Look at those ridiculous things!
    Butters (poking them): Ew! They're all hard and oogy!
    Cartman: What a stupid bitch!
  • In "The Red Badge of Gayness" Cartman makes a bet with Kyle and Stan that he will be their slave if the Union wins a Civil War re-enactment, and they will be his slaves if the Confederacy wins. Cartman promptly derails the re-enactment by convincing the Confederate re-enactors to re-enact and win the entire war. Kyle and Stan are able to win at the last minute and begin ordering Cartman around. Cartman then points out to them that the Union abolished slavery, so it is illegal for him to be their slave and promptly leaves.
  • In "Rainforest Schmainforest" the rainforest is not a pleasant and tropical paradise, but is in fact a hostile and dangerous place filled with anti-government terrorists, dangerous animals, toxic plants, hostile natives, and terrible weather conditions.

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