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  • Plenty of rather egregious injuries occur to pro wrestlers, both acute and long-term. It's a reminder of the reality when you are working 300-plus days a year being dropped on your back and head, and the amount of conditioning needed to sustain that kind of schedule. Unfortunately, the next reality that ensues tends to be drug addiction, domestic problems, and early death (Chris Benoit is a perfect real life example). It's rare to see full-time professional wrestlers live past the age of sixty.
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  • Any time a member of the audience jumps the barricade and tries to enter the ring, unless it is a plant in the audience that was scripted to do so, they will be apprehended by security and blacklisted from attending future events. Not to mention, they might get a firsthand lesson as to why attacking someone who looks like a bodybuilder, that knows how to throw their weight around (literally), and is now really pissed off at you, is a very stupid idea.
  • In Ring of Honor, Jimmy Jacobs spent a long time trying to get his manager, Lacey, to reciprocate his love. His efforts finally paid off, but when Lacey told him she loved him, in his own words, "I felt nothing". Realizing that in reality, love doesn't instantly fix you or make you a better person, Jimmy hit his Despair Event Horizon, and started the Age of the Fall shortly afterwards.
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  • WWE went about deconstructing all their "supernatural" gimmicks in 2014. The Undertaker's aura of being a mythical god of death took a huge hit when he lost to Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania XXX, especially since Lesnar and Paul Heyman have made Worked Shoot references to Undertaker's mortality amidst their constant boasting about it for Cheap Heat.
  • Undertaker's brother Kane, who, while billed as the Devil's Favorite Demon, seems to go back and forth between being a demon of hate and a corporate stooge at the whims of The Authority, both of whom can still be beaten into irrelevancy by any top-level face act. He's lost all presence of actually being a monster threat even compared to his debut as Kane in 1997, and thus comes across more like a lumbering big man with a mask-reliant Split Personality than anything else.
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  • The Ascension from WWE NXT, initially a Ministry of Darkness expy tag team, began their transition into a The Legion of Doom expy instead by openly denying any supernatural ties of their own in a article interview shortly after winning the NXT tag team titles. They also abandoned the Ominous Latin Chanting theme for a heavy rock piece by CFO$, and the lighting for their entrance doesn't imitate Undertaker's quite as much as it used to. It hasn't made them any less fearsome or dominant, however, and they've actually turned up the occult symbolism in their attire since then. The result is they're clearly acknowledged as human, but one would be forgiven for thinking they draw motivation from some kind of twisted Illuminati ritual—especially after seeing their Titantron entrance video on the main roster.
  • When CM Punk went off on his infamous "Pipe Bomb" Worked Shoot, his microphone was cut off after he started mocking the entire company on camera. It was announced immediately after that he had been suspended indefinitely, which is what would happen if any other professional athlete did something so brazen.
  • In 1999, Stephanie McMahon shockingly turned on her father and joined up with his nemesis Triple H. Why? Because he had her abducted and almost raped by an insane zombie cultist earlier that year. After that she wasn’t inclined to go along with his crazy schemes.
  • During a period of being savvy, Samoa Joe would just move out of the way when he saw his opponents going up to the top rope for high-risk moves. Not much you can do about it when your opponent is all the way across the ring.
  • At one point during the Authority angle, Big Show gets fired by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon for not playing ball. He ends up suing them for unfair dismissal, and Trips and Steph are forced by the board of directors to bring him back in order to prevent a lawsuit.
  • On one occasion, Stephanie was arrested for battery after physically assaulting Brie Bella, who had quit in protest and was attending as a member of the audience.
  • At the 2016 Survivor Series Brock Lesnar took on Goldberg in the main event. Goldberg then shockingly proceeds to beat Brock in a minute with little effort. No matter how tough Brock may be, like in any real fight all it sometimes takes is to get caught off guard and get a few good hits on someone and they will go down easily.
  • A funny minor example in Lucha Underground was when Dario Cueto tells the Gift of The Gods champion that they can't cash in the championship just anytime they want because he needs a notice in advance so he can promote the match. Other then being a Take That! to WWE's Money in the bank, it also makes sense that in real life, a combat sport promoter would want to actually build the match up so they can make money off of it.
  • When Seth Rollins pulled a Heel–Face Turn and later on helped Dean Ambrose against The Miz and Miztourage, Ambrose still didn't trust Rollins and made it clear he still was mad at him from when Rollins had turned on the shield and had that intense personal feud with Ambrose. It took a long time for Ambrose to trust Rollins and, giving more recent events, it's quite unclear if he ever truly forgave him in the end. Goes to show that no matter how much someone might be genuinely sorry for what they have done, that doesn't automatically mean the person they wronged is just going to immediately forgive them, if ever.
    • A more comical example was at Survivor series 2007, Triple H and his team mates were doing a interview about working together despite not liking each other. This leads to both Kane and Jeff Hardy pointing out the terrible things Triple H has done to them which Triple H sheepishly apologizes for.


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