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Reality Ensues / Iron Fist (2017)

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  • A man who looks homeless walks into Rand Industries claiming to be the long-lost heir, assumed dead fifteen years ago at age ten in the same plane crash that killed his parents. Security immediately shows up to throw him out. He then proceeds to beat up the security guards, sneak in to the top floor to meet the Meachum siblings face-to-face... and they react with stunned confusion and demand he leave, which results in him being escorted out of the building at gunpoint. The fact that he really is Danny Rand is irrelevant; the only strange thing about that scene is the fact that Danny thought that plan would actually work.
    • And given that his follow-up attempts to convince the Meachum siblings that he is Danny Rand involve him committing various crimes including breaking and entering Joy's house, stalking, and attempting to kidnap Ward, it's really little wonder that it takes him so long to convince either of them he's the real deal.
    • When Ward, under threat of Danny, decides to indulge him by asking any proofs, Danny has nothing since all his relatives are dead and his fingerprints were never taken.
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  • Danny tries to escape goons sent after him by walking into a costume rally wearing a mask. The goons are fooled for few seconds before they recognize his tattered clothes among the well dressed civilians.
  • Dr. Paul Edmonds of Birch Psychiatric Hospital, even after being convinced that Danny Rand is who he says he is, still believes that Danny is mentally ill due to his insistence that he's spent the past fifteen years being trained by interdimensional monks to be the Iron Fist, simply believing that was his way of dealing with the death of his parents. He does claim that supernatural powers are impossible, rather noting out that ever since the Incident, there has been a rise in cases of mental nutjobs believing they were superhuman.
  • Since the Iron Fist is almost Exactly What It Says on the Tin Danny's fighting style is that of a Bare-Fisted Monk; naturally his weapons training isn't as good as Colleen's.
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  • In the elevator fight, Joy tries to punch one of the thugs in the face. Not being a trained martial artist, she hurts her hand.
  • Jeri Hogarth points out that Harold, by Faking the Dead and coming out of hiding, is committing fraud (among other crimes).
  • Danny is told over and over that he abandoned the duty of the Iron Fist to guard K'un Lun against the Hand. When he returns, the Hand has indeed attacked and the city has mysteriously vanished.
  • When Harold Meachum uses a sword to split open the head of the guy that led the attempt to kidnap Joy, the blade gets stuck, and Harold has to push his foot against the guy's head to give enough leverage to pry the blade out.
  • Danny and Colleen are highly-trained martial artists, but recognize the inherent disadvantage of enemies with guns. The times when they effortlessly beat up opponents with guns, they either strike first before shots are fired or are already in close combat when the gun is drawn. In situations where they see a gun and are not close enough to disarm, Danny and Colleen are forced to take cover or withdraw.
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  • When Danny finds out that Colleen is with The Hand, she tries to explain to him that Bakuto's faction of The Hand isn't evil and that Madame Gao and her people are rogues. Naturally, he doesn't go for it; after all, he was raised to believe that The Hand was evil, plus he just found out that she's been lying to him all this time. Claire lampshades by asking why they didn't change their name to the Ear or the Arm when they supposedly broke away from the main cult.
  • While Colleen outskills Rusty in their fight, she still has a huge weight disadvantage which allows him to toss her around when she is winded from her strikes. She has to resort to a really painful attack to make sure he stays down.
  • While Joy is initially happy to find out Harold is alive, after a few hours of processing, Joy is angry at her father for lying and putting Ward in a position to have to lie to her, blaming Harold for driving Ward to drug abuse.
  • Ward and his NA sponsor Bethany are having an affair, which you may have guessed is hugely frowned upon and the reason people in recovery programs in real life are assigned same-sex sponsors if at all possible. When Ward and Bethany consider pursuing a serious relationship, Bethany makes the ethical decision to step down as his sponsor and finds him a new one.


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