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     Ace Attorney 
  • In Cup of Tea Edgeworth tries to set a romantic mood with a candlelight and wine dinner. Phoenix ends up drinking too much wine and is too drunk to get physically aroused.
  • The fan-made case The Broken Turnabout:
    • Phoenix's influence over Vera Misham's trial, combined with his personal stake in the outcome, ultimately resulted in the verdict being overturned on the basis that Phoenix couldn't be trusted to remain impartial. This in turn necessitated a retrial that was completely free of Phoenix's influence; the usual trial system is used, Klavier and the judge are replaced by Franziska and the judge's brother, respectively, and the defense are forbidden from using any of the evidence Phoenix gathered in his investigation.
    • The series's familiar pattern of exonerating clients by finding out who the true culprit was is turned on its head. With subtle prompting from Phoenix, Apollo points out that, as defense attorneys, he and Athena are not obligated to prove anyone's guilt, just to prove that their clients are innocent of whatever crimes the prosecution accuses them of.
    • Franziska's case is treated as a lot weaker when it's shown to rest solely on the testimony of a person who has very good reason to lie, with no definitive evidence that backs it up. As Apollo points out, he could come up with any explanation for what happened, and as long as it didn't contradict any of the case's evidence, it would be just as valid as Franziska's.
    • After the trial, Phoenix admits to Franziska that yes, he was bitter over getting screwed out of his attorney's badge. Franziska also tells him that, while she disapproved of his actions regarding Vera's first trial, she did see some merit in introducing jury trials.

     The Adventure Zone 
  • The fanfic Dinner for Two deconstructs the popular "Taako forgives Lucretia thanks to Lup" fanfic idea in The Adventure Zone fandom. In it, Lup's plan to get her brother to forgive her best friend by forcefield and magic chains only ends with both sides of the party worse off than before, Kravitz downright hating her at the end. The message being if you forcefully try to get two people to rekindle their relationship after everything that has happened before, with no other reason than something you want, and then not telling the two parties involved, it's only going to end in disaster.

     Ah! My Goddess 
  • As shown in The Vain Rose's Garden, open relationships take a lot of work on everyone's part to function. Not only do both parties have to trust each other, but they also have to deal with possible jealousy from their partner sleeping with someone else. A recurring worry for Keiichi is whether he'll ruin things with jealousy if one of his girlfriends sleeps with someone else. When Urd and Keiichi engage in partner swapping with Skuld and her boyfriend, they all sit down together afterwards and discuss things to make sure they don't accidentally ruin their relationships.
    • Furthermore, because such relationships are frowned upon (and often illegal), Keiichi and the goddesses have to take great care to make sure other mortals don't find out.
    • Later chapters show that Skuld is having trouble coming to terms with her bout of partner swapping. Even though she agreed at the time and talked about things afterwards, she still feels inferior to her older sister and worries her boyfriend will prefer Urd to her.
  • The Grave in the Corner. Keiichi may have wished for Belldandy to stay with him forever, but at the end of the day, he was still mortal.

     Attack On Titan 
  • In Losing Control, it's suggested Annie has amnesia after she apparently doesn't remember anything when Levi interrogates her. Hange quickly points out that's not how amnesia works; she'd instead have loss of self-awareness or defective short-term memory, not a complete memory loss.

     Avatar: The Last Airbender 
  • In How I Became Yours, as Azula is regaining her lightning bending powers, Mai takes the opportunity to throw a knife into her chest, which nearly kills her. This averts Talking Is a Free Action and shows that mundane weapons, even ones as seemingly unimpressive as knives, are a threat against benders.
  • The Stalking Zuko Series:
    • Aang is majorly distrusted by the Fire Nation, not because he's their historical enemy or because of propaganda. No, they distrust him because he and the Ocean Spirit slaughtered countless Fire Nation soldiers, many of who had family. (An argument can be made that the Ocean Spirit was the one that did the killing, but it's unlikely that the Fire Nation will know or care about this factor.)
    • When Aang spares Ozai, the rest of the Gaang realize that, without his bending, Ozai's still a threat, and his followers are plotting a coup. On the other hand, it's revealed that no one actually likes Ozai, with his supporters mainly being those who benefited from having him in power, and once Zuko finds evidence that proves that Ozai killed people himself, he's disqualified from succession and the movement loses steam.
    • When Zuko is hit by lightning, he had to see a real doctor and was comatose for a few days and bedridden for a week afterwards.
    • In the prequel Jet's Troubling Obsession, when Zuko tries to show Jin the view of Ba Sing Se, she lacks the fitness and strength that most of the Avatar cast has and had to be assisted by Zuko to get on the roof; this was supposed to compare the cast to normal people.
  • Chapter four of The Fun and Perky Warrior's Wolf Tail is nicknamed "the one where the universe objects to Azula's badass power plays" by the author. Namely, her Establishing Character Moment from canon, in which she orders her crew to port the ship despite the danger of low tide, comes back to bite her when low tide actually comes and strands her Royal Procession ship in the bay.
  • In No Other Future, which takes place in the Another Brother verse (an AU in which Zuko is Happily Adopted by Hakoda and raised in the Southern Water Tribe), Kana gently points to the girl who's crushing on him he never will be a good husband and father. As he can't help but fall asleep for the whole duration of arctic winter, he's basically useless for several months, and any children he would sire might inherit his problem.
  • In Reluctant Hero, Zuko is not happy to learn he's the Avatar, as it means he's now his birth-nation's greatest enemy. When the Northern Water Tribe decides to abduct him to help him fulfill his destiny, he takes it bad, and aggravating this is the fact he's separated from his uncle. He spends the first part of his sojourn trying to escape and his later breakdown isn't seen as surprising by Yugoda.
    Yugoda: He was taken from his family and all he knew, was told he has to save the world, and had to deal with that old goat Pakku on top of it all. I'm surprised he didn't break like this sooner.
    • After hearing his teachers agree it may be best to wipe Zuko's memories from the Fire Nation clean, the teen immediately loses trust in them and becomes even more desperate to flee. He ends up entering the Avatar state and destroying a good chunk of the Northern Water Tribe city due to this and the fact he was sick to be away from his family and shoehorned on a position of savior he never wanted to begin with.
    • The Pohuai stronghold's Fire commandant decided to destroy the mountain shrines near only because an Avatar built them without taking the time to ask why exactly shrines were here. The moutain is soon overrun by jiangshi and the resident Fire garrison has to contain the mess. When the crisis is peacefully resolved, the new commandant immediately orders the shrines' restoration.
      • Sokka has to work with the Fire soldiers to resolve the crisis because a) he's more informed on the situation, b) zombies are everyone's problem and c) Katara will not leave the moutain alive if the undead are not stopped. He's not happy about it but still fulfills his duty.
    • Empires and colonies need workers to run properly, so the Fire soldiers do their best to ensure the Earth Kingdom locals are safe and comfortable enough to be productive. They also are watching for rare talents such as spiritual awareness, which is too precious and useful to waste the user on a farm: after seeing Sokka speak to a great spirit, the garrison immediately takes him in custody and sends a message to the Fire sages to secure an apprenticeship.

     The Legend Of Korra 
  • Repairs, Retrofits and Upgrades:
    • Asami is in a world of pain over her father's death, and finally starting a relationship with Korra and going on a vacation won't fix that.
    • Kuvira may have given up, but her army is still massive and will uphold her former ideals even if she won't. It seems Suyin's belief they were a Keystone Army of unwilling conscripts was inaccurate. They're also entrenched throughout the territory and fortresses which resisted the Fire Nation for a century, and won't be beaten easily.
    • The Colossus was an engineering and logistical nightmare which worked partly due to dumb luck, and used so much metal, acquiring enough material to build a new one isn't possible.
  • The Avatar's Mistress: (NSFW fic)
    • Asami admits to Korra that after she enabled Varrick to effectively steal Future Industries, her board of directors almost kicked her out of the company, since the incident destroyed their faith in her and suggested that she wasn't experienced enough to lead a multi-billion yuan corporate entity.
    • Zaheer is revealed to have been quietly executed while in captivity, after he was discovered practicing Jinora's Astral Projection technique. Given the potential uses for this technique, and the fact that he's a dangerous criminal responsible for the near-destruction of the Earth Kingdom, no-one wanted to take any chances with him.
  • The Saga of Avatar Korra:
    • Korra's first use of firebending is a frightening one. Because she's a toddler at the time, she sets her parents' home on fire by accident.
    • The Earth Queen's tyrannical rule in this continuity is more brutal, resulting in many refugees fleeing and seeking asylum in other nations. However, Unalaq mentions that taking in the amount of refugees that are flooding out is putting a strain on the economies in the Northern and Southern Water Tribes, resulting in pushing a request for the Fire Nation's assistance in the matter.
    • Despite being in their "care" for the past 14 or so years, Korra still rebels against the Red Lotus and wishes to leave the compound much like she did in canon. Despite being quieter and calmer than her canon counterpart, Korra is still restless from being trained and isolated from the rest of the world and wishes to get started on being the Avatar ASAP.
    • When Bolin talks to Mako about the idea of dating Korra later on, Mako quickly shoots down the idea and states that if she ended up living with them, Korra would essentially be like their sister. Trying to instigate a relationship with her would most likely end bad considering that they all live together. He also notes how difficult it was for the brothers to earn a living by themselves and adding another person would make it more difficult if Korra wasn't going to work.
    • Mako panics about Bolin being in danger after he is arrested, Asami naturally assumes that Bolin is a lot younger than Mako and is surprised when Mako says differently.
    • Despite bonding with Asami, Bolin, and Mako during her time in Republic City, Korra is still conflicted between her loyalties to them and the Red Lotus. Years of being given a warped view of the world are hard to erase, but Korra is starting to question this perspective from what Asami has been teaching her.
    • Mako and Bolin are still working under Shady Shin when they meet Korra, so they aren't as afraid of breaking the law like they are in canon. So when Mako decides to torture some information about the Red Lotus's whereabouts to find and rescue Korra from a spy acting as a monk on Air Temple Island, Asami watches this play out in horror and it ends up damaging his relationship with her, despite Mako's good intentions.
      • Furthermore, Mako is questioned by the police afterwards but no charges are pressed.
      • This strained relationship carries on in the beginning of Book 2. Asami is still freaked out over the incident.
    • Korra's reunion with her parents is more bittersweet than outright joyful, since they are complete strangers to her and vise-versa. However, they all still work on getting to know one another and bond.
    • By the end of Book 1, the Red Lotus has been all but wiped out by Korra, Senna and Tonraq reunite with her, and Tenzin is ready to start Korra's airbending training. Happy ending? Not so much. Everyone is still pretty traumatized by what they went through in the book's climax and get counseling in the beginning on Book 2, though it isn't that successful, since the realm of psychology is still new at that point (Republic City is essentially based on a combination of steampunk and the Roaring Twenties, after all). Asami's father, Hiroshi, distrusts benders even more since Asami got caught up in the fighting and nearly died. And anti-bending hatred in general is much worse than canon at this point, since the terrorists that attacked the city were mostly bender-based.
    • Plenty of changes from canon occur off-screen, such as Lin reconciling with her sister earlier on as well as her relationship with Kya. One diverging point is all it takes to reboot the entire universe, after all.

     Axis Powers Hetalia 
  • In Parting Sentiments, a Recursive Fanfiction sequel to the infamous Financial Crisis Gang-Rape comic, England apologizes to America some years after the incident. His apology is genuine and sincere, he fully owns up to his actions and admits that he was wrong... but America still rejects it anyway, making it abundantly clear that he absolutely refuses to ever forgive England for what he did and it's not something he'll ever just "get over". Easily Forgiven does not apply when you not only betray the one person that trusted and loved you the most, but also physically and emotionally hurt them on the deepest level imaginable and really have no reasonable justification for having committed such an act in the first place, nor when the apology has a self-serving reason behind it either.

    Big Hero 6 
  • I'm Not Giving Up On You has Hiro captured by his amnesic brother, Tadashi after unmasking him on the island. When Tadashi falls asleep next to Hiro inside of his cell, Hiro steals the keys to the cell, snags his helmet, and sneaks outside to contact the team and let them know that he's okay. Problem is, Tadashi gets out and intercepts the call, destroying the helmet. When Hiro asks in shock how he got out, Tadashi responds that he had a spare key on him, just in case.
  • I'll Try to Picture Me Without You But I Can't has Tadashi averting You Have to Believe Me! by reporting Youkai's fabrication of microbots as squatting, illegal robot assembly and copyright violation - since the microbots are Hiro's invention. He still doesn't get anywhere with his complain because the Police Department is already busy with the bot-fighting circles and the request is pushed back for being not urgent enough.
  • Young Blood takes a typical plotline where Hiro is killed in the fire instead of Tadashi, but has Hiro surviving. Even with this revelation, Hiro mentions that Tadashi isn't completely better, proving that even knowing a loved one wasn't dead like you thought isn't enough to deal with psychological damage.
    • Tadashi is a legal adult, so Aunt Cass can't force him to take therapy.
    • After being rescued, Hiro has to be taken to the hospital, since he was getting amateur treatment under captivity. He has to go through extensive physical therapy for the electrical damage to his arm.
    • When talking to Callaghan at the end of the story, Hiro mentions that faking his death meant that Callaghan was declared legally dead, and his money was seized as a result. He also notes that Callaghan didn't seem to have a plan for afterwards, when he got his revenge. Hiro also points out that if Callaghan wanted the microbots that badly, he could have just asked, but also adds that the whole debacle would have been traced back to him much quicker. On a related note, Hiro has to be declared legally alive himself.
    • Despite not holding a grudge against Callaghan for kidnapping him and keeping him in a drug-induced coma, Hiro still hates the man for essentially destroying Tadashi emotionally in the ordeal and giving him trust issues.
    • There Are No Therapists is averted, Hiro mentions having to go to one to deal with the trauma, and it is implied that Tadashi is dealing with heavy emotional baggage as well.
  • Compassion has Tadashi trying to build Baymax in Aunt Cass's home. He blows the power fuse. Since he is building the robot without the equipment automatically provided by the college as he is not a student yet, Tadashi is struggling with funds and proper equipment.
    • Since Hiro is approximately 5 or 6 in this continuity, that means that the Hamada brothers lost their parents recently. Tadashi and Aunt Cass naturally are still pained by the loss, Tadashi especially, since he is older and has a better idea of death than Hiro does at the moment.
  • In Eibetsu, Hiro is forced to drop out of his classes for being stuck in the hospital because he was horrendously sick and couldn't give the homework back.
    • When Tadashi learns one of Hiro's teachers slapped him hard enough to leave bruises, he gets a recorder, confront the teacher to make him confess then reminds the jerk the school policy forbids the staff to harm students, meaning the dude's career is toast.
  • In the first chapter of BH6 One Shots and Drabbles, Fred suggests that Hiro kiss Karmi to embarrass her into stop accusing him of having a crush on her. Instead of it going according to Fred's plan, Karmi naturally - and angrily - slaps Hiro for kissing her without consent and threatens to do more harm if he tries again. Wasabi lampshades the consequences of relying on comic books to solve real world problems, as relying on comics did nothing to help them against High Voltage in the end.
  • Unlike the film, Breathe shows Hiro going through a more intense depression that spirals into Drowning My Sorrows and taking drugs to numb the pain.
    • There Are No Therapists is averted, but it doesn't mean Hiro instantly gets better. Because he doesn't want to get help, he can't benefit from counseling at all.
  • Shock demonstrates that just because someone thought to be dead comes back, it doesn't lessen the grief that their loved ones have gone through when said person reunites with them. In fact, it makes the pain they suffered All for Nothing. Or in Hiro's case, go into shock and suffer from panic attacks at the mere mention of Tadashi's name.
    • There Are No Therapists is averted and deconstructed. The reason Aunt Cass didn't sign Hiro up for therapy after Tadashi supposedly died was because she was too busy keeping the cafe running to do much other than check on Hiro periodically and make sure he was fed. She feels guilty about not trying simpler solutions such as hiring more workers or having the counselor come to them since Hiro had been holing himself in his room.
    • The Nerd Gang admits that they all dealt with Tadashi's apparent death differently or weren't able to get counseling due to multitasking their work, school time and crime fighting well. In Go Go's case, she becomes more aggressive after learning that Tadashi was alive.
    • Hiro admits that aside from grief, he felt angry and hurt over Tadashi's Senseless Sacrifice in the movie, citing that his brother essentially chose to run into a burning builing to save a man he knew for only a few years at best over Hiro. Not to mention, he ended up looking like a hypocrite by being reckless and not thinking clearly, something Tadashi had always reprimanded Hiro for.

    The Black Cauldron 
  • The Green Glade: When the heroes are attacked by some of the Horned King's remaining soldiers, Taran is given a longsword by two unexpected rescuers. Unfortunately, the boy has no real experience with swordsmanship, for the only sword he has ever used made him ridiculously invincible due to being magical. He needs all of his strength to defend himself against his more experienced opponent, and he's eventually knocked down, needing one of his rescuers — obviously a seasoned warrior — to rescue him from a fatal strike.
  • Hope for the Heartless: Months after the ending of the movie, Taran is revealed to have dreamed nearly every night his final confrontation with the Horned King as well as the lich's horrifying death. Without opening up about this to anyone, he has against his better knowledge come to doubt the righteousness of his actions back then as well as regret that he ever wanted to be a warrior or didn't sacrifice himself before Gurgi could beat him to it.

  • Not Quite As Planned: Ichigo sees that Byakuya and Komamura are guarding Rukia's cell. His plan to get past them? Immediately go into Super Mode and drop both of them before they know what's going on because challenging them to a fight to make it fair isn't an option when he's marked as an invader on enemy soil.
    • A couple chapters later, Aizen's habit of No Selling his opponent's attacks instead of dodging or blocking them nearly gets him killed, because as the author's note points out, if you do that sooner or later you're going to run into someone who can get past your defenses. In this case, it's Orihime, who in Aizen's own words tramples over the rules of spiritual combat.
    • Ichigo becoming an Arrancar has serious consequences even when he's in his still-living body. Both Isshin and Karin notice the dramatic and ominous change in his spiritual energy. Isshin, being plugged into the spiritual scene, mostly gets annoyed at Urahara. Karin is flat-out terrified.
  • A Protector's Pride Tia's 3 Fraccion all get shot in the back of the head while arguing by Ishida.
  • In a fic actually called Reality Ensues, Unohana learns the hard way that she doesn't get to just die peacefully in a Heroic Sacrifice, especially since Ichigo and the others have so many ways to cheat death and nobody with half a brain would let her stay dead since they need her to help against the Wandenreich.
  • In To Protect is to Defend, after Masaki's death, Isshin decides to start training the ten-year-old Ichigo to learn how to protect the family and to get Ichigo out of his depression over his mother. Since Ichigo dropped all his martial arts lessons, his injuries attract the attention and suspicion of the school nurses who document all his visits. The school nearly reports Isshin for child abuse, which only is prevented by Ryuuken, as the head of the hospital, intercepting the report. When Ryuuken breaks it to him, Isshin is horrified.
  • Harribel's protectiveness is noted in White to actually be stunting the growth of her future fraccion as they're getting no combat experience with her always fighting for them.
  • In Game and Bleach, once Ichigo becomes the Gamer, people quickly notice that he's learning new skills far faster than should be possible. Uryu passes off Ichigo learning the basics of being a Quincy in a couple hours as him being a prodigy, but when Ichigo masters every kata Tatsuki knows after only seeing them once, she starts ranting about how what he's doing is literally impossible. Ichigo hadn't trained in five years and was only a purple belt at the time but were they in a formal setting, he'd have just earned a black belt.
    • Others aren't exempt either. After Ichigo is dragged to Hueco Mundo, Yoruichi notices while training Tatsuki that the girl is mumbling to herself while tapping the air. She demands an explanation before they continue, citing that if she's to train Tatsuki properly, she needs to know how the girl's powers work.
    • When Ichigo is dragged to Hueco Mundo, Urahara says he can find him, but it will take an unknown amount of time as he's searching an entire dimension for one person with no real starting point.

     Bridge To Terabithia 
  • In A Life Rescued, the writer addresses many of the clichés found in Bridge to Terabithia Fanon:
    • Jess is a Peggy Sue who goes back in time to relive the fatal day, choosing to save Leslie. It turns out that he really has a mental illness, that the time travel is part of his delusions, and he requires extensive therapy, including three weeks in a psych facility. This was done to avert the even worse implications of an actual Peggy Sue, which would have involved a thirty-year-old in an eleven-year-old's body getting romantic with an actual eleven-year-old.
    • Jess is able to save Leslie's life, but they are both hospitalized, requiring physical therapy for Jess and incurring medical bills for his impoverished family.
      • Leslie's parents pay off Jess' medical bills in gratitude for saving their daughter, but the way they handled the situation offends Jess' father, to the extent that he initially forbids Jess to have anything to do with Leslie and her family.
    • Jess and Leslie fall in love at a young age, but due to said young age, Jess is uncomfortable even with Leslie's innocent physical desires (no more than some hugging and kissing). Additionally, Judy is concerned that the young couple's affection will lead them to become sexually active at an early age. Moreover, both Jess and Leslie have to deal with problems in their relationship, including jealousy; since, in love or not, they are still preteens, and later teenagers, with a (lack of) maturity appropriate to their ages. Finally, when Jess and Leslie are ready to become more physically affectionate once puberty sets in, they have to be careful not to go too far. Even then, Jess and Leslie still argue over how far is too far, with Jess, due to his conservative Catholic upbringing (in the fic, at least), being more reticent when it comes to issues of physical intimacy.
    • Some bullies lure Leslie into an ambush. Leslie is able to fight them off and Jess and their OC friend Tom leave their classes, to get a teacher and to aid Leslie, respectively. Tom's Big Damn Heroes moment catches Leslie off guard and he gets a black eye for his troubles. Leslie is nearly expelled for an apparently unprovoked attack, until she reluctantly discloses evidence that suggests the bullies intended some kind of sexual assault. All three are suspended from school: Leslie for fighting, and Tom and Jess for leaving class without permission. Additionally, regardless of their justifications, Jess and Leslie's parents both give additional punishments.
    • Some new neighbors move in, including a group of Innocent Fanservice Girls who have no problems with nudity and being very physically affectionate with boys (the way Leslie is sometimes portrayed in other fics). The affectionate nature of one of the girls causes trouble between Jess and Leslie (see above regarding jealousy), and the girls' nudism tempts thirteen-year-old Tom, who surreptitiously observes and photographs them. Worst of all, their behavior stems from the fact that they are being molested and subjected to child pornography by their father, who gets one of them pregnant, driving her to suicide.
    • Grace, an OC friend, has a crush on Jess who, being happy with Leslie, avoids Grace. Their other OC friend, Barbara, tells Jess off for being stupid and pressures him to spend more time with Grace as her friend. Jess and Grace find themselves in a situation where they kiss, freaking both of them out and jeopardizing their friendship. Additionally, upon finding out whose idea this was, Grace blames Barbara, jeopardizing their friendship as well.
    • In the backstory, Bill and Judy went a little too far, sexually, when they were thirteen, and got pregnant. Judy found out that, no, she couldn't marry Bill at such a young age, and that the two of them ended up being separated for a few years before getting back together.
    • In the sequel fic, Bowing Out Gracefully, after graduating from high school, both Leslie and Jess go off to pursue their dreams. Jess' artistic talent, which is canon, leads to art school and a promising career in art. Meanwhile, in the first fic, Leslie discovered a talent for acting, which is realistically developed (given that the story takes place over four years); she is able to pursue this dream after graduating high school. Their respective dreams, however, pull the two in different directions and they break up. Pursuing his artistic career, Jess, having been cured by Leslie of his puritanical attitudes toward sexuality, pursues a meaningless sexual relationship with an OC and has a one-night stand with Grace. Meanwhile, Leslie's life deteriorates as she follows the path of many a young adult celebrity, and she abandons her acting career. Eventually, Jess and Leslie get back together.

     Buffy The Vampire Slayer 
  • D'hoffryn reveals in The Last Ones Left that the words "I Wish" aren't necessary for him or his minions to use their magic. Wish is an English word and he's been around for thousands of years before English even existed. All he needs is someone to express dissatisfaction and regret, which he uses when the dying Scoobies express their last regrets.
  • In The Pride of Sunnydale, Xander's roar is a very powerful weapon but has serious limitations. First, using it a second time against a group of vampires proved to be useless as they were still deaf. Second, he can't use it with allies nearby, especially in enclosed spaces, as they'll be hit by his attack as well.
  • Buffy nearly dies in Builders after being shot with a powerful tranquilizernote , which is why Xander and Giles were watching her until she woke up.
  • When Buffy tries to prove her Super Strength by bending rebar in Working for the Weekend, Joyce bends it back (albeit with some effort) and tells her that rebar is meant to bend so that's not as impressive as Buffy thinks. Joyce does believe her when Buffy twists it into a pretzel however.
    • Buffy's stint at an asylum is actually shown to be better for her as the alternative to claiming temporary insanity due to a bad drug reaction was a mandatory five year prison sentence for arson.
  • Done horrifically in Death and Life when the Scoobies forgetting to dig up Buffy's coffin before resurrecting her causes her to suffocate before she can reach the surface.
  • What Goes Up has a much darker aftermath for the Halloween episode. Xander and various others firing into the air for a variety of reasons results in numerous injuries and deaths throughout the town in a tragic aversion of Stray Shots Strike Nothing.
  • Amy's mother Catherine in Faith the Vampire Slayer attempts a Grand Theft Me on Faith and fails miserably. Since Faith is a Lightning Bruiser and Catherine didn't have the element of surprise, instead of a new body, Catherine just gets a broken wrist and Impaled Palm for her trouble.
  • Several of the Scoobie end up requiring therapy in Xendra from the various horrors they've witnessed/experienced while fighting the supernatural. For example, Buffy needs help getting over both her death and having to kill Angel while Xander needs therapy after nearly being raped as Xendra.
    • After being separated from Xander, Xena is amazed by the technology around her but still figures things out without much trouble, such as roughly understanding how to drive a car by paying attention to Giles' driving. Likewise, she's well traveled enough to understand that the things she sees are likely technology rather than magic.
    • After a threesome involving a bed covered in marshmallow filling, Faith needs two hours to get herself clean the following morning while Xander and Willow end up using magic to clean everything up so they don't have to replace all their furniture.
  • In Hurt Me, Buffy and Xander enter into a BDSM relationship but still fumble things from time to time as neither has any experience with it or even experience with a serious relationship.
  • In a snippet in Variations On a Scene, Dawn hits Xander with a taser after learning he kidnapped her on Buffy's orders. Unlike canon where she safely guides the car to a stop, Xander's spasming muscles cause him to slam on the accelerator, causing the car to crash and kill them both.

    Calvin and Hobbes 
  • In the Calvin and Hobbes: The Series Thanksgiving Episode "Calvin, Hobbes, and the Pilgrims", Calvin becomes disgusted at the tradition of eating turkeys for Thanksgiving dinner, so he, Hobbes, and Socrates go back in time to take the pilgrims' supply of turkeys and replacing them with modern foods as ice cream and chips. When they go back to the present, they find out from a history book that the pilgrims didn't know how to reproduce the weird foods that haven't been invented yet and many of them died in vain while trying to search for more. They were then introduced to duck by the Native Americans, which is why duck is now the main course for Thanksgiving dinner.


     Command And Conquer Tiberium Wars 

     Code Geass 
  • In More than just a Man Lelouch is turned into a vampire by C.C. but by her own admission, it takes far more than a bite and a few minutes for someone to change completely. She estimates Lelouch will need an entire year to change, longer if he doesn't intake the massive amounts of nutrients he needs for such a drastic change.
    • Many of a vampire's traditional powers are either false or misleading. Transformation and flight are impossible as a vampire's powers beyond superhuman physical abilities (like Super Strength and Super Speed) are all mental in origin. They can make someone think they turned into a flock of bats, but they can't actually do it.
    • Most vampire weaknesses either have a scientific explanation or are odd quirks of specific vampires. Vulnerability to sunlight is due to increased night-vision and an increased sensitivity to ultraviolet light. Garlic is simply unpleasant to their Super Senses. Things like counting every grain of rice that's thrown at them or undoing every knot they see are just habits of some vampires with OCD. And the weakness to holy symbols was a prank by Dracula. Saltwater however weakens vampires for reasons even C.C. doesn't understand.
  • When Lelouch geasses Jeremiah to "shoot him in such a way it couldn't be self-inflicted" in Dauntless, the resulting injury nearly kills Lelouch and leaves him hospitalized for weeks.
  • Knightmare Frames aren't the be all end all for military vehicles in Armed Resistance as shown when several fighter jets utterly curb stomp Lelouch and his squad due to being far far faster than any Knightmare.
  • Likewise in Code Geass: Lelouch of Britannia, tanks and artillery can be useful against Knightmares if the latter's maneuverability is negated, like say firing from outside their targeting range.
    Lelouch: "Anything which can kill a sixty-ton tank can certainly harm an eight-ton Knightmare."
  • After destroying Cornelia's base and killing Darlton in Code Geass: Redo of the Rebellion, Lelouch gives her a Bond One-Liner as a final taunt before he escapes. Unfortunately for him, that snapped Cornelia out of her shock and let her focus on hunting him down. If not for C.C.'s interference, she would have killed him.
    • The fic starts out with Zero Requiem ending in flames. As it turns out, not even Zero's planning can overrule so many long-running problems and conflicts on Earth or even basic human nature.
    • Zero's success causes many Britannians to pull their children out of school and transfer them to the homeland. According to Milly, Ashford Academy is down to less than a hundred students and will likely have to close due to a lack of funds. No one wants to live an an area that has not only active, but successful terrorists. A few chapters later, the Academy has no students left at all.
      • Zero's success has also emboldened the Japanese people to stand against Britannians. However, they don't just act against ones actively oppressing them, but any Britannians they find. One student's family had to sell their restaurant so they could afford to leave Area 11 after a group of Japanese trashed their business so thoroughly that no one is willing to eat there any more.
  • My Mirror, Sword and Shield:
    • Honorary Britanians being the hated minority group that they are, suffer high rates of sexual assault in the military. The reason Suzaku was able to avoid this was because he won Emperor Lelouch's favor.
    • Despite Lelouch’s secret plans helping Nunnally during the early years of her rule, it still her took six years to enact most of the reforms and for the world governments to stabilize.
  • In Code Geass: The Prepared Rebellion, Euphemia eventually figures out that Suzaku has Death Seeker tendencies. Her reaction? Arrange for him to see a psychiatrist.
  • In Code Geass Colorless Memories Zero runs into this in Chapter Eight when trying to recruit the main character Rai into the Black Knights, which C.C Lamp Shades. People don't just join your cause without having a reason to beyond vague proclamations, debates and discussions (Lelouch had been feeling Rai out in earlier chapters for his views and feeling in regards to Area 11 and Britannia).
    Lelouch: He understands the current situation of Area 11, he knows that what the Britannian Military is doing is wrong and he has the power to fight back, so why won't he…
    C.C: Because he has no reason to do so; people don't do things without a purpose. Well, unless you use Geass on them, which is another possibility for you to use.
  • The Black Emperor
    • While Lelouch and Milly designed prototype Knightmares, they realize the Lancelot far outstrips their machines due to Britannia being able to pour far more money and more scientists into R&D.
    • When Milly and Kallen gain their own Geasses, they need time to figure out what they do and how to properly utilize them: Milly tries to demonstrate hers by inducing a small amount of lust in Kallen, only to accidentally spike it so high the girl falls to her knees.
    • Just because someone's willing to share, doesn't automatically mean a Love Triangle is painlessly resolved; while Milly doesn't mind sharing Lelouch with Shirley, the latter girl isn't willing to share so she has no chance with Lelouch as he and Milly had been a couple for years at that point.
    • After causing the death of Prince Clovis like in canon, Lelouch broadcasting the Shinjuku Massacre causes a PR nightmare for Britannia: not only is the Purist Faction discredited, riots break out in other Areas, and the state funeral ends with the former viceroy disowned by the Emperor.
    • Causing a landslide at Narita without massive civilian casualties is shown to be much more complicated than just using less power or evacuating the town: Nina's simulation shows that if they use less power so they don't damage the town, the landslide will be too small and too slow to take out Cornelia's forces. Likewise, evacuating the town without tipping off Cornelia is nigh impossible; fortunately, Euphemia is on their side and brings up to Cornelia that the JLF might turn their artillery on the town and take them hostage, thus causing Cornelia to order an evacuation shortly before the operation begins.
  • At the Hands of Betrayal has Lelouch not just lie down and prepare to die when betrayed by the Black Knights, instead he surrenders with Lulu then being put on a trial that Schneizel oversees. He more or less points out (with Schneizel himself saying it out loud) that he couldn't have used his Geass to enslave the Black Knights since they could still disobey him. While Lelouch's fate is left open, the Black Knights' leadership is shown after the trial to have doubts over arresting Zero over the words of and shaky evidence from a Britannian prince, with Tamaki noting how odd it was for them to turn on him so easily.
  • Darwin
    • A group of Britannian soldiers jury rig a bunch of explosives to get into the sealed command center of their base when their commanding officer locks himself in during an attack. Since the explosives in question are not breaching charges, and thus not shaped to focus the blast in one direction, most of the explosion's energy goes right back down the corridor and kills them all.
    • After Suzaku is shot in the hand and knee with hollow point rounds, even when fully healed he's left barely able to walk without a cane and his hand experiences random spasms due to nerve damage.
    • Kallen might be one of the greatest Knightmare pilots ever and in possession of one of the only Eighth Generation frames in existence, but after a couple rounds sparring against her, the former Glaston Knights quickly start picking her apart. Superior skill and gear isn't necessarily a match for a group of opponents who are trained to work together.
    • Some time after Japan joins the E.U., Zero goes to war with the various factions controlling Africa to bring the continent back under European control. After Zero's resounding initial success, the head of the E.U. tries to find a way to sabotage or discredit him out of fear of being replaced by a popular (and effective) war hero.
    • Officially new political parties in the E.U. can be started by anyone if they feel the current parties don't suit them. Unofficially, high level politicians in the established parties do everything they can, including sending armed thugs to political meetings, to prevent a new party from potentially destabilizing their power base.
  • In Screw You Fate, I'm Going Home, Lelouch has spent thousands of years in a "Groundhog Day" Loop that is apparently impossible to break even when he manages a Golden Ending. As a result, he's lost all of his morals, has little to no feelings for his former loved ones, and is completely apathetic toward the conflict with Britannia. It's implied Lelouch is clinically depressed from both losing his loved ones countless times and knowing nothing he does actually changes things.
  • In A Cold Calculus, when the idea of making Suzaku Euphie's personal knight is brought up, Euphie dismisses it for several reasons. She'd be taking an Ace Pilot and his Super Prototype away from the front lines where he could be doing more good for the empire, destroying any and all political capital she has with the deeply xenophobic Britannian nobility, and turning him from someone the Japanese can look at and think "Man, if I put in the effort, I could be like that guy" into someone the Japanese would look at and think "That guy's a special seed, nobody could be like him". It's noted that the only person who could get away with such a move is the Emperor himself because he's the emperor of a totalitarian regime and if you don't like what he does, there's the execution block.

     Danny Phantom 
  • The fanfic Real Life is based around this trope, it basically retells the story of the show but each chapter takes a particular premise from the show and has it play out more realistically.
  • Danny Phantom Lost Episodes Series
    • This story shows the sad truth that not every bully is a good person deep down or is willing to change. Dash in the cartoon has two Pet the Dog moments from the series present. However those moments are only when he learn that Danny is Danny Phantom, episodes "Pirate Radio" and "Micro-Management" show Dash turning on Danny the first chance he get. In this story the only reason he goes to Danny and his friends for help is because all of his friends abandoned him, and has no one else to turn to and still disrespect them. Danny and his friends reluctantly agree to help him, only if he make a deal to stop bullying them. To stop his bad luck they try to turn him nice, not only does Dash have a problem being nice, it clear that the only reason Dash is trying to be nice is to get rid of his bad luck. At no point in the story does Dash every show to enjoy being nice or grow as a person. At the end of the story when it looks like he did turn nice only for him to go back on his deal with Danny and his friends. Using the excuse that it was a cursed item that caused his bad luck and not karma so he wasted time being nice for no reason. It was implied that he was just using that as an excuse and would have broken the deal anyway. Dash is just a horrible person who enjoys being a horrible person.
  • Danny Phantom Stranded
    • Because Danny and Star were lost in sea, the captain was sued by the student's outraged parents for putting their children endanger in the first place.
    • Despite bonding in the last story, Danny and Star still don't trust each other because they went back to their group of friends and still have some differences. Even after they kiss, it doesn't magically make the time they spent disliking one another go away.
    • As Danny points out, in 10 years no one will care that Star was popular in high school. Not her husband or kids or working buddies. And while Dash doesn't bother trying to have a life after Senior year, Paulina is going to either remain the same shallow doll she is now or get forced to find a job when her parents wise up, while Danny wants to be an astronaut, Sam will probably join some environmental organization and Tucker will probably end up going to MIT like he's always dreamed.
    • Star, in gratitude to Danny, threatens to have her father sue Casper High for turning a blind eye to the harassment students receive from Dash and the A-Listers, something that could very well happen in real life.
    • Star's former friends attempt to bully her and treat her like a loser after she leaves the group, but with the teachers no longer favoring them and Star being the one who threatens to sue the school, the teachers give them detention every time they catch them
    • Danny and Star may have become friends, but Sam and Tucker are having a hard time getting use to it, since while Danny and Star have bonded during their previous adventures, Sam and Tucker have not seen her nice side and only know her being mean to them and Danny, so it's hard for them to accept that she has changed.
  • Resurrected Memories
    • Paulina is in love with Danny but even though he had a crush on her in season 1, Danny saw first hand how cruel and shallow she really is with Paulina making it clear to Danny that she considered him a loser and treated him like garbage. Now that Paulina wants him, he wants nothing to do with her because he now knows that her only interest in him is because he a popular superhero and he moved on from his old crush.

     The DCU 
  • In Coincidence And Misunderstandings, Starfire attacks Raven (who left the team five years prior) while the latter is on a date. Afterwards, not only does the Titans' reputation take a major blow, but the entire situation becomes an interstellar incident since Starfire is Empress of Tamaran. Batman lectures them after hearing "all the details about that debacle from various media sources. And from the Department of Justice. And the State Department, the Department of Defense, Homeland Security, and the leaders of the Armed Forces." Furthermore, Starfire ordering three battlecruisers into Sol's heliosphere without informing the Justice League or the Armed Forces is treated as an act of war. She's given twenty-four hours to get them out of the system or they'll be destroyed and she'll be deported from the planet and barred from ever returning.
  • In Don't Poke the Golden Goose, almost everyone at the Daily Planet is fully aware that Clark Kent is Superman. They just don't let anyone else know since if Clark's life became too hard, he might well just leave and they'd be out both a superhero and a skilled reporter.
  • In More Pressing Matters, the first chapter follows the typical "Dick Grayson is put into Juvie plotline" on the grounds that all foster homes are filled up. When Bruce wins custody, does he look shocked over the potential trauma that Dick went through, but do nothing? Does he let the social worker, Dr. Cunningham, get away with her crimes like most Dick Grayson origin stories tend to do? No. Not only did he contact his lawyers to ensure that Dick be removed ASAP, but he also contacted the Attorney General, since Bruce also serves as a member of the directors for Child Services Welfare. And instead of letting Cunningham insult and belittle Dick for his background, Bruce comes very close to hitting her and quietly tells her to shut up. When she protests Dick leaving, Bruce reveals he got a court order demanding the boy's release.
    Bruce Wayne: As of this moment, the Attorney General's office is investigating why the civil rights of an innocent child were violated through false imprisonment. Your (Dr. Cunningham) incarcerating Richard here, alongside violent juvenile offenders is not only's illegal.
    • He also implies to the Chancellor that he will face charges as well for letting Dr. Cunningham incarcerate Dick as well as other innocent children, ending the first chapter with Cunningham receiving a court summons, facing charges for her actions. It could also be seen as a Take That! to the common Fandom-Specific Plot that is used regarding Robin's origins.
    • For the next several weeks, Dick suffers from PTSD and has nightmares taking the form of his dead parents blaming him for their deaths, forcing Bruce to hire a child psychologist to help. He even suffers a panic attack on Easter when the Easter eggs created by Alfred remind him of his parents. Bruce also tries setting up a schedule to further help Dick get more sleep, but the way he set it up was similar to a military regiment, which Leslie calls him out on with a quick What the Hell, Hero? Bruce may be the World's Greatest Detective, but he doesn't know much about children. He adjusts the schedule accordingly, albeit begrudgingly.
      • Reality also ensues once again when Dick discovers that Bruce is also Batman. He is understandably hurt and angry that his legal guardian is (in his mind) ignoring him for the sake of crimefighting and runs away to hunt down Zucco himself. Furthermore, he also wonders if Bruce let his parents die in his effort to go after Zucco. When he confronts the man, Zucco begins to suffer a heart attack from the Curb-Stomp Battle, but Dick doesn't believe it in his anger. He also blurts out Bruce's name when the man arrives by accident, as he is not trained as Robin at this point and still acts a little careless.
  • A similar fanfic, Little Boy Lost, follows the Juvie story. Dick befriends some Juvie inmates who help him escape, but witnesses the death of one of his new friends, threatened by Zucco's underlings in the Center grabs the attention of a child molester who kidnaps him later on, and mishears a conversation where he believes that Fingers is just using him to take down Zucco.
  • Father deconstructs Bruce's frequent absences during the first month that Dick stays there. When he finally talks to Dick and apologizes for the absences, saying that he wishes to be a good parent to Dick, he is not Easily Forgiven. Over the course of the month, he never talked to Dick and even prevented him from running away a few times, which were basically the only interactions and failed to make a good impression on Dick.
    • Dick's rant at Bruce in the end clarifies the problems in Bruce's half-assed parenting:
    Dick: Now you care about me? What gives? You were perfectly fine to leave me here in this huge house where I'm afraid to touch anything in case I broke it earlier. What, did the reporters finally figure out that I don't want to be here and now you're trying to make me stay? Well guess what, I don't want to. You're not my dad. You made that clear when you took me in. (Dick starts crying) I'm not a puppy that will just sit there and wait until you decide whether or not you want me. I just want to go home.
  • The case against Lex Luthor in the fic Lex Luthor Triumphant falls apart despite how sure the prosecution was that they had a strong case against him. It turns out that evidence aquired through a vigilante (in this case, Cyborg) who did not submit his work to any officials or subject it to peer review is not acceptable for court, one of their witnesses admits to being unreliable thanks to his mental problems, and Batman's plotting against his teammates combined with all the resources needed to be Batman ends up backfiring on the prosecution. The cherry on top being Wonder Woman, in a rage at Luthor's acquittal, forcing the Lasso of Truth on Lex Luthor who proceeds to work around its magic and pass. Diana's actions end up being PR suicide with even her teammates chewing her out.
  • Total Stranger in the Dark deconstructs Bruce's sudden appearance in Barry Allen's home. Unlike the Justice League trailer, where Barry is simply suspicious but still gives Bruce a chance to explain himself, Barry automatically calls the police to report an intruder. He doesn't even believe that Bruce is who he says he is, and when attacked, quickly overpowers him with his superspeed. Badass Normal means nothing to a metahuman.
  • Forgotten Bonds is a deconstruction of the cliche plot of Slade abducting Robin to become his apprentice. For starters, Robin doesn't want to be around the man and frequently fights back against him, but is utterly crushed by Slade each time.
    • Being a crimefighter since the age of seven does little good for your psyche if your mentor is an emotionally distant man.
    • Wintergreen finally steps in when Slade goes too far and insists on a gentler approach towards Robin. Slade initially ignores him until threatened, since Wintergreen's patience has essentially run out by this point.
    • Pet the Dog is deconstructed. Robin initially feels touched when he finds that his stuff from the Titan's Tower was brought along with him, but Slade's brash behavior makes him paranoid and further lack of decency makes him distrustful.
      • After Slade decides to adjust Robin's training and discipline actions, Robin has a panic attack from utter shock. It isn't until Slade apologizes for his previous actions that Robin starts calming down and begins to trust the man a little.
    • Secret Test of Character is also deconstructed; Robin still isn't sure if Slade has changed his ways or not and decides to test the man by setting a bomb to explode. Slade nearly fails the test and is shocked that Robin felt the need to do that in the first place. He promises Robin that he will never raise a hand or lie to him after spanking him.
    • A homemade bomb will do nothing in a secluded area with thick walls. Cyborg's blaster is stronger than that and easily breaks in.
    • Unlike most fics where Robin easily decides to toss away Thou Shall Not Kill, he is adamant against even holding a gun. Even after everything, he still refuses to let go of that rule.
    • The sequel shows this popping up as well, since the Titans are still wary of Slade adopting Robin and don't really trust him. The first story also has them all thinking that Robin is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome (the author observes the symptoms of it and confirms that Robin is NOT suffering from this, as Slade's previous behavior would have never accomplished anything).
    • According to the author, Robin looks to be about 14 rather than an older teenager and so, he tends to act immaturely as well at times.
    • Cyborg is the only Titan who refuses to give Slade a chance after everything that's happened in the previous story, and his relationship with Robin crumbles.
  • Politicial Realities does this to the scenario of a superhero (in this case Huntress) just killing a murderous supervillain who isn't a Villain with Good Publicity like the Joker (with a crossbow) when she has a sure shot at him and being arrested for it:
    • First off, while Batman follows Thou Shalt Not Kill to the point of even sparing a monster like the Joker, Huntress doesn't. Batman insisting on binding himself to it no matter how impractical doesn't mean everybody he knows will and so not take out a target like the Joker when they can.
    • When Commisioner Gordon expects that the case against Helena (Huntress) will be open-and-shut, he's given a step-by-step account by the Distract Attorney on how that won't happen. Gordon gets told Helena already has a legal fund with thousands of dollars donated to it, lawyers would pay to be her defense, the best prosecutors are bailing out instead of risking career suicide by prosecuting the woman who finally killed the Joker (which leaves the worse prosecutors as opposition), the trial would happen in Gotham so the judge would have a significant possibility of having suffered at the hands of the Joker or know somebody who had which would make him itch for an excuse to dismiss the case, the jurors also might have a significant possibility of having suffered at the Joker's hands, and that Gordon's own policemen could have suffered at the Joker's hands leading to one or more of them tampering with evidence to make sure Helena is acquitted. Gordon gets told by the D.A. that they are, as he puts it, going to save Gotham from a "needless and public waste of time and money." Gordon then accuses him of trying to avoid a media circus and making a future political animal out of Helena. Regardless, Gordon hears she has already been released.
  • Loxare Hinder uses this when Superman tries to arrest Red Hood for being a murderous vigilante:
    • So Superman is supposed to be The Cape while Red Hood is nothing but a villain. Problem is, they fight in Bludhaven, the Hood's playground. Bludhaven's children know the Hood extremely well, because he's always nice to them and always finds time for their problems, meaning he basically cemented himself as a Cool Big Bro to the underage community. So when Superman started beating Red Hood, the kids didn't see a Hero stopping a criminal, they saw some mean stranger hurting their beloved brother substitute.
    • Superman was quite rough with Red Hood, laying a brutal beatdown on him. This and Hood being only in his twenties meant he caught a lot of flak for assaulting a mundane young man who could have died from his injuries.
    • In the second part, Stephanie manages to peacefully interact with Jason since she's not currently affiliated with the Batclan, and he ends up trusting her enough to ask her to housesit his flat while he's busy out-town. When he comes back to discover she invited Cassandra (the current Batgirl), he calls Stephanie on letting someone else access his flat without his agreement, orders both girls to leave and states he doesn't trust Stephanie anymore.
  • Penance, much like Political Realities, shows another way that the Joker would have been dealt with. It boils down the question: What if the Joker finally killed Batman? into a final solution. He is never let out of Arkham again for his crime, and paid a visit by the Spectre who is implied to be Batman, who alters his mind with the powers given to make the Joker harmless and to ensure that he doesn't hurt anyone ever again. The Joker got what he wanted, but he's unable to commit any more atrocities, even if he wants to and has no control over his body anymore. It also serves to reconstruct Batman's Thou Shalt Not Kill rule, by proving that there truly are such things as being killed, if the punishment is right.
  • In Average Joe, Arkham's status as a Cardboard Prison is explained as a lack of funding. Despite a substantial security budget, most of it gets spent on repairs when a villain breaks out, which, combined with the ridiculous number of security cameras means they don't have funds to pay for enough security guards. Arkham can only afford to pay security guards 45 thousand dollars annually, which most see as nowhere near enough to guard criminally insane supervillains, leaving the asylum constantly shortstaffed.

     Death Note 

     Disney Princesses 
  • Occurs frequently in the DisneyPrincess 'Old and Graceful', depicting what the princesses went through in their adulthood and old age.
    • As Snow White married at only fourteen, she cannot have live births for several years. And because she is small and skinny, her children are fairly brittle. After Prince Charming wins a battle, he dies of an infected wound, leaving a frail teenage boy as the new king.
    • During the French Revolution, peasants from Belle's town try to convince the revolutionaries that the Beast is not as bad as the French king, which results in some of the townsfolk being killed for their views. When Belle and the Beast escape France, the Beast is recognized, arrested and executed while Belle barely escapes with her life.
    • Due to most people in that time and place not believing in mermaids, people presume Eric is mad. On another note, it is hinted that because of Ariel changing form her body and mind are not as stable as humans', leaving her insane.
    • When Elsa has an argument and blocks Arendelle off from the world by freezing the sea, resulting in low supplies and starving people, they revolt, forcing Elsa to watch as Anna as given the ducking stool so that the queen will lift the frost.
    • The sequel to 'Old and Graceful' isn't much better.
      • Melody goes to Atlantica to permanently be a mermaid. Because they age at a slower rate than humans, Melody doesn't notice the passage of time. As a result, before she knows it, her little brother is grown up, then an old man on a future visit. To make things worse, Melody has missed her parents' passing.
      • While things do get better for her, Alice is locked away in a mental asylum at a young age and later forced to marry a boring old man, causing her to long for Wonderland again, as insane as it was.
      • On a lighter version of this trope, it is suggested the reason why Peter Pan was slightly obsessed with Wendy is because he was going through puberty. But since Neverland doesn't stop ageing, only slow it down, he discards the Lost Boys back in the human world decades after they left, while their memories of Neverland fade in time and makes Wendy promise that her granddaughter will look after him when he becomes a man.
      • Lilo finally lets Stitch return to space, but he is lost during a peaceful mission and sucked into a black hole when Lilo is still a young woman, living the next fifty years without him.

     Dragon Ball 
  • In A Jealous Wish (written well before Episode of Bardock) a thirteen-year old Goku wishes his father back to life. Said father is an incredibly strong warrior who exterminated planets for a living and was so fearsome that he had to swear to not do it again to come back to life (on pain of dying immediately if he even tried again), has seen in a vision that Goku will grow up to defeat intergalactic tyrant Frieza, and has zero knowledge of Earth's customs. It's a miracle there's only one casualty so far...
    • Bardock's musings reveals that, once upon a time, one of Bardock's squadmates decided to take alien drugs to get high, and, knowing just how sturdy Saiyan bodies were, he didn't read the labels. He died fast, as the first drug contained an ingredient that was just that toxic to Saiyan bodies. This also led to Bardock's utter terror of incompetents doctors and the one casualty, as a well-meaning doctor managed to pass himself as incompetent while trying to cure Goku and Bardock threw him through a wall to protect his son and do the world a favour.
      • The same musings also reveal a piece of intelligence in Frieza's army: they colour-code their drugs and make sure every soldier knows the code specifically to avoid this kind of incidents.
    • Bardock is a Jerk with a Heart of Gold, and told Goku's friends as little as he could. Bulma has Goku kidnapped to protect him from someone she thinks is a jerk who is only interested in torturing his own son and using him to murder someone named Frieza.
    • Speaking about the kidnapping... Bardock can fly faster than sound, has an incredibly acute sense of smell, and is smart enough to learn as much as he can about Earth's society, including that we send our children to communal schools. Upon losing track of Bulma's mercs due to their aircraft going through populated airspace, he goes after their families and successfully takes hostage the daughter of one of them faster than they could deliver Goku to Bulma.
  • This trope is all over the place in A Simple Wish (which is a parody of "It’s a Wonderful Life") Chi-Chi accidentally makes a wish out of anger on Christmas Eve that she wasn't born due to her frustration with Goku, Gohan and Goten not being home to celebrate and being worried sick about them. While said wish is unrealistic, what's realistic are the repercussions of how the world is like without Chi-Chi:
    • Goku is still alive, but he has no idea who Chi-Chi is. Chi-Chi tries to befriend him and tries to remind him of their sons, but he has no memories of her, thus making things awkward for them and Goku thinking she's crazy. They do become friends later, at least.
    • When Chi-Chi meets Piccolo, she still thinks he's a good guy due to his friendship with Gohan and Goku, but since Gohan was never born, Piccolo was still evil. When Chi-Chi tries to talk to him, Piccolo fires a ki-blast at her, almost killing her until Goku saves her the last minute. Goku even calls her out on trying to talk to him, and that she was basically making a death wish.
    • Goku is NOT friends with Piccolo, still can't stand him, and sees him as a monster. Even after they teamed up against Raditz, Piccolo was overjoyed when he finally killed Goku (and Raditz).
    • Since Gohan was never born, Goku ended up dying 3 times since Gohan wasn’t alive to help him in his battles.
    • When Bulma meets Chi-chi and Chi-Chi talks about her family that she “can’t find (really they aren’t born),” it makes Bulma suspicious since Chi-Chi keeps making “excuses” and makes her think that Chi-Chi is an unfit mother.
    • Since Goten wasn't born, Trunks is an angry, rude kid in general due to his father’s death, has no friends, and has nobody to play with since Goten was never born and was Trunks’ Only Friend. All Trunks does is train all day to ease his frustrations.
    • A Played for Laughs scene: When Chi-Chi wakes up one day and sees that Goku left, she gets angry with him for not saying goodbye…until she remembers that since she made the wish, the two aren’t married. Also, she was a guest at Goku’s house and he could go and come as he pleases.
    • When Goku sneaks up on Chi-Chi while she’s taking a bath, she gets angry and freaks out. Since they are not married, her reaction was completely justified.
    • When Chi-Chi goes to look for the Ox-King, runs into a few people where the castle used to be, she tells them that she’s his daughter. They respond and say she’s crazy and that he never had a daughter due to the Ox King and her mother both getting sick and dying. The people attempt to take Chi-Chi to an asylum since they think she’s mentally unstable.
    • Chi-Chi ends up crying, feeling depressed, and regretting her wish. It gets all this (and some nagging from Fortuneteller Baba) to get Chi-Chi to realize that her wish was extremely selfish and careless. Thankfully, Chi-Chi gets to collect the dragon balls, unwishes the wish, and gets her happy ending.

     Ed, Edd, n Eddy 

     The Familiar Of Zero 
  • Present but downplayed in Jus Primae Noctis, and even played for laughs, most notably when Saito notes that anyone who thinks spending the night with four beautiful girls in his room is a good thing has obviously never done it. There's a lot of arguing, competitiveness, and jealousy between the girls.
  • In Soldier of Zero, Guiche breaks up with Montmorency after the love potion incident as he simply can't trust someone who was willing to brainwash him into loving her. He's also deeply disturbed by the idea that if he'd been drugged, he would have raped her eventually.
    • While initially the other students found Louise's infatuation with Guiche under the love potion's effects more amusing than anything, they realize there's nothing funny about the situation after Louise nearly rapes him.
  • Zulu Squad No Tsukaima:
  • Enslaved could be renamed "Reality Falls Down on The Familiar of Zero, Hard":
    • Saito's reaction when he's suddenly abducted from his sworld and basically Made a Slave is utter horror and panic, leading to a very tearful breakdown. It doesn't help that the staff encourages him to move on from his previous life and become an Extreme Doormat to not displease his new master. He would like nothing more than come home but the "other world" aspect is a bit of a fumble, and trying to flee would be difficult for a modern-day teen without any practical experience.
    • Louise is painfully aware of the fact she made Saito a huge wrong but tries to assuage her guilt by promising she would buy him everything he needs. Derflinger calls her out on this, accusing her of only wanting to show off her new familiar, and tells her she would let Saito go if she really wants to help him. She does.
    • After Saito's enrollment in a mercenary unit, Derflinger reminds him a mercenary needs war to make money: they are sell-swords after all.
    • When he realizes the Holy Gandalfr - basically a saint or angel for the Church of Brimir - just fell on his lap, the Black Lord Albrecht immediately seizes the opportunity to kill his father and gain the throne by pretexting "the Founder wills it, look, He sent His Shield as a sign". Of course, this causes quite the political and religious stir...
  • Because the love potion incident happens earlier and plays out differently in Maid of Honour, Louise ends up spending a couple weeks enamored with Siesta. Said "fraternization" sees Siesta dismissed and though Louise tries to make things right by hiring Siesta as a personal maid, the older girl remains worried that Louise will try to seduce her again.
    • During usual duel with Guiche, the crowd of students quickly become disturbed when instead of a fight, they witness a young woman being beaten by metal golems.
      • The aftermath of said duel brings up a point most Familiar of Zero stories ignore: Familiars are legally extensions of their masters. Not only does this make said masters responsible for their familiars but attacking a familiar is legally the same as attacking their master. And unfortunately for Guiche, Louise may be an Inept Mage but she's also the daughter of one of the most important noble families in the country.
    • Siesta used to be a fan of bodice-rippers but ever since the incident where Louise basically tried to rape her, she's sworn them off entirely, now being distinctly uncomfortable with the idea of an aggressive suitor.
  • In The Steep Path Ahead, Louise is a fan of pulling I Surrender, Suckers, which quickly results in her opponents refusing to accept her surrender, even when it's completely genuine. One of the mercenaries goes into a rant about how she violated one of the few rules everyone abides by and has proven herself untrustworthy.

    Fate/Stay Night 
  • Fate/Harem Antics: In an omake, Shirou Emiya has a harem of 23 girls, which makes his male classmates jealous. He tells them it's not all fun and games. He has to satisfy them all sexually, and although they take turns each day, it is wearing him out and he can barely stay awake. He's needed to expand his kitchen to have room to cook for them all, and with how much some of them eat, if some of them weren't wealthy, he'd be unable to feed all of them without going broke.

     Fire Emblem 
  • A Brighter Dark deconstructs Fire Emblem Fates as a darker more serious retelling, without the presence of Anankos or the Invisible Kingdom of Valla.
    • Corrin was kidnapped at a very young age and all her life has known her loving Nohrian siblings. So when she's counter-kidnapped, she finds the Hosidans' assertions of being her "real family" offensive, doesn't remember her mother at all, and the choice between the two is no choice at all.
    • Sakura's two retainers try to defend her and Mozu from over a dozen attackers. They put up a good fight but end up dead none the less.
    • Ryoma makes several audacious decrees in order to face the Nohrian invasion, sure that everyone recognizes the threat. This backfires on him when it pisses of the numerous Shoguns who secede.
    • Hinoka is killed completely off screen with no warning. Showing that even the most important people can die anti-climatically with little fanfare.
    • Scarlet decides to fight to the death rather than surrender to Corrin after her Mystical Plague strikes Cheve. Her rebel forces, a small untrained militia of townsfolk armed with makeshift weapons, supported by a handful of Hoshidan soldiers last around 12 minutes against the fully trained and equipped Nohrian army.

     Firefly / Serenity 
  • Forward:
    • River faces off against a rival pirate crew's Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy. The battle begins with them sizing each other up, and with the martial artist declaring River as a Worthy Opponent, who might be able to truly test his skills, and he rushes at her with his bo staff. River shoots him twice in the head. Then she demands chocolate.
    • Later on, River is facing a group of vengeful pirates. She's on the ground, and they're in their ship. She starts running for cover behind some boulders where they can't shoot her, only to get hit by the backwash of their engines and get thrown into said boulders, breaking her legs and back.

  • Frozen Hearts:
  • Secret Passages is a fanfic that covers the five years prior to Elsa's coronation, as well as the events of the movie from Elsa's perspective.
    • After Elsa accidentally hurt Anna as a kid, their parents separated them and reduced her contact with other people in the castle, Anna included. As the author's notes in one chapter mention, there is no way that Elsa or Anna would be putting up with this situation with no questions asked. By eight years later, when the sisters are both teenagers, they both resent this living situation, and they both rebel against their parents as much as possible.
    • As a teenage girl, it's pretty natural that Elsa would come to hate being confined to her room, and lectured for things that aren't her fault. One scene has her venting her rage by throwing icicles and breaking a window in her room. Even though Elsa's trying to bottle her emotions, that still doesn't stop her from occasionally showing fits of anger.
    • Even though Elsa does her best to hide her powers around Anna, she's not 100% perfect at doing so and there are several occasions where Anna comes very close to finding out about Elsa's powers (such as the temperature in the room dropping when Elsa gets upset, or puddles left behind by her ice).
    • Agdar and Idun decide to keep Anna in the dark about Elsa's powers. As a result, Anna gets mad when her parents or Elsa refuse to even just tell her what is wrong with Elsa.
    • In the movie, Elsa refuses to let Anna get engaged to Hans, saying "You can't marry a man you just met!" Here, two other scenes exist where Elsa explains to Anna in more detail why her ideas of fairy tale romance don't work at all: the suitor may be bossy, disagreeable, abusive, and may want to do things that aren't good for the rest of Arendelle; likewise, letting Anna marry a prince from another kingdom would mean declaring Arendelle subordinate to that kingdom.
    • The work also suggests Elsa sees Arranged Marriage as hypocritical, since the process involves marrying someone she's never met, and yet she's not allowed to leave the castle.
    • Elsa's isolation from most human contact, aside from Anna, their parents, and trusted servants, also renders her very socially inept. This is especially clear when Anna has a nightmare and Elsa has no idea how to comfort her or calm her down.
    • Between "Let It Go" and when Anna shows up, Elsa finds that in her flight from the castle, she didn't consider that she'd need food to survive on her own. At one point, she leaves her Ice Palace and attempts to scour around for food. But with no hunting experience, and no way of knowing what sorts of berries are poisonous and which ones aren't, she has no success.
  • A Marriage Of Convenience: In this fanfic, after Elsa was revealed to be a sorceress, this didn't bode well for many in and out of Arendelle, as her subjects thought of her as a monster, while her kingdom's allies sever or downgrade their trading ties, leaving it nearly bankrupt and vulnerable to an invasion by a powerful country or a rebellion from within. The only option left for Elsa was to marry someone of equal footing, but most refused, except for King Westergaard, who forcibly orders her to marry his youngest son Hans in exchange for economic and military aid, which forces Arendelle to become a vassal state to the Southern Isles. Anna, Kristoff and Elsa do not like this arrangement, as this offer came from the father of the man who tried to kill them, but then they would need his aid to save their kingdom.
  • The Alphabet Story:
    • Anna admits that she thinks Elsa's attraction to women is weird and that she doesn't think it's healthy, but if her sister is happy then that's what matters. Anna's less-than-perfect reaction makes sense for an Ambiguously Christian woman in the 1840s.
    • Having a taboo Secret Relationship puts a heavy amount of stress on both Elsa and Kyra. Even wih Kyra getting a Beard, it's clear that their relationship can't work out.
    • Even though she's queen, Elsa alone can't just make same-gender relationships legal in Arendelle. That's too major a change for her. All she can do is support changing the law. Elsa also realizes that such relationships won't be accepted in her lifetime.
  • A Frozen Headache revolves around this. The writer didn't like how the film ignored Elsa's potential head injury, so the fanfic has Elsa dealing with and recovering from a concussion.
  • At the end of the film, Anna freezes into solid ice and gets hit by a steel sword. She doesn't even crack. In Kingdom Of Isolation, Anna's not so sturdy. She shatters into pieces, sending Elsa into Sanity Slippage.
  • By the Hands of the People:
    • Fear towards Elsa's powers is a major factors towards Arendelle revolting against her.
    • Not all assassinations are clean. Elsa is killed upon impact, but Anna isn't. The muskets missed her vital regions. Even the second attempt at a kill fails, because the bayonet doesn't hit deep enough.

     Fullmetal Alchemist / Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 
  • In At Gates Edge, Alphonse has orphaned for years due to the absence of his father, deaths of his mother and brother. He tries to sell his home to get away from the bad memories but can't sell it because it's Hohenheim's property and Al doesn't own it until Hohenheim either gives it to him or is confirmed dead. He is currently fighting the bank to get the property in his name.
  • In The Cripple Arc, Edward is trapped in an abusive relationship. As much as Edward wants to leave, no one in 1920s-era London is willing to hire a disabled man with no connections or job history.
  • In Heat, Marta climbs into Ed's sleeping bag at night because they're in the desert and as a reptile chimera, she's coldblooded.

    Gate - Thus the JSDF Fought There 
  • In the Gate fanfic Here We Go Again! has the U.S. armed forces help the Japanese instead of just the Japanese going into the alternate world like how it was in the original story.
    • Rory. She's shown as exactly how creepy and/or terrifying a demigoddess who looks like a little girl and gets "excited" at the thought of battle would be. At best, to the Tankers, she's an annoyance. To Emerson and several others, she's a major threat.
    • The Hakone shootout in Chapter 22 is omitted. Why? Because the political shit storm that would occur between Russia, China, and America makes the whole thing stupid.
    • Though Tank Goodness is certainly in effect, the author makes the effort to show that these awesome war machines are still, you know, machines requiring constant maintenance and logistics to function properly. Even if they are fighting an enemy without anti-tank weaponry, the tanks can still suffer from a Combat Breakdown, weapon jams, get stuck in the mud, or run out of ammunition during protracted battles. And, when operating without proper support like Here We Go Again does, there's always the very real possibility of being overrun by a massive enemy Zerg Rush, which almost happens to Cry Sum Moar and Here We Go Again during the siege of Italica.

     Girls Und Panzer 
  • Boys und Sensha-do! has "simunitions" for the tanks in tankery, as the author believes tankery is otherwise dangerous enough. Despite this, Miho ends up being seriously hurt when she accidentally gets hit in the chest by a shell, and would have lost her legs if the tank had accidentally rolled over her.
  • Some fanfics run off the plotline that winning the tournament is not necessarily enough on its own to prevent Oarai from being shut down, such as in "Girls Und Panzer: New Fields of Battle". Flip Side of the Coin has an alternative take - Oarai remains open, but Anzio gets shut down instead.

  • Frequently Played With in Hunting the Unicornlots of tropes show up naturally, but everyone who actively tries to invoke a trope will end up just failing at best, or running into consequences at worst. Most notable is Blaine's past attempt to invoke Sex Equals Love, which... didn't work. Another case is where Blaine hits his head during a kidnapping and the Easy Amnesia/Tap on the Head tropes are very much averted. Namely, that the normally-sensible Blaine devolves into asking Kurt the same questions every few minutes, becomes terrified of falling asleep, and has headaches that he futilely tries to explain as strange-colored wind. He later tries to reason with his kidnapper, and ends up watching him try to strangle Kurt.

     Gravity Falls 
  • As several fan fics-such as An Outsider's Look at the Pines and Anyway, I've Been There-show, one does not go through what the Pines twins went through with out a few marks.
  • In the very aptly titled Reality Ensues, Dipper decides to stay in Gravity Falls as Ford's apprentice while Mabel returns to California alone. Unfortunately, nobody bothered to mention any of this to the twins' parents. Needless to say, they are not too happy at the idea of letting their young, just-turned-thirteen-year-old son living with someone who is a virtual stranger (before that point, both parents didn't know about Ford's existence, and still thought that Grunkle Stan was 'Stanford' Pines), and apprenticing in a field that could potentially endanger their son's life. The parents are, as a whole, angry at Stan for lying to them for years, angry at Ford for purposefully putting Dipper in danger and completely disregarding Mabel's feelings, and angry at Dipper for going behind their backs and staying behind without even consulting them first.
  • In contrast with the above, Three Can Keep A Secret shows Dipper being allowed to stay in Gravity Falls and be Ford's apprentice, but that this is only possible because his parents are neglectful and distant towards their son and heavily favor Mabel, leaving them unbothered by his departure. It also implies that this is the reason Dipper is so unfazed by the idea of moving away from home at 12 and is the root of some of the twins' personality traits. In addition, this fic gives Weirdmageddon a significant body count of both humans and anomalies killed in Bill's sadistic revelry and depicts the survivors as being varying degrees of mentally traumatized.

     Harry Potter 
  • And the Unethical Binding Contract:
    • After an eleven year old Harry is entered into the Triwizard Tournament, almost no one thinks he's a liar or cheat as he only has two months of magical education and doesn't have a prayer of surviving, let alone winning.
    • Several students try to help Harry but he lacks the knowledge to make their tips useful.
    • Rita Skeeter has to tone down from her usual sensationalism because writing such stories about an eleven year old would turn her readers against her.
    • Draco's taunts and insults are greatly toned down from canon as even he's uncomfortable with trying to bully someone who might die before the school year's over.
  • The Boy Who Died shows the consequences of making little Harry Potter a famous figure, icon of the Light, and the enemy of dark wizards everywhere before he even knows how to talk let alone protect himself.
  • In Changes Dumbeldore's excuse of "I know what's best" doesn't cut it in a court of law and when his history of child neglect comes to light he is stripped from his position as a school headmaster.
  • Potters Stand United is a story that deconstructs the notion of a Wrong-Boy-Who-Lived by playing the dynamic between the Potter family as realistically as possible in a situation where one of their twin sons was the Boy-Who-Lived.
    • First off, James and Lily were incapacitated by Voldemort the night of his attack, so they were not awake to witness Voldemort's destruction. When Lily and James figure out what's happened (to a degree), they decide to keep the information that one of their sons may have defeated Voldemort a secret, so as to not draw massive attention towards them, and the only reason people find out about Voldemort supposed destruction at the hands of Gary (The Wrong-Boy-Who Lived in question) is through the machinations of Dumbledore.
    • When the news of Voldemort's destruction at the hands of one of their sons does becomes public, they don't become Abusive Parents (as they do in stories like this) and show favoritism towards the famous son, they treat both of the twins equally and with as much love as they possibly can. Not to mention that the Potter twins themselves love each other very much instead of being bitter rivals.
  • In Disciplinary Action, Harry and Ron get in serious trouble at work when someone overhears Ron confessing to Confounding a muggle and Harry not doing anything about it. Ron's fired and possibly facing prison time while Harry's suspended pending an investigation into just how much he's covered up for Ron. After a furious lecture from their boss, Harry agrees with her it's for the best if they're to keep their vow of ending the policy of connections being more important than competence.
  • The Parselmouth of Gryffindor very nearly turns this into a Karmic Death for Hermione. She's usually a Crazy Awesome Rules Lawyer who has achieved such things as running the country through carefully-worded letters and turning note Voldemort into a silver monkey who cannot hurt anyone. But when she butts heads with the protections layered by Voldemort on his Horcruxes, and thinks she can get through them with a few seconds' basic Loophole Abuse… turns out she can't, because Voldemort closed that loophole before it even was one, and it's a wonder she manages to come Back from the Dead afterwards.
  • Dumbledore's Army and the Year of Darkness:
    • Let's face it—those kids never really stood a chance of doing anything but keeping the Death Eaters busy while Harry dealt with Voldemort. Teenagers against adults who have spent the better parts of their lives learning to use magic designed to inflict pain, suffering, and death? The D.A. is lucky they lasted as long as they did.
    • From 1997 through 1998, Wizarding Britain was taken over by a far right terrorist group focused on cleansing the magical society of Muggle Borns and impure bloodlines. In A Peccatis, even a decade after they were stopped, is it really a surprise that Muggle Borns have left the Wizarding world or are refusing to send their children to Hogwarts for fear the insanity will start all over again? In fact, so many wizards have been killed or left the community that they can no longer maintain the infrastructure, and between that and Muggle technology rapidly catching up, the Ministry has actually decided to do a vote on purposely breaking the masquerade.
  • In Harry Potter & the Azkaban Parody Harry's former friends demand (not "ask", demand) his forgiveness for wrongfully imprisoning him in Azkaban and then confine him to school and their presence. Not to mention burning all of his possessions, and killing Hedwig right in front of him would leave no good memories of them. Harry isn't real inclined to forgive them no matter how much they demand it, and plans to sue them all for the damages they've done.
    • Harry's former friends continually try getting him to forgive them to the point where Hermione (and a reluctant Ron) barge into the boy's dormitory in Gryffindor Tower where Harry was trying to rest and attempt to force him to forgive them. All it does it make Harry want the lawsuit proceedings to happen faster.
    • Dumbledore reveals the reason why he allowed Harry to be arrested despite all evidence pointing to the contrary: A prophecy was made where Voldemort would have been defeated if Harry went through "one year, three months, two weeks, four days, seven hours, thirteen minutes and twenty-two seconds" of suffering. The Ministry, Harry, and Harry's lawyer are baffled by this, with the lawyer pointing out that the information could have meant Harry could have suffered from literally anything else or that whatever was foretold might have already happened, especially when Harry drops a not so subtle hint that Dumbledore had been screwing with his life for years. After this, Harry abruptly leaves the questioning pissed off with the reason given.
    • Harry makes references to other fanfiction authors and reviewers throughout the story and the others wonder what the hell he is talking about.
    • Luna agrees that Hermione and Ron deserve punishment for their actions, but states that Ginny doesn't deserve the same treatment and suggests Harry forgive long as Ginny asks for it. With this advice, Ginny apologizes and simply asks to be forgiven, which Harry does to her relief and joy.
      • On that note, Ginny is savvy enough early on to realize that countinously hounding Harry for forgiveness would have the opposite affect and while in the middle of calling Ron out for hounding Harry, she makes it clear that she thinks the best way to earn forgiveness is to leave Harry alone. This is what allows Harry to forgive Ginny, as mentioned above.
    • In the beginning of the story, Dumbledore quickly passed a law that specifically stated that Harry had to complete his education at Hogwarts instead of getting away from his former friends and allies like Harry wants to. Not even halfway through the story, Harry's lawyer reveals that he brought this up to the Wizengamot, and it was unaminously agreed that the law was unethical and manages to have it made void, which means Harry is able to leave Hogwarts on his own free will.
  • Harry Potter: Junior Inquisitor:
    • When Amelia Bones finds one of her aurors (Tonks) sneaking into a restricted area on Dumbledore's orders, she fires Tonks on the spot. "Leader of the Light" or not, aurors aren't allowed to take orders from anyone outside the chain of command.
    • Harry learns that his Firebolt was destroyed beyond repair while being checked for curses and the professors covered it up by buying a new one with his money. It's noted by Susan and Amelia Bones that it'd take longer for the manufacturer to repair it or build a new one than the amount of time the teacher's allegedly took to fully strip it down, check it for curses, and rebuild it.
    • When most of the professors and several members of the Order of the Phoenix help Dumbledore drug the Hogwarts students with potions to make them accept anything they see or are told, along with imprisoning anyone who escapes their dosing, every professor who helped (and every Order member) is arrested on the spot. According to Madam Marchbanks, Hogwarts will be closed at least temporarily given that almost the entirety of its staff is going to be fired.
    • Since Harry was drugged much more than any other student in order to reset him to the way he was the previous year, his memories are irretrievable and even watching other people's memories of the past few months can't truly replace them since he has no emotional connection to them. Notably, Harry can't rekindle his budding romance with Padma Patil due to no longer having feelings for her. However, there is some hope of recovering his memories after being hit by a Crutiatous Curse by Snape, which had the side effect of weakening the Memory Charms used on him.
  • In Harry Potter and the Puppet of Time a wizard once, through several legal loopholes, became heir to all of the Hogwarts founders and over two thirds of the Wizengamot. Those in power naturally refused to give up control of magical Britain to this one man and a few centuries later, the story is still told as a rather funny joke.
  • In Harry Potter and the Something Something the most perfect girl ever appears in Voldemort's lair offering him a shot at redemption. Voldemort is entranced by her pretty eyes... the Sue ends up dead like all the others that keep bothering Voldemort but he kept her pretty eyes to play with.
  • If Them's the Rules shows regardless of Harry raising Tom Riddle in better circumstances and giving him an ideal childhood, Tom Riddle is still a sociopath.
  • Like Hell He Will shows how Harry's male classmates would react to the idea of him having a harem of all the girls in school. Hint: it doesn't end well — for Harry, that is.
  • In Lord of Caer Azkaban Harry sends in his elite team of soldiers to take out Voldemort and his Death Eaters. Harry doesn't participate in the battle himself because he knows that, as an untrained student, he'll just get in their way.
  • A Necessary Gift shows that even if you defeat the Big Bad that doesn't mean everything gets magically better or his followers (and the prejudiced ideology he espoused that allowed him to gain power in the first place) will go away. In fact things get worse because the only one who could control the bad guys is no longer around...
  • In No Curiosity the child abuse Harry Potter receives leads to psychological problems and Harry becomes an Extreme Doormat.
  • When Harry remembers Griphook from his first visit to Gringott's in Nymphadora's Beau, the goblin neither remembers nor cares about some child he escorted four years prior.
  • The same writer uses this trope in One Misfired Spell Later. In this fic, Harry, who has fled to France due to problems in England, has caught the eye of Fleur, who sees him as the perfect mate for her. Too bad he's already dating Hermione. Fleur's initial attempt to solve this problem Joketsuzoku-style quite predictably enrages Harry. Latter, Fleur and Hermione make peace, agreeing that they can both share Harry. Too bad they didn't consult him about this; instead of being happy at the idea of living "every teenage boy's fantasy", Harry is upset that the two girls made such an important decision about such a personal aspect of his life without considering his feelings. Their later attempts at seducing him, such as conveniently arranging it so the three of them just ''have'' to share a bed, contribute to the final conflict, which results in an alienated Harry rejecting both Hermione and Fleur, and running off with Sirius to Gibraltar.
  • In the one-shot Potter's Bride, after Gabrielle marries Harry because he saved her life, she finds it's not a fairy tale romance after all. She's a small child who no longer lives with her family, is stuck in a country where she doesn't speak the language, and lives with a boy she barely knows.
  • Similarly, Playmate has a version where Harry has to move to France because, after saving her life, Gabrielle impetuously gives him a bonding kiss. It turns out that Harry is Not Happy about this, because his life choices, such as whom he can marry, have been taken away from him, and he cannot be more than forty feet away from Gabrielle until they trust each other enough for the bond to solidify. Because Gabrielle bonded an unwilling Harry, this will never happen. Even being away from the Dursleys is not enough to comfort Harry, because he only had to spend a limited amount of time there, and would have been free of them in a few more years anyway. Now, he is trapped for life in a foreign country, bound to a child. Meanwhile, being a little girl, Gabrielle had no idea of the magnitude of what she was doing; she naively believed that the bonding kiss would simply give her a playmate. The bond never stabilizes, and Harry and Gabrielle end up using it to commit mutual suicide a few years later.
  • A number of fics, most notably Hermione's Pity Party, Overheard Conversation, and chapter 14 of Realizations, show that Hermione really has no idea how to write a proper essay, and that exceeding the length indicated by the professors would actually result in lower, not higher grades.
  • As mentioned in an author's note in the AU Raised By Darkness concerning why Sirius Black isn't immediately released from Azkaban; because although Minister Fudge has grown a backbone in this fic and is being nice to Harry and the Dementors, he has no evidence to suggest Sirius Black is innocent and he still wouldn't believe Harry, who is close friends with the man.
  • In Too Late, the Potters are revealed to have faked their deaths to train their other son to defeat Voldemort. Upon returning to the world at large, they learn that due to being declared dead, they have no money and no way to even gain employment as they're still legally dead.
  • In Where is Hermione?, Hermione runs away to New Zealand after the Final Battle and lives with her parents. Harry spends eight years trying to find her before eventually giving up, so when she shows up at his house eleven years after the Final Battle to tell Harry he has a daughter, Harry wants nothing to do with Hermione. In fact, he's moved on and gotten married to Gabrielle Delacour. When Hermione tries to use the fact that she "waited for him", he angrily retorts that he waited for her for eight years; she's the one who deliberately stayed away.
  • In Wish Carefully, Harry decides to spare his people a war and surrenders Wizarding England to the Death Eaters while he and the rest of the Light's supporters go into exile. The large loss of the population (and skilled workers) decimates the economy and due to the purebloods' close relations, inbreeding is rampant and their population is slowly dying out, and Voldemort just becomes more and more unhinged as time goes on.
  • Alexandra Quick: As Alexandra finds out, being the protagonist doesn't make you immune to the rules, and even if you broke the rules and endangered people for the right reasons, that doesn't mean you don't have to suffer the consequences. Dean Grimm even tells her that she's had to actively step in and defend Alexandra's right to remain at Charmbridge, and by the end of Stars Above, Alexandra's gone too far and gets expelled.
  • When three Ravenclaw girls bully Luna in When is it a Contract by stealing her homework and possessions, two are expelled with the third arrested. Sabotaging someone's education or stealing personal possessions aren't waived off as "children being children", especially when said possessions (Luna's brooch and another student's earrings) are extremely valuable.
  • In The Lion's Pride, when Scrimgeour talks to Harry on Christmas and Harry declares he "hasn't forgotten" while showing the scars on his hand, Scrimgeour has no idea what Harry's raised fist is supposed to mean. The cold winter air along with how tightly Harry's fist is clenched makes the scars basically invisible.
    • Also, Harry's remark of Scrimgeour being "just like Crouch" doesn't mean the same to Scrimgeour as it does to Harry. Harry's talking about Crouch throwing the innocent Sirius in Azkaban without a trial. Scrimgeour, who has no idea about Sirius being innocent or not getting a trial, thinks Harry's talking about Crouch's motions that (among other things) allowed Aurors to kill Death Eaters instead of capturing them, something that prevented numerous deaths among the Auror corps.
  • Because Lupin agonizes for so long over whether he should introduce himself to Harry in For Love Of Magic, when he finally does, Harry treats him as an acquaintance at best and a friend of Sirius' at worst. Knowing a friend of his parents would be nice to talk to but Lupin clearly must not value them that much if he never once contacted Harry and then spent nearly a year between meeting Harry and mentioning his past relationship with James.
    • Krum's plan to deal with his dragon (in this story, all of them are Hungarian Horntails) by blinding it results in his death when he gets too close to the thrashing creature.
    • Tonks breaks up with Harry after learning he's been accidentally brainwashing her with the same magic that he used to improve his sex life. While she does try to continue their relationship, she simply can't stay with someone who she can't trust, especially as there's no way for her to know he's doing it.
    • Harry's desire to simply be left out of politics and not deal with Voldemort... involves a lot of politics. Whether he likes it or not, he's both an international icon and extremely wealthy on top of being nobility. All together, he has to play the political game if he actually wants to be left alone because no one will allow him to simply sit on the sidelines.
    • A potion that makes sex more enjoyable and severely increases "discharge" also tends to leave the users too tired to continue. Even Harry, who has a ridiculous amount of stamina, notes that a single orgasm makes him feel like he "just went six rounds with Fleur at her randiest". Also, overuse of the potion can lead to dehydration.
    • A common Fanon trope in Harry Potter fics is mocked and torn apart. When Harry starts performing a ritual that would increase the size of his magical core, he is interrupted and told the ritual wouldn't work... because there is no such thing as a magical core. Every wizard has the potential to perform great magic, what really matters is application and practice. When Harry questions why people assume magical cores exist, one theory is that it sounds impressive and is an ego-booster. Also functions as a Take That!.
    • To Ginny's horror, being close to The Hero, even tangentially, can make you and your family a target. Because Harry doesn't have anyone he cares about (or family of those he cares about) that don't live on his island Spellhaven, Voldemort kidnaps the Weasleys after hearing a rumor that Ginny is his latest concubine.
      • As Voldemort learns, rumors are not a good source of information and taking hostages only works if your opponent cares about their survival. Likewise, if your enemy knows negotations won't be held in good faith, they won't agree to your terms. When Voldemort demands Harry come alone or the Weasleys will die, Harry not only has his girls hiding nearby, even as he arrives at the meeting point he's already determining the best way to tell Ginny her family's dead.
    • When Voldemort attacks London with a force of Inferi and Giants, the Statute of Secrecy is completely obliterated and no matter how much the International Confederation of Wizards tries, there's simply no putting a lid on the situation. Not only are there easily tens of thousands of witnesses, but many of them have posted photos and videos online, causing millions more witnesses by the end of the night.
  • Sirius in Patron spent so much time as a dog in Azkaban that not only does he use it's lesser emotional state as some sort of drug, but he also tends to reflexively turn into it much more often than he needs to be. Also, Remus is not a fan of Muggle Werewolf comedy movies.
  • In Princess of the Blacks Jen's dragon-hide duster doesn't function as an Armor of Invincibility as such things are illegal for civilians to own; it's just a very nice coat.
    • Hagrid's brother, who even in canon doesn't want to be in England, breaks free and attacks the school, resulting in Hagrid's arrest.
    • Fred and George's "mayhem" protest of Dumbledore's sacking results in their expulsion.
    • Regardless of his fighting against Voldemort and his forces, Dumbledore is still considered a criminal, especially since he ran when confronted rather than try to explain things.
    • Despite what Dumbledore thinks, the permanently locked room in the Department of Mysteries is not filled with the Power of Love which is being studied by the Unspeakables. It's a safe room for conducting particularly dangerous experiments.
    • The Potters may be fairly wealthy, but replacing their destroyed home is still highly expensive, especially given all the spellwork that has to go into it.
    • When the Ministry tries to plant an Auror on the Prime Minister's staff for security purposes, the magical world's total ignorance of all things Muggle comes back to bite them - their man is fired within a week for being totally unqualified for his cover position, being unable to even work a phone.
    • Dumbledore's multiple posts result in him dumping most of his headmaster duties on McGonagall. Since she already has three posts, she has to deputize Flitwick to help her which results in him not paying enough attention to his students.
    • A few students were actually rather upset Danny was made Seeker on the Quidditch team without even having to attend tryouts, given that they'd been practicing for months to make the team.
    • Reading someone's mind doesn't work if they don't think in a language you understand.
    • The tournament officials notice that Danny's Death Course in the Final Task is far easier than it should be (Charmed statues defeated by Finite Incantantem, the star he needs to use to find the exit being a different color, etc) and are furious with what they see as blatant favoritism and flagrant cheating.
      • Danny in general under-performs in the Triwizard Tournament since half the other competitors have three more years of magical knowledge and power while another is Jen. Danny might be above average for a 4th year student, but that can't compensate for others who have twice as much education as him.
    • Filch is fired as not only is a squib caretaker pointless since the House Elves clean everything, but he's a rather nasty man whose idea of punishment is hanging students by their ankles. It's not financially reasonable to keep a staff member who doesn't actually do anything and nobody honestly wants him around.
  • The entire premise of Realism: Breaking Cliches is to deconstruct various Fandom Specific Plots and show what'd really happen. For example, Harry runs away from the Dursleys and is immediately caught by Voldemort who'd known where the boy lived for years.
  • In What Was Your Plan?, Harry confronts Dumbledore for being a manipulative evil genius who'd been controlling every aspect of Harry's life up to that point and learns the very fatal flaw in his logic: a manipulative evil genius would foresee such a situation and have already planned for it. After triggering the Imperius that was already on Harry, Dumbledore sends him off to his death against Voldemort.
  • While viewing a memory of an event over 1,500 years ago in Dodging Prison and Stealing Witches, Hermione explains to her friends that it's a memory of a memory of a memory etc. due to language barriers. 1,500 years ago, nothing resembling modern English existed. Every hundred years someone has to view the memory, translate it into the modern vernacular, and make a copy of their memory of doing so. As a result, the memory has several people lined up along the walls reading translations of what's being spoken in the memory.
  • In Chapter 3 of Don't Be a Dobby Downer, a fic in which Harry transfers from Hogwarts to Beauxbatons, Dumbledore finds out about Harry's decision. Instead of freaking out and trying to drag Harry back to Hogwarts, overriding the decision of Harry and his legal guardians (the Dursleys approved of the transfer to get rid of the boy) and causing an international incident, Dumbledore reacts sensibly. He realizes that Beauxbatons is a good school, with Madame Maxine a capable headmistress, and that trying to drag Harry back would not only alienate Harry but cost unnecessary political capital. Instead, Dumbledore arranges for Remus Lupin to be hired at Beauxbatons to keep an eye on Harry, an objective that is readily disclosed to Madame Maxine.
  • In Sort the Dragon an older student starts yelling at Harry for the ruckus caused from getting his centaur friend Suze into a compartment on the train and promptly gets kicked in the chest by said centaur. Much like horses, centaurs can't easily look behind them so coming up behind one and shouting is a good way to get a hoof to the chest.
  • At the start of Hitting the Tomes, Dudley tries to have Harry do his homework, only for Harry to realize that four years of exclusively magical education means he doesn't understand said homework. Cue Dudley tutoring Harry in trigonometry.
    • Unlike canon, Harry never really forgives Ron and Hermione for basically abandoning him over the summer because Dumbledore told them to, especially because they preface every attempted apology with "But Dumbledore said".
  • In Harry Potter Kidnapped, Harry decides to run away from the Dursleys's home at seven-years-old. When Dumbledore accidentally runs into him when he's fifteen, the Headmaster outright abducts him, forcefully cuts him from his Muggle friends and refuses to let him go outside Hogwarts. He only manages to make Harry despise him, rat the Order of the Phoenix at the Ministery and arrange a transfer to Beauxbatons. The teen also says Dumbledore could have made Harry interested in the Wizarding World if he had taken the slow road and spent time with the boy to explain magic enough to make Harry curious, instead of shoving it down his throat. Choices are important, and after placing a kid in an abusive home and depriving him of the freedom to join the Wizarding World or not, Dumbledore ensured Harry would never do anything to please him.
  • When Vernon plans on teaching Harry his place in the summer after his fifth year by beating him up, snapping his wand, and killing Hedwig in Are You Bloody Insane?...does Harry cower in fear while this occurs? Is he forced to do an impossible list of chores under the threat of a beating while no help arrives? No, Harry overhears Vernon coming up the stairs, sends Hedwig away with a letter to the Order requesting help and holds his uncle at wand-point.
  • When a ten year old Harry steals a police car in It All Started When Harry Stole a Police Car, the officers don't run after it to stop him but rather put out an APB about the stolen patrol car, causing Harry to be caught in a matter of minutes.
  • Brutal Harry
    • In the prologue, Vernon is arrested and put in prison for thirty years after his abuse of Harry escalated to where Vernon beat up the nine-year-old Harry with a three-iron golf club and the kid ended up in the hospital. Afterwards, most of the staff at the primary school Harry went to also got fired by the school board because they turned a blind eye to what was happening to Harry and the Headmaster is also imprisoned when it's revealed that he took bribes from Vernon to never report the obvious abuse to child services.
    • After the troll attack, Hermione's parents immediately yank her out of Hogwarts. Turns out that no sane parents would ever allow their child anywhere near an institution that allowed such a life-threatening event to occur. Also, they're reasonable enough to hire Andromeda Tonks as a home-schooling tutor for Hermione to ensure she continues her magical education to control her powers and avoid accidental magic incidents.
    • Harry is not trusting at all of adults, as most have manipulated (Dumbledore) or bullied and abused (the Dursleys and Snape) him. He goes into complete shock when McGonagall actually apologizes to him, and later, goes into an Unstoppable Rage when Dumbledore admits he was responsible for his childhood at the Dursleys. Even amongst other children he has No Social Skills, and is always on guard, viewing connections with others in terms of threat assessment. Also, none of his issues are overcome entirely in a set amount of time. Rather, it takes years before he's able to accept people wanting to help or care about him.
    • As mentioned, Harry initially attacks Dumbledore in retribution for his placement at the Dursleys. He gets curbstomped and restrained easily. Though the boy is more powerful than his canon portrayal, Harry’s attacking in a blind rage and not thinking clearly, and even if that weren’t the case; Dumbledore is a veteran of a war, innumerable duels, and has nearly a century’s worth of magical experience over him, while also wielding the Elder Wand.
    • McGonagall realizes that her Stern Teacher trait by punishing Harry after the troll incident was the equivalent of her telling Harry he should've just let Hermione be killed just to uphold the rules, and that she did not take into account of her students' individual backgrounds before doing so. She makes an effort to be more reasonable after this, so that all her students will actually turn to her for help rather than be afraid of her when they have issues.
    • Dumbledore's age, intelligence, as well as the heavy workload from his three different time consuming positions, render him significantly out of touch and somewhat inattentive when it comes to several of his judgments, motivations, and actions, especially in regards to the children and staff under his employ and guard. It's also deconstructed in that it allows said individuals to feel as though they can get away with their actions without fear of true, effective reprisal.
    • Related to the above, upon hearing the full scope of Harry's upbringing with the Dursleys, Dumbledore is legitimately horrified. He does make an attempt to apologize to Harry... only for a furious Harry to throw it back in his face, making it clear that he will never forgive or trust the Headmaster for what he was put through. Easily Forgiven doesn't apply when the person responsible for the abuse you were put through doesn't own up to it in actions or words, nor give a justifiable explanation as to why it happened, especially when it could have easily been avoided. Not only that, but the boy also calls out Dumbledore for being a hypocrite in apologizing for causing Harry's own abuse, yet still enabling the exact same environment to occur in Hogwarts via corrupt bullies and staff. The sequel reveals that Harry still hasn't forgiven the man, and likely never will.
    • Snape is warned by McGonagall that his Jerkass behavior towards Harry due to James Potter's actions in the past will not be tolerated. She puts him on probation until he gets his act together, and informs him that he will be fired if he keeps it up. When she becomes Headmistress later on, she makes good on her threat and also blacklists him from ever teaching again, with her reasoning being that regardless of his assets, Snape's attitude isn't one that is suited for the profession. She implies that the only reason she didn't let Harry kill him for his complicity in the deaths of his parents is to avoid murder charges.
    • Dumbledore reveals the prophecy, as well as Voldemort's past to McGonagall to explain his actions with regards to Harry. She immediately calls him out on this, pointing out that there was no way Harry could possibly learn the "power of love" in such an abusive and love-starved environment and adds that they're damn lucky they didn't end up with another Dark Lord in the making on their hands, since Harry's background very closely resembles that of Voldemort's.
    • Additionally, McGonagall immediately reveals the truth of the prophecy and its circumstances to Harry once she hears about it (around Harry's second year). She realizes right away that keeping the boy in the dark did much more harm than good, and due to the fact that Harry has matured extremely quickly thanks to his background, doesn't want him to snap upon having another potential betrayal. As a result, she becomes one of the very few authority figures that Harry will trust.
    • When Harry's name is placed in the Goblet of Fire, McGonagall immediately believes him when he claims his innocence. She also protects him from accusations from the other schools and informs them of the obvious foul play that's involved and attempts to find a solution to the issue. In spite of this, Harry still gets drawn into a trap with Voldemort's resurrection, but points for trying.
    • When Voldemort is resurrected in the fourth year, Harry decimates him and his Death Eaters with guns and weaponry. It turns out that the Wizarding Society's Medieval Stasis (especially for Voldemort's biased factions), means that they have nearly no idea how to deal with modern day tactics and combat. Harry also generally uses pure Combat Pragmatist policies in confrontations, because he knows he's usually outnumbered and comparatively inexperienced in magic. For example, more than once he's able to subdue an opponent by stealing their wands or holding a concealed blade to their throat before they can even draw to attack.
    • Draco Malfoy has primarily been an entitled bully via throwing around his father's name and relying on Snape's favoritism and Dumbledore's inattentiveness to get ahead, and thus assuming he's naturally the best in everything. Between Harry curb stomping him a few times and McGonagall bringing the hammer down and reforming the school after she becomes Headmistress, he not only loses his connections, but is ultimately forced to undergo the realization that his individual skills are pathetic by comparison to actual hard-working students (particularly Muggleborns) due to this over-reliance. By the sequel, he's undergone a great deal of Character Development and made a full Heel–Face Turn on many of his prejudiced views, being counted amongst the allies of the heroes.
  • The Perils of Monologuing averts Talking Is a Free Action in the final showdown between Harry and Voldemort. While Harry is giving his canonical explanation for why the Elder Wand won't work for Voldemort, Voldemort summons several knives to stab Harry from behind.
  • Weasley Girl defies both Freudian Excuse and Talking Is a Free Action at the same time in the second to last chapter in the story when Hagrid cuts off Snape's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Harry when it devolves to Snape essentially complaining about his childhood.
    Hagrid: Cuttin' yeh some slack here, cause yer sick, an; yeh've bin with You-Know-Who, an workin' against 'im, mighty brave o' yeh an' all that, yer a true hero, but GROW UP! Yeh had a rotten life? Well, guess what, other people had rotten lives too, an' they do't go around sneerin' at everyone! ''NOW SHUT UP AN' EAT YER RUDDY EGGS!''
    • What lead to Snape's rant was Harry attempting to apologize for misjudging the man. Snape being Snape, he doesn't buy it.
  • Faery Heroes does this a lot for a Peggy Sue fic.
    • The first chapter reveals that the Muggle World found out about the Wizardry World after a failed assassination attempt on the Royal Family and Prime Minister. Wizards barely know anything about Muggle technology, particularly weapons. Grenades can kill as easily as any curse in a public area.
    • Time travelling can't work if one currently exists in the timeline. The Faery Queen, Lillith, has to send Harry, Hermione, and Luna's souls in a different timeline, since their bodies aren't like a faery's.
    • Hermione comes out to her mother as bisexual. They are in the 1990s, so Mrs. Granger has a hard time processing this and neither of them are on speaking terms for a while until Harry steps in.
      • Before Hermione comes out to her mom, the conversation is about Hermione's mom's confusion at the Relationship Upgrade she had with Harry when her last letter in that timeline gave no such hints (they weren't dating in the 4th book) and at the intimacy they both demonstrated to each other (Hermione and Harry had been together with Luna for several years in their original timeline as adults).
    • This Peggy Sue fic actually subverts the typical "punishing the villains before they do anything" cliche at first, several chapters in. Harry quickly realizes that the Ron in the new timeline hasn't done anything to warrant punishment to the extreme that he, Hermione, and Luna did... until he looks through Ron's memories and learns that Dumbledore convinced him to try keeping Harry dumb in exchange for joining the Chudley Cannons after graduation during the summer after their first year. Even after this revelation, Harry decides to let the bad luck curse he cast on Ron wear off and hope that he changes for the better. He doesn't.
      • Harry also has to remind himself that the Ginny in the new timeline is not the same one who harassed him and his lovers in his old timeline, though is still disturbed at her obsession with him. It isn't until Ginny admits at the end of the story that she knew that her mom tried getting Love Potions into Harry on Valentine's Day through chocolates and then have him break up with Hermione and Luna when Harry, Hermione, and Luna decided to invoke Laser-Guided Karma on her.
    • Madame Pomfrey starts giving Harry nutrition potions to get his body more healthy. However, years of abuse and hunger mean that even if the growth spurt is significant, Harry will never grow to his full height.
    • Harry, Hermione and Luna's style of taking down Voldemort's forces is to steal their wealth, cutting off resources instead of taking them head on.
      • While on a heist, they remember that they are in a different timeline, which means that there are things they forget to take into account, such as an old Rookwood that never existed in their timeline or that genders will be different among peers, like Daphne Greengrass becoming David Greengrass.
    • Ron and Malfoy are stripped of their prefect badges by McGonagall and Slughorn due to their abuse of power by Christmas break. It is mentioned earlier that Harry was originally the choice, but Dumbledore convinced McGonagall to give the position to Ron until the other prefects petition for him to be removed.
    • Despite being one of the bad guys in the fic, even Dumbledore finds Snape to be immature and a horrible teacher. Not to mention, being Headmaster of a massive and prestigious academy is exhausting and stressful, so he constantly eats Calming-Drought laced lemon drops to keep from losing his cool a lot.
    • It is revealed that in the old timeline, the Ministry never went through reform. They are a bunch of illogical idiots, along with the rest of the Wizarding World, after all, and don't realize when something is a problem even if it is pointed out to them.
    • After performing a ritual that increases their magical cores, Harry, Luna and Hermione realize that they struggle with performing spells with the increased power, usually overpowering them by accident. They also miscalculate the ritual since it was designated for two people, not three, meaning that Harry performs it twice and has a magical core nine times its original size. This power-up doesn't extend to all of their known spells, though, Harry thinks the spells most affected are the ones they use the most.
  • Unsurprisingly, some neighbors from Privet Drive do notice how messed up the Dursleys are and don't buy the "St. Brutus" discipline school lie in Whatever Happened to Harry Potter, since it sounded so fake to begin with. Many of the neighbors refused to associate with the Dursleys due to how nasty they were. One is horrified when they see bars on the window to Harry's room and wants to contact Child Services. The only reason why he didn't is because Mrs. Figg reassured him that Harry wasn't there for the summer (which was technically true, but that was only because Ron and the twins bailed him out three days after he was locked up in the first place).
  • In Harry by Proxy, Dumbledore's decision to send Hagrid introduce the Wizarding World to Harry is criticized by Snape, who points Hagrid is highly visible and not qualified for escorting muggle-raised students in the alley. McGonagall agrees and volunteers herself as the escort since she has the benefit of experience.
  • Messing with Fate gives us Fate meeting Harry upon his death and giving him the chance to go back in time and do everything all over again in the hopes of defeating Voldemort... and Harry refusing to do everything over (including the Dursleys, Malfoy, Chamber of Secrets), especially since Fate says that all she can do is send back his soul (i.e. no knowledge, power-ups, or anything that could make his life easier in the process).
  • In Variations of a Scene, when it comes out that Umbridge had Ron whipped for having dungbombs in his pocket, Fudge has her arrested with plans to throw her under the bus in an attempt to save his career. As a Slave to PR, he simply can't ignore news articles stating one of his underlings has permanently scarred a pureblood.
  • When Charlus Potter gets Harry to agree to taking the Defense Against the Dark Arts post in Wind Shear, Harry's surprised that Charlus doesn't simply talk to Dumbledore and get him the job. Instead, he gets Harry an appointment with the Hiring Board to apply for the job. Dumbledore may have final say, but Hogwarts is a very prestigious school with many many applicants and thus the man simply doesn't have the time to interview everyone.
    • Voldemort's recruitment quickly dries up when it becomes apparent to his men that not only are they being actively hunted but that Voldemort will callously disregard them on the battlefield, leading to even more deaths.
  • Despite being war heroes, both Harry and Ron in The Favour had to go through the three years of auror training and are generally treated like all the other rookies, such as dealing with passed out drunks rather than high profile cases.
  • Wait, What? is a crack fic that tears apart The Wrong Boy Who Lived through it's very nature alone. No, Dumbledore. No sane parent would ever consider giving up one of their kids just because you said so and that they weren't the Boy Who Lived, despite all evidence pointing to Harry. As he tries to convince Lily to give Harry up (he reasoned that Harry was obviously the "dark twin" simply because Voldemort's curse rebounded and left him the lightning bolt scar and that his twin, William, was the "good" twin because there was no markings left on him from the attack), Lily doesn't take kindly to the idiotic plan and proceeds to strangle Dumbledore with her hair right as James comes home from work, telling him that Dumbledore had a brilliant idea for what to do with their infant sons.
  • All chapters of Wizards are stupid showcase the consequences of the lack of common sense a lot of wizards and witches seem to have. A few examples...
    • In Incest is bad, the Purebloods' (in this case, Lucius Malfoy) obsession with keeping their bloodline pure by inbreeding results in a hideously deformed baby.
    • In Who's Left?, Draco's overreliance on his father's influence instead of actually working for influence himself doesn't help him when Voldemort eventually wins, killing most if not all of the Muggles, Muggleborn, Half-Bloods in the United Kingdom. Since Draco doesn't have any real skills, he's delegated to do menial tasks such as shoveling Hippogriff shit.
    • In He can walk!, Dumbledore seems to have forgotten that most children can walk, or at least crawl, by their first birthday. So when he leaves Harry on the Dursley's doorstep unattended, Harry leaves the basket to find out what happened to his "Ma-Ma" and "Da-Da" and is promptly hit by a car when he gets onto the street.

    How to Train Your Dragon 
  • Hiccup's detoxification in Persephone is a grueling experience even though he comes out better for it. And just like real-life alcoholics, extremely stressful events like being disowned by his father cause him to relapse.
  • A Thing of Vikings revolves around the geopolitical consequences of a small viking village in the 1040's suddenly learning how to tame and ride dragons.

  • In Brainbent, Eridan tried to intentionally invoke something he saw in a prison movie- specifically, the idea that if you end up in prison, you should make an example of anyone who tries to fuck with you so everyone else will respect you. Not only did it not work, it actually did the exact opposite of what he wanted: nobody respects him because they're all afraid of him, so instead of becoming admired and respected, he just got alienated even more, to the point that nobody wanted to talk to him, even people who were the closest thing he had to real friends.
  • Cultstuck has Tavros run into a nasty case of this when he's trying to escape through the tunnels: even when he finds Karkat and thus has someone to guide him, the tunnels have lots of cracks and uneven surfaces, so while Karkat by himself can easily move through them, they suddenly become a lot harder to get through when he's pushing a guy in a wheelchair. It gets worse when Karkat is poisoned and their path to the Dark Hive leads them down a long flight of stairs.
    • At one point in the story, Karkat fights a threshecutioner, and this trope occurs in both a good way and a bad way: The good way is that while the threshecutioner is bigger and stronger than Karkat, Karkat's done far more training than him, so he can easily hold his own- in fact, he's better. The bad way is that while Karkat's been taught to fight, he's never been in a fight for real, so when he draws blood, he's shocked and horrified and it nearly gets him killed.
  • 0k shows that while the main twelve may be big fish in the small pond that was Alternia, the Fleet is a whole different matter: No, a mutant isn't going to be allowed to join the Fleet, he'll be culled; no, an heiress with no exceptional fighting abilities won't be able to beat a much older and more experienced troll; no, someone with Sollux's powers won't escape being helmed; no, the Fleet isn't going to tolerate a stoner who's barely lucid, so it's not long before Gamzee's dead; no, someone as demanding and attention-seeking as Vriska won't be tolerated for long when nobody around her likes her or is willing to put up with her, so she gets killed soon enough; and yes, someone whose blood colour and rank is high enough really can get away with murder, so if you want to put a stop to it, you're going to have to be very damn careful.

     Invader Zim 
  • The New Adventures of Invader Zim:
    • During their first fight, Dib tries to stake Norlock. However, since all he has is a piece of wooden debris, with nothing else to hammer it in with, he fails to penetrate Norlock's ribcage.
    • Norlock's betrayal arguably also counts. Have the villainous Hypercompetent Sidekick get in a confrontation with Dib where the latter points out that for all said sidekick's insistence he's both manipulating Zim so that he'll be his Puppet King and helping him achieve his potential as a villain, he's ultimately just a coward who hides behind others instead of doing the work himself. THEN have that same sidekick have an epiphany and see that on some level Dib is right, especially since that no matter how hard he tries to teach Zim to better himself as a conqueror he won't learn. So once Norlock sees a way to seize power for himself he's quick to run for it.
    • When the Swollen Eyeball agents point out that Team Save Earth have constantly failed to collect any credible evidence that Zim or the other Irkens are aliens, Viera counters by pointing out that it's hard to gather evidence when you're in the middle of fighting for your life.
    • Zim's attempt early in Season 2 at blackmailing Gaz into serving him by threatening to reveal to Dib that she sold him out to Zim at the end of Season 1 fails because, as she points out, she doesn't care what Dib thinks of her, and even if she did, Dib is unlikely to believe anything Zim has to say about her anyway.
    • Nyx puts a bounty out on Dib, thinking that Zim will be pleased with her. Instead, he's pissed, since aside from the fact that he wants to kill Dib himself, she didn't even talk to him about it before doing it.
    • Dib is not happy to see Dwicky again, as despite his good intentions he did still lie to and trick Dib the last time they met. It's only after their new adventure together that Dib decides to (mostly) forgive him.
    • When Gaz is blamed for the damage caused to Game Slave Inc. headquarters by the rampaging rat people, she realizes she can't tell people what really happened because with her as the only witness, no one will ever believe it.
    • Because everyone (except Tenn) causes or otherwise gets involved in trouble during their Career Day assignments, they all end up sent to detention.

     Jackie Chan Adventures 
  • Queen of All Oni does this at the end of the story. Just because the heroes win doesn't mean that a Reset Button is hit on all the psychological damage incurred over the course of the story. It is specifically stated by several characters that things can never go back to the way they were.
  • Queen of Shadows deconstructs You Shall Not Pass! at one point — during the fall of the last free human refuge in Kyushu, Toguro attempts to halt Ikazuki's advance in a one-on-one duel. But as Ikazuki points out, this is only holding the General himself, while his forces continue their rampage, whereas otherwise Toguro could be fighting them all off.

     Jurassic World 
  • It takes several tries for Owen to get a full quartet of raptors in Tainted due to modern viruses killing some or all of the clutches he gets.
    • Despite his unparalleled bond with the raptors, to the extent of being able to safely sleep in the same room as them, no one else is happy about Owen taking them for walks after hours, with reactions ranging from insisting he's suicidal to calls for them to be put down.

     Kantai Collection 
  • Ambience: A Fleet Symphony:
    • In chapter 31, Sanford explains at length to the ship girls about how trying to uplift the Chicago poor by just having the rich give money away won't work.
    • In chapter 34, it's mentioned that staying underground without sunlight means Vitamin D supplements are needed.
    • In chapter 42, once Shiranui loses the element of surprise, Kongou clearly has the upper hand. In a fair fight, a destroyer can't beat a battleship, righteous anger or no.
    • In chapter 47, though she makes a valiant attempt, Yuudachi gets killed after being double-teamed by HMS Swordfish and Javelin.
    • In chapter 61, Damon tells Kongou that putting all of her heart into doing something won't help make it good if she doesn't actually know how to do it right.
    • In chapter 119, Kitakami recalls that she had been warned against returning to the Boise CCPL post because the ship girls' slowed aging might have led to inconvenient questions.
  • Ambience: Platoon (Moebius Four): Contingency Summer tells us that the rest of the world, not realising how big the threat really is, is getting nervous about Japan's rearmament to fight the Abyssals.
  • The Greatest Generation:
    • Just because everyone's fighting a war against the common enemy that is the Abyssals doesn't mean that all past hatreds and grudges magically vanish. Zuikaku is the most obvious kanmusu with objections to Yvonne's actions, but far from the only one.
    • This is reiterated in Chapter 5. The Akatsuki sisters are made painfully aware that modern geopolitics aren't as simple as they'd thought.
    "I don't understand, why people would distrust us for trying to capture an Abyssal?" Inazuma asked, "Aren't we all on the same side, nanodesu?"
    • In chapter 6 the narration notes that Japan, being as resource-starved as it is, can't make good use of refugee labour the way Australia or other more bountiful nations can.
    • Putting The Men First sounds noble in theory. But if public expectation and perception expects you to send your subordinates out to Hold the Line, even if doing so is a Senseless Sacrifice of a Suicide Mission, then refusing to do so will get you politically crucified.
    • In chapter 9, it's noted that the severe losses the US took have changed the geopolitical situation. Getting the World War II fleet back would swing things back in their favour, but failing to do so would only worsen their image further. And that's why they're suppressing the failure of the programme.

  • Given that he lacks both Dave's toughness (and newly gained skills) or Mindy's years of training and armory, when Marty joins the all-out brawl in Trip Like I Do, he ends up badly beaten and in a coma due to confronting a tougher, more experienced opponent.
    • Dave shows that Unskilled, but Strong doesn't help against someone who's both skilled and in good shape. At the start of his training, Mindy easily kicked his ass whenever they fought. After he Took a Level in Badass, Dave finds the (massive) guy who beat Marty into a coma and delivers a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown before finally killing him.
    • Mindy ends up badly injured against an untrained thug due to him getting the drop on her.

     Kill la Kill 
  • In Cellar Secrets, this happens in the case of Ryuuko being a Wild Child and the rehabilitation. For one, her age does play a factor, as the older she is, the less they can reclaim, along with the fact that she'll improve as time goes on but she'll still remain stunted. Likewise, she's is terrified of almost everything and knows enough speech to state a few things, but still has to learn how to use syntaxes. Said rehabilitation would be a long and ongoing one; at the beginning of the story, she stayed in an institution for awhile before getting to come home.
  • Concerning a Drifter has this in a few ways, as what happened to Ryuuko had gotten her pregnant four times by rape, as her captors likely didn't give her birth control, left her mentally ill and severely traumatized to the extent that she can no longer care for herself (this could happen), and the fact that Satsuki is deeply affected. Likewise, while the perpetrator and many others were sentenced, things don't go back to normal, as Ryuuko still lives in a mental hospital and doesn't return to her normal self, along with Satsuki not feeling satisfied.
  • The Crimson Garment has this with Satsuki. Unlike what we're shown in canon, Ragyo's abuse does have it's effects on Satsuki, as she associates touch/physical contact with domination, hates much to do with being touched, can't tell genuine love and care from manipulation, and she's terrified of her mother.
  • One line from Endless Numbered Days mentions that Satsuki used to smoke. One can guess this is what leads to her being diagnosed with lung cancer.
  • Ryuuko's brain tumor and the after effects in I Never Really Knew (and it's sequels):
    • As noted in the story, meningiomas are uncommon in women under 55, thus they'd be harder to diagnose, on top of the fact that her symptoms pointed to other things, likewise, though some of her symptoms have gone after the surgery, Ryuuko is still left with poor vision and some paralysis, with no guarantee that her vision will come back because of how much of it's gone. In that vein, earlier in the story, when she's told the news about her sight and hospitalized after seizure, she doesn't take it well and was pretty upset, in which case, she cries in those instances.
    • Because Ryuuko's vision is poor, she startles easily, as Mako finds out in Seeing the World With Cloudy Eyes. In Orange Juice, unfortunately,her poor vision also makes her easier to trick,as,if the colors aren't bright enough, she can't tell a carton of milk from a carton from orange juice,
  • One More Time, One More Chance:
    • Ryuuko has a history of escaping and running away, so, in chapter 12, Satsuki expects this and takes precautions to make her escape plans moot by closing the gate to the property and putting security outside.
    • As noted in earlier chapters, due to negative experiences in the orphanage and when she was adopted out of it, Ryuuko doesn't have any reasons to expect she'd be treated well in a new home and, so, she's wary of Satsuki's intentions, along with not believing she had a sister. Tying into this, when she is recognizing that she's being treated well, she's rather clingy, not wanting Satsuki to leave, and not wanting to disappoint her, along with fearing the worse if she were to.
  • In The Outside, this is played with:
    • While Ryuuko's care under the guardianship of her sister was already iffy, her well-being wasn't in question, regardless, some intervention would have been called for. However, when Aikuro (her tutor) notices Ryuuko's leg in a splint (she snuck outside to play with Mako and got hurt), social services are called and she's subsequently taken away, especially when it's made clear that she didn't get medical treatment (she treated her own injuries).
    • As said on the trope page, Ryuuko's stint in foster care is supposed to be temporary, until they can find her mother (or, at least, a more capable guardian).
    • In a later chapter, as "Rae" put it, three runaway foster children are not going to go unnoticed by their guardians and authorities. Likewise, as Chapter 18 points out, disguising a child that's reported missing doesn't really work if someone is very observant and there's too much of a coincidence, in which case, Tsumugu doesn't fall for Ryuuko's disguise, as, clearly, the latter looks too much like the missing girl.
    • Due to having been raised so sheltered, Ryuuko doesn't have any experience or knowledge of strangers, much less how to avoid dangerous ones. Likewise, in chapter 25, due to having been raised so sheltered (along with being a little malnourished and having not have had vaccines), she's more prone to illness and becomes seriously ill, as she hasn't been around other people to be protected by herd immunity. Adding something to this, her being raised sheltered and isolated has some bearing on her physical appearance as she's noted to be pale in complexion and, if Satsuki's slight negligence is to go by, she's a bit short for her age.
    • As noted earlier, raising anyone in the way Satsuki tried to raise Ryuuko, especially when they don't agree with the idea, is going to make them rebel, which the latter obviously does.
    • Since Satsuki was the only family she had known, Ryuuko's very attached to her and isn't adjusting too well to her absence. In that vein, when she meets her mother again after decade, she reacts with fear.
    • As noted through the plot, isolation does not tend to do wonders to the psyche, as Ryuuko, due to having a few people to interact with, she becomes a cloudcuckoolanderand, having little socialization, some of her emotional development was stunted.
  • Much of the conflict between Ryuuko and Satsuki in Secret Sunshine, especially in regards to Kiko.
    • Though she loves her niece, Ryuuko, from what we can get, does not feel the same way towards Kiko's mother, Satsuki, actually, she has a lot of resentment towards her for giving birth to and leaving Kiko with her, doing nothing (except setting her up with a house and sending checks), for two years, nor is she taking kindly to the idea of Satsuki wanting to re-enter her daughter's life, after said absence. In that vein, part of why she's so attached to Kiko is because, in a sense, she was abandoned, too, leaving the both without anyone to turn to. Likewise, she doesn't want to talk to or think about Satsuki at all because of this.
    • What taking care of Kiko entails on Ryuuko's end. Besides being attached, she's makes it clear that parenthood requires sacrifice and it does, as taking care of Kiko came at the expense of her once carefree life of youth and her health, as, since, during what time she had to herself, she had nothing to (and, as implied, to cope), she just ate, getting heavier than what she was before, and, when funds were low (because of bills/expenses), she starved, so Kiko wouldn't go without.
    • When she hears that Satsuki's pregnant again, she's not happy with the news and, given her situation with Kiko, said news makes her more upset with her sister. She's also skeptical of Satsuki's ability to parent, as the latter, quote, "abandoned Kiko at the earliest instance".
    • When Satsuki visits Ryuuko in the hospital (after the latter is hit by a car), Ryuuko's not delighted to see her, actually, she's still hostile towards her.
    • Tying into the abovementioned, Kiko only knows and, therefore, sees Ryuuko as her mother, calling her "Momma" and getting upset with her absence, along with not taking kindly to being separated. When Ryuuko is hospitalized , she doesn't even notice Satsuki.

     Kim Possible 
  • In Zen and the Art of Ass Whupping Hirotaka finds out that having a black belt is not a guarantee of winning against an opponent who is equally skilled in a different martial art. Especially when said opponent is a foot taller, weighs twice as much as you do, and knows a few barfighting tricks that they're not afraid to use.
  • Commander Argus uses this in his KP series of fics. For instance, during Kim and Ron's senior year, a new principal is in charge of their school, who is just as averse to their missions taking them out of school as a Real Life school administrator would. Additionally, You Are Grounded does not contain an exception for missions.
  • Bleeding Through:
    • When Drakken and Shego attack Kim's high school, causing massive damage, the superintendent concludes that Kim and Ron's presence puts a massive bull's eye on the school and expels them. This, in turn, results in reality ensuing for the superintendent: First of all, Kim's parents sue him; second, when monsters attack the town, he belatedly realizes that, thanks to his actions, Kim and Ron are no longer there to defend everyone.
    • Also discussed in terms of just how the Go Team's powers actually work, since each one shreds the laws of physics into confetti. What's more, exposure to a radioactive meteor should really result in cancer instead of superpowers, let alone such radically-different superpowers in such closely-related subjects.
    • There's also the matter of Rufus' intelligence, which is explained as being due to him being Ron's familiar. Also, it's pointed out that the reason he doesn't speak full sentences is due to the fact that, as a rodent, he doesn't have the necessary vocal organs.
  • At The Centerfold Of The Storm
    • At the start of the story, much of the world is still recovering from the Lorwardian invasion, with many towns and cities still in the clean up phase.
    • While Dr. Director gave Shego a full pardon of her past crimes as thanks for helping to save the Earth, there are still many criminal organizations, corrupt officials and Banana Republics that felt no need to honor such, meaning she had to spend the year between the end of the series and the story effectively cleaning house. And even then, there are still countries where she's effectively Persona Non Grata.
    • One of the major themes is a Deconstruction of the Harmless Villains. It's explained that they simply had reservations about killing a minor. When it becomes apparent that Kim has grown up, they stop holding back. It is also discussed how an organization like Henchco. could function without Global Justice or other law enforcement agencies cracking down.
      • Even then, Henchco. is teetering on the brink. First is from the fact that Kim's actions have severely reduced the number of clients available. And then later, when he raises the bounty on Kim's head to $500 billion in cash, he learns the hard way just how cash-short his business really is. But the final nail in the coffin is when, after word of the bounty hits the news, and he's forced to use a credit card the get the rest of the payment ready, he ends up completely depleting all of Henchco.'s accounts. Between this, and Jim and Tim hacking into Hechco.'s servers, and all the dirty secrets therein, it's a tossup of whether Henchco. will file for bankruptcy before it's accounts are frozen.
    • During the mission at Castle Senior (which, for the record, is located at a mountain glacier in Romania), Rufus is only used once, to save Bonnie from the McHenry laser grid. This is due to the fact that, as a naked mole rat, everything about his physiology (from the obvious lack of fur, to being one of the only species of mammal that's unable to regulate it's body temperature) is stacked against being in a cold environment.
    • When GJ finally cacks open Henchco.'s mainframe, you'd think all the dirty secrets would be all contained in one digital bundle, right? Turns out, it's a sprawling mass of data, and GJ is swamped trying to process it all.
  • Both of the above fics also reveal the fate of Team Go's parents: They died, aka, what normally happens when one is struck by a meteor with enough force to blow up a treehouse.

     Kung Fu Panda 
  • The Vow:
    • Po's father attempts to hold back Lord Shen's wolves from following his wife and son during the panda massacre. However, since he's a strong farmer but not a seasoned warrior, he quickly becomes wounded against half a dozen wolf soldiers. Before he nearly gets his throat sliced, he flees (though he takes a different route than his wife).
    • When Lady Lianne tries to convince her former friend Zhan the Wolf Boss that Lord Shen's plan to conquer all of China is folly, she points out that they'll be facing China's whole imperial army with the wolf pack, one tribe of gorillas, and a dozen cannons. Even if they win in the end, many of Zhan's wolves — who are family to him — will lose their lives. As much as Zhan doesn't want to hear this, he cannot shake off the truth of Lianne's argument.
    • During the epilogue, Lord Shen has a horrific nightmare about losing his family, so he tries to train with the body that is still recovering from bone injuries. Forcing himself to press forward despite the pain, he ends up injuring himself further and prolonging his recovery. No matter how much of a Determinator you are, your body — especially when severely injured — won't take more than it can.

     The Legend of Zelda 

     The Lord Of The Rings 
  • The Game of the Gods is thirty-three instances of this. Morgoth fashions Mary Sue after Mary Sue; Varda carefully imposes reality and lets their own impossibility do them in. Reality Ends Sues?
  • Don't Panic is all about this. A young woman falls into Middle-Earth...but she doesn't know any more Sindarin than your average Tolkien nerd, is not initially believed by everyone when she tells them she's from the far future, and she is not sent on the Quest, because why would they include a young woman totally unused to their world, with no weapons skills whatsoever?
  • Home with the Fairies, like Don't Panic, is what happens when someone beats the "girl falls into Middle-Earth" trope with the Reality Stick. Maddie has no idea how she got there, has no clue how to survive in a medieval environment, can't speak a lick of any of the languages, etc.

     The Loud House 
  • The fanfics by Orange Ratchet (especially Leni Loud The Genius?) do this in perhaps one of the most hilarious ways possible. In the show, Lincoln is known for being a Fourth-Wall Observer by notifying the audience of what he or his sisters do. In the stories, Lincoln continues to do it, but this time, everybody else actually notices it... and it freaks them out a bit in that what they're seeing is basically Lincoln talking to himself (or "talking to the wall" as the sisters put it).
  • Syngenesophobia, on the other hand, features a far more serious example:
    • In the show, it's a common Running Gag for Lincoln to get beaten up by his sisters, which leaves him nothing more than Amusing Injuries. In Syngenesophobia, however, Lincoln sustains injuries from a beating that are anything but amusing...
    • The end result is all the girls getting called out by their parents and peers, thus becoming outcasts.
    • After Ronnie-Anne beats Lynn up, out of avenging Lincoln. She ended up suspended for it, good intentions or not, school fights are not allowed.
      • It's later revealed that Lynn let Ronnie Anne beat her up, out of guilt for the way she treated Lincoln. When Ronnie Anne tries to pick a fight with her in a later chapter, Lynn knocks her out cold. Ronnie Anne may be tough, but she stands no chance against someone who's a virtual martial arts master.
    • The later chapters revealed that Lincoln's relationship with his sisters were already strained even before the beating, and the aforementioned beating was the final straw. While the later chapters shown that he's losing his fear, he begins to resent them all.
    • A thirteen year old child trying to control nine younger children is a disaster waiting to happen.
    • Lisa may be a Child Prodigy with a doctorate only at the age of four, but she's also lacks the morals of a mature person.
    • Luan's April Fool's Day antics have severely damaged her relationship with her family and they're even outright scared of her.
    • Lynn knew full well about the way Ronnie was treating Lincoln and she was NOT happy.
    • The girls discussed about if Lincoln never forgives them, they should learn to accept it. In practice however, while he rejected their apology out of fear than anger or spite, it's shown that talking about accepting is easier than action.
    • The world of pageants was not kind to Lola and the stress of trying to keep ahead of all the Alpha Bitch competitors warped her personality.
    • Even though Lincoln was willing to contact his sisters though text after losing some fear of them, he also begins to resent them, along with losing some (if not all) of the love and trust he had in them.
    • Most of Lana's pets were given away to an animal shelter, as the Loud family couldn't afford to keep them all. On a related note, one of Lana's snakes had to be put down because it ate several of the other animals in the shelter.
    • In chapter 33, Luan confesses Lincoln didn't speak to her for three weeks after the huge prank she put him through in "April Fools Rules".
  • Requiem for a Loud has Lucy and the twins getting suspicious of the odd behaviors that everybody else in the family are displaying.note  Just because they're young kids doesn't mean they won't notice anything out of the ordinary.
  • Shattered Innocence: In this dark retelling of "No Such Luck", Mr. and Mrs. Loud are taken to be questioned, and receive life sentences after the authorities learned that they had locked Lincoln outside of the house, which gave the Royal Woods Stalker all the time to kidnap and murder him. The sisters are also made outcasts for their part.
  • Velvet Fist (Act I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII'') stars Leni who, upon being unmedicated, decides to go on a revenge scheme against all who wronged her. However, some of her schemes do not go completely according to plan, with unforeseen consequences left and right, and she realizes during it that some of the parties she wanted to get revenge on were not as wrong as she assumed at first and so toned down her revenge schemes against them, unlike in many such fics where the guilty stay just as guilty as assumed. Also, even with her best efforts to hide her changes from them, her siblings do pick up on how she is acting off.
  • Another fic tackling No Such Luck is Girls Among Sheep, although with a key difference in that it averts much of the extreme actions Lincoln's family took towards him in the episode. It turns out that Lisa never believed Lincoln was bad luck, and actually forged sham evidence showing he is to keep the other sisters from turning on her. Lincoln not attending a movie with the rest of the family was really a punishment for him lying about being bad luck to get out of hanging out with them. When Lynn Jr. panics and begs the parents not to kick Lincoln out for being bad luck, Lynn Sr. and Rita are shocked that she'd consider they'd ever do that to Lincoln, bad luck or not. Not only does Lynn Jr. apologize, but she and the rest of the sisters have an epiphany over how they treat their brother and resolve to be better.
  • By the same author as Code Geass: Ashikabi of the Amour Oneshot listed in the crossover section, Lincoln and the Vampire Louds Theoretical Oneshot applies some reality takes in its theoretical first chapter.
    • The fic has some mention of the idea that Lincoln is adopted into the family at around his canon age, as some fics do. However, the fic notes that it took a while for some of the sisters to take to him, as not everyone easily takes to a new family member. While most of the sisters have reached a point of a canon-like relationship with them (Bar Lola), it took time to get there.
    • Related to that, as the title suggests the Loud Sisters in this fic are in fact vampires, who are mostly friendly. However even after a year with them, Lincoln still is highly uneasy about the fact they (except for Luna), feed by ambushing and feeding on humans. And while the Loud sisters are friendly, some of them like Lynn, are not aware that it bothers Lincoln and remain blunt about it, while others like Lucy are aware of Lincoln's unease and try not to casually mention feeding on people.
    • Also related, Lincoln wasn't taken in by the Louds for no reason. Lincoln in the one-shot developed a special ability that allows him to tell if a person isn't a regular human, meaning that having him wandering around is dangerous for them, while killing him would bring in dangerous attention.
    • Continuing related trends, even without needing to kill or turn, vampires can be detected. Humans that are used to working with large groups of people, like Agnes Johnson, can pick up that a vampire child is somewhat different from a human child. Trends relating to blood loss, like nausea and dizziness cases, can be tracked as well, though without cause to look they aren't obvious.
    • Still related, as the world of the fic has a masquerade involved involving supernatural being and powers, there is a governing body. Said governing body, the Benevolence Society, has laws regarding behavior among such beings. Among them is vampire feeding, which the Louds do not follow and also have not registered with them. As a result the moment the Society picks up that illegal vampire feedings are occurring, they amass their attention on solving the problem.
    • Finally, the Benevolence Society operates in the public sphere is an organization that advances the New England Federation's people culturally and financially, pushing for laws and ideals they support. Per Lincoln's own words, they promote "the virtues of Liberalism, Progress, Science, Tolerance," and other related ideals. Underneath the shadows in the side of the superhumans and supernatural beings the group is run and staffed by, they operage for the virtues of Liberalism, Progress, Science, Tolerance and everything else [they] publicly preached. Lying about what they do would make it easier for people to spot cracks in their organization's masquerade, and thus the organization follows all their rules, laws, and ideals to a T. The leader, who is taking the identity as Theron Dodekantheon the Fifth, still pays the taxes of Theron Dodekantheon the Fourth, averting Undead Tax Exemption and thus, another crack someone could follow into the rabbit hole.
  • No Such Luck, No Such Love is a Deconstruction Fic about Lincoln's Butt-Monkey status. All of the things that Lincoln suffered through is revealed to have stuck with him and he begins to resent his sisters (not Lily, since she's just a baby) and parents for it. In real life, there's no such thing as Negative Continuity nor is there a Reset Button, and mistreatment is likely to stick with a person and make them spiteful.
    • In chapter 11, Lincoln tells Clyde and Ronnie Anne about what happened during "No Such Luck"note . Lincoln might hate his family at the moment, but he's still willing to give them a chance and isn't spiteful enough to split them apart. He makes them swear not to tell anyone because his parents could get arrested for kicking him out of the house and his sisters will be separated.
  • In Missing Linc, despite his efforts to ensure otherwise, Dirk O'Donnell learns that unless someone is actually acting in a movie, play or TV show, they aren't going to stick to a script just because they've been told to do so. Especially when they're angry at you for kidnapping their brother. The only reason Ginny does is because he's forced her to do so her whole life.
    • As smart as Lisa is, she's still only four years old, so Lori is naturally concerned about her being able to look after Lily on her own.

     Love Hina 
  • An Alternate Keitaro Urashima:
    • Keitaro refuses to run the Hinata Inn since, not only are several of the girls violent and don't want him there, he's got his own life to live and can't devote that kind of time to running the dorm. When Granny Hina tries to play the childhood promise card, Keitaro points out that you can hardly expect someone to stick by a promise they made when they were five and to a girl he barely even remembers.
    • Granny Hina's attempts to manipulate Keitaro into becoming manager cause massive rifts in their family. Turns out his parents don't appreciate how she lied either.
    • Haruka's tendency to punish her workers and abuse customers she dislikes lead to her getting sued and losing the teahouse.
    • Su has to get a part-time job to pay for some food she ate at the bakery that was meant for some customers, costing them clients. And even after she pays it off the bakery and other food stores post signs warning about her tendency to steal food.
    • After coasting by without paying her rent for several months, Kitsune has to pay it all back or get evicted.
    • Naru punching Keitaro nearly gets her kicked out of their cram school, and she becomes a social pariah.
    • After being warned several times, Motoko attempts to challenge Keitaro to a duel... and gets arrested and charged with attempted assault with a deadly weapon. Her fangirls get arrested as accessories. This leads to her expulsion from the Kendo Club.
    • Ryuichi lost his job after Ogi revealed how he'd stalked Keitaro and Miyabi.
    • After the fiasco with Keitaro, Shinobu starts reevaluating her relationship with the other girls and comes to the conclusion they've just been treating her as an Extreme Doormat.
    • Kyoshiro and Nanami (Keitaro and Kanako's parents) refuse to even consider letting Kanako drop out of school for over a year to go on a world tour with Granny Hina.
  • In Ancestor, (Kei)Taro Urashima developed a healing technique using Ki to stimulate a body's natural healing ability (he describes it as miracle grow) which can even be used to re-attach severed limbs. So when a particularly clumsy novice kept losing a finger or two trying to learn swordsmanship, the cells connecting his finger to his hand started rotting due to being several decades older than the rest of his body. In order to save his life, the healers had to amputate his arm.
  • Contract Labor
    • When Keitaro asks his trainers why he's being trained to shoot three targets at a time he's told no matter how good he is, if he's facing more than four enemies with guns at once, he'll probably "suffer a fatal dose of lead poisoning" before he can shoot them all.
    • One of the mercenaries on Seta's dig is left temporarily near deaf from firing his rifle inside a cave.
    • Motoko is banned from carrying deadly weapons (such as her katana) on her person in the dorm as it's a safety issue regardless of how skilled she is.
      • Likewise violence, except in self-defense, is not allowed at the dorm. Keitaro further states that any self-defense has to be proportional. Pushing someone off you is okay; punching someone out is not.
  • For His Own Sake:
    • The story begins with Keitaro leaving the Hinata Inn after three years of acting as manager to a group of girls that appear to look for any reason to attack him. He also breaks up with Naru, viewing their relationship as unhealthy, warped, and one-sided.
    • Keitaro's parents are pissed off when they learn that their son was constantly assaulted or abused by his tenants.
    • When Keitaro's Aunt Marumi becomes manager, she declares that she will be converting the girls' dorm back to a regular inn and throws the girls out. After all, no sane manager would want to keep violent and troublesome girls in their inn.
    • Motoko is disgusted when Kanako reveals she has feelings for Keitaro right after learning they are siblings. Kanako quickly explains that they aren't really related, but Motoko doesn't buy the justification.
    • Because Seta is unequipped with dealing with his daughter, Sarah, he is forced to ship her off to a strict boarding school. The headmaster chides him for his poor parenting when he reveals why he is doing this.
    • Unlike Naru, Sarah, Su and Motoko at first, for the latter; Kitsune and Shinobu are able to realize their mistakes and sever ties with the rest of the Hina girls. Kitsune, while greedy, does acknowledge her part in Keitaro leaving because she isn't violent or unreasonable like Naru and Motoko are. Shinobu, while never taking part in the violence, is still chewed out by Keitaro because she never did anything to help him despite being more reasonable than the others and took Naru or Motoko's word for any accusations against him every time without learning from those experiences.
    • Kaolla Su decides to "cheer up" the guests at an inn by chasing them with exploding Mecha-tamas. Dozens are injured, the inn is nearly destroyed, and Kaolla is arrested as a terrorist. Not mention she puts a serious strain on her home country's own reputation.
    • Naru's Hair-Trigger Temper gets her into some very hot water when she punches a man that she assumed was making creepy passes at a woman. The man and woman are revealed to be a married couple. On top of that, he's revealed to be the career adviser at Tokyo University that Naru had an appointment with, meaning Naru put her academic future and job prospects in jeopardy because she made one very hasty, foolish assumption.
      • Naru's continued Victim Blaming when the school investigates sees her expelled, with her academic advisor noting what a shame it was.
  • In Love Hina: Like It Could Have Been, when the girls angrily declare that they'd never let a man be their manager, Keitaro leaves, having compromised with his parents (and thus not being forced to live at the Hinata Sou). Later Kitsune is told to either pay her rent by the end of the month or find a new place to live, and both Motoko and Naru are smart enough to rein in their hatred of men so carpenters can fix the damage Su's inventions have caused.
  • The Merry Killers shows what someone of Naru's strength could do if she punched someone other than Keitaro: her punch turns his head into a fine mist. Though in this story, she's a contract killer so it's fully intentional.
  • Several Love Hina stories have the girls get in trouble, often with the law, for assaulting someone they think is being perverted.
  • One story had Keitaro note that, despite what the girls accuse him of, he hasn't been getting erections during the various Crash-Into Hello moments. Whether he's crashing into them or they're falling on him, such situations are more painful than arousing.

     Lyrical Nanoha 
  • Game Theory frequently does this with Talking Is a Free Action from as early as the first chapter. The whole cast is loaded with Combat Pragmatists, Crazy-Prepared and good at the Xanatos Speed Chess, which means that any character who gives a foe a breather (such as, well, by talking) will get his ass whooped. The fic also continuously shows that something believed to be Crazy Enough to Work... won't, precisely because of the "crazy" part (either you can't convince people to assist on the plan because of its risk or it creates too little an advantage to be bankable in the greater scheme of things).

  • How Roid's Plan Could have Backfired Horribly is a series of one-shots making horrible fun of Roid's master plan by showing how things could have backfired on him, starting with the canon scene where Roid declares Windermere the heirs of Protoculture being interrupted by a Zentraedi Main Fleet wiping out the planet in the odd chance he was right faster than they could use the Song of the Wind to brainwash them (and also being prepared to deal with it).

     Mai-Otome/ Mai-Hime 
  • In Oneesama, Shizuru giving a Skinship Grope to Natsuki is treated as sexual harassment by Miss Maria, who says Shizuru could be expelled if she felt it necessary. Thankfully, she's also a Reasonable Authority Figure, and decides on a punishment that forces Shizuru to humble herself and approach Natsuki as herself, rather than her persona as top Coral.
  • In Perfection is Overrated, a handgun is significantly less powerful than most of the Himes' Elements or Childs, but it still has enough power to kill someone. Shizune, whose special ability made those of the Himes useless finds this out the hard way.

     Marvel Universe 
  • In So Wrong, the fully adult Carol Danvers becomes especially close with the underage Peter Parker. When some of the characters find out, they don't treat it as normal and move on with their lives, they become concerned with the relationship, as any normal person would do if they found an adult dating a underage teenager.
  • In Mission Report Impossible, Quill has terrible spelling since he was kidnapped when he was nine then raised by space hillbillies while Rocket can barely write because he's basically a scientifically modified racoon (he can however read eight different languages).
  • In My Grandson's Odd Family Peter Quill returns to Earth. When one of his cousins, obviously disbelieving him, asks him to correctly recall an event from thirty years prior, Peter fails, since, as it was unmemorable at the time and happened when he was a small child, he doesn't remember.
  • In The Amazing Spider-Man fics Extra Legs to Stand On and Ocelli, after the Lizard incident Peter is questioned by the police when they remember that he tried to warn them about Curt Connors which pushes him into the media spotlight. There's a jurisdictional fight between the NYPD, the CIA, Homeland Security, the NSA and SHIELD due to the Lizard's actions counting as domestic terrorism.
  • In The Hotline the high-school aged Peter Parker develops a deep-seated fear of the police due to the frequent Police Brutality he faces as Spider-Man. The Mayor of New York and the NYPD try to boost their terrible reputation and distract people from their Police Brutality by working with the increasingly popular Spider-Man and rescind their arrest warrant on him. Which doesn't work as Spider-Man doesn't trust them and many cops would rather see Spidey arrested or dead regardless of public opinion or orders by their higher ups.
  • In Children's Crusade when Kate Bishop refuses to stop superheroing when caught by the Avengers, they stop calling her father and have her monitored by the reformed SHIELD. Which bites them in the ass as other young heroes such Spider-Man, Speed and Jonas Vision now refuse to have anything to do with the Avengers in fear that they will come after them and their families if they refuse to stop.
  • The Spanish fic Consecuencias shows what would happen if all superpowered individuals of Earth were killed, just like the Friends of Humanity would like:
  • Life In Reverse:
    • It shows Loki forced to consult a shrink when S.H.I.E.L.D. establishes he's emotionally volatile and as such a liability on missions.
    • The Avengers's reaction to Thor range from coldness to outright hostility, as someone they care about — Loki — is upset and frightened by the prospect of his arrival on Earth. Also, smashing windows is not a good way to prove you're not threatening someone.
    • Removed from Asgard and Thor's shadow, Loki discovers — with not a small amount of surprise — that not everyone holds Thor as a paragon and living embodiment of greatness. It starts with Clint outright dismissing the appeal of wielding Mjolnir, as he doesn't see a way to fit this power with his skillset. Than you have the Avengers being cold with Thor and worrying about Loki: they may have heard about Thor, but they know Loki and quite like him, which means they are not going to abandon the trickster for his brother when the latter shows himself.
    • In the very first chapter, Coulson introduces himself as S.H.I.E.L.D.'s contact to Loki by taking an appointment with his landlady and the god tartly remarks S.H.I.E.L.D. should have used the civilized approach first: kidnapping attempts kinda send the wrong message, and Loki shows a good amount of mistrust towards the organization even after being accepted as an agent.
  • A majority of Team Iron Man fics have Tony forgive Bucky Barnes for killing his parents. Why? Because intellectually, Tony knows that Bucky was brainwashed, and therefore cannot be held accountable. The reason he reacted as he did in Siberia was because he literally just found out that not only were his parents murdered, and not in a car accident like he'd always believed, but that Steve had known about it and kept it from him for years. Had he been told sooner, and had time to process the information, the fight in Siberia probably wouldn't have happened. It also helps that Tony doesn't know Bucky personally, whereas Steve had been his friend and teammate for years, making his betrayal hurt all the more.
  • Second Chances:
    • In the aftermath of Captain America: Civil War, Tony Stark suffers from PTSD after nearly being killed by one of his friends and required multiple surgeries (including implanting an artificial sternum) to fully recover from his injuries. Seeing his dead parents suddenly alive again ends up triggering a panic attack.
    • When trying to confirm his parents' identity, Tony doesn't trust a fingerprint scan as SHIELD had a record of them, meaning Hydra did too. When he asks what he wanted for his seventh birthday, Howard responds that he can't remember as it was ten years ago.
    • Once they realize they actually died and were resurrected, the Starks spend some time dealing with nightmares and panic attacks reliving their murders.
    • Though they are in perfect health, the Starks are warned that they're in perfect health for their age. Howard has to give up alcohol as his body can't take it any more.
    • Vision also sees a therapist regularly, though in his case it's to understand how to be human and all the unusual ways they behave.
    • When finally caught and tried, Natasha gets far less sympathy than any of the other members of "Team Captain America". Scott, Sam, and Bucky were all apologetic with the latter clearly not having been in his right mind while Steve was trying to protect a friend and Wanda wanted revenge on the man she held responsible for her family's deaths. Natasha shows only cold detachment and apathy towards the lives she destroyed.
    • Bucky/James is the only member of "Team Captain America" to avoid prison time but instead is sentenced to nine years in a psychiatric facility. He's not held responsible for his actions as the Winter Soldier due to the extenuating circumstances of his torture and brainwashing, and it's made clear that he had very little idea of what was happening during the Civil War. That he's a mentally ill World War II veteran and former POW only garner him more sympathy.
    • While the Starks know intellectually Bucky/James Barnes wasn't responsible for murdering them, they're still terrified of the man who beat them to death.
    • Part of why Steve felt Wanda was relatively harmless despite being a former Hydra agent is because the vision she showed him simply reminded him of what he lost and made him feel as lonely as awakening from the ice had. He admits to himself that if he'd faced his worst fears like the others, he probably wouldn't have wanted Wanda as an Avenger.
    • Having a few years advance notice of a pending invasion is not a lot of time for a planet that doesn't have a planetary defense system. Tony and the Accords Panel are scrambling to get such a defense system set up while also making sure it can't be used against Earth at a later point. Likewise, there's tremendous efforts to make sure communications and other systems don't fail during an invasion.
    • Many "Enhanced" are wary of outing themselves to the worlds by signing the Sokovia Accords both because Steve Roger's actions ruined the reputation of Enhanced in general and because for decades SHIELD dealt with troublesome Enhanced by tossing them in The RAFT and throwing away the key.
  • The fanfic The Party shows the tragic consequences of Tony going to his crowded birthday party drunk and in his Iron Man Suit, and fighting Rhodey in Iron Man 2.
  • Self-Insert Michael McCole in A Twelve Step Program to Omnipotence manages to gain both the Hulk's powers and Extremis. But when he tells his Mad Scientist Samuel Sterns he wants his skeleton coated with vibranium, he's told it's not doable. Even if the surgery could be performed without immediately killing him, and that's a big if, he'd die from strangling his bone marrow. And if that didn't kill him, his body's extreme internal temperature makes it likely the vibranium would melt inside him, rending the whole process meaningless.
    • Later, after using a serum developed by Sterns to double his intellect, he doesn't gain any new knowledge, but he better understands things he already knew and learns new things easier.
    • When Michael and Sterns start selling what's clearly an arc reactor with the serial numbers filed off, Tony Stark admits that despite what Pepper argues, Stark Industries can't sue them. While the fact he never patented the arc reactor means Michael and Sterns are technically in the clear from a legal standpoint, the real problem is that the sheer goodwill this new company has produced by providing relatively cheap clean energy means SI would come off as the villains.
    • Michael and Sterns, along with their cohorts Noah Burstein and Phineas Mason need someone to run their company for them as none have any real business savvy or interest in running a company, let alone a soon to be multi-billion dollar Mega-Corp.
  • Because he's the only Avenger willing to deal with the media, Tony Stark becomes the face of the Avengers in The War Is Far from Over Now, which also ties his company to the Avengers. As a result, the events of each film are nightmares for Stark Industries legal and PR departments, especially with the various Avengers not helping at best and actively making things worse at worst.
    • As he's only physically fought with Captain America and has been notably impressed with the intellect and knowledge of the likes of Tony Stark and Jane Foster, Thor doesn't realize how different humans and Asgardians are from a physiological standpoint. At the time, he thought pulling a Neck Lift on Tony was a harmless way to show how angry he was with the Ultron situation (because it heavily reminded him of Loki) and was genuinely horrified and apologetic when he learned he could have easily killed Tony.
    • Vision was only "alive" for an hour before getting thrown into battle against Ultron and his Chitauri, making him far less effective than he should be due to having only limited understanding of what his powers are or how they worknote .
    • Despite some of the Avengers treating the two as functionally interchangeable, from a political perspective, War Machine and Iron Man are almost complete opposites. Tony Stark is one of the bigwigs (and former CEO) of one of the biggest multinational companies on the planet and a private citizen so he can often enter foreign countries if for no other reason than Stark Industries having holdings there. In such cases, he can use Plausible Deniability to claim he had his Iron Man armor in case of emergency and just happened to end up using it. James Rhodes however, is a colonel in the United States Air Force and his War Machine armor is considered a military asset. If he enters a foreign country in his armor without authorization, it's technically an act of war, just the same as if he flew a fighter jet in and started blowing things up in a fight. As a result, there's a lot of paperwork involved in non-emergency deployments for Rhodey and emergency deployments have almost as much paperwork, just with most of it done afterwards.
    • In the tie-in story From the Other Side, many former SHIELD agents end up suffering from PTSD after being captured and interrogated by HYDRA and other enemy agencies due to Natasha dumping all of SHIELD's files online. While some of the agents who don't return to SHIELD do so out of bitterness, others are just too traumatized to carry on being secret agents.
  • Enough Rope:
    • Bruce Banner points out how five Winter Soldiers wouldn't be capable of holding a small village, let alone taking over/destroying the world. No matter how good they are at killing, they're still only five people.
    • Despite Ross being a major Jerkass, Tony still has to play nice with him due to the man's position.
    • Spending hours semi-conscious in an abandoned Siberian bunker in a suit with no power leaves Tony badly frost bitten, to the extent his fingertips have to be amputated.
    • When Wanda makes a remark about an interviewer asking Tony questions he doesn't want to answer, Scott informs her that interviews don't work like that. Both parties meet up before hand to negotiate which questions can and cannot be asked and while some reporters might try to ask some unapproved questions, they know better than to try with Tony Stark who's not only rich and powerful, but is known to walk out on interviews if someone does.
    • While some people think Captain America might have been right to oppose the Sokovia Accords, they all agree he went about it in the wrong way. Attacking police officers and harming civilians only weakens his position, especially since Rogers could have instead argued his point with the United Nations or even simply staged a hunger strike in protest. Captain Britain even says that Rogers' actions "poisoned the well" for independent superheroes like him.
    • Brian Braddock carelessly uses the same phone for both his hero and civilian identity so quite a number of people knew he's Captain Britain, though MI13 kept his enemies from learning it.
    • Bodycams make it harder for both sides of an argument to falsify things. While various governments could string footage together to make heroes look bad, the heroes have their own copy to offer as counter-evidence. Likewise, heroes might be protected against false accusations, but still have to watch their behavior since everything they do as heroes is being recorded at all times.
    • While it is serious Paranoia Fuel, the fact that in this story Wanda sometimes messed with people's minds on accident is great news for Scott's and Clint's court case as it massively strengthens their defense if it can't be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that they were completely in their right minds during the battle at the Berlin airport.
    • Wanda being Easily Forgiven is torn apart by Laura Barton in argument with her husband, who points out that in actuality at least 3 Avengers (Tony, Bruce, and Clint himself) all were actively angry with her or at least were squeamish around her. She also points that Wanda's abilities made her a much bigger threat of manipulating the team than Tony.
    • The whole fic intends to apply realistic geopolitical and political concerns to the events of Civil War. For one thing, General Ross is not presented as the untouchable force he was in the film (with it even noted in the intro notes that other countries' leaders wouldn't be enthusiastic about a warhawk American being granted so much authority). The Avengers besides Tony and Natasha not knowing about the Accords is addressed by them not following politics around them, since such a large and complex arrangement WOULD be discussed long enough for news to have trickled down beforehand. Other countries don't appreciate having vigilantes smashing around their property regardless of whether said vigilantes are doing "what's right."
  • What If:
    • Thor's relationship with Jane carries a number of troubles which Frigga spells out quite clearly. First, Thor will outlive Jane and mourn her for far longer than their relationship can possibly last. Second, from Jane's perspective, she won't have someone she can grow old with. Lastly, though Thor is upset at seeing Jane only once a week, that's because he's thinking in mortal terms, something that is less common the more time he spends away from Earth. For an aesir like himself, seeing a lover once a week is a remarkably ardent courting.
      • Jane's side of the relationship is considerably healthier than canon. Unlike the films, where she became completely despondent when Thor leaves after only a few days of knowing him, she's well functioning even though their relationship takes place over a few months. Furthermore, their eventual break up isn't because Thor didn't call often enough, but because of his continued Can't Argue with Elves attitude rubs her the wrong way and means he doesn't truly see her as his equal.
    • Much of Asgard's dislike for Loki came from the belief he was a bastard due to Odin claiming him as his son yet no one ever seeing Frigga pregnant during the right timeframe.
    • Because Loki was the rightful king during his rule in Thor, Sif and the Warriors Three's actions against him are indeed crimes against the throne, however Loki's unpopularity means Odin can't punish them officially. Frigga "suggests" they request a mission that will take them away from Asgard for a few decades as unofficial punishment, with Odin citing that a mourning mother is allowed to be ruled by her emotions.
    • When Steve is wondering who he can trust to not be a HYDRA agent or somehow tip them off, Sam and Natasha point out it's physically impossible for HYDRA to have bugged every phone in the world. Since Sam is just someone Steve occasionally talks to on their runs, his phone is clean and Steve uses it to call in the Avengers.
    • Despite the helicarriers never getting off the ground and the info dump never happening, Black Widow is thrown in prison after the events of Winter Soldier because her defense still amounts to blackmailing the world with the idea that they "need her" to protect them. Her attorney even points out that there's at least half a dozen loyal SHIELD agents with her skill set.
    • Without the info dump, vetting every agent in SHIELD takes months and a lot of them fall into a grey area between definitely being loyal to HYDRA and definitely being completely innocent.
    • HYDRA agents only managed to take over SHIELD due to the latter lacking the checks and balances of more legitimate agencies. HYDRA agents in groups like the KGB, SAS, and CIA never managed to get very far up the chain of command before being found out.
    • Before allying with them, Ultron makes sure the Maximoff twins won't suddenly decide Tony Stark wasn't the one ultimately responsible for their parents deaths and abandon their plans to kill him. He even takes the time to point out that their hatred is irrational since Tony Stark stopped making weapons a year before their parents died and that whoever launched the missiles was more responsible. Granted, Ultron doesn't care that their hatred is irrational; he just wants to make sure they won't give up on their revenge unexpectedly.
    • Wanda's habit of peeking into other's minds comes back to bite her when she uses her powers on Melinda May in South Africa. Since Melinda's fear is having to kill a child again, she hallucinates shooting Wanda, who feels the gunshot due to being in Melinda's mind at the time. The result is both trying desperately to prevent Wanda's death from a gunshot wound that doesn't exist.
    • Steve Rogers isn't an actual captain in the army, having little to no actual training, and while Sam and Rhodey do suggest Steve take officer training, they intend to spin it as Steve seeing what's changed in seventy years so people don't learn that Captain America was basically an untrained civilian in a warzone.
    • When Steve starts calling people about the Winter Core, Sam and Clint both refuse. Clint reminds Steve he's retired and tells him to call Tony instead. Sam points out how simply it'd be for the Avengers to handle things, saying that if Steve just gives them the location, Maria Hill could have it surrounded within the hour.
    • When T'Challa brings Everett Ross to Shuri, asking if she can save him, she reminds her brother that she is a sixteen year old engineer who revolutionized their mining industry, when would she have time to study surgery. Instead she calls up a friend who is a surgeon.
    • As a child, Shuri begged her parents to make her Wakanda's Head of Technologies so she could research whatever she wanted without having to listen to anyone else. Once they explain to her that said position is entirely administrative and focuses on doing what is best for the country rather than just what interests her, Shuri quickly changes her mind.
    • Hulk has to bring out Bruce to explain to Thor why he can't fly off Sakaar in the Quinjet: namely, because the wormholes off Sakaar can lead literally anywhere, making their most likely destination outer space, and the Quinjet isn't a spaceship and can't fly outside of atmosphere.
  • Don't come crawling back to me has Captain America with allies' presence in Wakanda revealed by a member of T'Challa's court, who posted the info on Facebook. King or not, not everyone in Wakanda is going to accept the presence of not just foreigners but fugitives only on T'Challa's sayso.
  • Nobody's Heroes
    • Sam Wilson goes to one of Wakanda scientists to get his wings fixed and he's told that not only will it be three months before it can be worked on, but it'll cost roughly $15,000 to do so. Not only is said scientist too busy with more important things to do it earlier, but the wings are very sophisticated and will need expensive materials to fix.
    • Wanda's full role in the events of Age of Ultron is exposed to the public via Wiki Leaks. This leads to her name being cursed (to the point that her homeland revokes her citizenship), Tony's being vindicated (at least to a point), and T'Challa placing her under house arrest.
    • General Ross is discharged for his antics instead of getting away with it all. It's pointed out that he had no actual authority over Stark and had no position in the UN to interfere with its going-ons how the movie said or implied he did. Everett realizes that Ross' scheming risk to ruin America's standing among other countries considering how displeased the UN Security Council AND the White House were once they learned about Ross' actions.
    • Unlike some stories where characters casually read and understand the Accords, Scott Lang needs the help of a local lawyer (who specializes in constitutional law) to make sense of the document, which is almost two thousand pages long and filled with technical terms.
  • In Uncompromising Principles, the amount of force taken to destroy the arc reactor in Tony's suit is such that his ribs are badly broken. Tony ends up dying from collapsed lungs before he can be rescued.
    • Unlike some stories, where Steve sticks to his guns no matter what, upon learning he accidentally killed Tony, Steve is absolutely horrified and leaves Wakanda to turn himself in.
    • While T'Challa agrees to shelter Captain America and his allies, he makes it clear that he has no intention of letting them commit a PR disaster that'll bounce back on Wakandan soil. He bluntly tells them that if they leave the country and continue to defy the law, they will be no longer welcome in Wakanda. He also says that while he did aid them, he doesn't reject the Accords and that he merely opposed Ross' abuses.
  • Set an Example shows that giving the rogue Avengers pardons in exchange for fighting Thanos sets a dangerous precedent. Many mob enforces, supervillains, and more get out of prison on the same deal due to their (much better) lawyers arguing that if the situation really is so dire as to let international terrorists go free in order to improve Earth's odds of survival, then others with similar capabilities should be offered the same chance.
  • At the start of Wake Up, Princess, Tony Stark announces that he's been forced to retire as Iron Man. His fight against Captain America and the Winter Soldier shattered his ribs and even after they've fully healed, his ribcage isn't nearly as strong as it should be and can no longer handle the strain of piloting the Iron Man armor.
    • Scott running off to help Captain America has negative consequences for him. He is told that he's fired from his job and that contrary to Steve's assumption that Tony arranged it, it was all Dr. Pym's doing (making it obvious he isn't happy about Scott's actions).
    • Nick Fury chews out Captain America for his actions, pointing out the obvious problem with Rogers' attitude in that it disregards the geopolitical issues of having a largely American force of superheroes trampling around the world, that his actions have only succeeded in convincing enough politicians and civilians the Accords ARE needed since Steve's posse have shown them they can't be trusted to operate unsupervised, and that his actions WILL impact other superpowered men and women. He's told by Phil that he's been disavowed by the US military and that since he's ultimately a private citizen he's open to getting held accountable for his antics, via foreign governments hounding him or by way of lawsuits.
  • According to Rhodey in To Intervene, when Steve and Natasha burned SHIELD, they didn't just hurt HYDRA and SHIELD. SHIELD had files on every US intelligence agency which resulted in countless agents being captured on foreign soil and even years later, most of them still haven't been released.
    • The Sokovia Accords affect every super, not just the Avengers. Tony spends months reaching out to every enhanced individual and organization he can find all over the world in order to get their input on things. The way things are shaping up, so many enhanced will be involved that the opinions of the Avengers will be largely irrelevant.
    • After the Avengers admit they didn't bother staying informed about a deal to put them under the jurisdiction of the DIA, Natasha is informed that her idea of scrapping the deal and starting over isn't feasible because the DIA would have no reason to believe they'd honor a new deal after scrapping the old one without even trying to make it work.
    • Once the Avengers are put under the DIA's jurisdiction, they quickly notice Steve and the others traversing all over Europe looking for Bucky and promptly lock the Quinjet so it requires a mission authorization code to start. Like any business, the DIA doesn't allow employees to use company assets for personal reasons, regardless of who they are.
    • Tony starts getting therapy from Charles Xavier to help with his PTSD. Unfortunately, because Tony's solution for the past several years was to repress everything, he's initially more prone to episodes as he learns to cope.
  • In Balance, after learning that Bruce can't turn into the Hulk any more, Rhodey has him help Shuri and Dr. Cho with treating Vision rather than put him on the front lines in an Iron Man armor, citing that he'd be more useful healing Vision.
  • Calling You Out!
    • In prompt 14, T'Challa is arrested in Korea for his destruction of private property and because he broke the Sokovia Accords which he just signed less than two weeks prior. Ross also informs him Okoye got shot when she climbed on top of Nakia's car while Nakia has a concussion and road burn from Klaue blowing up said car.
    • In prompt 17, despite allowing the rogue Avengers to return to the compound, Rhodes is still pissed at them, though not for his broken back like Sam assumes. He's upset because they extended their distrust of the government to their friends and allies, withholding information on what they believed to be a global threat.
    • In prompt 25, Tony has each of the Avengers (except Thor who's offworld) get a check-up so they have up to date medical files. When Steve questions the necessity, especially since Bruce is immune to all diseases, it's explained that even if they aren't infected, they could still be carriers. Clint comments that SHIELD did similar things whenever they came back from missions in certain countries/regions. Similarly, they can't simply tell Tony's team everything as they might not remember or know every important detail.
    • In prompt 28, Scott Lang is arrested during the events of Ant-Man and charged with (among other things) Aggravated Theft and Corporate Espionage by Stark Industries. After Scott got away, Falcon reported the theft at the Avenger's Compound. Once it comes out why Scott stole from the compound and for whom, Hope and Hank are arrested as well. While the charges against Hope are dropped and Scott gets a plea deal since he wanted to call the Avengers in, Hank goes to prison since his justification amounts to hating the Stark name.
    • In prompt 33, Everett Ross is suspended pending a review of every arrest he's made due to his claim that Bucky wouldn't be getting a lawyer after his arrest in Bucharest. Even though he was lying and merely voicing his opinion that Bucky shouldn't get a lawyer, claiming an intention to violate someone's rights is not permitted by any law enforcement agency. Likewise, despite Sharon Carter bringing said claim to the head of the CIA's attention, she's still investigated under suspicion of having stolen Falcon's and Captain America's confiscated gear.
  • I Hope You Have Unlimited Text Messaging:
    • Steve keeping the secret about the deaths of Tony's parents was largely unintentional, as Tony comes to realize long after he had forgiven Steve for it. Steve learned about the situation while in the middle of the crisis and dwelling on it wouldn't change the fact that Howard and Maria were dead. Tony himself wouldn't have had much of a reaction to it either aside from sharing Steve's burning hatred for HYDRA, as his parents have been dead for years and he's long-since moved on from their deaths. As it wasn't really going to change much in the long run, Steve just never got around to telling him since there were more important things going on.
    • Also, Steve legitimately did not know whether or not Bucky was responsible. HYDRA has more than one assassin after all. He suspected, but he didn't know for sure until Zemo showed the video to them in Siberia. This is even more justified when he and Tony learn about Howard's prior assassination attempts (nine in total), which were all perpetrated by HYDRA's other assassins. HYDRA didn't break out the Winter Soldier until they knew they couldn't leave Howard alive any longer — most likely because of the possibility of Howard recognizing him and breaking his programming.
      • Howard's own previous assassination attempts are a case of this. As a founder of S.H.I.E.L.D. and revolutionary inventor and industrialist, it was unlikely to begin with that the Winter Soldier was his first assassination attempt (last and successful, sure, but first?). In fact, it's more surprising that all the previous attempts were orchestrated by HYDRA and not other parties who had just as much reason to want Howard dead.
    • The Sokovia Accords were conceived of and written when it was believed that the Avengers and a few select others were the only enhanced people on the planet. Thus, the sudden population explosion of Inhumans thanks to indirect exposure to the Terrigen Mists is something the Accords aren't prepared to deal with, and many are trying to take advantage of the situation to either exterminate enhanced humans or to weaponize them. This situation validates Steve's fear about the Accords being abused by those in positions of power, and a running subplot of the fic is Tony's attempts to fix the situation by trying to arrange for the Accords to be amended. This situation is also why, unlike canon, Tony outright refuses to have Peter reveal his identity, because, as a minor, it's still unclear whether the Accords should apply to him or not yet, even if he is an Avenger.
    • Ross starts having his men stalk Laura Barton in hopes of fishing out the whereabouts of the rogue Avengers. As Tony and Steve both lampshade, there is no way in hell that is anywhere near the State Department's jurisdiction. Thus, when he finally does pick up (read: kidnap) Laura, Tony has his team of lawyers rip him and the DOS to pieces to get her back, which takes only a couple of days. It's also noted that enforcing the Accords aren't under the DOS's jurisdiction either, only negotiating them and making sure they're legal under the provisions of the Constitution and any other U.S. laws. Ross actively seeking out the rogue Avengers falls squarely under the latter; ultimately, it's one of the nails that leads to his forced resignation in the latter half of the story.
  • Desire Written in Olive
    • Even though Wanda knows Tony is marrying her to keep people from realizing what she did in Sokovia (particularly that she's former HYDRA), it takes several months before the two aren't at each other's throats and a couple years for anything approaching love to develop between them.
    • Growing yourself to giant size when you've only done it once in a lab and passed out immediately? Bad idea. Scott is fine for a short period but quickly collapses and the following chapter reveals the damage to his body is extensive enough it's unlikely he'll ever walk again.

Daredevil (2015)

  • The fanfic What They Wouldn't Do shows off how Matt Murdock's double life as Daredevil greatly affects all aspects of his life, especially his love life.
    • The TV series never established what the consequences if Matt is outed as Daredevil in public would be. So one scene has Matt explain to Foggy why, for example, he doesn't want Sarah Corrigan telling his name to anyone, and having to threaten her physically to do so: if the NYPD learns that Matt is Daredevil, he'll likely get arrested, charged, and disbarred, and then thrown in jail along with many of the crooks he's taken down, meaning he'd likely risk being killed in retaliation pretty quickly. Foggy would likely be disbarred too since there's no way the police wouldn't think he was oblivious to Matt's activities. Claire and Karen would likely be investigated to no end. And Sarah works at a shady company that used to be run by Wilson Fisk, so any slip-up there means a whole platitude of violent crooks being sent after them.
    • It's established that Karen has become somewhat paranoid after killing James Wesley. Her face turns pale when she finds a photo of Wesley's body in Sarah's purse and she later mentions keeping tabs on the police investigation into his death.
    • After being initially blackmailed by Wesley, Sarah tried to go to the police, unaware that there were crooked cops on Fisk's payroll. The desk officer warned her not to come back lest she wanted to get herself killed. Even after Fisk is arrested, Sarah still doesn't trust the police because there's no way to know if the FBI sweep missed a few corrupt cops. Turns out some of the crooked cops are still working for the guys who run Fisk's former shell companies.
  • The fanfic Murdock & Knight sees Matt have a rivalry with a new character, 15th precinct detective Riley Knight (similar to but no relation to Misty Knight) during the period after Fisk's arrest. At the start, Riley is shown to be disillusioned with the "Welcome to the 15th Precinct, the Pride of Hell's Kitchen" banner at the front desk in light of practically half the 15th precinct's cops being found to be in Fisk's pockets (she's also one of the cops who got shot by the sniper that shot Detective Blake). Early on, Matt is hesitant to trust Riley, as he's pretty sure that some of the bent cops in Fisk's pockets covered their tracks and minimized their involvement. It's also mentioned that one of the corrupt cops was the precinct's very lenient Captain, who has now been replaced by a strict no-nonsense guy with no tolerance for cops like Riley who disobey orders or step out of line.
  • The oneshot Every Single One of Us provides an extension of the final scene in season 2, when Matt confesses his secret identity to Karen. While Karen's more forgiving than Foggy, she's quick to point out that a lot of the strain Matt's double identity had on his relationship with Foggy stems from the way events in his double life caused him to miss work or be late for important meetings (like during the Castle trial) without calling ahead. While Karen merely thought Matt was hung overnote  Foggy had to fear that his best friend had gotten hurt or killed.
  • A different take on Karen's reaction, Better - Now depicts Karen having a mixed reaction, something that's not exactly a reaction of love but not one of anger, deconstructing The Reveal Prompts Romance.
  • Most takes on how Karen discloses to Matt that she killed James Wesley have to work around this, especially those that take place after the events of season 2. During Frank Castle's trial, there was a scene where Karen was at Matt's apartment discussing whether or not Frank's deadly methods of vigilantism were acceptable, and Matt gave Karen the impression that he thought killing people was absolutely wrong. Karen is surprised that Matt finds it okay that she killed Wesley, and he has to clarify that he doesn't think badly of her for it because she felt guilt and remorse over her actions, not to mention that Wesley had forced her hand; this compared to Frank Castle, whose decision to kill people wasn't because he had no other choice, but because he didn’t care about that choice or the consequences that came from it.
  • All I want is someone to believe - this take on Matt telling Karen his identity was based on two things, according to the author: one was interviews where Charlie Cox mentioned just how lost and guilty Matt feels in light of Elektra's death. But the author also points out that quite a lot of stuff happens to Matt and Karen individually after they've stopped talking to each other, so neither of them knows just what the other has been going through. Karen, in particular, in the span of the last four episodes 1) got shot at in Reyes' office, 2) got shot at in her apartment, 3) witnessed Frank Castle kill two of the Blacksmith's men at the diner in brutal fashion, 4) got held at gunpoint by Colonel Schoonover, then witnessed Frank kill Schoonover despite Karen begging him to spare him and turn him over to the police, and 5) got kidnapped by the Hand, witnessed them kill one of the hostages on the bus, and got a gun pointed at her head for talking to Turk Barrett. As a result, in this fic, Karen is mentioned to not be sleeping well, jumps at every unexpected sound, and what rest she does manage to get is punctuated by nightmares. During the conversation, she hears audible cracks and finds herself scampering into the conference room, showing that Karen has developed PTSD in light of everything that's happened.
  • So You Want to Be an Artist:
    • It didn't take much effort for Karen to figure out Matt was Daredevil. Her suspicions about the true causes of his injuries caused her to notice a correspondence between Daredevil sightings and Matt's absences and injuries. However, since (like most people) the idea of a blind guy being a vigilante is pretty hard to believe, she tried to think of other rational explanations...until the Hand kidnapped her. When Matt rescued the hostages and checked if she was okay, she knew it was him because she recognized the familiar shape of his jawline. Additionally, it turns out that the head injuries Matt sustains at night slipped into his daily work, with Karen having to go back in and correct his mistakes.
    • While Foggy may never have thought highly of Elektra, he is genuinely sorry when Matt informs him that she died.
    • Matt's sense of smell isn't always perfect. For instance, when Karen shows up at Matt's apartment to rope him into sculpting, she brings along a bottle of tequila to get Matt in the mood, but Matt thinks it's a bottle of whiskey until she uncaps it.
    • The work deconstructs Vanessa Marianna's relationship to Wilson Fisk. Fisk sent her overseas to stash her away before he got caught, but while on her own, she realized that she'd deceived herself thinking Fisk had good intentions. When Vanessa tried to leave Fisk, he threatened her family.
    • The knowledge that so many gifted people have ties to Hogarth, Chao & Benowitz leads Matt to remark to Foggy that he's distrustful of Jeri Hogarth.
  • Love Me, or Leave Me, or Rip Me Apart: In his new job at HC&B, Foggy is scheduled to defend a child psychologist on trial for possession of child pornography, but who is also believed to have molested a number of boys. Thing is, it turns out Matt is one of those this guy molested. The knowledge that Matt was among those infuriates everyone in Foggy's circle and they all give him a piece of their mind: Brett, Karen, and even Marci Stahl give him profanity-laden tirades. Matt does eventually decide to testify, and while the guy walks with a hung jury, Matt's courage gets other victims to speak up (unfortunately, the guy hangs himself in jail before he can stand trial on these new charges).
  • Marci Stahl Is Better Than You:
    • Marci may have escaped disbarment by informing on her colleagues, but her association with Landman & Zack, and Wilson Fisk in turn, means no law firms are interested in hiring her, forcing her to get a job as a contract attorney at Nelson & Murdock as a stopgap until she can find better employment.
    • "Friends" Rent Control doesn't apply. Without her job, Marci has to move to an apartment in Queens since Manhattan's rent prices are beyond what she can afford.
    • Marci oh-so-innocently asks Karen if she's slept with Foggy or Matt. Karen takes offense, while Foggy has to set her straight that not everyone likes to talk openly about their sex lives:
      Foggy Nelson: What did you do to Karen?
      Marci Stahl: I didn’t do anything.
      Foggy Nelson: If by nothing, you mean something to make her hate you.
      Marci Stahl: Fine. Is asking if she slept with you something?
      Foggy Nelson: I don’t often find myself giving advice about appropriate social interaction. It’s novel. In the future, you might not want to ask employees you barely know about their sexual history. Well, not just employees. Pretty much all people.
      Marci Stahl: All boring people. Did you seriously not sleep with her? Because I can’t figure out why else she’d hate me.
      Foggy Nelson: Okay, not sure where to start with this one: One, your concept of female relationships is disturbingly limited. Two, no, we didn’t sleep together. And three, not everyone likes to discuss their sexual conquests the way you do. I’m not saying you’re wrong to like it, just that you’re wrong if you expect random co-workers to like it.
    • After Marci seemingly figures out Matt's secret and tries to confront Foggy about it, Matt decides to pay Marci a visit as Daredevil by sneaking in through her apartment window. She pepper-sprays him in self-defense, and the stench is strong enough that Matt vomits and Marci herself is left gagging. This exchange afterwards:
    Matt Murdock: Did you really not know it was me? Foggy said you figured it out.
    Marci Stahl: [snorts] I’m just going to give you a tip here, Matt: when you climb through a woman’s window in the middle of the night, she kind of assumes that you plan to kill her horribly. She doesn’t stop to think, "oh, which of my acquaintances could this be?"
    Matt Murdock: I thought you would see the suit.
    Marci Stahl: In the dark? No, dumbass. And besides, I was a little preoccupied by my impending death.
  • In For a Penny, which takes place alongside season 1, is a partial AU work based on one viewer who pointed out that Matt and Foggy had to be deeply in debt paying rent for their office space and apartments, utility bills, paying Karen's wages as well as their own, food and other basics, that $3000 worth of half-broken office equipment that Karen got at the auction. It basically goes that while Matt and Karen were off on their own crusades against Fisk, Foggy was busy trying to keep Nelson & Murdock financially afloat.
    • Because Matt attended Columbia on a scholarship, he didn't have to take out student loans, unlike Foggy. By virtue of Matt's disability and his savings from his accident and his father's final match against Creel, he didn't need to take a part-time job, while Foggy had to work for a cleaning company on weekends and sometimes in the evenings to help pay his loans. This ended up being the reason Foggy graduated cum laude and Matt graduated summa cum laude.
    • Foggy's barhopping trip with Karen isn't just because she doesn't want to go home, but because he can't go home either due to police activity at his apartment.
    • Debt catches up to Foggy and he gets an eviction notice from his landlord. Wesley's paycheck for the Healy case is enough for them to finally start paying Karen her salary, and Foggy hopes, enough time for him to find a new apartment. Unfortunately, Fisk bombs Hell's Kitchen just days later and Foggy gets injured, and the resulting hospital bills deplete his bank account. He's forced to pack his things in a storage unit and budget his remaining money to cover the unit, his phone bills, and food.
    • Now evicted, Foggy ends up having to sleep in the office, occasionally staying with Marci Stahl or Elena Cardenas, and eventually with Brett Mahoney after Elena is killed. The reason he shows up in time when Fisk's thugs jump Karen is because he was on his way to stay with Elena.
    • When Foggy finds out about Matt being the Devil of Hell's Kitchen and having heightened senses, he realizes that Matt had to have known when Foggy hadn't showered, or was constantly hungry and tired. Matt admits that he did notice those changes in Foggy's behavior, but attributed them to the stress of their work on Fisk.
    • What ultimately digs Nelson & Murdock out of the hole is a combination of factors: using Hoffman to expose Fisk, Matt deciding to use a significant chunk of his remaining savings towards the firm's accounts, Karen transferring the money from her Union Allied settlement for the same, and Brett's mother as executrix of Elena's estate distributing Elena's money to the firm. While this gets them clients, Matt also agrees to set aside some of his objections and defend some not-so-innocent clients for the sake of financial security.
  • Starting Over From the Middle
    • When Foggy visits Matt's apartment and finds Matt and Karen on the roof talking to Frank Castle, he threatens Frank into leaving by reminding Matt, Karen and the audience that Frank is still a fugitive so Matt and Karen could be in legal trouble for harboring if the police find out:
    Foggy Nelson: You need to leave now.
    Frank Castle: Good to see you again, counselor. You know I don’t blame you for the trial. From what I hear, we both ended up better off.
    Foggy Nelson: [to Matt] I know he’s been babysitting you, but I will not be here while he is. He’s not my client anymore. He is an escaped convict. You have one minute before I call the police.
    Frank Castle: Karen declared me dead. No one’s looking for me.
    Foggy Nelson: Oh really. Because unless Karen’s forging death certificates for the coroner now, the State of New York considers you alive and a fugitive. So leave. Now.
    [Frank grabbed his jacket and the pack of supplies he’d brought over]
    Frank Castle: I was just on my way out. Karen’s got the overnight shift anyway. Don’t play cards with her, though. She cheats.
    Karen Page: Frank—
    Frank Castle: I’ll be in touch. [Matt made to chase after him, but on his way to the door, Foggy planted his hand firmly in his chest. Figuring he’d be able to get in touch with Frank at a later date, and not wanting to imperil his fragile relationship with Foggy, he stopped and addressed the situation in his apartment]
    Matt Murdock: I’m sorry, Foggy. I didn’t know he’d be here.
    Foggy Nelson: Matt, are you trying to be the death of me? You’re out patrolling already, you’re letting the Punisher hang out at your place, and your girlfriend is playing...I don’t know what she’s playing, some trick taking game, against him. For chocolates, apparently. And winning.
    Karen Page: It’s two handed euchre, and yes, I was winning. He’s not, well, I won’t say he’s not dangerous, but he’s not killing anyone—
    Foggy Nelson: Lately.
    Karen Page: Lately, but he wouldn’t hurt any of us.
    Foggy Nelson: That’s not the point! Do you know how much trouble we could all be in, knowing where he is, not turning him in?!
    Matt Murdock: You don’t know where he is anymore! If it makes you feel better, you can call the police and tell them you saw him here.
    Foggy Nelson: Damnit, Murdock, why do you have to be so reasonable and make this so difficult? And put on some damn clothes!
    • Wilson Fisk's use of threats against Melvin's girlfriend is not an idle one. He has an enforcer put her in the hospital when he finds out about Melvin tailoring Daredevil's outfits.
Iron Fist (2017)
  • Poison and Wine: Ward Meachum may have gone cold turkey towards the end of the series, but two months after the events of the show, he quickly has relapsed into his drug use, to the point that Joy has to stage an intervention by hiring him a rehab specialist and the threat of losing his stake in Rand Enterprises over his head to get him to go along.
The Defenders (2017)
  • Soliloquy: This is an AU fic in which Sowande's threats against the heroes' loved ones turn out to not be idle. The Defenders find that putting their loved ones up at the precinct makes them sitting ducks.
    • They are able to determine that they need to attack the precinct by isolating Karen Page's cell phone location. After determining that Colleen Wing is also in the precinct, Bakuto correctly assumes that Claire, Malcolm and Trish are there too.

     Mass Effect 
  • In Renegade Reinterpretations humans do NOT magically Advance Swiftly. As such, when the Batarians come visiting, they get Curb Stomped over and over again and only Zerg Rushing enables them to desperately throw lives for time in the hope of being able to turn the tide someday. After they do so, the cultural scars of the generations-long war means that mankind does not magically become receptive to further alien contact. In fact, Paragon and Renegade are replaced by Xenonationalist (letting aliens live on their own and being willing to compromise, while still not trusting them) and Assimilationist (human dominance).
  • After using a melding to learn English in First Contact, the Asari Captain Wavela still has occasional trouble with the language first because knowing that the words mean doesn't mean she instantly knows how to make the right sounds, then later because she doesn't have the cultural knowledge to understand numerous references most humans would understand.
  • Mas Effect: Synthesis:
    • Even though they're being offered five planets to settle on, there's still resistance among the Quarians over achieving synthesis with synthetic lifeforms. The Admirality largely accepts because, after three hundred years, their fleet is irreparable and they have at best years left before their ships fail.
    • Because humanity has not officially arrived on the galactic scene, there are no Translator Microbes for any human language. While talking with Sparatus about humanity's war against the Batarians, James Vega is stuck with broken Batarian and at one point admits he can't answer a question because he doesn't know the words.
  • In The Fourth Council Race, humanity doesn't unite simply because they become an interstellar race. Several countries, particularly more powerful ones such as China and the United States of America, continue to play political games even after they come into conflict with the turians note .

     Mega Man 
  • Mega Man: Defender of the Human Race, like the cartoon it's based off of, takes its source material with a fair bit of seriousness.
    • After the first time Wily attacks and starts making world domination schemes, the government immediately sends armed troops to take him out. They only fail due to his fortress defenses. They also don't sit back and let Mega Man do all their fighting, with two major events kicked off by their attempts at self-defense and trying to trap Wily.
    • All the fighting Mega Man does wreaks havoc on his armor and damages his internal systems, a problem touched upon a few times in the cartoon. He is seen undergoing repair work from his battles frequently and suffers from internal injuries and damaged parts mid-fight at times.
    • Once Vick-Tek is revealed to have accidentally funded the world's most dangerous terrorist, the company's stock bottoms out the next day as nobody would support them after making a blunder that big. Similarly, Marcus Vicker's Corrupt Corporate Executive behavior gets him exiled by his own board when it becomes clear he's no longer fit to run the company.
    • Offscreen Villain Dark Matter doesn't exist. Wily's need for funds and materials drive several episodes and even the Conduit begins to bleed dry after Mega Man's repeated victories over them.
    • Proto Man is Reformed, but Rejected by the public as they're understandably wary after he faked it the first time.

  • In Rain On The Just, a retired Metro Man has to face the unpleasant consequences of faking his own death - namely, he has no money, no means of income, no friends, and he can't use his fame anymore to get stuff for free.

     Miraculous Ladybug 
  • The Short-Legged Vixen starts with an alternate take to the episode "Volpina", resulting in this trope multiple times:
    • Ladybug has no idea who Lila is or why she's talking to Adrien when she drops down at the park... And still exposes her lies by simply having no idea who her supposed best friend is, before telling Alya about it.
    • It continues with the next chapter: as her lies were (accidentally) exposed to the whole school, Lila has become a social pariah that nobody trusts... Meaning that when she resists Akumatization without witnesses nobody will believe her if she tells.
    • Right after resisting Akumatization, Lila discovers that Ladybug and Chat Noir have been following her around because, after so many Akumatizations caused by people having an emotional trauma, they expected her to be next.
    • Lila is having trouble with Alya and Chloe's last names, as they resemble Italian words (she initially takes Alya's last name as "Cesare" after the Italian name of Julius Caesar and later mispronounces it as "Cesayre", and confuses Chloe's last name with its direct Italian equivalent). At the same time the French characters consistently put the accent of her name on the second syllabe instead than the first (something that actually happens in the Italian dub), and she's actually surprised when Chloe (who lives in Paris' best hotel and is familiar with foreign visitors) pronounces it right.
    • After a week of being treated like a pariah, Lila is approached by a Stalker with a Crush, who expects her to go out with him out of gratitude. She instead blows up at him, and when his phone is discovered to include a picture of her in the bathroom he's in even hotter waters with her... And the school administration, as Ladybug wasted no time in snatching it and bringing it to the principal.
  • In Verisimilitude, Alya is hit with this trope after posting her interview with Lila. Her views tear apart Lila's lies and criticize Alya for posting the video without verifying, leading to the Ladyblog's reputation taking a hit.
  • In Fox Rain different circumstances lead to Lila becoming the heroic wielder of the Fox Miraculous rather than a villain... But she's still the person that could have become that:
    • When she meets Ladybug as a superhero, Ladybug expects them to be allies, but Lila is still holding a grudge because of something she did, and maintains Ladybug knows exactly what she did even if she denies it. She also holds a grudge against Chat Noir for leaving her on top of the Eiffel Tower.
    • The reason for Lila's grudge against Ladybug is something really offensive to Italians (though she doesn't explain what). Lila knows a Frenchwoman is unlikely to know and mean that deliberately... But is also convinced Ladybug is Italian or has an Italian parent, and thus should know, due the hammy mannerism she picked up from her Italian grandmother. A mannerism that had led to the same misunderstanding multiple times in the past in Marinette's life and, combined with her knowledge of Italian slang, makes Lila guess Marinette has Italian relatives.
    • It turns out that what Lila said on the first day was not intended to be taken seriously but as jokes or, in case of the Jagged Stone lie, a wild sarcastic claim that should have explained she didn't believe what Chloe was telling her, and only ended up being believed due her classmates having stumbled on far crazier stuff. This is also the origin of Lila's canonical Surrounded by Idiots attitude, at least until she finds out of crazy things in Paris are.
      • Being the daughter of the mayor of Paris, who happens to be a millionaire businessman, and Adrien's childhood friend, Chloe is used to verify wild claims, and checked with Jagged Stone if he actually knew Lila.
    • During her first public appearance as the superhero Vorpika, Lila used an illusion that was an in-joke between her and prince Ali, who happens to be an old friend of hers. He realizes her secret identity in seconds.
    • While she's oblivious to why, Chloe has noticed Akumatizations tend to happen around her and she's usually the target, and reacts badly when an unknown part does something that could lead to Lila being reakumatized. But due her own experiences with her, Marinette is baffled when she sees her trying to prevent an Akumatization.
    • Due how often she gets involved with Akumatizations, Ladybug and Chat Noir gave Chloe their numbers so she can warn them. Chat Noir also mentions a few other people have them, including the mayor, what is implied to be the Bourgeois' butler, the Agrestes' chaffeur, and Marinette... And haven't abused them yet.
    • While they're old and very close friends, prince Ali still has duties to his country, and when Natalie covertly informs his chaperon (and thus his father) about what really happened with Volpina he's nearly forced to break it off, at least until it's realized it was Papillon's manipulations.
    • While Lila is more heroic, her first reaction upon realizing Papillon tried to manipulate into villainy is to plot his destruction in cold anger, at least until prince Ali and Ladybug snap her out of it. And while she has no problem with prince Ali's actions due him being an old friend, her prejudices toward Ladybug mean she doesn't understand why she helped rather than using her anger to manipulate her into being a better ally.
  • In Supervillain Backstabber Lila decides to go after Hawk Moth after being targeted by one of his Akuma Villains. She manages to figure out where Hawk Moth’s base is. For her plan she manages to steal the Bee miraculous as it was given to Chloe using a disguise she discarded not long after. She has Pollen tell her of the powers and attacks of the Miraculous. After two weeks of training she goes after Hawk Moth in his base........ And is severely outclassed. Hawk Moth had much longer to master the abilities and skills of his Miraculous, plus the fact that he was able to take on ladybug and Chat Noir at the same time on Heroes Day. That’s not taking into the account the missiles he has to deal with intruders. The only reason why Hawk Moth did not manage to take the Bee Miraculous for himself was that the sound of the missiles attracted Ladybug and Chat Noir to his lair who ended up defeating him themselves.

     The Most Popular Girls In School 

     My Hero Academia 
  • Conversations with a Cryptid:
    • Recovery Girl having a powerful healing quirk doesn't excuse her to practice without a medical license or not following the medical hierarchy. The Japanese Medical Association assists in Inko's lawsuit against Yuuei when they find out the scope of Recovery Girl's unintentional abuse of power. The Japanese Medical Association promise to enforce medical laws more fiercely to avoid such abuse of power by the hero industry.
    • When Izuku injured himself during his fight with Todoroki during the Sports Festival, someone in the audience did call an ambulance.
    • Just because Yuuei is a top hero school doesn't mean they're allowed to make themselves their students' sole source of medical treatment or make medical decisions on their students' behalf without parental permission. When Yuuei refused to send their students to actual hospitals to medical treatment, many medical professionals noticed and students outright died due to this policy. When one student died, their mother attempted to sue the school. Inko successfully sues Yuuei in a class-action lawsuit because they gave Izuku surgery without even asking her, his mother and legal guardian. Unfortunately for Yuuei, that woman combined forces with Inko and Japanese Medical Association to make the lawsuit very public and cause media outcry.
    • Criminal organizations like the League of Villains cost money to run. Part of the investigation is where All for One gets his money from and what companies launder his money.
    • One of the main reasons Deku can't just run to the cops about how his dad is a mass murdering supervillain is that it getting out would ruin his mother's life despite her complete ignorance to the whole thing. On a related note, All Might and Tsukauchi can't get him because All for One in a legal sense didn't kidnap Deku or hold him against his will. As far as the law is concerned, Hisashi Midoriya decided to rejoin his son's life after he nearly died and help him recover from a major surgery. And aside from talking about his double life and nearly killing people who've wronged his family, All for One treats Deku like any loving father would treat his son.
    • A lot of the kids are traumatized from the USJ and the Training Camp attack and Toshinori has to convince the faculty to hire actual mental health professionals.
  • If I Only Had A Heart
    • The costs of treating a young boy who lost an arm and an eye of top of having a damaged spine after being put into a medically induced coma are astronomical, forcing the Midoriyas to find cheaper housing.
    • Izuku finds himself begging Aizawa, who happens to be his new neighbor, for hand-to-hand combat training. Izuku struggles with this due to his lack of depth perception caused by missing eye, his weak footing due to his injured spine, and the stiffness of his own movements due to his prosthetic arm.
    • While the adults are in awe after Izuku shows off his new and improved prosthetic arm that's directly linked to his nerves through a spinal implant, they are understandably horrified at the prospect that a kid who hasn't even left elementary school is performing medical experiments on himself without any sort of oversight.
    • Even if your friend is an incredible super-genius, it's still terrifying to help him effectively perform surgery on himself while fearing the worst.
    • No matter how many times you test something, there's always the chance that something will go wrong. Like when Izuku has a seizure after installing his new spinal reinforcements and eye.
    • Aside from the villain attack that left him handicapped, Izuku just hasn't been exposed to danger that isn't self-inflicted. So when he chases down a monster (implied to be a Noumu) that's following Eraserhead, Izuku loses his composure when he comes face to face with it and ends up killing it by setting it ablaze with the Equalizer.
  • In Dark Light, Quirks changed the world in a lot of ways. Because of how incredibly common superpowers were, most sports and sporting events (including the Olympics) became defunct with the only surviving ones being either sports that drew a lot of betting (such as horse races and boxing) or ones that could be adapted for quirks.
    • Twice someone comes across a fight and misinterprets what's going on due to the appearance of the combatants. First, Izuku accidentally saves Toga from one of her victims due to her being a schoolgirl and her victim being an obvious delinquent. Later, Mei sees a man with sharp teeth and another covered in darkness fighting and tazes the latter, not realizing it's Izuku fighting a serial killer.
  • In Vigilante Boss and Failed Retirement Plan when Bakugou is transferred to another middle school that less permissive than Orudera, a lot of his behavior is seen as alarming than heroic. Bakugou's habit of treating his classmates like extras and canon fodder is treated as delusional behavior. The teachers have no tolerance for his bad language, poor anger management and lack of cooperation with his classmates. Bakugou's classmates are less than impressed with his personality, feeling that he's more likely to threaten them than save them.
    • During the initiation exam, the faculty is initially impressed with Bakugou's high score until it's pointed out that he doesn't have a single rescue point. Every other top scorer always has at least some whether intentionally or accidentally, so for someone to get over 70 points without once helping their fellow examees is a huge red flag.
    • A big part of Yuuei and the reason why they have different Departments is networking, which is important for any industry. Bakugou more or less shoots himself in the foot as word of his Jerkass behavior spreads to the rest of the school. The Support Department gives him their worst service when they got word of how he badmouthed the support equipment they made for him. The Management Department steer clear of him due to his negative image and reputation makes him difficult to sell to the public. Bakugou unwittingly is sabotaging his own career prospects, something he fails to realize until its pointed out to him because he disregards everyone as extras.
  • In canon, Bakugou injuring Izuku is never treated seriously but Dig Your Heels In points that it takes one wrong move for Bakugou to accidentally maim Izuku. The fact Bakugou didn't kill Izuku is because Izuku managed to move away on time so his shoulder and ear were hit instead the major veins of his neck. After that Bakugou is seen as a villain-in-the-making since he crossed the line by seriously injuring Izuku with his quirk by Inko, the media and his middle school. Which turns Bakugou from the popular kid to a dangerous social pariah.
  • In Leviathan (My Hero Academia), Bakugou tries to drown Izuku during a class exercise. Even though Izuku was fine (due to growing gills), he still has to talk his mother down from suing the school for criminal negligence. Afterwards, the only reason Bakugou wasn't expelled was due to Izuku speaking up on his behalf. Even so, he's facing a month's suspension, mandatory anger management classes, and a transfer to a different class. The last is due to the fact the entirety of 1-A hates and/or fears Bakugou after witnessing him try to kill a classmate.
  • Crimson And Emerald:
    • Correlation doesn't equal causation. It's revealed the double-jointed toe equaling Quirklessness is an old wives' tale that people happened to believe a lot in. Quirklessness like real life genetic factors has a lot of complicated factors going into it.
    • If Quirklessness is treated like a disability, then it should have been verified by at least three doctors like actual disabilities are.
    • Had Yuuei known that Bakugou suicide-baited Izuku, Bakugou would have been put on probation at best or outright rejected. Suicide-baiting someone is not acceptable behavior.
    • Connections and reputation matter in order to succeed. Bakugou realizes this the hard way when his past as a bully costs him a prestigious internship.
    • Tenya and Izuku drift apart from Ochako due to the Stain Incident intensifying the boys’ friendship and having no time for her due to their internships.
    • Despite Yuuei treating the Sports Festival as Serious Business for their students to get noticed in the industry, in the long term no one truly cares about the Sports Festival. The media cares more about current events so Bakugou is quickly shoved out of the spotlight in favor of the Hosu Quartet. Who helped captured Stain and are the interns of new number Two hero Hawks.
    • Inko, Hawks, and All Might strong arm Endeavor into signing custody of his son Shouto over to them, or else they will go public with his abusive behavior. When Endeavor tries to protest, they point out that a). they have years' worth of actual evidence, b). that All Might's status as the Symbol of Peace, combined with Hawks' as the current Number Two Hero, give their word plenty of weight, and c). that Endeavor is so unpopular due to his recklessness and bad attitude that it wouldn't be hard to convince anyone that he's a domestic abuser, especially since it's public knowledge that he doesn't get along with his children, his wife is in a mental hospital, and his eldest son is dead. He's not, but everyone thinks he is. When Endeavor points out that revealing his actions would collapse the entire hero system, Inko coldly replies that she doesn't care, as it was that very same system that allowed Endeavor to get way with his terrible behavior for years.
    • Just because Enji had to two separate women as best friends doesn’t mean he doesn’t hold misogynistic beliefs. Which reared it’s ugly head when he fully expected them to support him despite their objections over his abuse of his wife.
    • The Heroics Commission may be powerful but even they have to answer to the Japanese Government.
  • In Young Midoriya Izuku catches All Might's attention at 12 by standing up to Bakugo for another kid, leading to multiple instances:
    • All Might is not thrilled with Bakugo's behavior at all, and pulls many strings to keep him away from Izuku. Bakugo tries to bully him anyway... And All Might's collaborators flat-out threaten him with arrest for illegal Quirk usage.
    • All Might decides to have Izuku inherit One For All and train him under his Toshinori Yagi persona... But first has to invent a scholarship, as Inko wouldn't trust a random stranger without a reason, even if she met him because he kept bullies from Izuku.
      • Given the different circumstances allow him to use his resources more, All Might does just that and calls upon various people to give him lessons in combat and Hero ethics, and has Nezu and Gran Torino help.
    • Izuku was severly traumatized by Bakugo's bullying, and needs therapy. After many therapy sessions his admiration for Bakugo completely disappears.
    • Izuku inherits All For One about a year before enrolling at U.A., and after years of training. He injures himself less upon first use of his new Quirk, Gran Torino's presence allows him to figure out Full Cowl much faster, and by the entrance exam he can use it up to 8% continously.
      • Because the above-mentioned training, that included not only exercise but a better diet and rest schedule, Izuku is not only fitter but taller: turns out the stress of dealing with Bakugo and the poor sleep he had been getting were stunting his growth...
    • Mineta was switched to class 1-B, thus he didn't get Aizawa as his homeroom teacher and attended the entrance ceremony... During which his antics earned him sixteen complaints for sexual harassment, and a swift expulsion from his appalled homeroom teacher Vlad.
  • In Total Command, Izuku's Quirk allows him to grow taller, tougher, and stronger at a superhuman rate but the amount of food he has to eat to do so cuts deeply into his mother's savings. After half a year, Inko notes she'll have to find a better paying job and start paying more attention to sales if she wants to keep them out of the red.
  • When asked in A Parable of Talents who the best fighter in class is, Kirishima first asks if Izuku means who's the most skilled or who would win a fight. He then explains to the confused boy that it doesn't matter if you're a master martial artist if the other guy has a foot and a hundred pounds of muscle on you, citing that professional fighting has weight classes for that exact reason.
    • While sparring with Izuku, Mina quickly notes that his Wouldn't Hit a Girl attitude is sweet but extremely foolish for a hero, especially with how easily flustered he is by women. Any villainess who realizes such a weakness could easily turn on the charm until he's too flustered to react when they go for a killing blow.
  • Yesterday Upon The Stair:
    • Just because Todoroki has reconnected with his mother and made friends, doesn't mean Endeavor is any less physically or verbally abusive.
    • Izuku may not object to the way Bakugou treats him, but this does not make it okay. When some adults figure out how toxic it is, they are horrified. This in turn makes Bakugou look even less like a hero because treating people who can't/won't fight back the way he treats Izuku is generally a mark of a villain, or at least, someone like Endeavor.
    • Expanding on this, Aizawa notes that everyone, even the nicest person in the world, has a limit, and Midoriya will only take so much crap from him before abandoning him completely. Seeing as Midoriya is one of the nicer members of the human race in general, Bakugou continuing to treat everyone as beneath him could very well get him killed, as his "allies" decide they aren't going to help him. Again, Aizawa explicitly points this out.
    • Mineta's perverted actions are not heroic traits; instead they are borderline sexual harassment. And while he may have the grades and skills to be a hero, he doesn't have the mindset. This catches up to him when he's caught trying to peep at the training camp. Despite Kouta being hurt due to his actions, Mineta shows no remorse – and when Aizawa overhears him muttering darkly, blaming the kid for his getting caught, he decides that he's given him enough leeway and expels him. In addition, the rest of 1-A isn't particularly broken up about this, with the discomfort he caused still lingering after his expulsion.
    • Even though Todoroki was sabotaged during the Provisional License Exam, he still technically failed because the proctors don't have accurate test results for him, requiring Todoroki retake the exam in April.
    • Overhaul claiming Eri is his daughter doesn't change Midoriya's attitude towards getting her away from him, and he later points out to Mirio that what Overhaul did is a rather common excuse for villains regarding hostages. Nighteye further points out that even if Eri were indeed his daughter, her battered state would leave Overhaul little wiggle room in getting her back legally.
    • According to Doctor Tsubasa, the random nature of Quirks means some people go their whole lives without ever discovering what theirs is because it's either too subtle or requires some specific circumstance to activate.
  • My Hero Playthrough: Like in Yesterday Upon The Stair, some Quirks are unusual enough to go unactivated for years, such as a hero whose empowered by eating apples but his father was allergic to them, causing his Quirk to go undiscovered until he was sixteen. Similarly, Midnight didn't discover her Quirk until she was a teenager because it was triggered by lust, something she wouldn't have felt when she was four.

     My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic 
  • Bitter Tears: An Anon-A-Miss Fic
    • As Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo learn the hard way, you will not be let off easily if you commit a huge act of cyberbullying and frame an innocent person as being the culprit. They are given detention for six months, banned from all extracurriculars until the next school year, banned from the school computers entirely unless it's for class, banned from any cell phone use on campus (and aren't even allowed to have their cell phones on their person during the school day), and their Christmas presents and their technology were confiscated (especially the ones that can access the internet).
    • The CMC trying to break apart their sisters' friendship with Sunset for selfishly petty reasons utterly disgusted the Humane Five. In Rainbow's case, she can't bring herself to forgive Scootaloo and more or less breaks all ties with her. Everybody including their own families loses all trust in the Crusaders for what they did, and they became targets for vengeful CHS students. In fact, it's made clear that the only reason why the Crusaders were still allowed to attend the annual Apple Christmas party was so they could help clean up afterwards.
    • Sunset, the one who was framed for being Anon-A-Miss, had even her own friends turn on her on extremely flimsy evidence. As soon as her name is cleared, she is not willing to forgive her so-called "friends", no matter how sorry and remorseful they are; she even takes it as proof that the Humane 5 never trusted her at all.
    • While Nurse Redheart figures out what's going on when the bullying against the CMC for revenge starts getting physical, she can't actually do anything about it other than tend their injuries because of school rules and policies. Redheart is only allowed to interfere when she sees bullying occur herself (which the bullies are careful to avoid), or the CMC confess where their injuries came from. The moment the CMC finally confirm her suspicions and provide evidence, Redheart takes it straight to Principal Celestia, saying that she would have done it sooner if she was able to do so.
    • In Chapter 6, it's revealed that Sunset quit MyStable after the Anon-A-Miss incident, and that if she didn't need it for homework, she would never have anything to do with the internet ever again. Being a victim of cyberbullying, especially if you get framed for it, would sour anyone's experience with social media.
    • invokedWhen a group of students comes up to Sunset in Chapter 5, the students apologize for how they treated her, saying that while they never submitted secrets to Anon-A-Miss, they still feel bad about blaming Sunset for it all based on nothing. Sunset doesn't believe them, as not only is this not the first time they've treated her this way, but the way Anon-A-Miss worked means that no one can know who submitted secrets and who didn't, and Sunset figures they're just trying to soothe their guilty consciences. Word of God confirmed that the students were telling the truth and truly hadn't sent secrets to Anon-A-Miss, but there's no way Sunset can know that. Sunset only pretends to forgive the group in question so they won't keep bugging her with how sorry they are.
    • During a mental breakdown, Sunset hits a Rage Breaking Point and slams her fists and forehead into a mirror. The mirror breaks, severely lacerating Sunset's hands and face, and the blood loss, combined with the severe emotional stress she's under, causes her to black out. She ends up in the ER.
    • When the girls run into the Sirens outside the hospital, Applejack proclaims that they thought they had seen the last of them. Aria points out that that she and her sisters have been banished from Equestria and expelled from CHS, and that moving to a new town requires a lot of money, which the Sirens don't have. When Rarity states that they belong in prison for the trouble they caused in "Rainbow Rocks", Adagio mockingly points out that there's no way the police would believe a story about "evil sea ponies from another dimension tried to take over a high school with pop music." With all that in mind, the Humane Five are essentially stuck with the Sirens, and are bound to run into them from time to time.
    • After the CMC finally fess up about the physical assault they had been through, Principal Celestia chews the entire school out for their behavior and harshly punishes the tormentors. Being angry at Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo for Anon-A-Miss is understandable, but it does NOT give any of the other students a free pass to physically assault them.
  • The Conversion Bureau: Not Alone takes the essential premise and elements of the original The Conversion Bureau story and shows how they would play out realistically. For one thing, the humans aren't happy with the ponies' offensively misanthropic attitudes, not every pony is on board with the Princesses' actions (and for that matter, the other nations of Equus aren't happy about it either), and a society/military with a medieval level of technological development would get trounced by 21st century level weaponry.
  • The Conversion Bureau: The Other Side of the Spectrum:
  • In Discord's New Business, Fluttershy finally gets to be a tree. She's promptly bored to tears, as she can't move or interact with her animals in any way. She can't even see it when an animal pees on her roots. She gives up and asks Discord to change her back.
  • The Equestrian Civil Service Series is all about this. In a magical realm of gods, monsters, heroes, epic adventures (and Royal Brats), there still needs to be somepony to run things behind the scenes, leaving the eternally Beleaguered Bureaucrats of the eponymous Equestrian Civil Service to deal with everything: imminent disasters, the fallout of a visiting celebrity's surprise visit, a castle covered in custard and nopony knows why, etc.
  • The Finger Trap has Twilight Sparkle appear on humanity-occupied earth, and go to the first house she can see to ask for directions. Instead of a person who sympathizes with her and wants to be friends, the main character is the one contacted... who distracts her long enough to call Animal Control.
  • The Night Of Days (in which American Airborne troops and German defenders are teleported from Normandy into Equestria by a reincarnation of Nightmare Moon) has her luring scattered German soldiers to her castle ruins, where she then tries to manipulate them and gradually take them over, in order to make them fight for her and put her on the Equestrian throne. The German commanding officer is... not amused. He nods at first, but then he pulls out his sidearm and nonchalantly guns her down, injuring her severely. Then he declares that the soldiers under his command would be serving no one but "Führer and Vaterland" and leads them on a campaign to colonise Equestrian territory for Nazi Germany. (Word of God says that he wanted to avert exactly what another fanfic he once read did; having the Germans comply with Nightmare Moon without as much as a question. He said he disliked it exactly because it would have been completely unrealistic.)
  • Just like in Ace Attorney, Octavia has evidence in Vinyl and Octavia Duel Destiny which she has taken from the scene of the crime and is about to use to prove Vinyl's innocence, only to be told that it's inadmissible and is barred from practicing law as a result.
  • The Writing on the Wall features this when the eponymous writing is deciphered, revealing the true nature of the Ancient Tomb that Daring Do had been exploring. Why Daring Do and the workers had gotten sick when the building had been abandoned for thousands of years, as well as the strange construction of the building and the various defenses constructed around it is explained in a single stroke. Unfortunately for the characters involved, The Reveal turns the story into a Horror story, as the disease is not one caused by any sort of pathogen, or indeed anything a pony would understand. The whole place was a nuclear waste dump left by humans centuries ago, and the ponies were all getting sick from radiation poisoning. In the end, all Daring Do and the others can do is lock the door behind them and warn people to stay out.
  • The Lunaverse:
    • Pinkie Pie the hyperactive Genki Girl party animal is exactly as annoying as you might expect such a character to be in reality.
    • In At the Grand Galloping Gala, Princess Luna explains in great detail to Trixie why she can't just up and throw around her royal authority to get rid of the Deadly Decadent Court, at least not if she wants to avoid becoming a dictator.
  • The Demesne Of The Reluctant Twilight Sparkle
    • As badass as Rainbow Dash and Applejack are, they can't singlehoofedly fight off a group of anonymous looters who both outnumber them and get the jump on them.
    • Twilight eventually learns that suddenly being given complete and total control of her own demesne has far reaching consequences when the nobles of Equestria realize they too not only have complete control over their own demesnes, but can conquer other demesnes at will, putting Equestria on the path to civil war.
  • The Triptych Continuum is sometimes summarized as "My Little Pony: Reality Ensues". The events of the first three seasons of the show are followed faithfully, but the consequences and implications of those events are explored and extrapolated in a more realistic manner. Going on missions and being available to go on missions has economic, social, and emotional costs for the Mane Six. Political and PR maneuvering are factors in almost everything the Princesses and other public figures do. The over-the top events and occasional insanity of events and individuals in Ponyville have lasting consequences. The implications that the world is dangerous outside of the settled areas Ponies have managed to establish are expanded upon. And so on.
    • As Ponies are smaller than humans, Canadian Geese are much closer in size to Equestrians, which makes them a lot more dangerous in Goosed.
  • Long Road to Friendship
    • The fic, as a whole, deals with Sunset Shimmer's reformation from an Alpha Bitch to a Jerk with a Heart of Gold, while making her life a living hell for it. Despite honestly wanting to change, Sunset is constantly distrusted, is assigned months of detention for her actions, and suffers a Catapult Nightmare literally every time she goes to sleep because of her inability to move on. However, it also shows Twilight Sparkle's human counterpart bonding quickly with the new Sunset, because Human Twilight has only ever seen Sunset's good side.
    • Later chapters also show how randomly moving from one dimension to another has a lot of unforeseen consequences, as the fic averts Undead Tax Exemption with Sunset Shimmer's living situation. When Sunset first arrives in the human world, she has to struggle to learn how to walk, and come to grips with every creature looking vastly different. Also, Sunset comes over with no money, no family, no friends, no public records, no official identification of any kind, no stable income, and few practical skills since the human world doesn't have any magic. She ends up having to live in an abandoned factory and mooch off of boyfriends in high school just to survive, hoping that no one finds out.
  • Spectacular Seven
    • The Sirens promised ten thousand dollars for winning the Battle of the Bands. While the Spectacular Seven are planning a vacation with the prize money, they suddenly realize that it was probably a lie, seeing as how the Sirens were only interested in spreading a Hate Plague. When the Seven go to City Hall, the mayor confirms that there's no prize money.
    • During the Snowball Fight in Volume II, Sunset tries dashing across the snow and ice. She slips, falls, and hits her head, causing her to start bleeding.
    • Rainbow Dash may be a Passionate Sports Girl, but isn't an Instant Expert at snowboarding just because she wants to be. She spends her first day snowboarding having to learn how to maintain her balance on the beginner's slope, and frequently falls on her face into the snow. When Rainbow tries doing a back flip off of a ramp in her second day, she doesn't get a full rotation, hitting the ground so hard that she breaks her shoulder.
    • Twilight overhears someone at school insulting Sunset Shimmer. The other kid insists that Sunset, who has gone missing for several days with no indication as to where she might have gone, deserves whatever she's going to get because of her past as an Alpha Bitch. Twilight promptly socks the other student in the jaw. When Principal Celestia finds out, Twilight gets detention.
  • In Fallout: Equestria - Empty Quiver, one of the weapons which Night Strike picks up is a fully-automatic pony-portable sniper rifle, chambered for .50 BMG. The first time she fires it ends about as well as you'd expect.
  • In The Elements of Friendship, NightMare Moon succeeding in bringing about The Night That Never Ends causes temperatures to drop, and a lack of food as crops die from a combination of that and lack of sunlight. Meanwhile, the other half of the planet is suffering from Endless Daytime, everything burning and the boiling oceans resulting in megastorms. All told, only a narrow strip of the planet at the day/night border, the Twilight Zone, is habitable, and that quickly starts to be overwhelmed by refugees.
  • In canon, the Anon-A-Miss situation was resolved by Sunset Shimmer accepting the Cutie Mark Crusaders' apologies. In Holiday Outrage, the Cutie Mark Crusaders did not get off so easily. Cyberbullying, hacking computers to get embarrassing info on students, and framing an innocent person for all of it earned them the wrath of the entire school once the secret came out, not to mention how disappointed their families were. Sunset outright says that the CMC were harassed even worse than she was when she was under suspicion. To wit:
    • Principal Celestia suspended them from school for two weeks, gave them six months of detention, and banned them from all unsupervised computer use at CHS. She also forced them to confess and apologize in front of the entire school, the implication being if they hadn't, they would have been outright expelled.
    • The police gave Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo juvenile records for their crimes, seeing as how what they'd done constituted harassment. The police also bugged their electronics after their two-month confiscation period ended so they could monitor any future suspicious activity, and they're not taking them off until the CMC turn eighteen.
    • The Cutie Mark Crusaders got attacked in the bathroom by some vengeful people. Thanks to Pinkie Pie, they were saved, and the attackers got a week of in-school suspension. Even afterwards, it took until April for CHS to forgive them.
    • Sunset took a week and a half for her to forgive the Humane Five for abandoning her, and part of the reason why she decided to forgive them so quickly was they made a heartfelt effort to be forgiven. It also took an entire month for Sunset to even talk to the CMC, despite her feeling bad for how much they were suffering for the consequences of letting jealousy getting the better of them.
    • Sunset's friends and CHS, despite forgiveness all around, still feel horrible about turning on Sunset based on practically no evidence, even after an entire year had passed.
  • While many fanfics either ignore or play straight the issues of the former Pony in a human body sexual preferences, ''Sunset Shimmer Lends Pinkie Pie the Wrong Thumb Drive'' points out how different Earth horses are from Equestrian Ponies and how Sunset would not be attracted to horses any more than a regular human would be. She also doesn't actually find humans attractive either, due to the sheer differences in anatomy.
  • In Equestra Girls the Empowered World, Sunset Shimmer notes that when she came to Earth she had to learn the Latin Alphabet via children's books, seeing as magical ponies and humans likely do not share the same written language, and likely not even the same alphabet.
  • Scar Tissue reminds us that having body parts suddenly grow out of you can leave nasty marks even after they get friendship beamed away. A version with Sci-Twi also exists called Battle Scars.
  • Marionettes:
    • As the Traintop Battle begins, Trixie comments that the movies never mention the extreme wind that makes even moving on top of a train difficult.
    • While fighting Rainbow Dash, Gear Shift reveals his ability to increase his speed. While this gives him the advantage at first, he quickly becomes exhausted. Rainbow notes that he's conditioned like a sprinter while she's conditioned for long distance flying.
    • After Cover Story turns out to be a robot just like Trixie and Lightning Dust, Twilight guesses this trope is at play. An organization that kidnaps, brainwashes, and messes with memories as part of their activities would naturally have a low recruitment, too low to actually keep it running, and thus would need to compensate by using their robots to make more members. Masquerade later confirms this was in fact correct.
    • The Marionettes are still machines, and as a result need a cooling system to work properly. As a result, they're programmed to search out cold drinks when they're overheating to act as coolant. This is remedied in the Generation 5 Marionettes, and Twilight figures out a way to give Trixie and Lightning Dust an upgrade to accomplish the same thing.
    • The events of the season 5 finale happen and Gypsy's connection to the Tree of Harmony means she witnesses all the alternate timelines personally. The Stallions react to the 'Flim Flam Brothers take over the world' timeline as one would expect their organization to finding out two of their androids took over the world in an alternate timeline and nearly destroy them both on the spot before Gypsy saves them.
  • In Asylum, asylum!Pinkie Pie's Cutie Mark origin starts the same as it does in the main universe. Pinkie Pie sees the Rainboom and gets so excited she throws her family a party. However, being such a young filly who likely never even used a stove before, it doesn't turn out well. Pinkie sets the house on fire and receives permanent scars on her flank as a result. This left Pinkie very traumatized to the point where she was eventually sent to a mental hospital.
  • As someone from a much earlier time, Princess Luna often is shown befuddled by more modern concepts. For example, in the Princess of Books, the idea of someone being able to write scandalous things about her without the death penalty involved.
  • Her Inner Demons sees the Shadowbolts wonder why a wallflower like Sci-Twi would have a Superpowered Evil Side like Midnight Sparkle. Turns out, it's from her classmates treating her with contempt. Being insulted, ignored, blackmailed, and suffering through all kinds of abuse in Crystal Prep gave Sci-Twi plenty of dark thoughts about the people around her, just like any real-life high school student might react.
  • In Aftermath of the Games and its sequel Integration, one of the key plot points is that Twilight is raising a filly Starlight Glimmer after plucking her from the past and erasing her older self in the hopes of her turning out better than she originally did. As the older Starlight grew up in a neglectful orphanage, Twilight takes extra care to raise the younger version in a loving environment with tons of support. However, despite Starlight being on the path to turn out better, she still demonstrates early warning signs of her older self's fanatical behavior. This is Truth in Television, as upbringing is only one of many factors, such as genetics and culture, that influnces personality and mental disturbances.
    • In Integration, Human Rainbow Dash at one point kicks a Changeling mobster in the balls when he attempts to kidnap Sci-Twi. He's not only crippled by the pain, but actually requires immediate hospitalization and medical treatment.
    • Similar to Holiday Outrage above, the Human CMC were not so easily let off for the Anon-A-Miss stunt. They'll have to spend a year doing favors for Sunset to make it up to her.
    • Sci-Twi suffers from terrible nightmares about Midnight Sparkle, her Superpowered Evil Side. Unfortunately, she can't go to a human therapist, since none of them would believe her story. Her psychological problems only worsen in the sequel, when she develops magical powers. Instead of being happy, she has a Freak Out and fears that she'll eventually succumb to temptation and become Midnight again, to the point where Sunset has to talk her out of hiding in the bathroom. In fact, her mental block is so huge that she couldn't even use her powers to defend herself during the near-kidnapping. This incident made Sunset and Twilight realize that she can no longer function without professional help, and the latter gets Dr. Heart, one of the only ponies outside of the main characters who know about both dimensions, to help Sci-Twi out.
  • The Redemption of Tempest Shadow, which takes place after the movie has Tempest Shadow, the Storm King's former second-in-command, being reviled by the ponies of Equestria despite her Heel–Face Turn. Even her sister, Razzle Fizzle, is furious with her actions. This proves that just because Twilight is willing to forgive Tempest, it doesn't mean anybody else is going to automatically follow suit.
    • Applejack and Rainbow Dash point out during Chapter 8 that even if Tempest did do a genuine Heel–Face Turn, she still cannot go unpunished for her crimes (which include conquering Equestria and other countries, enslaving those populations, and joining forces with a maniac emperor, all because she broke her horn) because that would not be fair to the thousands, maybe even millions, of victims who suffered because of her. Also, because Tempest's misdeeds were war crimes, that means that it's impossible for her not to be punished for them.
    • Later on, it is revealed that the Cutie Mark Crusaders are suffering from PTSD from being locked up in cages.
    • Futhermore, there were lots of casualties in Canterlot from Tempest's attack on the city.
  • The Assassination of Twilight Sparkle: When new work laws were enacted that would allow non-pegasi, including unicorns and griffons, to work at the Cloudsdale weather factory, Fastlane's father, a pegasus worker at the factory, was enraged. He and some of the other pegasi went on strike, but the factory just hired replacement workers with the same wages and benefits. Even when the other strikers returned to work, he continued to hold out, to the point of refusing to get another job. Nobody cared, his efforts amounted to nothing, and his family became so poor that they couldn't afford his wife's medical expenses. Having pride doesn't put food on the table or pay the bills, and if you don't swallow it when you have to, you'll end up with nothing.
    • Not to mention the eponymous situation. The families of the culprits are ostracized and persecuted in society, and that's not even getting into the immensely painful death that they earn by killing the favored student of their ruler and a beloved public figure.
  • In The Royal Sketchbook Twilight and her friends try to save a pillaged village from violent bandits. It's not like anything they've seen before. Even Flash Sentry is shellshocked. When Twilight tries to talk to a pillager, he just mocks her then spits in her face.
  • Pinkamina in Ask Pinkamina Diane Pie tries to dramatically lick a knife and just ends up slicing her tongue.
  • In the one-shot Below Average, Starlight Glimmer finds out the hard way that taking away Princess Celestia's special talent results in a perpetual sunset, equalizing your local blacksmith results in fragile weapons and armor that the Royal Guard effortlessly defeats, a spell to remove a cutie mark has no effect on those who don't have them, and if you rely exclusively on your magic, an opponent with magic-repelling bowties will render you Powerful and Helpless.
  • Equestria: Civil War
    • The fanfic, in general, deconstructs the Easily Forgiven trope that is a staple of the series. Although Starlight Glimmer pulled a Heel–Face Turn and the Mane 6 no longer held any grudges against her, this doesn't excuse the fact that she committed a lot of crimes in the past, or change the fact that she hurt several ponies who wouldn't be willing to forgive her. Because Twilight was quick to forgive Starlight in spite of her actions, ponies all across Equestria have accused Twilight of being a Horrible Judge of Character and suggest that her decisions as a princess be questioned. As a result, the Reformed Antagonist Regulation Act (R.A.R.A) - a checks and balances type of system developed to monitor former villains - ended up garnering a lot of supporters. Including Rarity, Cadance, and Applejack.
    • In addition, the fic also points out that ponies were either killed or seriously injured during the Changeling invasion in the Season 2 finale. In fact, Thunderbolt's whole reason for pushing the R.A.R.A act to be passed comes from how his daughter was killed and his ex-wife was crippled during the invasion.
  • Loved And Lost, an extended retelling of the 2nd season finale, has a lot of examples.
    • As soon as Twilight herself has stopped the Changeling invasion, Prince Jewelius blames the other heroes — the princesses, Shining Armor and Twilight's friends — for the invasion, revealing to the entire Canterlot how they refused to listen to Twilight's suspicions regarding the false Cadance. He also brings up the fact that instead of the wedding being postponed until the threat of (at the time) unknown attackers was dealt with, the city was merely secured heavily, yet was still nearly conquered. The fresh survivors of the nearly successful invasion are quick to believe Jewelius' selective truths and turn on the princesses, Shining Armor and Twilight's friends, allowing him to turn them into hated pariahs and proclaim himself Equestria's king.
    • It's also acknowledged that there were civilian casualties. One week following the invasion, Celestia is called out by a filly whose parents were injured by the Changelings and are still in the hospital.
    • When Shining Armor is rebuked by Jewelius out of disowning Twilight at the rehearsal, the wedding guests and some members of the Royal Guard who hear this are shocked. The deeply ashamed captain decides that honesty is the best policy and confesses that Chrysalis had no influence over that action of his. Unfortunately, this only makes him greatly disliked, especially since Jewelius leaves unmentioned the outrageous way Twilight was throwing around her accusations. Twilight herself takes her brother's confession sadly, and it later helps Jewelius in manipulating her to forsake Shining Armor along with her friends and Celestia.
    • When the original bridesmaids — whom Chrysalis replaced with Twilight's friends and imprisoned in the same caverns as Cadance and Twilight — demand answers from the disgraced heroes about why only Twilight cared about their disappearance, Shining Armor straight-out tells them that Chrysalis fired them on the excuse that they only wanted to meet royalty in the wedding. The three mares, along with their sympathizers, become angry that such slander was believed about them, and they're unwilling to listen to Shining's explanations further.
    • When the disgraced heroes try to tell Twilight and Canterlot's citizens that Jewelius helped Chrysalis to infiltrate Canterlot before double-crossing her and is truly a heartless manipulator, Rainbow Dash suggests to have the also imprisoned Queen Chrysalis as their verifier. The suggestion is immediately shot down because no-one considers such a deceptive villain to be a reliable witness. In response, Applejack tries to appeal to her own status as the Element of Honesty to convince everyone that she's telling the truth. It fails because of her fresh reputation as a traitor and a fair-weather friend as well as the fact that everyone in Canterlot has stopped giving value to the Elements of Harmony.
      Rainbow Dash: Just ask Chrysalis herself!
      A stallion: You're telling us to ask a creature who lies and deceives ponies to clarify the truth?!
      Rainbow Dash: Oh.
    • At first it seems like the entire Royal Guard has sworn loyalty to Jewelius at the drop of a hat. However, it's revealed in the 11th chapter that most guards suffered serious injuries during the invasion, but many of them continued swearing loyalty to the dismantled princesses. On Jewelius' orders, they were murdered and declared to be casualties of the invasion, allowing Jewelius to fill the greatly decreased ranks with criminals he released from dungeons in exchange for their loyalty.
    • Jewelius gets to see that while you can sway someone into supporting you, you cannot make them utterly discard long-upheld beliefs or bonds just like that. He wins Twilight's trust by acting understandingly toward her while she gets the cold shoulder from her brother, mentor and friends. He then separates her from them before reconciliations can be made and manipulates her to stop trusting them while he's able to play around her fresh heartache as he sees fit for one week, without the banished heroes or Twilight's parents (whom he kidnapped) around. Once the banished heroes have returned, Twilight acts coldly toward them and refuses to trust them (except for Cadance), but she's faced with incidents that contradict Jewelius' claims. note  After getting chances to vent her hurt feelings, Twilight starts doubting and thinking. She eventually defies Jewelius' order of lying to ponies who trust her and decides that she wants to reconcile with her loved ones and that Jewelius has much to learn about responsible ruling. Likewise, Canterlot's citizens gradually become disillusioned with the smoke and mirrors of Jewelius and want back the wise ruler who has reigned for as long as they can remember.
    • After the entire Changeling army has escaped from Canterlot's dungeons, Jewelius refuses to acknowledge the urgency to prepare against them and directs all his efforts in taking down the heroes. Unlike what he seems to be thinking, Chrysalis (a highly vindictive queen who has a personal score to settle with him) is not going to just wait as long as he likes for another chance to get revenge against him after she failed to reach him once.note  Not to mention the suspicions he instills through this behavior in Twilight and Canterlot's citizens who all acknowledge the Changelings to be a bigger concern than the fugitive heroes.
    • During her duel with Rainbow Dash in the final battle, Vivian goes into a Motive Rant of how Equestria has become weak under the rule of the alicorns and the Elements of Harmony. This gives Rainbow Dash a chance to take her by surprise and knock her unconscious.
    • While the heroes have reconciled, set everything right, and happily enjoying the wedding by the time of the epilogue, it's made clear that their memories over everything bad that's happened over the past week still haunt them, with everypony agreeing with Twilight when she says they'll be unlikely to ever forget this dark section of their lives.
  • In another fanfic revolving around the season 2 finale, The Wedding is Off!:
    • Twilight feels so betrayed by her brother, friends, and mentor abandoning her at the rehearsal that she lashes out at them, which is only worsened by them insisting that she was being childish as if they are blaming her for the whole incident. After Twilight utterly gives up on them, Spike also turns against them since he only followed them because he had no choice and goes to apologize to her. And finally, Cadence becomes horrified at her fiance's actions against his sister that she outright breaks up with him and calls off the whole wedding.
    • Heartbroken by Twilight's rejection and bitter about the wedding being called off, the Mane Five decide to go home and forget everything that has happened, only to find out the hard way that everyone they know is upset and ashamed of them for what they did in Canterlot.
    • Meanwhile, Celestia (and Luna, who decided to wander off before the catastrophe) ends up becoming disgraced due to putting all of her subjects in danger and leaving all her work to the Elements of Harmony.
    • Similarly, an angry mob comes to beat up Celestia, and end up getting arrested for treason.
  • Sunset's Recovery Arc: Being a high schooler who lives by herself, Sunset doesn't have the money to get professional help about her depression. There aren't many other ways for her to see a therapist elsewhere either. Being from another dimension, she's not a citizen so she can't get insurance and she doesn't have a birth certificate to become a citizen. Charity clinics also have a long waiting list.


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