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Reality Ensues in Fan Works. See also Deconstruction Fic.

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  • As with the game, this novelization of Hyrule Warriors depicts Cia as an absurdly powerful sorceress who has lusted after Link for ages. As soon as she has him at her mercy, she wastes no time in putting him under mind control and forcing him to sleep with her.
  • Braid of the Limbo Clone Squad. When he was facing his demise he was plucked from his universe by a mischief god and given his choice of powers. His choice: the natural laws of his Earth will always rule him. How does this count as a power? Well, the universe he was thrown into is an anime universe, meaning that the only reason the heroes haven't died is that the universe's laws seem to want to protect them. Which means he can see through the flimsy disguises that most people use and has no problem just killing the fuckers when they're not powered up with a simple sniper shot to the head.
  • The Jackie Chan Adventures story Queen of Shadows deconstructs You Shall Not Pass! at one point — during the fall of the last free human refuge in Kyushu, Toguro attempts to halt Ikazuki's advance in a one-on-one duel. But as Ikazuki points out, this is only holding the General himself, while his forces continue their rampage, whereas otherwise Toguro could be off fighting them all off.
  • In The Keys Stand Alone: The Soft World, the four are quite aware that just because they're insanely powerful doesn't mean they're good at the more mundane aspects of adventuring. In particular, George and Ringo make lousy disguised spies because they're always accidentally revealing things about themselves. And Ringo finds during the incident at Boidan Valley that he's terrible at nonmagical surveillance.
  • In Hell Hath No Fury, Cersei Lannister is livid when she learns her firstborn daughter Lenora was married to Robb Stark just before the start of the Civil War. Tyrion reminds her Lenora is safe with Robb Stark - who holds Honor Before Reason and as such won't exerce his Marital Rape License - and the marriage protects her from being abducted and raped by less gentle factions interested in the princess's ability to bear a claimant to the throne. As for Robb's treachery, being wedded to a traitor is better than being made his whore.
  • A Brighter Dark deconstructs Fire Emblem Fates as a darker more serious retelling, without the presence of Anankos or the Invisible Kingdom of Valla.
    • Sakura's two retainers try to defend her and Mozu from over a dozen attackers. They put up a good fight but end up dead none the less.
    • Ryoma makes several audacious decrees in order to face the Nohrian invasion, sure that everyone recognizes the threat. This backfires on him when it pisses of the numerous Shoguns who secede.
    • Hinoka is killed completely off screen with no warning. Showing that even the most important people can die anti-climatically with little fanfare.
    • Scarlet decides to fight to the death rather than surrender to Corrin after her Mystical Plague strikes Cheve. Her rebel forces, a small untrained militia of townsfolk armed with makeshift weapons, supported by a handful of Hoshidan soldiers last around 12 minutes against the fully trained and equipped Nohrian army.
  • In the Carrie fanfic An Alternate Path, Ms. Desjardin, Carrie's gym teacher, discovers how horribly Carrie is treated by her mother, Margaret. When Desjardin confronts Margaret about her mistreatment of Carrie, the witch tries to pull a sneak attack on Ms. Desjardin with a knife...only to discover that an adult gym teacher, unlike her submissive daughter, has the skill, strength and confidence to not only block the attack, but break her wrist for good measure.
  • Happens frequently in the Undertale fanfic Visiontale, posted on Archive of Our Own, most frequently in reference to how Pauline's blindness alters her interactions with the characters. Also, notably when Papyrus and Dewey tell Pauline about Alphys's experiments in the True Lab and the ethical issues involved.
  • In the Percy Jackson and the Olympians fanfic Broken Bow, the main character, Armani, points out why the Hunters of Artemis have a perfect record beating the demigods of Camp Half-Blood in Capture the Flag - the Hunters are all immortal and typically have centuries of experience in battle, are often tracking monsters through forests and at night (Capture the Flag usually takes place around nighttime in a forest by the camp), they have the blessing of Artemis making them stronger and faster, and they play to their strengths by focusing on slipping through the lines of the campers and capturing their flag as fast as possible. And as he also points out, this is their only viable strategy most of the time, since the campers often greatly outnumber the Hunters, and a direct contest would likely end with them losing.
  • Occurs frequently in the DisneyPrincess 'Old and Graceful', depicting what the princesses went through in their adulthood and old age.
    • As Snow White married at only fourteen, she cannot have live births for several years. And because she is small and skinny, her children are fairly brittle. After Prince Charming wins a battle, he dies of an infected wound, leaving a frail teenage boy as the new king.
    • During the French Revolution, peasants from Belle's town try to convince the revolutionaries that the Beast is not as bad as the French king, which results in some of the townsfolk being killed for their views. When Belle and the Beast escape France, the Beast is recognized, arrested and executed while Belle barely escapes with her life.
    • Due to most people in that time and place not believing in mermaids, people presume Eric is mad. On another note, it is hinted that because of Ariel changing form her body and mind are not as stable as humans', leaving her insane.
    • When Elsa has an argument and blocks Arendelle off from the world by freezing the sea, resulting in low supplies and starving people, they revolt, forcing Elsa to watch as Anna as given the ducking stool so that the queen will lift the frost.

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