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Reality Ensues in Fan Works. See also Deconstruction Fic.

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  • Braid of the Limbo Clone Squad. When he was facing his demise he was plucked from his universe by a mischief god and given his choice of powers. His choice: the natural laws of his Earth will always rule him. How does this count as a power? Well, the universe he was thrown into is an anime universe, meaning that the only reason the heroes haven't died is that the universe's laws seem to want to protect them. Which means he can see through the flimsy disguises that most people use and has no problem just killing the fuckers when they're not powered up with a simple sniper shot to the head.
  • In The Keys Stand Alone: The Soft World, the four are quite aware that just because they're insanely powerful doesn't mean they're good at the more mundane aspects of adventuring. In particular, George and Ringo make lousy disguised spies because they're always accidentally revealing things about themselves. And Ringo finds during the incident at Boidan Valley that he's terrible at nonmagical surveillance.
  • A huge point in Freedom Planet fan works in is the idea that Lilac wouldn't just get over her Electric Torture by hopping into a Healing Spring that appeared more-or-less out of nowhere;
    • The Goth and the Girlfriend partly deals with this; she doesn't get over it that simply and comes down with heavy PTSD a few months afterward, desperately turning to hiding her issues under a number of alter-egos that do nothing but make her condition worse and worries Carol greatly.
    • And then you have something like Little Miss Heropants, that goes into extreme detail on how broken Lilac becomes from the torture; she hallucinates frequently and intensely, and is ultimately unable to function without Carol to regularly snap her back to reality - one chapter even has her triggered in a public place and causing a nasty scene.
    • The Project Dragon multiverse list likewise notes a few Lilacs that developed issues; the original (FP-001) is stated to be developing PTSD and notes that No-Zone agents have to be careful if using electrical appliances around her, just in case. Then FP-095's "Broken Lilac" skips the formality and just has Lilac break from the torture itself; committed to a mental asylum, regressing to a feral state, wrapped in a straightjacket, the works. In reality, such a traumatic event can't be swept under the rug with a borderline Deus ex Machina, and trying to deny its effects only makes it worse.
  • It's Nice to be Nice, a Hurt/Comfort Fic set in the SMG4 universe, goes some way to deal with the ramifications of Meggy becoming human at the end of Final Hours, released a few days after the aforementioned episode aired;
    • First of all, it's made clear that Meggy is having a tough time adapting to her new body, having trouble balancing and even falling over a number of times. Notably, it's stated that it has less to do with her new sizenote , but more her new proportions and a new centre of gravity that keeps (literally) tripping her up.
    • The story is implied to take place a few days after the events of the Anime Arc. Meggy's apartment is still trashed from getting kidnapped and Markus even points out that staying there is a bad idea. Meggy is also still reeling from the sheer trauma of the events and is stated to regularly have night terrors like the one that starts the story.
    • Meggy notes that a lot of people keep staring at her. It's suggested that Inklings thought humans were extinct until Mario showed up in "If Mario was in...Splatoon", and even then very few humans have turned up in the city since, so Meggy now being human is absolutely going to get her stares of confusion. Even the main cast is said to stare at times, understandably so considering the drastic change in their friend.
    • Desti, as far as the Inklings were concerned, was still an Alpha Bitch rival who insulted a lot of people, including Markus' own sister, so he isn't prepared to forgive her or see her in a different light despite her death and Character Development. Markus' own lack of sympathy in context nevertheless bites him in the backside when his rant sends a still hurting Meggy bursting into tears.
      • Speaking of, it's noted that Agent 3, Markus' sister in this story, was among the Inklings captured by the Inkweaver creations. Even being a veteran Agent that bested Octavio wasn't enough when up against beings way beyond his threat level.
    • A sort of follow-up images by the author expands a little on the above of Meggy adjusting to her new body; it notes that she now has a host of human organs and bones to keep track of, and breaking a leg is a painful experience over a simple human saying. It also mentions that not being hurt by water anymore is meaningless when a lifetime of "water = death" means she lacks swimming skills entirely.

  • Communication:
    • No matter what powers she may have, Taylor is still a young insecure teenager who has been bullied for the past year or so. The fact that she's hearing voices that can sometimes be quite unhelpful does not aid much. She does get better with time, though.
    • Her first inventions (a super cellphone and laptop) are made with pretty much what she can scrounge from the local scrapyard, as she doesn't have the money for better materials or the ability to make them.
    • When she begins to plan how to start her company, she needs to find people to invest in her plans and also someone to direct things, since she's a minor and knows little about running a business.
    • After killing Coil, she has a Freak Out! that she barely shakes off in time to avoid getting caught, and still breaks down as soon as she is in a safe place.
  • After the Final Battle during the epilogue, the existence of Magical Girls are exposed for all in the world to see. Everything that comes up from such a revelation is a natural occurrence of the aftermath of such an event:
  • Handmaid:
    • Despite it being her idea, Katherine is still has some initial jealousy when Henry takes Anne as his handmaid and openly flaunts his newest relationship. It takes Anne calling her out on it and declaring her loyalty to Katherine for her to get over it.
    • Katherine is much less open to the idea of a Spanish match for Cecily due to her nephew reneging on his original betrothal to Mary. The betrayal hurt her on a political and personal level. It takes repeated assurances that Charles completely intends for this match to go through for her to give her support.
    • Despite resolving herself to only loving Katherine, Anne cannot help but start caring for Henry on a deeper level, due to him being the father of her children and his clear and genuine love for her. It was losing Katherine and him that caused her to die of a broken heart.
    • While Anne's children are legitimate, that doesn't change the fact that she is the daughter of an elevated knight. Many of the queens of Europe are reluctant to marry her children to theirs since they only have strong royal blood from one parent. The kings are much less peeved, since they are more focused on alliances that benefit their kingdoms, so their primary concerns are legitimacy, fertility and reputation, not blood.

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