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  • Despite having two additional witnesses to support his claim that someone in a kabuki mask was using his stolen microbot technology, Hiro is still unable to convince the police officer, since A) It is still an unbelievable claim and B) The officer recognized Hiro and Riley as the two kids arrested a few months ago, making them untrustworthy.
  • Earlier, when Riley wakes up inside her head and meets her emotions, she automatically screams in fright.
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  • What the fanfic shows that the movie didn't was Hiro going through trial and error with his microbot idea. He doesn't come up with the neurotransmitter until Riley suggests it, unable to control all of the microbots at once with a regular controller used for Bot-fighting.
  • After an embarrassing first introduction at the start of the story (i.e. meeting Hiro in a jail cell and knowing he was responsible for Riley being in a cell too), Riley's father is hesitant to allow Hiro to see his daughter. Thankfully, Riley's mom is more reasonable and convinces her husband to give the boy a chance.
  • When Oh tries to help Hiro by working on the neural-transmitter, he calibrates it with a Boov's parameters in mind, which are very different from human physiology. When Riley tries to wear it, she's shocked into unconsciousness.
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  • Riley struggles with her new powers, since there is no one with similar abilities. She is worried that the others think she is crazy when she tries explaining her new empathetic abilities and thankful when Fred steps in to her defense.
  • After Tadashi dies in the fire, the next chapter shows how the others are dealing with it. Honey Lemon can't sleep because she keeps having nightmares, Gogo blames herself for what happened, Hiro isolates himself from everyone, and Riley suffers from a Heroic BSoD from the overload of emotions she felt during that tragic moment. The Andersons are concerned with paying for therapy, but Fred covers it for them.
  • When Hiro is reluctant to let Riley join them in the fight against Yokai, Riley and Tip are pissed. Tip sides with Riley and admits that the only reason she was hanging out with the others was because Riley was there and both storm off. Everyone makes up afterwards, this time letting Riley and Tip aide in the final battle.
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  • The fire takes longer to destroy the building, but Tadashi is still in the building when the explosion happens.
  • Oh becomes inspired to fight after watching the others take on Yokai and the Gorg. He headbutts Smek, but immediately reels in pain from the blow. He lampshades what a horrible move it is to use.
  • In the final chapter, Agent Dicker and General Monger point out that the Supers Ban just allowed supervillains to run rampant (since criminals wouldn't be bothered about breaking another law), and is only nominally recognized anymore. And they couldn't even get Metro Man to follow it at all in the first place.

Unity (Finmonster)

  • The trend of this trope continues into the sequel, which right off the bat shows that even after getting closure on Tadashi's death, Honey Lemon is still in mourning and tries to keep herself occupied.
  • When Mirage is assigned to retrieve the Monster team, Lucy angrily accuses the assignment of being a glorified delivery mission just because of Mirage's former alignment with Syndrome.
  • Hiro and Fred's dad suspect that the AVL is onto the secret identities of Big Hero 9. In the next scene, following Agent Dicker, it turns out it is not the case and that they are still working on it. While Paper-Thin Disguise might be in place, the organization doesn't really have much information to go by to determine the identities of the new crimefighters of San Fransokyo. Not to mention, they have other concerns of more importance to deal with, so a new group of superheroes would most likely be low on AVL's priority list. Also, because they're a government agency, with a fixed budget, they're limited by poor equipment and a shortage of competent personnel compared to their workload.
  • Mirage's parents died because when Excelsior and Dr. Nefario's battle caused damage to the pier they were on, her mother wanted to run, but her father stood his ground, sure that Excelsior would save them. He wasn't able to do so.
  • Mirage was not let off easy for her actions as Syndrome's lieutenant. She is still viewed as untrustworthy even years later, and even now as an agent of the AVL she still has a tracking device on her at all times, which is also an inhibitor designed to paralyze her if she's viewed as stepping out of line.
  • The team can't carry their costumes around everywhere, especially since they're bulkier than the more spandex-like suits the Parrs wear. The reason that only Fred and Violet could respond to the attack on KreiTech was the simple fact that by chance, Fred was the only one near where the spare costumes were kept.
  • Like in a certain movie, the Sizeshifter device that Doctor Cockroach made for Susan works by contracting the empty space in her molecules. This, however, does not actually change her mass, so she is much denser than a normal person at 5 feet. While this makes her Immune to Bullets and gives her Super Strength, furniture that hasn't been reinforced will collapse if she tries to use it, and she can't wear heels.
  • As Honey doesn't have any superpowers, punching people in fights does manage to hurt her hands in the process.
  • Even if the jerks they took out started it by trying to smash Susan over the head with a beer bottle, the police still want to talk with the girls after the bar fight. Even then, it's noted that it was extreme luck on their part that the police never asked for IDs and noticed that Violet was underage for being at a club.
  • People did die in Titan's reign of terror over Metro City, and it's implied that Margo's biological parents were among them. Those deaths are also why Bob is furious at Metro Man for faking his death — while Megamind was the one to give Titan his powers, he only did that to fill the void Metro Man left behind. And when Titan started his rampage, Metro Man, instead of intervening immediately, stood and watched, forcing Megamind to deal with Titan himself.
  • Metro Man's decision may have allowed Megamind to reform and fulfill his potential as a hero, but it was still an extremely selfish and irresponsible decision that led to the deaths of dozens, potentially hundreds of people. Several of his friends, especially Mr. Incredible, are disappointed in him when they find out what he did. Even Megamind, the one who "benefited" the most from this, is implied to be unhappy with Wayne's choice even though he's come to accept it.
  • Big Hero 9 have good tech and some decent skills, but they're still rookie heroes. Thus when they first go up against the much more experienced villains of the Syndicate, they get curbstomped.
  • When Abigail finds out about her father's crimes, she's horrifed, and ultimately decides to cut ties with him. Despite the fact that everything he did was to save her life, he still commited several crimes, including Tadashi's murder, the attempted murders of Big Hero 9 (several of whom are children), and what could be best described as treason against humanity.
  • Riley is thinking about seeing her psychiatrist again after her Mind Rape experience, and shows signs of lingering trauma from the experience throughout the chapter.
  • The AVL aren't 100% trusting of Gru, and assign Lucy to join him undercover as a result.


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