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  • Alan in The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan, a purple-clad mechanical genius who's portrayed as being just as masculine as his brothers.
  • On American Dad!, super-macho and hyper-masculine manly man and CIA agent Stan Smith frequently gets his hopes up that he'll one day own a pony. He's deeply saddened when he's forced to refuse one from Francine's real parents.
    "I would have named her 'Buttercup'..."
  • Binky Barnes in Arthur lives in fear that his night light and interest in fine arts and ballet will be discovered and trash his tough reputation. In a song about the library, his solo line is "I like books with pictures of lots of pretty flowers", causing everyone to stare at him, to which he quickly adds "...being crushed by a giant pterodactyl!"
  • General Iroh on Avatar: The Last Airbender. He enjoys activities like drinking tea, playing Pai Sho, bathing in hot springs, and has a penchant for perfume note . Nevertheless, he is one of the cast's best fighters. Also note that he serves and grew up in the Fire Nation, a Proud Warrior Race. The fact that he can do those things, and that no one except similarly powerful characters says a thing about it, proves his badassery.
    • Sokka, too. "I'm not the one whose purse matches my belt," Katara teases him, but that doesn't change the fact he's a Badass Normal.
  • Rhinox in Beast Wars believes you should always stop to smell the flowers. He also dual-wields chainguns; when sufficiently annoyed he can pick Dinobot up by the neck and shake him like a maraca until he stops carping; and, when forced into a Face–Heel Turn by Megatron in Season 1, proceeds to roflstomp his way to the top of the Predacon hierarchy in about 15 minutes.
    • On the subject of Beast Wars, Megatron's rubber ducky.
  • Jack Bennett of the Bionic Six is a test pilot and vigilante who possesses super enhanced senses and optic blasts thanks to his enhancements. He's also rather good with his four (adopted and natural) children (A Genius Bruiser, a Hot-Blooded martial artist, a baseball team captain and a Genki Girl) and quite a good cook.
  • In Bob's Burgers, Big Bob regularly hangs out at the neighborhood gay bar so he can line dance and watch Scandal with his gay friends.
  • Cliff from CatDog practices ballet, though he had no shame in doing so as he did it in order to learn new moves to beat up CatDog with like a wrestler he looked up to.
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  • Father, most powerful villain of Codename: Kids Next Door, a terrifying silhouette of an old-time sitcom dad who can emit flames from his body and become a living bonfire...likes baking. ("For me it's more than a hobby, really.") He also has a yellow bathrobe with pink, fluffy lining.
  • Cow and Chicken had an episode where Chicken, Flem and Earl summon Sgt. Weenie Arms, a hero one of their action figures is based on, so they can become "Weenie Marines". One night of Training from Hell later, they awaken to find that they have huge muscular bodies and manly stubble, and Sgt. Weenie Arms presents them with action figures worthy of Weenie Marines..."Pencilneck Cissy", a Barbie analogue. When they object, he tells them that real men aren't afraid to play with dolls.
  • Vlad Masters from Danny Phantom is a very powerful human-ghost hybrid... who enjoys knitting. The love for knitting is also true for his arch-rival Jack Fenton.
    • Dash apparently collects teddy bears.
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  • Darkwing Duck, the Badass Normal hero of the series of the same name, wears a purple costume (the cape is pink on the inside). He's also a loving parent to his daughter, whom he raises together with his sidekick/Heterosexual Life Partner Launchpad McQuack.
  • Dave the Barbarian is a perfect example for this trope. He's huge, tough... and enjoys cooking, cleaning, and collecting cute nick-knacks, among other things. His love of nick-knacks in particular once helped save the day, when a Monster of the Week turned out to share his interest and they immediately bonded over it.
  • The big, hulking, muscular and gentle warrior Lian-Chu, from Dragon Hunters, is very fond of knitting, something that his best friend since childhood and dragon-hunting partner Gwizdo, a Lovable Rogue, often makes fun of. In the 2008 CGI prequel movie of the same name, Lian-Chu's knitting needles even play an important role in killing the World Eater.
  • In Detentionaire, Biffy counts. He likes playing with his cat, and knits sweaters for him er, her.
  • Doctor Dred from Drak Pack has pink gloves, a pink band around his hat, pink slacks visible under his greenish coat, and even has pink eyeshadow on.
  • in The Emperor's New Groove, Kronk, the tough-and-macho henchman to the evil Yzma, has a flair with gourmet cooking not seen since Julia Childs.
  • Jorgen von Strangle from The Fairly OddParents!. He kicked a whole negative universe's worth of Fairy ass and was a five-stars officer in the fairy military. His hobbies? Baking delicate pastries and watching mushy soap operas. Not to mention he married the Tooth Fairy and a whole episode is dedicated to him being broken-hearted after she temporarily dumped him.
    • Timmy Turner's shirt and hat are pink. This was because, in the episode "The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker", Mr. and Mrs. Turner were expecting a girl, and thus they bought girl-related stuff, like girls' toys and clothes.
      • At the end of "The Boy Who Would Be Queen", where after spending a whole day as a female, Timmy decides to give himself a treat and goes to the local beauty salon. The ladies who work there are so delighted that they even wish he'd date their daughters. And in the beginning of the episode, he was shown enjoying soap operas.
    • Francis is decked out in bully attire, but if his name weren't a hint to this trope, his room is also wallpapered with posters of pink unicorns.
    • Dark Laser, a very powerful Captain Ersatz of Darth Vader and master of dark powers, is extremely concerned with the interior design of the Death Ball, insisting it be "cozy".
    • An example of the trope's name, Manly McDiverman, a pink diver decoration named by Cosmo in the episode featuring Greek Gods and Goddesses.
  • Fillmore! is a Badbutt boy who is always solving crimes with his best friend Ingrid. The mug he is often seen drinking hot chocolate from is purple with a pink bunny on it.
  • The Unicorns from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends object to being called girls by Terrence simply because they're pink.
    Unicorn: You'se thinks we're girly, huh? (they all point their horns at him)
  • Bender from Futurama fits this temporarily in his stint in the Ultimate Robot Fighting League. He's forced into the character of The "Gender Bender", complete with a pink tutu and curly, blond wig. Though he appears to hate the outfit, he DOES take the time to carefully put it on a hanger and store it in his personal storage space, in the middle of a fight no less.
    • He has many straight up examples: he earnestly enjoys the robo soap opera All My Circuits, he was once "pregnant" with beer, his number two most repeated word is "Daffodil", he has a deep love of cooking (and is extremely hurt when told it sucks), he's obsessed with (and stalked) the aforementioned soap-opera's star, and once ALMOST MARRIED SAID STAR, and displayed some emotional aftermath at episode's end.
    • How much of his girlfriend's (the Planet Express Ship. Yes, he dated a ship. He likes a girl with a nice, 400 ton booty) personality stuck with him?
      Bender: Bender is a lone wolf, a solitary eagle, a cuddly baby tapir, and that's why I love him.
    • Lrrr, the ruler of Omicron Persei 8, is a wannabe alien overlord who is often aggressive but he is revealed in "Spanish Fry" to have a soft spot for animals, which his wife Ndnd likes about him.
  • In the episode "Orson's Diner" of Garfield and Friends, Roy knits a sweater.
  • Goof Troop: One of Goofy's friends is a huge and muscular man who works as a waiter. Pete commented that a man must be huge to wear an apron without a problem. The man secretly leads a double life as an undefeated wrestler. He'd rather quit but can't unless he loses and won't throw a fight.
    • There is also Pete himself, who wears light purple pajamas and bunny slippers. One episode also had him eyeing a luxury sports car that was colored Cherry Pink.
  • Gravity Falls shows that lumberjack Manly Dan is a big fan of the boy band Sev'ral Timez. He's so fiercely proud of it that he doesn't take it well when someone talks smack about the band, which Mabel utilizes to escape from Federal agents.
  • In Hey Arnold!, Helga's father, Big Bob, is big. And when he throws his back out and can't work, he is shown becoming addicted to watching soap operas (and demanding his wife videotape them when he goes back to work).
  • Inspector Gadget has no problem cooking for his niece while wearing a pink frilly apron over his trenchcoat.
  • Johnny from Johnny Test is a boy who loves doing things that are very manly, yet he has cross dressed several times as he wore a ballerina tutu that won him a costume contest and he dressed up as a princess for a secret mission with him loving the dress he wore after his sisters upgraded it to include built in weaponry.
    • Johnny's dad, Hugh Test, is a stay at home dad who loves cooking meatloaf and is a huge Neat Freak.
    • Mr. Black and Mr. White, who are two bumbling federal agents and friends of Johnny are shown to have a hidden passion for cooking. Their boss, The General, also has that passion too.
  • In Justice League, John Stewart alias Green Lantern: The Comically Serious big black Ex-Marine who eats Bob and Terry's ice cream and cries at the ending of Old Yeller.
    • Also from Kick Buttowski, there's this scene from the Halloween Episode:
      Mrs. Buttowski: Oh, how cute, Gunther! You're a darling little ballerina!
      Gunther: Actually, Mrs. Buttowski, I'm famed Viking warrior Thor Thorson. He was so fierce in battle, he wore purple tights to avoid intimidating his own men.
  • Ron Stoppable of Kim Possible plays into this territory. Sure, as Kim's sidekick and master of Mystical Monkey Powers he regularly saves the world, but he is also a dab hand at cookery, keeps a (pink!) naked mole rat as his pet, and is obsessed with trick-or-treating (the photo of him and Kim dressed up as a princess and a cowboy... respectively) and a certain Christmas animated special.
  • In the King of the Hill episode "The Sun Also Roses", the rose gardener Morgan treats the details-obsession and hyper-competitiveness of the rose hobby as a natural extension of his big-guy toughness. When his rose wins "Queen of show", he shouts "Who's the queen? You know it!".
  • The titular character of The Magic Adventures of Mumfie wears a pink jacket and pink shoes.
  • Windsor Gorilla, from My Gym Partner's a Monkey, collects cut-glass animal figurines.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • Big Macintosh is a very large (Draft horse?) stallion who works on his family's farm, is incredibly strong and tireless even by Earth Pony standards, and is implied in several background events to be a Chick Magnet, but:
      • In the episode "Lesson Zero", Twilight Sparkle enchants her childhood plaything with a spell that causes everyone to want it for themselves. After the spell is dispelled, the doll is left on the ground, only for Big Macintosh to grab it and run off.
      • "Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?" shows Big Macintosh's dream self having a Magical Girl-style Transformation Sequence into an Alicorn Princess.
      • In "Brotherhooves Social" he shows absolutely no compunctions about wearing a frilly dress, wig, and makeup so that he can compete in the Sisterhooves Social with Apple Bloom.
    • Twilight Sparkle's elder brother Shining Armor. Another large stallion, Captain of the Royal Guard, born to protect others, doesn't hesitate to attack a massive Eldritch Abomination with little expectation of doing more than delay it. Sheds liquid pride when his sister is coronated, always cries at weddings and is generally quite sweet natured. He was also a proud nerd in his high school years and had a doll of his own as a colt much like his sister and expressed extreme happiness upon getting it back as an adult.
    • Spike seems especially prone to this trope, what with his desire to attend the Grand Galloping Gala in "The Ticket Master", wearing a pink apron in "Dragon Quest" and even playing with pony dolls in "A Canterlot Wedding".
    • In "Rainbow Falls", Bulk Biceps, an absurdly muscular pony (with totally undersized... wings), is shown happily wearing one of Rarity's incredibly frilly and feminine team uniforms. Also; the most popular fandom name for him before 'Bulk Biceps' got canonised was Snowflake, runner-up was Roid Rage.
      • In Castle Sweet Castle, it's revealed that Bulk's day job is working as a masseur in a health and beauty spa.
    • And real Draconequi too, apparently, if Discord's "pretty alicorn princess" gear is anything to go by in Twilight's Kingdom Part 1.
    Discord: We're still on for tea, aren't we?
  • Tommy Anybody from Mr. Bogus wears a pair of sneakers with pink traces on them and a pink shirt.
  • The Pink Panther is male despite his color. Of course, he is one Cool Cat.
  • Buford's love for his goldfish in Phineas and Ferb. He also plays the violin, the piccolo, and the accordion, speaks fluent French, and quotes Voltaire.
    • Let's not forget Agent P, who has been seen watching mushy soap operas on his days off.
  • Mojo Jojo from The Powerpuff Girls, an evil, ruthless, scheming, diabolical villain whose main goal is to Take Over the World, shows a hidden cooking talent when forced to babysit the girls (the girls didn't like it, but it's implied this was them being bratty rather than him a Lethal Chef). The Grand Finale plays it straighter with him, when we discover that his whole reason for wanting to rule the world was to make it a more peaceful place. "Free puppies for everyone!" indeed. (Though that line was originally said by Bubbles, Mojo was the one who actually enforced the law.) Though again subverted when he gets bored with the peaceful world and reverts to his life of crime.
  • In Scooby-Doo and the Alien Invaders, one of the characters is a large, muscular Native American man named Buck who runs a car repair shop in Roswell—he's very brusque with the gang for most of the movie, and one day, the gang finds him out in the desert, but Buck refuses to explain why he was out there. At the end of the movie, when he presents their now-fixed Mystery Machine, Fred questions Buck why he was out in the middle of the desert—while obviously very reluctant, Buck explains to the gang that a hobby of his (that he prefers keeping a secret) is collecting pressed flowers.
  • Nelson in The Simpsons forced Bart to detour from their trip to Knoxville, Tennessee so he can see an Andy Williams concert in Branson, Missouri (or as Homer calls it, "Vegas, if it were run by Ned Flanders.")
    • In another episode, he's seen earnestly explaining to his classmates the proper way to clean, and apply powdered sugar to, freshly-picked huckleberries. When Principal Skinner wanders within earshot, Nelson quickly ad-libs something about punching a kid in the face.
    • In yet another episode, one of his prized possessions is seen to be a photo from Disneyland of a girl dressed as Snow White. When a shady private eye tells him she's just an actress, Nelson snaps "Shut up! Some of us prefer illusion to despair!"
    • In "Lisa On Ice", he's doing bad in history, geography, and math, but doing surprisingly well in Home Ec. He tells Skinner to keep it quiet.
    • Jimbo also these moments. In the Season 6 episode "The PTA Disbands!" (in which the teachers of Springfield Elementary go on strike), Jimbo is seen in a fancy living room watching soap operas with his mom ("I haven't cried this much since The Joy Luck Club!")
    • And of course, there was Dolph, Jimbo, and Kearney's reactions to Bart's ballet performance in "Homer vs. Patty and Selma" and their mock therapy session in "Whacking Day".
      Jimbo: Bart does ballet!
      Kearney: He dances like girls!
      Nelson: Ha ha!
      Bart: Go ahead and laugh, but I took a chance and did something I wanted to do, and if that makes me a sissy, well I guess I'm a sissy!
      Jimbo: ... he's a sissy! Let's get him!
    • The three bullies were also moved by Ralph Wiggum's surprisingly emotional acting as George Washington during the President's Day parade. Jimbo says his performance made him interested in learning more about the founding fathers and Kearney enthusiastically shouts "To the library!"
    • The first episode of Season 3 has Homer wearing one thanks to Bart placing his lucky red cap with the white laundry. Of course, this gives him trouble since wearing a pink shirt leads to him being sent to a mental institution.
    • Homer's favorite song is It's Raining Men.
  • Star Trek: The Animated Series has Klingons dressed in pink. This was due to director Hal Sutherland being colorblind.
  • Super Noobs
    • Tyler is shown to own a huge collection of stuffed animals and owns a cooking simulation video game.
    • Memnock also fits this as what makes him manly is that he is an alien warrior, and loves to watch football, play basketball, go fishing, watch western movies, and play video games but he is shown to love cooking as he reacts with glee when he gets a new kitchen. He also read a fashion magazine in one episode. Despite all this, he got very upset when his socks were mixed up in the wash and turned pink. He also has a liking for puppies and stuffed animals. It mostly shows that Memnock is fascinated with EVERYTHING about the cultures of Earth, apparently not caring about whether its masculine or feminine
    • Zenblock, who is another alien warrior and a comrade and roommate of Memnock, shows off his manliness through his tough, Austrian sounding accent, frequent shouting, and constant desire to fight. Yet he sleeps in bed with a sleep mask over his eyes and with a teddy bear in his arms. He also likes puppies and stuffed animals. He also screwed up doing laundry and caused his and Memnock's socks to go pink and anger Memnock.
  • Sym-Bionic Titan: Octus, while in his Mr. Lunis-guise, wears a pink apron and mitts while preparing food for Ilana and Lance. Also, Mike Chan drives a pink car.
  • Chef Hatchet from Total Drama is the manliest character in the series. Yet, he is always crossdressing and enjoys activities like cooking or playing the lira.
    • In one episode, it's hinted that he wants a pony.
    • DJ the Gentle Giant loves cooking, baking, and ribbon dancing
    • Geoff's manlier than DJ but wears a pink shirt and also loves cooking
    • Brick from season 4 has medals in "Bedmaking" and "Letters Home to Mom" and, when Cameron decides to share his money in the ending, decides to use his share to go to fashion school.
    • Shawn from the second half of season 5 is a video gamer with an obsession with zombies but he reveals that he worked at a bakery
    • The Ridonculous Race, which is a spin off has Brody and Ryan fitting into this
      • Brody is Geoff's best friend and forms the Surfer Dudes team with him but he is seen wearing a pink tank top shirt
      • Ryan is a fitness trainer who loves to work out his arms and muscles but he wears a pink shirt
  • Hot Rod, the brash young hero of Transformers: The Movie, transforms into a futuristic race car with with flames on the hood, never runs from a fight, and doesn't hesitate to take on Galvatron directly, which no other Autobot (or Decepticon) dares to do. He's also a bright fuchsia.
  • Brock Samson, of The Venture Bros., is a hulking secret agent/berserker, who displays great concern for his herb garden and shares coupons with Doc Venture. He even wears pastel pink on a few occasions, and isn't afraid to rock an ascot. Not only that but he seems to enjoy poetry, as evidenced by one of his conversations with H.E.L.P.eR.
  • Xiaolin Showdown: "What? Can't a cowboy be interested in figure skating?"
  • Used in a one-off joke in SpongeBob SquarePants. Mr. Krabs is a Navy veteran who, during his prime, was manly enough to get the nickname "Armor Abs". In his letter to Santa Claus, he asks for a pony... with saddlebags full of money.


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