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  • Sparklelord from The Adventures of Dr. McNinja is a unicorn with a rainbow horn and mane from a magical dimension called the Radical Land, and is named Sparklelord. You should fear him. (Also, his Baleful Polymorph form (which is more of a forced Form You Are Comfortable With) is a frickin' sweet motorcycle, and happens to have a rainbows-and-stars paint job)
  • Indie Pete tries to invoke this trope by wearing pink in Diesel Sweeties:
    Li'l Sis: "You're more secure in your masculinity than I thought."
    Indie Pete: "Like a vault! Of testicles!"
  • "Real men wear pink" is practically Donovan Deegan's Catchphrase, especially given that it dominates almost his entire wardrobe, from suits and dress coats to a "banana hammock" and a complete set of pink scale mail armor. Yeah. Really. His honorary orc name actually means "little pink man in pink", and the orcs affectionately refer to him as "Uncle Pinky".
    • Indeed, in his first appearance, it's one of the first things he says.
  • Badass Wolf Reynardine from Gunnerkrigg Court seems to be in denial about this. In public, he protests that "Reynardine The Great does not play with dolls!"; in private, he arranges tea parties with Kat's Hellboy, Batman, and Fox Mulder action figures. In public, he's seen reading classics like El Cid; in private he reads Nancy Drew with barely-concealed glee.
  • Karkat Vantas from Homestuck is a brash, rude, and no-nonsense dude. Who happens to love romantic comedies.
    • Dirk Strider is a stoic, katana-wielding badass... who can't quite bring himself to deny his unironic love of Rainbow Dash. As a Hero of Heart, his god tier robes even take on a magenta and pink color scheme.
  • In Housepets!, Rex, a bulldog, is depicted as the muscular right-hand dog of Bino at the Good Ol' Dogs Club. However, his idea of being a watchdog for his owner is buying watches. He also enjoys baking, and openly likes Pridelands, a media franchise made for cats.
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  • Ken, the drunken, BFS wielding Sociopathic Hero of No Need for Bushido is revealed to have a passion for Kabuki theatre and berates the other members of his group for a lack of interest in high culture. Said group includes a feudal princess.
  • Manly Guys Doing Manly Things, which is about Testosterone Poisoned Manly Guys of video games adjusting to real life.
    • The main character, Commander Badass, repeatedly points out that it's far more manly to be a decent human being (and caring father) than a macho jackass. He watches cartoons with his daughter (and develops strong opinions over Jem's dating habits), picks up hairstyling tips from Ganondorf, and makes a mean strawberry jam. He's also a 300-pound time-traveling superhuman marine.
    • Kratos is still an Emotional Bruiser and Blood Knight, but is rarely seen without a sudoku, Rubik's Cube or other puzzle.
    • Raiden spends an inordinate amount of time and money on hair care, but it's justified seeing as it's pretty much the last original part of him.
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    • Ganondorf also likes to do his hair, having learned how from his many sisters. He also considers 'you fight like a woman' to be a compliment, which stands to reason given that the Gerudo are 99% female.
    • Invoked by Tank; while he is a genuinely philosophical and contemplative individual (when his self-esteem issues and dodgy jailbroken biochemistry don't get in the way) who breeds saltwater fish as a hobby, he specifically took up baking to make himself seem less threatening (as an 800-pound combat cyborg with known anger management issues, this is a priority) in spite of not being able to eat anything he bakes.
  • Mistertique from Oglaf has been known to wear pink corsets and panties while...working.
  • Belkar Bitterleaf, the Ax-Crazy mass-murdering psychopath ranger from The Order of the Stick who multiclassed to Barbarian and describes himself as having two skill sets, killing things and gourmet cookery.
    • Let's not forget his beloved pet cat.
  • Before fine tuning his rogue skills, Rocky from Our Little Adventure worked making flower arrangements with his father.
  • Questionable Content:
    • Taken perhaps to its logical conclusion: Angus uses hot pink condoms.
      Angus: It's really more of a puce.
    • There is also Jimbo, a trucker/construction worker who moonlights as a romance novelist.
  • Roommates: (Ex-) Commodore James Norrington wears floral hair clips and regularly makes fruit baskets. He also cooks and house broke the Mooks of the Monster Roommate.
  • Scandinavia and the World reminds people that the Vikings used to braid their hair and tie bows in it. Also they bathed regularly, which was considered somewhat effeminate in England at the time.
  • In Sinfest, Satan is a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.
  • Sluggy Freelance
  • Daren of Wapsi Square is a big, rather muscular guy as well as a bartender. He also has a rather interesting taste in movies.
  • Alex Rayne from Wright as Rayne wears a big purple trenchcoat when in his own body. He even states to a friend that he "Adores purple." And Alex is a Badass Normal superhero.
  • A Cyanide & Happiness strip has a bully mocking a small nerdy kid for wearing a shirt with a dolphin on it. The final panel shows the bully noticing a much larger jock standing behind him wearing the exact same shirt design as the kid he's making fun of.
  • Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal: A tattooist accidentally tattoos "LOVE" and "HATS" on a tough guy's fingers instead of "HATE". Luckily, the tough guy does love hats. With flowers on them.


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