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    Accuracy International AS50
A British gas operated semiautomatic .50 caliber sniper rifle, the AS50 was developed by Accuracy International to replace the Barrett M82 in service with the British military and US Navy SEALs. It features a high rate of fire coupled with great accuracy for a .50 cal rifle due its free-floating barrel, muzzle brake, recoil-reducing buttpad on the stock and lightweight titanium frame, and can easily be disassembled and serviced in less than three minutes without tools.

However, despite being a British weapon, it was never adopted by the British military, with the M82A1 (as the L82A1) remaining their anti-materiel rifle of choice, and the SEALs didn't adopt it either. The only current user of the weapon is the Cypriot National Guard.

Video Games

  • The AS50 is usable in Ghost in the Shell: First Assault Online as the SA50, being one of the few weapons to be unlocked by TP, and can then be bought for 34,200 GP.
  • The AS50 was added to Counter-Strike Online in the 2011 update, also coming in Pink Gold and Vandita variants, and is used against enemy helicopters and bosses in Human Scenario Mode.
  • The AS50 appears as the most powerful but least durable sniper rifle in Far Cry 2, unlocked by completing the Arms Dealer's missions in the South. It features an illuminated mil-dot scope with a stadiametric rangefinder.
  • One of the sniper rifles available in Sniper: Ghost Warrior is the AS50.
  • The British Armed Forces DLC of ARMA II features the AS50 as the main weapon for the British anti-material snipers.
  • The AS50 is usable in the console versions of both Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter games, and is Alicia Diaz' weapon of choice in 2.
  • The AS50 appears in the Spec Ops, Survival and multiplayer modes of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. It incorrectly has an ejection port on the left side of the gun instead of the right, and is unique among sniper rifles in the game in that it has a low-magnification scope.
  • Raven's anti-material rifle in MAG is the AS50, called the AM50 in-game. While it is the only semi-automatic anti-material rifle in the game, there is a few seconds pause between shots before it can be fired again for balance reasons.
  • The "McManus 2020" costume for the Sniper Rifle in Saints Row IV strongly resembles the AS-50. Ditto for the Umbral Rifle in Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell.
  • The McManus 2015 has undergone a redesign for Saints Row: The Third Remastered. Instead of being the AWM/M82/Mk. 12 amalgamation that it was in the original game, this new incarnation of the rifle echoes the design of its above-mentioned successor.

    CheyTac Intervention
Cheyenne Tactical M-200 Intervention

The CheyTac Intervention is a bolt-action dedicated sniper’s rifle designed by CheyTac LLC. It’s relatively recent, but made big waves when it was introduced in 2001. It fires either the .408 or .375 CheyTac, rounds designed to be the middle ground between the standard rifle calibers like the 7.62mm and the massive anti-armor .50 BMG. The Intervention also has a long-range laser rangefinder designed to aid in the rifle’s primary function of long-range shooting. While not many military forces use it (currently Jordan, Turkey, Britain, Italy, Czech and Poland’s Special Forces units), it holds the record for the longest distance grouping of three rounds (16 and a half inches at 2,321 yards).

Its most notable accessory is its strangely-positioned carrying handle.


Films — Live-Action

  • Mark Wahlberg's character Bob Lee Swagger owns one in Shooter, which is used to frame him for the assassination of a foreign delegate.
  • Used in the Chinese blockbuster movie Wolf Warrior 2 by the female mercenary Athena.

Live-Action TV

  • Richard Machowitz demonstrates one in Future Weapons. He manages to break the record for a long distance grouping, hitting three out of six shots on a human-sized target at 2,530 yards.
  • Used in The Unit by Bob Brown and Hector Williams in the episode “Dark of the Moon.”

Video Games

  • Default sniper rifle in Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer. Soap uses one in single player when he and Price attempt to infiltrate the Big Bad's base in Afghanistan.
  • The Rolins LRSS in MAG is an Intervention.
  • SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 3 has the CheyTac as the “C-TAC”.
  • U.S Army and Resistance units use the CheyTac in Homefront against KPA soldiers. Comes with a nifty thermal sight.
  • In Battlefield 4 it is called the SRR-61 in reference to a special forces unit that fields this rifle, the Jordanian 61st Special Reconnaissance Regiment.
  • Added in the Blue Sun mod for 7.62 High Caliber, along with its unique ballistic computer: have a soldier with the computer near the sniper, and his/her chance of a hit goes way up.
  • The "M320 Long Range Rifle" used by NATO snipers in ARMA III is the M200 Intervention. It fires .408 anti-material rounds, and shoots farther than CSAT's counterpart, the .50 BMG GM6 Lynx, which in turn has more stopping power and a faster semi-auto rate of fire in-game.
  • The Version-Exclusive Content for the English versionnote  of Girls Frontline, here depicted as a girl who is only slightly taller than the weapon itself. She's so small that she actually has a difficult time moving the rifle around, despite having enough strength to carry it one-handed. As of this writing, M200 is the T-Doll with the highest accuracy stat in the game, a nod to the real-life weapon's capabilities.
  • Appears in SYNTHETIK as a laser-firing rifle called 420 SniperDragon. As a homage to MLG trickshots popularized by Modern Warfare 2, its perk, 360-Noscope Damage Bonus, gives the weapon a massive damage multiplier should you spin a full circle before firing.

Web Video

    Walther WA2000 
A new model of sniper rifle developed to withstand the rigors of Special Forces operations in a world where unconventional warfare is becoming the norm. The WA2000 is heavy and extremely unwieldy, but compensates for this with low recoil, which gives it exceptional accuracy. Its scope has three levels of zoom to allow targeting at multiple distances, and armor-piercing ammunition makes it an effective weapon against heavily armored enemy troops even at long range. If long-range sniping battles are your thing, you can't go wrong with this gun.

Designed from the ground up as a target rifle in response to the 1972 Munich massacre, this bullpup semi-auto is exceptionally rare. Estimates vary on how many were produced, but the number was only 170-250 in two versions with minor differences; this was largely due to extremely high costs killing demand. A WA 2000 in good condition is now easily worth $75,000 on the open market. Unfortunately, there aren't any even if you have this kind of money to spare; there are exactly fifteen WA2000 rifles in the entire United States, with 11 owned by the President of Walther's American branch and the rest owned by another collector. That being said, by all accounts, the WA2000 is an exceedingly accurate rifle, hampered by weight, but stated to be superior to just about any other similar caliber rifle. Combined with the inherent speed and accuracy of the .300 Winchester Magnum round, it is considered an exception precision weapon. Whether that's because so few people have been able to fire one, or because of the excessive costs in development led to extreme quality standards, is up for debate.

Very, very popular in movies and videogames, since it has a nice mix of the unconventional (bullpup layout) and the traditional (wood furniture). Due to its obscene rarity, many WA2000 rifles seen in movies are actually Ironwood Designs SG2000 .22 rifles acting as stand-ins for the WA2000. If a work of fiction wants to get even more ridiculous about rarity, it'll specify that the WA2000 in question is chambered in 7.62 NATO or even 7.5 Swiss instead of the standard .300 Winchester Magnum.

Anime & Manga

  • Henrietta uses one in the anime of Gunslinger Girl.
  • Also used by the stylish hitwoman of Geobreeders: Breakthrough.
  • Kurz Weber uses one against a Humongous Mecha in Full Metal Panic!.
  • Rally Vincent from Gunsmith Cats uses one in one of the few scenes she uses something other than a pistol.
  • Emiya Kiritsugu from Fate/Zero uses one equipped with a dual-scope setup: night-vision, and thermal imaging. Presumably he was able to acquire it via his connections with the ludicrously wealthy Einzbern family.
  • Major Motoko Kusanagi uses a very similar rifle in a WWIV flashback in Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd gig. Since the series is set 20 Minutes into the Future and the rifle has some design changes and updates, it's likely that this is supposed to be a new model based on the vintage WA2000.
    • The same rifle is later seen in Solid State Society, the made for TV movie of Stand Alone Complex, being used by the same guy the Major had previously shot with it. Allegedly.

Films — Live-Action

  • Used as a shotgun to kill dogs in Equilibrium.
  • Used by Timothy Dalton as James Bond in The Living Daylights, equipped with a large night vision scope.
    • Notably, they had an actual WA2000 on hand for the close-ups, as the Walther logo is prominent in the close-ups of Bond's finger on the trigger. Probably part of the deal, considering the fact that James Bond is one of Walther's biggest film endorsers.


  • Able Team. Carl Lyons finds a mercenary sniper team practising with this weapon to assassinate the President of Guatemala.
  • Dieter Weber, the Rainbow Team 2 Sniper, uses this in Rainbow Six. Memorable usages include shooting the submachine gun out of a terrorist's hands, allowing his partner to painfully send a bullet into said terrorist's liver for killing a child.

Video Games

  • Agent 47 uses this weapon as his primary sniper rifle in the Hitman series. In Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, there is a custom version of this gun, used by ninja. In Hitman: Blood Money, it's customisable with a variety of Gun Accessories, such as scopes, suppressors, an optional bolt action for greater accuracy, and three types of ammo.
    • Notably, it is the single most expensive weapon in the game. And you can carry it in a briefcase. It's also not available until you reach Rotterdam, which is 3/4 of the way through the game (he uses a Blaser 93 until then).
  • Appears in Modern Warfare 2 in the hands of an entire force of Russian snipers. How they afford it is anyone's guess.
    • It's also an early-tier sniper rifle in multiplayer, superior to the Intervention because it's semi-auto and has a slightly larger magazine.
    • Returns in Treyarch's game Call of Duty: Black Ops. Which is set in the sixties, before the weapon's invention.
  • Team sniper Dieter Weber uses this rifle in the sniping sections of the console versions of Rainbow Six: Lockdown and as far back in the games as Rogue Spear.
  • Used in Black, shown as a straight-pull bolt-action rifle, and therefore presumably broken.
  • Used in the Quantum of Solace video game.
    • Also appears in both versions of the GoldenEye remake; being a Walther gun, it is one of the few to keep its real name. During the Severnaya Bunker mission in the Wii version, it is given a winter white finish.
  • Now available from Bobby Ray's Guns and Things at the low, low price of $7940!!! Cash, major credit cards and conflict diamonds accepted!
  • Again, found in Combat Arms as the WA2000 and the WA2000 Classic (which has a wooden handguard and stock).
  • Anachronistically (as the game is set in 1974) appears in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. The description falsely claims that it was "developed to withstand the rigors of Special Forces operations". The WA2000 was too expensive and not sturdy enough for any sort of military use.
  • The Weyland-Yutani WY-102 sniper rifle in Aliens vs. Predator 2 is basically a dressed-up WA2000 with a strange rotating cylinder replacing the action.
  • In Team Fortress 2, the Hitman's Heatmaker is a mix-and-match of this rifle and the VSS Vintorez. It can decapitate targets on headshots.
  • The WA2000 appears as the "Lebensauger .308" in the PAYDAY 2 Gage Ninja Pack DLC.
  • A silenced variant with some sci-fi embellishments shows up as the standard sniper rifle in Perfect Dark.
  • Girls Frontline's premiere Tsundere character, a 5-star RF. She regards herself more as a killing machine than anything, which results in her being too socially awkward to properly interact with others. Her appearance intentionally evokes Agent 47 mentioned above, complete with her wearing the same tie as him.

Western Animation

  • Used by Archer to take out some guards in "Placebo Effect", then never seen again (possibly because ISIS uses the H&K PSG-1).

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