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    Beretta 93R 
A borderline fictional piece of full-auto hardware that'll have creeps scrambling to figure out whose move it is. Dead or alive, you're coming with me.
Auto-9 Description, Madness: Project Nexus
A machine pistol variant of the Beretta 92 designed in the 1970s; it saw some use with security forces, but Beretta ceased production during the 1990s, with the only real users of the weapon being Italy and Honduras. The R stands for "Raffica," Italian for "burst." The 93R is an extensive modification; the pistol is single-action only with selective fire, able to fire in semi-auto or in 1,100 RPM 3-round bursts. It has a muzzle brake, fold-down foregrip, optional shoulder stock, and a 20-round magazine, though it could still use the standard 15-round magazines of the 92. In movies, a 93R will frequently be played by a modified 92 with a fullauto drop-in sear; the classic sign of a converted 92 is a slide-mounted decocking safety instead of the frame-mounted slide stop of the real weapon. Usually ends up being someone's Weapon of Choice if it turns up, since it combines the popular look of a Beretta with More Dakka.

Anime & Manga

Films — Live Action

  • Perhaps the most famous use is in Robocop. The modification, nicknamed the "Auto 9," includes a large side-ported compensator and oversized rear sight, created when even the Desert Eagle looked tiny and unthreatening in the hands of the eponymous character. The Auto 9 prop was also used in the City Hunter movie, and in Sin City. The MagSec 4 weapon in Perfect Dark and AJM 9 in Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and Far Cry 4 are also copies of the Auto 9.
  • The male cop in the Hong Kong Les Yay action movie Naked Killer used one of these.
  • The Big Bad played by John Travolta used one in Broken Arrow (1996).
  • Also used in Eraser.
  • Nikita uses one on a target range when she's being trained as an assassin. She states that she's used one before, but "never on paper."
  • Weapon of Choice for Melvin in The Big Hit.
  • Bucho the Big Bad from Desperado carries one of these until the Dark Action Girl borrows it to go hunt El Mariachi.
  • Used in The Raid 2: Berandal by Bejo in the car chase sequence. The extra firepower proves decisive going up against a shotgun wielding gangster.
  • Mickey carries a 93R as one of his weapons in Natural Born Killers.


  • The Executioner. The 1980's Heroes "R" Us group Able Team used a customized version with silencer, tritium dot sights and steel-core bullets for extra penetration. Mack Bolan also upgraded to this from his original Beretta Brigadier when he changed from Vigilante Man to covert government anti-terrorist.

Live-Action TV

  • In The CW's 2010 TV reboot of Nikita, Michael carries it with the foregrip removed for most of Season 2.
  • Bionic Woman (2007 remake). In the final episode Jaime Sommers gets shot at by a guy on a bike wielding one of these — with full auto sound effects instead of three-round burst.

Video Games

  • This weapon becomes the first weapon used in Square Enix's Parasite Eve 2, where ironically it can be quite powerful if you abuse the critical-hit mechanism.
  • Resident Evil
    • Claire's basic handgun in Resident Evil – Code: Veronica. When you first get it, it has no stock and the grip is flipped up, only fires semi-auto and holds just 15 rounds. After you get an upgrade kit, it can be toggled to three-round burst firenote  and its ammo capacity is increased to 20 rounds. Like all burst-fire pistols in the series, it's more powerful than semi-auto: while a zombie takes four or five shots to drop down regularly, a single burst will put it on the ground.
    • The 93R returns in Resident Evil 5, unlocked for purchase by fully upgrading the starting 92FS. It gets the shoulder stock and a Laser Sight bolted atop the weapon like a scope (since there's no room under the barrel without sacrificing the folding grip), and can fire in bursts of up to three shots at a time.
    • Chris uses one again as his personal sidearm in Resident Evil: Vendetta.
  • A weapon in Jagged Alliance 2. It's almost identical to the 92F, but capable of burst fire. Custom mercenaries with a marksman stat under 80 start with one.
  • The "Joker FP9 Burst Pistol" in All Points Bulletin is a crossover between Beretta 92 and 93R, fitted with a compensator, extended magazine and firing three-round bursts.
  • Appears in GoldenEye Wii under the pseudonym "Kunara V." Inaccurately portrayed as full-autonote . Reloaded rectifies this.
  • Added in the Blue Sun mod for 7.62 High Caliber.
  • A converted Beretta 92SB appears in Modern Warfare 2; in multiplayer, it's often called the "Pocket M16" and is infamous for being one of the best sidearms in the game, being the only machine pistol that can be used with Last/Final Stand, surprisingly accurate within its bursts, and able to kill in a single burst at almost any range, with the Stopping Power perk making it a one-burst kill at any range.
    • A futurized variant (actually based on an M1911-based airsoft gun) makes a similarly-infamous appearance in Call of Duty: Black Ops II as the B23R. Notably, it features the fore grip, but it is unusable, despite the sheer number of other weapons with folding foregrips that the player can choose to use or not.
  • Available in Rainbow Six 3 with the Athena Sword expansion, as a burst-firing alternative to the 92FS.
  • Like the Modern Warfare example, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3, and Battlefield 4 all feature converted Beretta 92's standing in for the 93R.
  • Usable in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy as the "Raffica."
  • Appears as a usable weapon in The Division.

     Heckler & Koch VP70
The H&K Volkspistole (German for "people's pistol", though it's sometimes said to be Vollautomatische Pistole, "fully automatic pistol", which would be somewhat of a misnomer) is a select-fire semi-automatic/burst-fire handgun firing 9x19mm Luger/Parabellum (9x21 IMI for Italian civilian customers, due to 9x19mm being restricted to military/law enforcement use), first produced in 1970. It was one of the first (preceded only by a prototype Makarov called the TKB-023) pistols to use a polymer frame, predating the Glock 17 by twelve years and sported a still-impressive 18+1 round capacity. It is also unusual in that in order to fire the weapon on burst-fire, one has to fit a combination holster/stock (similar to the one found in Broomhandle C96 Mauser pistols) that contains the selector switch. Once mounted, this allows a shooter to fire a three-round burst at a staggering 2,200 RPMnote . It also has a rather hefty trigger pull (though Wolff Gunsprings offers a replacement striker spring to lighten the trigger pull), due to being double-action only. Overall it was mechanically very simple and field stripped into only four components (slide, recoil spring, magazine, and the frame) and rather rugged due to its other intended use as a simple weapon that civilian conscripts could be trained to opperate when the Reds came swarming over the wall.

H&K produced two versions of this pistol, the VP70M or Militär (military) and the Z, Zivil (civilian). Naturally, the burst-fire capable "M" model is the one most frequently depicted. Unfortunately, while innovative and unusual, it never really took off; its hefty trigger pull, European magazine release (a lever at the base of the grip, as opposed to a button behind the trigger guard), push-button safety, and lack of a slidelock (meaning that when empty the slide cycles normally instead of locking to the back, so the slide needs to be racked again after the magazine is swapped during a reload) meant it never really stood a chance on the U.S. civilian market. Coupled with little interest from Law Enforcement and it never serving its purpose as a tool of resistance against an East German invasion, the VP70 saw abysmal sales throughout its production life. Production ended for the M model just a few years after it was first produced, with the production of the Z series ending in 1989. It was yet another example of an innovative design that could not find a marketable niche note . Despite its relative scarcity, lightly-used units still in their box can still be purchased inside the U.S. for around $450 (less than the price of most new name-brand handguns - other still-produced H&K pistols demand that much just for the H&K logo on the grip, nevermind the gun itself), making it a rare but affordable collectable.

Anime & Manga

Films — Live-Action

  • Appears as the sidearm for the Colonial Marines in Aliens, seen used most prominently by Lieutenant Gorman. The film's armourers selected it due to its status as a rare gun and for its futuristic looks. According to the tech manual, the VP70 used by the marines is based off of the M variant and fires a futuristic 9x19mm sabot round in place of conventional ammunition.
  • It appears rather frequently in the first Street Fighter film, used by Ken, Sagat and T. Hawk.
  • One of Roman Bulkin's thugs uses a VP70 to intimidate Sin LaSalle in Be Cool.
  • The Weapon of Choice for 49er One in Half Past Dead.

Video Games

  • Resident Evil features it a few times, mostly in Leon S. Kennedy's hands, and often called "Matilda".
    • His starting pistol in Resident Evil 2 is a VP70M. You can find the stock (called "Handgun parts") as an upgrade for it that allows it to toggle between semi-auto and a more ammo-efficient three-round burst, and bumps capacity to 20 rounds. In Resident Evil 2 Remake, the stock is removable, as the Matilda equipped with it takes two intentory squares and can become cumbersome; you can also pick up a muzzle brake that reduces recoil and an expanded magazine that bumps up capacity from 12 to 24 rounds and makes reloading faster.
    • In Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, and Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, the VP70 with stock and burst-fire capabilities is called "Matilda" as a Shout-Out to The Professional. Its rate of fire is now much closer to the VP70M's real burst capability.
    • He gets the VP70 back in Resident Evil 6, this time called the "Wing Shooter" and dual-wieldable, but with no stock.
  • Jurassic Park: Trespasser sees Anne run across a few. It's capable of burst fire, despite not having the shoulder stock/fire selector attached. The burst-fire makes it one of the more accurate automatic weapons in the game, but it also means you have to track the number of bullets yourself, as Anne will note "nearly empty" at the 16th bullet without accounting for the fact that the 17th and 18th just went along with it.
  • Simon runs across one with shoulder stock in Cry of Fear. It's Awesome, but Impractical for several reasons: it can't be toggled to semi-auto like the later M16, its ammunition is much rarer than the Glock's (especially if you donated to the mod team, where half the spawns for the weapon and its ammo are replaced with those of the MP9), and, in later versions of the game, the shoulder stock precludes the ability to dual-wield it alongside a light source.
  • In a nod to the original Aliens film, the VP70 appears as the "W-Y 88 MOD4" in Aliens: Colonial Marines. Lieutenant Gorman's pistol appears in the game as a special "legendary" version.

Though chambered in the standard 9x19mm caliber, the PP-2000 is designed to use Russian overpressure rounds at high velocity to penetrate body armor. The high muzzle velocity of the PP-2000 gives it a flatter trajectory than other 9mm weapons, and its compact size make it ideal as a Personal Defense Weapon. When equipped with the 40 round extended magazine the PP-2000 also functions admirably in a CQB assault role.
Description, Battlefield 3
A modern Russian submachine gun made by KBP Instrument Design Bureau and adopted as one of the two standard submachine guns of law enforcement in Russia (The other being the PP-19-01 Vityaz), as well as by Armenian special forces. The PP-2000 fires the same armor-piercing 7N21 and 7N31 as the MP-443 Grach, but like the Grach, it is compatible with standard 9mm rounds. It can take 20-round or 44-round magazines. One of the most unique features of the PP-2000 is the ability to store a spare 44-round magazine at the rear of the gun which also doubles as a stock, though a traditional wire stock is also available. Another unique feature of the PP-2000 is its charging handle, which is located directly behind the front sight and folds out of the way when not in use, much like that of the G36.

Video Games

  • The PP-2000 starts appearing in the Battlefield series starting with Battlefield: Bad Company. In the Bad Company games, it has the highest rate of fire of any weapon in the games but also has low damage. In Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4, however, it is altered to have a much lower fire rate, but more power and accuracy.
  • Appears as the SR-2007 in Soldier Of Fortune: Payback, where the only attachment available for it is a sound suppressor.
  • Appears as the PDW in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames. It is one of Fiona's Favorites, and can be unlocked completing Level 2 of one of her challenges at the PMC.
  • The PP-2000 is the first Machine Pistol unlocked in Modern Warfare 2, and is used by both Russian soldiers and Makarov's Ultranationalists, typically in Last Stand mode. It has a low magazine capacity, but compensates with low recoil, good power in close range and a high rate of fire.
  • Appears in Ghost Recon: Future Soldier as one of Team Bodark's SMGs, using its 44-round magazine. President Volodin in "Gallant Thief" and General Kozlov in the DLC mission "Secure Dawn" are handed a unique PP-2000 with a Kobra red dot sight and 20-round magazine, and the PP-2000 is also used by some of the HVTs in "Shattered Mountain".
  • The PP-2000 is one of the unlockable Black Market SMGs in Splinter Cell: Blacklist, and is mostly used by Voron troops in-game. The extended magazine incorrectly holds 42 rounds instead of 44 rounds.
  • Appears in Watch_Dogs as the R-2000.
  • The PP-2000 is usable in Rainbow Six: Lockdown.
  • Added to Ghost in the Shell: First Assault Online as the PP-2200 in the Niihama Ticket update, with a top-mounted Picatinny rail. Originally classified as a submachine gun, it was switched to the PDW class with the Renewal update, and is only usable by Specialist characters. It is unique among the non-sniper rifle weapons in that it uses an actual extended magazine if modded, whereas the other weapons use dual magazines instead.
  • A usable weapon in Devil's Third.

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