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  • 7 Seeds: Has Team Summer A, a team of teenagers who have been trained for survival in the post-apocalyptic world since they were born. And Team Summer B, which are the complete opposite, none of them really trained for anything and are actually chosen from the populance, especially those who were either socially ostracized or were not considered good citizens. The only competent person in Team Summer B is their guide, a former police woman, the rest consist of a Shrinking Violet who used to be bullied, a Nice Guy, a Fiery Red Head who likes to bully the Shrinking Violet, an aloof and absent-minded painter, a Genki Girl, one guy who is shrouded in mystery and a little girl. Justified, since Team Summer B was specifically chosen to be total misfits in case Team Summer A ended up not living up to their potential.
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  • The Black Bulls from Black Clover. When Yami was promoted to Captain, he explicitly stated that he wanted to form a squad that welcomed various outsiders and other undesirables and give them a place to belong. Even years later, they still do this as they take in two disgraced nobles (Noelle and Finral), a runaway witch (Vanessa), a former delinquent (Magna), a bloodthirsty guy only interested in violence (Luck), a former criminal obsessed with his sister (Gauche), a total glutton (Charmy), the only one without magic in the world (Asta) and two complete weirdos (Grey and Gordon). Then there's a troll and known criminal (Zora), a five-centuries old girl who can turn into a bird (Nero), and their founding member is a shut-in who acts like a ghost and has to stay by himself all the time (Henry).
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  • Bleach: The team Urahara puts together to go and rescue Rukia in the Soul Society arc is one these: Ichigo may be The Hero, but he's only had ten days of training. Sado may be a powerhouse, but he's only possessed power for barely a month. Orihime has possessed power for barely any longer, but at least she can heal everyone, and Ishida is the archer whose got a score to settle with shinigami in general. None of them are experienced with either the power level they'll be facing or with real battle, but they go anyway. Because Ichigo's their friend, and Ichigo owes Rukia his family's life.
  • The Dollars gang in Durarara!! is surprisingly this, in spite of their sinister reputation.
  • Kiznaiver has the titular Kiznas. The point of the project is to prove it's capacity to create bonds through pain, so to prove that, Sonozaki enlists, against their will, 7 people who wouldn't ever befriend or even interact with each other if they weren't forced to, in an attempt to turn them in True Companions. The 7 are given a "sin" to describe them which includes "The Imbecile", "The Musclehead Thug", "The Annoyingly Self-Righteous", "The Eccentric Headcase", "The Cunning Normal", "The-High and-Mighty" and "The Immoral". It's even lampshaded in the end that the only thing they have in common is the fact that none of them have or even know how to make friends, and their interactions in school makes it look like they are nearly social outcasts.
  • Martian Successor Nadesico has the corporation Nergal throw together an entire crew of Bunny Ears Lawyers in order to get the best of the best in every field. The character Prospector lampshades this trope.
  • And then there's Irresponsible Captain Tylor, whose crew is mostly composed of the kind of people you don't want near pencils for fear of what they might do to each other with them, much less a destroyer-class military space ship.
    • In the Soyokaze's case, the reason it qualifies is because the aging, broken-down destroyer has been assigned as the official dumping ground for all the lunatics, incompetents and misfits of the UPSF. In other words, every trouble-maker or disruptive element that accidentally manages to get into the military is invariably assigned here, so they'll be out of the way. The doctor is an alcoholic who's been drinking since he was three years old, the marines are all violent slobs, The Ace is arrogant and full of himself, as is the navigator, and the captain is, as far as the military higher-ups are concerned, either an absurdly lucky moron or possessed of genuine great insight but limited common sense. The only outright military and competent crewmembers are Lieutenants Yamamoto (who was assigned as the First Officer in the hopes he could somehow cover for Tylor) and Yuriko (who volunteered to join the Soyokaze in the hopes that she could somehow reform the crew).
  • The crew of White Base in the original Mobile Suit Gundam was comprised mostly of civilian refugees and a handful of junior officers who survived the attack on Side 7 in the first episode. They still manage to score a number of improbable victories against the elite forces of the Principality of Zeon, thanks to the Super Prototype principle and some of the cast developing into Newtypes. And more importantly to Federation command, they made really good decoys.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist sees a four-man group form later on in the manga, in order to counteract the plans of the Homunculi to destroy their country. Said group consists of The Hero Edward Elric (a teenage prodigy State Alchemist with a height complex who's turned against the military thanks to their corruption); chimeras Darius and Heinkel (who were betrayed by their State Alchemist boss and don't really have anywhere else to go); and Greed (a Homunculus himself, who went rogue and wants to bring down his creator, and is also possessing the body of Ed's good friend Ling). The four of them share an Odd Friendship, but eventually become True Companions, especially Greed/Ling and Ed.
    • The other main group is an even stranger match, consisting of Scar (an Ishvalan former warrior priest turned Serial-Killer Killer turned Anti-Hero), May Chang (a Xingese girl seeking the secret of immortality), Tim Marcoh (an Amestrian doctor seeking redemption for his actions during the Ishvalan genocide), two other chimeras who were betrayed by their boss, and Yoki(who is ex military after being exposed by the Elric brothers.)
  • Slayers has a team of regulars that involves an overzealous justice freak who often does Sailor Moon-style poses and failed acrobatics, an overly short Pettanko motivated primarily by greed/gluttony/revenge, a Big Eater Dumb Blonde Badass Normal, and a Cursed with Awesome golem-demon-human hybrid. The extra characters in the party include an ex-princess who worships a monster she made up, a demon with a penchant for secret-keeping (who is also willing to sell out the entire party), and a shrine maiden with an absurd lack of skill in black magic (to the point where she casts carrot-sized fire spells that tickle people) who somehow learned the strongest black magic spell.
  • Both justified and subverted in 20th Century Boys. When Kenji starts up La Résistance, it's made up of guys he knew back in middle school, as they would be the only ones who were remotely familiar with who they're fighting against. After all, it's not very easy to recruit somebody off the street to fight against a cult based on your own twenty-year-old fanfiction. This ends up blowing up in his face for several reasons, the first of which would be that one of those Ragtag Misfits is the cult-leading Big Bad...
  • Eyeshield 21's Deimon Devil Bats. Other teams have full rosters, deep benches and long traditions. The Devil Bats only have 11 full-time team members (eight of whom were only just scraped up for this year, three by blackmail), and they all are weird in their own way.
    • The three helpers are also quirky. The two basketball players lent to the team and the miniature sumo wrestler. Though it feels like I'm forgetting someone...
  • Quite literally in Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei where the depressed-to-the-point-of-attempting-melodramatic-suicide-on-a-daily-basis teacher Itoshiki Nozomu's entire class, the very same people who are supposed to take care of the world of tomorrow, are a bunch of social misfits, mental cases, borderline psychopaths and WORSE... In the end, Nozomu himself comes across as a perfectly sane and socially functional man by comparison.
  • Team Dai-Gurren fits pretty well here. Kamina and Simon, two idiots who had never seen combat before were able to put up a fight against a powerful commander of the enemy forces (through use of stolen mechs they had no idea how to pilot), steal their mobile base, summarily defeat every major general they came across, along with the Big Bad. Their unit consisted roughly of around 30 or so (grew exponentially by the end) people who barely managed to survive on the surface, who were all fighting for a cause they believed in. The Rule of Cool was in full effect here, as well.
  • Division 2, the main cast of Patlabor, is made up mostly of police officers who were either Kicked Upstairs by their superiors or deemed too wimpy or too wild for the rest of the force.
  • The Yang Fleet from Legend of Galactic Heroes certainly gave this impression. It was first formed as the 13th Alliance Fleet, composed of new recruits and the remnant survivors of another fleet. Their first mission was occupying an invincible space fortress, which they succeeded at with ease. Ultimately, the Yang Fleet gathers up a colorful array of characters: an elite combat division of expatriate Imperials, a venerable, old Imperial officer in exile, a womanizing fighter jock, a bureaucratic family man, an ingenious orphan, rogue merchants from Phezzan - all of them led by a Bunny-Ears Lawyer who would much rather read history books than wage war, but who just happens to be one of the most brilliant tacticians in centuries. Dusty Attenborough and Poplan coin the phrase "foppery and whim" to describe the Yang Fleet's motivations in the face of incredible odds stacked against them.
    • One reason why Yang is such a frighteningly good commander is that he has a very keen eye for talent and will disregard virtually everything else, which explains why the Yang team is so lax when it comes to military protocol: Yang handpicked his subordinates because they know how to fight and how to lead, the rest is irrelevant.
  • In Fushigi Yuugi, the antagonist Seiryuu warriors are mostly battle-hardened, ruthless killing machines, a few of whom could conceivably take over Big Bad duties in their own right. The good guys? An Ordinary High-School Student, a peasant farmer, a Wholesome Crossdresser, a permanently smiling monk, a rageaholic bandit, a burned-out country doctor, and a young boy who initially refused the call because he was afraid. Oh, and the Emperor. Subverted in that five out of seven of them get killed, and they actually fail to prevent the god Seiryuu from being summoned. Good only triumphs at the end because of a Heel–Face Turn by the Seiryuu priestess.
  • One Piece. Just One Piece. Though they are pirates (more or less), it's pretty much par for the course.
  • Gintama has two: The Yorozuya and the Shinsengumi. Although frequently in opposition, when they are...pointed in the same direction, they can do a lot of damage.
  • Yu Yu Hakusho. Somewhat justified in that three of the four are forcibly recruited—the main character has to work for the Celestial Bureaucracy since they resurrected him, and the other two are working for it to avoid imprisonment. They're more or less thrust together with no choice.
  • The Muto Extermination Squad in Buso Renkin. Put together because the only leader who could keep them in line is a General Ripper, and they are on their important task because everyone else is dealing with a bigger threat. Especially notable because they are the antagonists.
  • The Varia in Katekyō Hitman Reborn!. The future arc shows Bel and Levi apparently wanting to kill Fran. This of course is followed by Bel sticking knives in Fran's back.
  • Captain Harlock commands a spaceship full of 'em.
  • D.Gray-Man has this when you consider the people that the Innocence chooses for their users. The current Exorcists consist of: a former circus brat, a teenage girl, a swordsmen who is actually a test tube baby, a teenage historian with an eye-patch, his 80 year old mentor, a manic depressive woman who has lost 100+ jobs in her life, a bipolar man who spent his whole life in a castle, a blind guy to be fair he lost his eyesight on the job, a man raised by a brothel owner, an ex-con, a sentimental artist, a circus animal trainer, a perverted nine year old delinquent with the arguably most powerful/competent being the womanizing alcoholic who can't seem to go anywhere without piling up debts and carts around a dead woman. Not exactly the sort of Apostles of God you'd take comfort in having the task of saving humanity.
  • Sanzo's team and Kougaiji's team in Saiyuki both fit. "Ragtag team" is even used to describe the Sanzo-ikkou at one point.
  • In High School DXD, the members of the Occult Research Club include: Rias Gremory, the club leader who's also the younger sister of one of the four lords of hell and apparently loves anything Japanese related; Akeno Himejima, the sadomasochistic vice-club leader who's a half-human half-fallen angel shrine priestess turned devil, three very ditzy believers of God (the first, Asia Argento, the ditziest of the three and a former nun; the second, Xenovia Quarta, a former exorcist turned Devil with No Social Skills; and the third, Irina Shidou, being a reborn angel who has her priorities mixed up; Koneko Toujou, a quiet Cat Girl turned devil and the resident Little Miss Snarker; Gasper Vladi, a cross dressing shut-in half vampire-half human; Yuto Kiba, the most handsome guy on the school campus and The Ace of the group, with a past as a lab rat for a group of religious fundamentalists; Rossweisse, a cheapskate former Valkyrie turned devil; Azazel, the Mad Scientist leader of the Fallen Angel faction; Ravel Phenex, an immortal, aristocratic phoenix girl with a knack for making cakes; and last, Issei Hyodo, the Chivalrous Pervert Lovable Sex Maniac protagonist with the soul of the Welsh Dragon (as in the actual dragon seen in the flag of Wales) residing in his arm and the object of affection of all the girls in the group. Not exactly the group who can keep the peace between the three factions, but they're the most elite group of the three factions.
  • Class 3-E in Assassination Classroom. The teachers include a super-sonic humanoid octopus, a powerful military agent and some of his subordinates, and a genuine assassin. Downplayed with the students who become assassins-in-training to kill the humanoid octopus. They are merely a group their school's academically lowest students, but they manage to put their quirks and talents to good use. There's The Casanova, some Fille fatales, bullies, an athlete-in-training, and an Otaku, but to list a few more notable examples, there's a Brilliant, but Lazy bully hunter, a Shrinking Violet Mad Scientist, an AI, an Artificial Human who is the brother of the homeroom teacher, and a Child Prodigy in assassination who is so dangerous that he could scare even trained, adult soldiers with his killing intent.
  • Ojamajo Doremi has Doremi (a Born Unlucky Cute Clumsy Girl), Hazuki (a brainy yet shy Meganekko), Aiko (a Tomboy, Pop (A Wise Beyond Their Years Tagalong Kid), Onpu (an ex-Dark Magical Girl Idol Singer), Momoko (a Funny Foreigner who is a bake chef in training), and Hana (the heir-apparent to the throne of Majo Kai). If this doesn't fit, then what does?
  • Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince has Team Rabbits. They are the best in what they do, but it takes long for them to overcome their eccentricities and lack of teamwork. The fact that they are mankind's last hope against a vicious alien invasion does not help.
  • Justified by the Survey Corps in Attack on Titan because only the most brave, determined or insane join this branch that suffers the most and heaviest losses against the Titans. Nearly every elite officer has at least one quirk but because they are so good at their job, those quirks are mostly tolerated. Levi, the in-universe World's Strongest Man, is a Super OCD clean freak. Mike Zacharius has a habit of smelling people as a greeting, which can be used to detect Titans and he is the second strongest after Levi. Hange Zoe has an unhealthy interest in Titans, but there is a good reason she is a squad leader.
  • The Sasuke Retrieval Team of Naruto can be considered this, especially since 4 of the 5 members were considered dead-lasts in the Ninja Academy.
    • In the English dub of the anime, Kakuzu quotes the trope name word by word when Team 7 arrives to assist Kakashi and Team 10.
  • The Mekakushi Dan in Kagerou Project is built of of 9 members: A moody invisible girl, a nature and animal loving empath, a chronic liar shapeshifter, a 1/4 gorgon fujoshi , a ditzy idol, a mischevious computer virus, a Hiki NEET, a 12 year old stalker and an Android with amnesia. The only thing keeping them together being their shared societal abandonment and goal to save their loved ones from the Kagerou Daze.
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, while Yusei was incarcerated in the Facility, he used a deck that fit the description, made up of forty cards, each one donated by a different inmate, to duel Takasu. The deck was a mishmash with no real synergy or theme (except that most of the cards featured criminal-like monsters or other shady cards) but were united in Yusei's goal to defeat the tyrannical warden.
  • Every student in the eccentric Polaris dorm of Food Wars! has a distinctive characteristic, forte or habit. Soma tends to make amazingly bad experiments and feed them to his roommates, Megumi can cook dishes that mentally and physically soothe those who taste them, Satoshi walks around the dorm in a Fundoshi or Naked Apron and often ditches class to tend to the garden in the back of the dormitory, Shun tends to transform a room in the dorm into a smoker every once in a while, Ryoko's specializes in Shiokouji (salt water preserves) and has a personal workshop in the basement, and Yuuki raises animals of all kinds and sometimes has them near her room.
  • Every single animal that is featured in Damekko Doubutsu act very different compared to a typical animal they are portrayed.
  • In Concrete Revolutio: Choujin Gensou, there's the Superhuman Bureau - a guy with a fire fist, a Magical Girl, a human that can transform into a dog, a waitress/superhuman and so on.
  • Bungo Stray Dogs has the Armed Detective Agency. The group consists of: a Classical Anti-Hero weretiger, a Cloudcuckoolander ex-mafioso, a Control Freak Only Sane Man, an Insufferable Genius Manchild in denial about his status as The Team Normal, a semi-sociopathic Combat Medic, a naive country hick with Super Strength, a Master of Illusion who goes from Nice Guy to Knight Templar Big Brother in .5 seconds, and a Little Miss Badass reformed assassin.Their leader is another ex-assassin- a Perpetual Frowner who remains stoic even when experiencing Cuteness Proximity.
  • A villainous example comes in the form of the Dark Masters, the final antagonists of Digimon Adventure: Metal Seadramon, a cyborg sea serpent; Pinocchimon/Puppetmon, a Perverse Puppet, Mugendramon/Machinedramon, a mechanical dragon; and Piemon/Piedmon, a Monster Clown.
  • Berserk: After the original Band of the Hawk is almost completely wiped out, Guts eventually finds a new group of allies to help save the day... who happen to be the most mismatched set of unlikely heroes you can come up with; a hero-wannabe street urchin, a Rebellious Princess with pyrophiliac tendencies, a somewhat naive Child Mage, etc.
  • In Brave10, the Braves are an assortment of of Bunny Ears Lawyers, orphans with nowhere else to turn, and people who flaunt convention as much as possible, sometimes all three. "Oh great, another weirdo," practically becomes Saizo's mantra as more and more unconventional team members are acquired.
  • Girls und Panzer has the Ooarai Sensha-Do team. Its members are a composed of people who have a particular trait or quirk, except the group the heroine is part of. To elaborate, the teams are composed of history buffs, movie buffs, the ex-volleyball team, the student council, the automotive club, and a group of gamers. The heroine's team itself is a ragtag group, The heroine is a shy and reluctant sensha-do expert, the tank loader is a tank-otaku and the heroine's fangirl, the gunner is a proper lady who is the heiress of an ikebana dojo, the radio operator is a boy-chasing girly-girl, and the driver is a genius but lazy girl who prefers to sleep over doing other things.
  • The main character of Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku O! used to be a shut-in with no useful skills, talents or prospects in the real world. When he turned into an MMO world style adventurer, he retained most of his general uselessness - not only does he start at level 1, but his stats are below-average and his class is basic and underpowered. Out of the party that forms around him, however (to his chagrin), he is easily the most competent. The arch priest goddess that was dragged with him to the MMO world is a certified idiot who retains none of her divine powers, but all of her bluster. The arch wizard is a little girl who knows a vastly powerful form of explosion magic, a single use of which leaves her incapacitated for several minutes, and nothing else. And the sword-wielding female crusader wears heavy armor and has enormous strength and stamina, allowing her to take inhuman amounts of punishment in battle (which she enjoys very much), but cannot actually hit a target herself.
  • Justified in Danjon No Maou Wa Saijaku because the protagonist is summoned by "god" to be the barricade between the human and demon armies to stop the Forever War and needs all the help he can get. So he gets stuck with a female one-horned ogre who cries at the drop of a hat, an undine who likes to live in his bathtub, a human princess who is seemingly addicted to squeeing and glomping him like a plushie, and remember, he's a demon lord, a member of a race she's been at war with for so long, neither side can remember who started it, or why, and he himself is an amnesiac perverted preteen who loves to ogle the rest in the bath, and while highly intelligent, is also unbelievably ditzy!

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