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Very obscure series that debuted March 13, 1993 and aired Saturday nights at 11:00 PM on 980 WNN-AM, a station serving the South Florida market. The comedy show starred Phil, James "Jim" Turner, Christopher Keller, Mark Woda, and Joey Reynolds; the five were teens or young adults ranging in age from 17-26, with the show designed to be for and about those age groups.

This print article from March 14, 1993 (also the only thing Google turns up in relation to the show) notes that the premiere was "free-form at best, with Benfield giggling uncontrollably at almost anything".

The series was a Short-Runner, but the size of that shortness is not known.

This series provides examples of:

  • Once an Episode: "Babe of the Week".
  • Poorly-Disguised Pilot: Phil and his friends hosted the Christmas 1992 edition of The Dennis DelleFave Show on Boca Raton-based 74 WSBR-AM (the sister station of WNN), during which Chris Gibbs (another friend of Phil's) played a character named Tyrone.
  • Spiritual Successor: More or less.
    • Around the mid-1990s, the then-announcer at WXEL did a couple of voiceover recordings for a fictional WPDB radio station at Phil's request. At least two of these recordings survive...and strangely, on an audio cassette that had previously held a Spanish soap opera.
    Over the beginning of an unknown song: Ki-ckin' ass with 50,000 watts of power! From the Keys to the Palm Beaches...ah what the hell, even the Bahamas this is WPDB!
    Over the beginning of "Disco Inferno": You sleazy assholes, this is WPDB rollin' on the Disney Express! With Chris Gibbs, third-degree drunk James Turner, and Phil Benfield, who would rather be in Ireland than with you assholes!
    • Connected to the above were audiotapes of Phil and friends goofing off and doing things that would've sent the FCC jumping down their throats had they gone to air. The group wisely curtailed their antics when The Phil Benfield Show debuted.
    • Sometime after The Phil Benfield Show ended, Phil, Mark, and Joey did another radio show called Conversations, an FM morning show at night on AM radio which ran for two years.