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Dear lord. Most of what the comic strip does would be fine for a TV show or a book, but for a comic strip, one of the most censored forms of media in history... dear lord.

  • Walt and Connie in bed, bare shoulders above the sheets ("You know, when Jeremy moves away, I think my 'Empty Nest Syndrome' will be a very mild case." "Is it really only 7:30!?!"). The censors were nervous, but parents loved it.
  • Not to mention the Sunday in which Jeremy (horrified) watches as his parents slowly disappear behind the couch, legs and arms flailing willy-nilly, until one of them is heard to say "Gotcha!":
    Walt: I thought I'd never get that popcorn seed out from under the cushions!
    Connie: Did you just hear a muffled scream?
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  • And let's not forget the strip in which Connie hears Jeremy playing Stairway to Heaven on his guitar, and flat-out tells him he was conceived to the song. Jeremy takes it about as well as you'd expect. The same series also had Hector reveal that his mom told him he was conceived while blueberry muffins were burning in the oven; because of this, just looking at blueberry muffins triggers his gag reflex.
  • Jeremy actually calls someone a douche bag in one strip. (Although that comic was later changed to say 'loser' instead.) And he called Sara a skank in another.
  • There was one strip where Pierce shows that he protects his borrowed pencils from germs... by putting condoms over them. They never spell out what it is, of course, but it's hilariously obvious. Is this the first newspaper strip to get away with showing a condom on-panel?
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  • Apparently, the editors of the strip got mad at the authors when they used the word 'sucks' in the context of 'This sucks'. The authors parodied this in one strip.
  • There was one strip where Jeremy is shown in a boys locker room, and everyone is pixelated.
  • In one strip, (described in detail below), Connie cuts off Jeremy saying the word 'boobs'.
  • Another Zits comic had Jeremy's friend Pierce give a long list of medical problems that his various pets had. In the middle of the list? A rabbit with E.D.
  • In one strip, Walt tells Jeremy that he can invite his friends over for dinner. Jeremy says that if he's going to do this or not depends on what Walt's apron says. The apron has a picture of a dog under the text "I [heart] tiny wieners."
  • October 9, 2013. Connie tells Jeremy and Sarah to have fun and then feels the need to clarify that she meant scholarly fun and tells them to "study hard - I mean well".
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  • The November 29 strip starts with Walt whistling happily.
    Jeremy: What are you so happy about?
    Walt: I got lucky last night!
    Connie: Where's Jeremy?
    Walt: I was telling him about my five-dollar scratch ticket and he ran off making retching sounds.
  • One of the earliest examples of a bluer joke getting past the editors was when Jeremy cuts his middle finger at school and the nurse foolishly tells him to "keep it elevated." Needless to say, passers-by were not amused.
  • One arc had Jeremy's messy room actually growing grass in it, to the point where he had to carry up the lawnmower to tend to it. When Walt told Connie of this, she exclaimed "Grass?!", to which Walt replied "Relax, it's not that kind of grass" (meaning marijuana). A second, identical exclamation from Connie made Walt realize that she was right to be shocked either way.
  • Jeremy is having Connie remove a splinter from his finger in the August 26, 2015 strip; when as soon as the splinter was removed; Jeremy is shown dropping the "F" bomb (depicted as an actual bomb with the letter "F").
  • One comic strip features Jeremy and Connie texting when Jeremy's phone accidentally auto-corrects 'cookies' into... something else. He then tries to replicate the mistake on another dirty word.
  • "I'm going commando tonight!" No Connie, that's something else ENTIRELY.


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