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Yu-Gi-Oh Anime

  • Yu-Gi-Oh!:
    • As Darker and Edgier as the original version of the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga is, even they have a line. In the original manga version of the Battle City arc, Dark Necrofear was originally called "Dark Necrophilia". For obvious reasons, it was changed in the next issue.
    • Another manga example: Early in the Duelist Kingdom arc when Mai and Dinosaur Ryuzaki duel over a room, Mai says if Ryuzaki wins, they'll do the body shuffle. Ryuzaki, who was earlier mentioned to be 15, gets very excited at the possibility of getting laid.
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    • Upon meeting Mai, a very infatuated Joey responds to Mai threatening to crush him in a duel with a muttered "please crush me".
    • Talking about 4Kids, in the English dub of DM, episode 132, for some seconds you can hear Kaiba and Yami moaning. In a very suggestive way...
    • Speaking of moaning, in episode 127, Kaiba practically climaxes when Marik summons his god card. It was apparently naughty enough to be missing completely in the dub version.
    • In episode 100, when Yami duels Gansley, there's a moment when Gansley bounces an attack by Celtic Guardian back at Yami. The way Yami's head snaps back, eyes go blank and he screams make it look like something else happened.
    • In a chapter of the manga and in the Japanese version of the anime, Yugi and a brainwashed Jounouchi are dueling against each other in a death match. At the end, Yugi decides to fire the final blow against himself, so that the other could get saved. While explaining his intentions to Jounouchi, he tells him "Daisukida". As you might know, the verb "suki" means "to love", but it can also mean "like" and be used without having other implications. Whatever your personal translation of this line might be, it's worth to notice that the Viz Comics version of the manga literally translates it with "I love you". However, it should also be noted that the "dai" in "daisuki da" changes it to something along the lines of "really like", so "I love you" could be considered more accurate.
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    • Speaking of which, 4kids didn't change how Yugi's Battle City duel with Joey (possessed by Marik) involved the loser being dragged down into the water. They could've said there was, say, a whirlpool portal to the Shadow Realm but nope, loser drowns.
    • It's clear that 4Kids has edited a few scenes where characters were drinking alcohol. However, due to Pyramid of Light being a PG-rated film, there is a lot more they could get away with: Pegasus clearly states that he drinks wine.
      Pegasus: What a nightmare! No more white wine spritzers for me.
    • Blatant references to death are said too.
      Anubis: It is no longer time to duel. It is now time to DIE!
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! GX:
    • In the midst of all its Bowdlerisation, the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX dub still had its moments:
      Alexis: Well, you haven't grown up too much.
      Pierre: My! You have.
    • Or when Chazz pays the Ojamas a rare compliment:
      Chazz: You're the aces of my deck!
      Ojama Black: Did you say...
      Ojama Green: "Aces"?
      Ojama Yellow: That really hurts, boss! Aren't you tired of insulting us?
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    • Bastion's night with Taniya is way more ambiguous in the original. Nothing's more kid-friendly than the distant screams of a possibly-brainwashed teenaged Celibate Hero being raped by an Action Girl.
    • Don't forget the time Jaden called Hassleberry "Dingleberry" during their first duel.
    • To remove references of hermaphroditism, Yubel was changed to purely female in the dub, except: 1) "Her" left part of the body (most obviously being the chest and leg) is still definitively male. 2) "Her" past life is very obviously voiced by a man. So in attempting to remove filthy unsightly material, they turned Yubel into a Transexual. Wow.
    • And when it comes to the Japanese version, a blogger has made a well-written analysis about Yubel's original gender, with the conclusion being that in the past life, Yubel was a man. It's only further confirmed when he had a teenager male voice in his human form, and he only became a hermaphrodite after becoming a Duel Monster. So, the Official Couple of GX can be seen as a gay couple in a way. Wow.
    • There was a time when Yubel was jealous of Johan, because they thought that Judai loved him instead of them. The best part is that Judai did not say anything to object to this.
    • Orlando's victory dance and song:
      "Rah rah ree, kick 'em in the knee! Rah rah rut, kick 'em in the other knee!"
    • Nothing from Duel Monsters Spirit Day, yet? Syrus suggested that Alexis dress up as Dark Magician Girl...but...she had a different idea. Then, it cuts to a close-up of boobs, then a butt...only to reveal that Dorothy is wearing the Dark Magician Girl costume!
      Chumley: C'mon! You don't think Dorothy pulls that off?
      Syrus: Pull it off? Don't put that image into my brain, please Chum!
    • When Jaden first met the Neo-spacians, he remarks: "A dolphin with legs? Wait, is that where fish-sticks come from?"
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's:
    • Blink-and-you-miss-it but there's a pole dancer in the bar Yusei visits in episode 94. Just wow, Japan.
    • The Classy Ass.
    • Barbara, from the Crashtown Arc, is dripping with this. She's dressed provocatively, drapes herself over the gang leaders who run the town, is implied to trade sexual favors for a high position in the gang, and tells a captive Yusei, in a very seductive way, that she'll save him from life working in the mines...if he becomes her personal slave. Not something you'd expect from a show about card games...
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V:

Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game

Yu-Gi-Oh! is notorious for being overly censored in the English releases of the cards. This has led to tons of card illustrations being altered to remove anything which can be remotely considered a religious symbol, violent, a weapon, or sexual content. If any crap makes it past the radar, it gets rereleased with a new, altered drawing. Examples include:

  • The Stripperiffic Harpy Lady, whose original outfit only had two strips of cloth covering her breasts. The censored version has a shirt underneath.
  • Harpie Girl. The censorship was missed in the first run and was fixed later, but it was too late. It's harder to find the censored version.
  • Aqua Chorus. You have to look close, but the dress is see-through, and there are nipples in the image.
  • While most of the cards with, well, suggestive materials, usually just women with low-cut shirts/dresses or high-cut skirts will be edited for international release, they somehow didn't edit this.
  • One that got caught by the radar got arguably made worse! Ultimate Offering. Fixing the sight of blood by drawing a whole new artwork of a monster bursting out of another (grinning) monster's head. The monster is made of blood.
  • Drillago. He has a drillbit sticking out right where his penis would be.
  • Somehow, Maiden of the Aqua's Gag Boobs made it past the radar.
  • The flavor text for the censored Nekogal #1 refers to her as a "Pussy Fairy"... Yeah.
  • Malevolent Nuzzler is an extremely suggestive card. The art depicts a demonic woman with a seductive expression that is heavily implied to be nude from the chest down with the border cutting through right where her cleavage would start. As if the art itself wasn't questionable enough on its own, look at its name, fairly suggestive right? So what does the card do? It gives a monster +700 attack and the player can pay 500LP to get it back when it's sent to the graveyard. Seems innocent in effect at least... except that this isn't a temporary spell, but an equip card. Yep. So a nude demonic woman equips to a monster, "nuzzles" it and raises its attack power... and it can come back again and again if you give life energy to it. What's worse is that the Japanese version is named "Akuma no Kuchizuke" (Demon's Kiss) which eliminates any doubt as to the true nature of what this entity is.
  • After its initial release, the card "After Genocide" was renamed to "After the Struggle".
  • Succubus Kight is a somewhat strange case of this since it is censored... or rather, its artwork is. While the English version covered up and reduced her bust, it left her name intact, which is a pretty clear reference to creatures that are not really at all child friendly. What makes this more interesting is that the censors did eventually catch on a bit later and had her renamed to "Demoness Knight" for the Capsule Monster anime series, and changed a later card named "Ghostrick Succubus" to "Ghostrick Socuteboss" instead. However, she still keeps her original name in several of the video game adaptations she appears in, meaning the same people who thought the word "demon" needed to be changed to "fiend" and that horns on devil and imp creatures were too traumatizing for the kiddies had no problem letting an explicit reference to sex demons sail right on through.

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