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Yes, Artemis isn't wearing any underwear. The censors must be kicking themselves right now.

As of "Misplaced" from Season 1, Young Justice has officially become a Saturday Morning Cartoon as part of the DC Nation Block. Granted, Saturday mornings on Cartoon Network aren't as kid-friendly as the Saturday morning TV shows of yore (though that's debatable, depending on what era you were alive to see them), but some of the stuff the writers of this show get away with on the show is so jarring that one has to wonder what actually got cut. Of course, given how the show is apparently marketed with teenagers in mind as well...


Animated series

  • Miss Martian's bioship has an oval shaped opening on it's base when members of the team need to jump out. Then she mentions that the ship is female. How did the censors not notice that?
  • When asked if Artemis and Wally had sex before they started living together, Greg answered with an awkward "Sure?".
  • "Schooled" has Wally in a sparring match with Black Canary, where he tells her he'd like to show her some of his "moves." His tone and facial expression make it very clear that he is not talking about fighting...
  • From "Bereft", pretty much any scene with Artemis and Wally got crap past the radar. But let's start with when the Team is suffering from amnesia and Wally had just found the button on his chest that changed his suit from the flashy red and yellow palette to the stealth black palette:
    Artemis (to Kid Flash): Quit touching yourself!
    • Also:
      Kid Flash: Girls are always on my mind! ...But they're not usually talking.
    • And:
      Artemis: Who put me in this?!
      Kid Flash: Wow. I am not touching that with a ten foot... uh... so! You know how to use that bow?
    • And who could forget:
      Robin: Yeesh! Get a room!
  • "Terrors" had Superboy and Miss Martian making out. While still in disguise as the Terror Twins.
    Icicle Jr.: Dude, that's your sister!
    • That's also A LOT of moaning for a kiss...
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    • A later episode showed that M'Gann likes making out with Superboy while morphed into other girls. Black Canary found this out just short of the hard way.
  • This line from "Revelation":
    Artemis: (upon noticing that she doesn't have her bow) Ugh... I feel naked... and not in a fun way.
    Aqualad: (responding with) Then we will make our own fun.
    • Then there's the firemen that got gassed with Joker Venom. They don't actually say they were killed, but come on, it's The Joker!
  • "Targets". After Lex Luthor reveals that Mercy Graves is a robot with an Arm Cannon which impressed both nations in Rhealsia, we get this gem:
    Lex Luthor: They were quite impressed by her equipment.
    • Also in that episode is Cheshire in disguise wearing a dress. There's a panty shot.
  • Said to Miss Martian in "Secrets"
    Superboy: You are so making this up to me later.
    • When Artemis and Zatanna are out being heroes, we see an attractive young woman out running, when suddenly four men jump out and encircle her. They don't demand money or jewellery, they just make leering noises while coming closer. They get interrupted before going any further, but it looked a lot like it was leading up to a sexual assault.
  • When speaking of Queen Bee's power to control men in "Image", Batman clarifies it to "most men and some women".
  • "Insecurity" has this little gem:
    Kid Flash: We found the tracker on a caboose-and not Chesire's.
  • Nightwing showcasing his flexibility during a fight with Tigress. As well, he is the son of Batman fighting a cat-themed female villain.
  • In the episode "Salvage", Wally comes home on Valentines Day to find Artemis, shown above, wearing nothing but a T-shirt (given that he's taller than her now and the shirt covers everything, it's almost assuredly his). C'mon, writers, that's not even trying to be subtle.
    • This line from Jaime. They could have said kissing or even cuddling, but they leave it up to the viewer's imagination.
      Jaime: I know you just took me because Gar was studying and La'gaan and M'gann were whatevering...
    • When Green Arrow is trying to convince Roy to side with him again he says "It'll be just like old times. You and me; fighting crime, hanging out, shooting the-" before he's interrupted by Roy.
  • Also from "Salvage", it's painfully clear that the writers are doing their best to imply that Red Arrow has taken up his memetic drug habit, without actually calling it that. He's impatient, shabby, has clearly lost weight, and when caught in the act of stealing money he snaps "I need it!" (he quickly clarifies that it's for his current case, but still), not to mention Black Canary specifically expressing concern for his health, after which he seems very woozy during a practice spar.
  • Jaime's subplot in "Beneath" is an extremely non-funny example: heavily implied Domestic Abuse. On a kid's show. Maurice's constant aggressive body language, Shelly's insistence that he "has good days", Tye's determination to get the hell out of that house...
    Shelly: Don't mind Maurice. He's having a bad day.
    Jaime: I hear he has a lot of bad days.
    Shelly: Good ones too, occasionally...
  • In "Depths", when Superboy talks about why they broke up is very unsettling, the way he puts it is like he's talking of actual rape.
    Superboy: After all that we've been through... how could you think I wouldn't recognize your touch inside my mind? Didn't you know what that touch meant to me? And to have you... pervert it like that...
  • In one episode, in the non-sexual variety, Superboy basically admits to being suicidal (he says that he can "relate" with the Appallaxian creature's desire to cease to exist).
  • At the end of the episode, Nightwing delivers interesting detail about his relationship with Zatanna.
    Artemis: The more impressive trick is how got something so specific from Zatanna without revealing who or what it was for.
    Nightwing: We have a history.
    Wally: Dog!
  • Speaking of Nightwing and ladies, issue #20 of the tie-in comics had him videochatting with Wally and Artemis in his pajamas. Then Bette Kane in a tiny black dress walks in. And if the comic itself isn't clear, Greg Weisman's note cards clearly state that she entered from the bedroom. And Chris Jones' original pencils showed him shirtless, with the door to the bedroom open and the bed unmade.
    Bette: Morning, uh..."Handsome"
    Wally: You dog!
    Artemis: Oh my God!!! Is that...??!!
    • On Wally and Artemis's end, they were up at 5AM doing "Physics" work. Artemis even mentions that she's always up that late/early.
  • In the Season 2 premiere episode, Lobo calls Wonder Girl "keezy femme" which is obviously an offensive word against women. Word of God says "Keezy" is an extremely offensive word for "little".
    Wonder Girl: Yeah, yeah, "Keezy femme". I've been called worse. I think...
  • In "Bloodlines", when Bart realises that Nightwing needs a sample of his spit to run a DNA test.
    Impulse: That is such a Dick Grayson thing to do.
  • In "Satisfaction", Conner asks Mal what everyone is up to:
    Mal: Well, the girls are at the shower.
    • A later scene reveals that all the female members of the team at a bridal shower.
  • During "Before the Dawn", Black Beetle pins Cassie to the door, and traps M'gann halfway through the door by shifting its density while she was going through it. The following conversation is disturbing to say the least-
    Black Beetle: "Wasn't quite prepared for that, was she? But don't be jealous. I can put you halfway through the door too. Halfway... the HARD way."
    • He then starts BANGING her against the door (and we all know what that's slang for) as she grunts/yelps with every smack.
    • It is surprising that they let a beatdown that long or brutal happen. It's ten seconds of slamming a young girl against a metal wall until she loses consciousness. And not in the Hollywood way, in a "severe trauma" way. Probably the reason they flashed through the teammates at that moment was to let that through.
  • In issue #21 of the tie in comics, Scarab notes that Cassie causes "biochemical reactions" in Jaime and he should not trust her.
  • In "Cornered", the radar fails to notice a description of Cold-Blooded Torture and the implication that God knows how many kids were murdered by the Reach.
    • Some of the torture was outright depicted via flashbacks and the rescue mission in Before The Dawn.
  • In "The Fix" Impulse saying to Blue Beetle "the night is young"
    • Also in "The Fix" M'gann having suicidal thoughts is no-so-subtly hinted at. She's so wracked with guilt over destroying Kaldur's mind that she lets the "Tula" she finds in Kaldur's mind attack her viciously without defending herself, saying that "it's [her] fault."
    • Not to mention how Black Manta and Tigress/Artemis keep calling her the Martian "witch." Maybe replace the first letter...
  • When he sees Bumblebee and Guardian kissing, Arsenal wonders why he doesn't get that kind of reward. Wonder Girl gives him a peck on the cheek.
    Arsenal: It's a start.
    • A much darker example later on, when Arsenal gets so desperate to not become a prisoner of anybody after his five years on ice, that he actually tries spacing himself alongside the rest of the team and the Brainwashed and Crazy Blue Beetle. That's right, kids, a murder-suicide that would have taken all of his friends, had he succeeded.
  • Artemis delivers another gem:
    Wally: I so wanna kiss you now... or maybe kill you for putting us through all this.
    Artemis: Hold that thought. You can decide later... when we're alone.
    • There's also a surprising amount of blood, though certainly less than there should be. Ra's al Ghul gets stabbed through the chest (he'll recover, but still) and has a blood stain from the exit wound, Mallah visibly bleeds when Beast Boy bites into his shoulder, and both Artemis and Kaldur get shot in the chest (though those were faked).
  • In "Rescue Op" Artemis remarks she misses when they all could hang out and live inside Mt. Justice. Conner says those were some wonderful nights and he and Megan give each other very meaningful looks. Season 3 supposedly doesn't have to deal with the radar anymore, or the restrictions are loosened, but it seems like getting crap past it is part of the tradition now.
  • The radar's been razed, ladies and gentlemen. In "Evolution", Jefferson (Black Lightening) and Dr. Jace are on a date. First, a cute diner. Then, both of them drunkenly stumbling back to the good doctor's room. Then, at the start of "Triptych", an after-sex scene where Jace pokes fun at Pierce's "Best. Pillow talk. Ever."
  • Also in "Evolution", Dick's new team are discussing code names. Brion first proposes with great gusto, Hot Lava. He decides to change it to Geo-Force. As Artemis puts it...
    Artemis: That's, uh, bit less of a stripper name.
    Grayson: Says the girl named 'Tigress'. Rawr.
    • Dick includes the hand motions. And gets kidney punched for his troubles.
  • On a more unsettling note - during the battle for earth, Kalibak deploys an enslaved meta-child as a nuclear bomb against Starro's forces. Later, Vandal Savage performs a mercy-kill on the dementia-suffering Olympia by breaking her neck while embracing her.
  • In "Triptych":
    Shade: It's larger than I was led to believe.
    Livewire (indignantly): I thought size doesn't matter.
    • And shortly afterwards:
    Shade: That's a lot to swallow.
    Livewire: You gotta stop handing me these straight lines.
  • "Home Fires": Dr. Jace thanks Artemis and Connor for letting her meet Brion and Halo. They tell her to thank Jefferson for convincing them.
    Jefferson: Oh, she has.
    • The awkward looks they share are only topped by the awkward stares from Connor and Artemis.
  • From "Exceptional Human Beings" Conner and M'gann have the day off more or less and he suggests they head out and do something. M'gann (offscreen in the bathroom) asks what he plans to wear and when he asks what she's wearing, her response: "My engagement ring". Cue Conner (who's only in his boxers) dashing into the bathroom. This line from Conner doesn't help matters:
    M'gann: (giggling) Don't you need to meet up with Dick?


  • The final issue of the tie-in comics depicts that Marie Logan, Beast Boy's mother, as lesbian or bisexual. Queen Bee uses her mind control/seduction powers on her to make her commit suicide.
    • There's also the ending where Barbara meets with Dick at a Blüdhaven warehouse at night. Two teenagers who like each other meeting at an abandoned warehouse after midnight. Alone. Do the math.

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