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Radar / Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

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Don't worry, they're just playing a game of patty cake.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit got so much adult humor past the censors, it's a miracle the film received a PG rating.They were trying to appeal to both kids and adults, but this is a bit overboard considering the page is this long. Here are some radar-dodging moments.

  • Most of it involves the ridiculously attractive Jessica Rabbit — for instance, the scene in which Greasy Weasel reaches into her cleavage and promptly gets his hand caught in a "Booby Trap", as Eddie quipped. It gets worse when you take into account the Bilingual Bonus; allegedly, Greasy's screaming, which sounds to a non-Spanish-speaker like gibberish, actually translates as "Shit, my fucking hand!"
  • The photographs of Jessica and Marvin Acme playing patty cake with each other. It was established by Word of God that in the Roger Rabbit universe, that is how Toons have sex. The scene in Maroon's office is set up like a wife being caught having an affair, with Roger bawling his eyes out over the news.
    • The noises made by Marvin and Jessica's hands clapping together during "Patty Cake" along with Jessica's moans of ecstasy doesn't help either.
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  • This subtle innuendo when Dolores catches Eddie with his pants down in front of Jessica Rabbit:
  • Additionally, a subtle joke in the opening sequence has a Show Within a Show example of Getting Crap Past the Radar: the brand name on the oven is "Hotternell" — while the film's PG rating would certainly allow for language as mild as "hell", The Hays Code that was in effect during the film's period setting would not. This is actually a combination of this trope, and a Shout-Out. Tex Avery, in that same period, managed to get away with including an Alaska town labelled as Coldernell in one of his shorts, and the Roger short in production is very much in Avery's style.
  • The original cut of the movie had three frames showing that Jessica's dress hiked up to show that she was not wearing underwear. Once laserdisc made frame-by-frame viewing possible, this crept out from Under the Radar and was later edited — first by digitally putting white panties on Jessica, then by elongating the skirt so everything is covered.
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  • "Roger, darling, I want you to know I love you. I've loved you more than any woman's ever loved a rabbit." Even funnier when you remember that the film was made in the 80s, shortly after a certain... toy for women was on the market...
  • Then there's this lovely talk between Eddie and Jessica:
    Jessica: My honey bunny was never very good behind the wheel.
    Valiant: Better lover than a driver, huh?
    Jessica: You'd better believe it, buster.
  • This little gem:
    (Eddie:) I'm through with taking falls
    I'm bouncing off the walls
    Without that gun
    I'd have some fun
    I'll kick you in the (gets knocked out by a vase before he could finish the line)
    (Roger:) Nose!
    (Smarty:) 'Nose'? That don't rhyme with walls!
    (Eddie:) No, but this does, (kicks Smarty in the crotch as he goes flying right into the Dip, and dies.)
  • Judge Doom got run over by his own steamroller... on screen! It may not be quite as dark as some of the other examples, but it still counts.
  • Before Lena Hyena runs towards Eddie she adjusts her boobs and licks her lips in an obviously perverted way. She had other plans aside just kissing poor Eddie apparently.

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