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  • As a children's series, it doesn't have any explicit scenes. Most people under 13 would see some of the intimate scenes as kitties snuggling, whereas other readers might recognize what's not being said - particularly if a character has kits some time afterward. The most blatant is definitely Bluestar and Oakheart: in Bluestar's Prophecy, at the end of their ONLY night together, Oakheart suggests "Let's build a nest". Next thing you know, Bluestar's pregnant. Subtle, Erin, subtle.
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  • Greystripe and Silverstream. Greystripe, a cat from Thunderclan, was constantly sneaking off to secretly meet with Silverstream, a cat from Riverclan. After several days of that, Greystripe told his friend Fireheart (who was the only one who knew about their relationship) that Silverstream was pregnant with his kits.
  • Spiderleg and Daisy. Two characters who barely speak to each other in canon suddenly have kits. Spiderleg still doesn't even look at Daisy much afterwards, and is really awkward around their kits. As if coming to this conclusion wasn't easy enough, Word of God has even confirmed that they did indeed have a one-night stand.
  • Remarks made in Eclipse about Birchfall and Whitewing becoming closer leading to the nursery getting crowded, as well as pointing out that problems may arise from Honeyfern sharing a den with Berrynose.
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  • There is a scene in SkyClan's Destiny where Stick is looking for Red and sees what is described as "the larger figure bending over the smaller one", and he thinks that someone is trying to kill Red. When he barges in, he learns it's not true, but considering the two cats involved are an Official Couple, it makes you wonder what he really walked in on.
  • In Crookedstar's Promise, after Crookedjaw is happy that Mapleshade hadn't visited his dream:
    Oakheart (to Crookedjaw): What are you so cheerful about? Have you been dreaming about Willowpaw?
  • The Fourth Apprentice, Dovepaw uses her hearing powers to follow Brackenfur and Sorreltail in a hunting patrol, and she hears Brackenfur praise Sorreltail. Then Sorreltail purrs and Dovepaw thinks, Better tune out now!
  • In Sunset, after hearing they didn't have any patrols for the day, Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight promptly turn around and...walk back into the warriors den. Which is almost completely devoid of other cats. To make it more blatant, Squirrelflight's Romantic False Lead, Ashfur, notices, and starts tearing up the ground with his claws in anger.
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  • In the The Last Hope, Dovewing wakes up one morning after a secret night with Tigerheart particularly tired and disheveled-looking. She also seems very out-of-it and dreamy to point Ivpool describes her as "acting like she woke up in the wrong Clan". It was also their first meeting with Dovewing as a warrior and not a "too young apprentice". Coincidence?
  • Another Dovewing example: In the bonus scene of Shattered Sky, Bumblestripe (her ex boyfriend) all but asks her to sleep with him during a funeral. Dovewing is shown to feel extremely uncomfortable and is understandably angry during this scene.
  • The Spottedleaf x Thistleclaw pairing is rife with this. Although a May–December Romance is far from unusual in Clan society, this pairing really takes it to a new level. Thistleclaw becomes romantically interested in a child, a child younger than his own son. There's implied child grooming and tons of Unfortunate Implications involved. The scene where Thistleclaw tells a young Spottedleaf to meet him alone in the woods at night to "prove [her] love" for him is rather lewd. (Although it ended up being something completely different).
  • If one removed all the feline elements, The Rise of Scourge would be the Origin Story of a tyrannical gang leader.
  • In Crowfeather's Trial, when Nightcloud and Crowfeather visit an injured Breezepelt in the medicine cat den, they note that his girlfriend Heathertail is a little eager for them to leave. An amused Nightcloud murmurs to Crowfeather that she thinks the Clan will have new kits soon, and what do you know, Heathertail is apparently expecting at the end. Why yes, the book did just suggest they had Glad-to-Be-Alive Sex.
  • From the same book, Crowfeather asks a ThunderClan patrol if he can meet up with Leafpool, his ex-girlfriend. When they ask what business he has with it, he says its private. One of the cats on the patrol, Thornclaw, snarkily replies that he thinks Crowfeather's shared enough private business with her already.


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