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Craig McCracken, being Craig McCracken, slipped an adult joke or two into Wander over Yonder.
     Season 1 
  • The red-on-black pattern of Hater's cloak makes it look liked it's covered in blood.
  • They get a jump start on this in the first minute or so of "The Picnic"— Emperor Awesome says that he's taking Hater "all the way down to awesome-town" while pointing at his crotch.
  • In "The Greatest", when Wander starts mimicking the Watchdog's chant and changing the words.
    Wander: Hate's great, best villain! Taste cake, it's fillin'! Fix gate, needs drillin'! Date Kate, she's willin'!
    • When he says this, there's a noticeable eyebrow wiggle, making one wonder just what it is Kate's willing to do...
    • It might have been unintentional, but when Wander yells "I'M SO NERVOUS!", it looks like he's copping a feel at Lord Hater.
  • The animatic for The Egg has Wander giving Sylvia examples of various hugs, one being 'The Spoon' and another being 'The Long Stroke' where Wander runs his hand down Sylvia's neck and back, all the way to her butt. Sylvia removes his hand and shoves him away.
  • "The Pet" is not subtle about the fate of the now seemingly-abandoned spaceship's crew, with bones and skulls littered everywhere. Add to that the fact that the episode also features a malevolent black monster that spits acid and has More Teeth than the Osmond Family, and it's clear that "The Pet" is a giant Shout-Out to Aliens. Yes, the R-rated action horror film featuring bloodthirsty extraterrestrials. The icing on the cake is the gender-flipped variant of that film's famous line:
    Sylvia: "Get away from him, you..."
    Wander: "SYLVIA!"
  • In "The Birthday Boy", Hater tries to blast Wander with a Death Ray that looks like a giant bottle. What does Wander think?
    Wander: Spin the bottle? Hater, you sassy man! You do want to get this party started... (waggles eyebrows seductively)
  • In "The Bounty", after Peepers' Imagine Spot in which Lord Hater takes over the galaxy and he is demoted to "Janitor Peepers" due to the plant having taken his spot, he yells "FORGET THAT!" and uses the sharp end of his hat to cut around the center of the plant bounty hunter and escape and jumps out. There was no Gory Discretion Shot.
  • In "The Date", in order to stop Lord Hater from marrying a disguised Sylvia, Wander (also disguised) calls her a "cheap horse".
    • The first time Hater sees "Lynn" and approaches her, he sprays his armpits and chest with body spray. He then makes bedroom eyes at her and appears to stick the can under his robe (which is just off camera) and spray his crotch.
    • The censors must have been asleep for the entire wedding scene, because Peepers also gets away with the line "some broad he met at a restaurant."
    • During the carnival part of the date, at one point we see a bored Sylvia being rocked harshly back and forth and we hear spring-like squeaking, but when it zooms out we can see they're riding the dodgems and Hater's just ramming her repeatedly.
  • Quite literally in The Buddies. Since he couldn't get food, Wander got for Lord Hater a eyeball, a caterpillar, and shit. No literally.
    • Made funnier by the fact Hater's own minions are eyeballs.
  • In the end of "The Funk", Hater proclaims that he's "got [his] mojo back", while doing a pelvic thrust.
  • In the opening of the episode "The Hero", Brad Starlight narrates how the prophecy states that he and Princess Demura are destined to live happily ever after. ..."and use their compatible features to produce many offspring (who will also live happily ever after)."
  • In The Rider, this bit of dialogue:
    Sylvia: This is my old partner. Goes by the name of...
    Ryder: Ryder. Because I used to, um, ride her.
  • In "The Gift" during the credits, Hater is shown buried under the crowd of townsfolk. He complains he's getting claustrophobic, then demands to know:
    Lord Hater: Whose hand keeps touching my butt?!

  • In "The Sharpshooter" short, Hater's inability to destroy Wander is played a lot like erectile dysfunction, complete with this exchange.
    Hater: I swear, this never happens to me.
    Wander: You want to take a break and try again later?
    Hater: NO! I can do this!

     Season 2 
  • Though the titular big day in The Big Day is by and large supposed to resemble a wedding ceremony, there's a smattering of "lost virginity" in there as well. Wander goes on about how the moment note  has to be special, and even requests mood music.
    • And speaking about mood music: How this line got pass the censors, the world may never know.
    ♪ Still gettin' ready for the big day/Gettin' everything just right/I can't wait to destroy your body tonight
  • The Cluckulons in "The Boy Wander" after having all the feathers torn of their lower bodies are clearly trying to cover up. Hater even complains that he "can see their nuggets."
  • In "The It", General McGuffin yells "What in Sam Hill is going on here?!" after Lord Hater starts rampaging around his base. Sam Hill is an old euphemism for hell.
  • In "The Cool Guy", When Emperor Awesome crashes into Lord Hater's ship he moans while bottles of Thunder Blazz fall out, acting clearly drunk.
  • Hater at the end of "The Rager" is portrayed an awful lot like someone who has a hangover.
  • "The Rival": Emperor Awesome shakes his ass in front of Dominator, then she grabs his ass and drags him into another room. Her expression makes it obvious she doesn't mean anything sexual, she's just annoyed, but Awesome and Hater clearly think otherwise.
    • What exactly Hater thought Awesome's "secret weapon" was?
    Awesome: secret weapon, it's gonna sweep you off your feet.
    Dominator: I'm interessed, tell me more about this "secret weapon".
    Peepers and Hater: This confirms my worst fears !.. Wait what?
  • "My Fair Hatey": Lord Dominator's dancing during "I'm The Bad Guy" is more than a little suggestive, with plenty of booty-shaking, seductive strutting, and high kicks.
  • In "The Flower", Wander and Sylvia keep running into giant bees, which sets up Sylvia calling Lord Dominator "the biggest B in the galaxy."

     "The Party Poopers" 
  • "The Party Poopers" is, according to Word of God, literally an entire episode dedicated to as many butt- and poop-based Double Entendres as Standards and Practices would let the writers get away with. As a result, it has more instances of Getting Crap Past the Radar than any other episode, perhaps even the rest of the series combined.
    Craig McCracken: We wanted to try and make a cartoon filled with nothing but low brow and crass jokes, but do it in a way where you actually don’t see anything gross or disgusting. I attempt to list all of them but if I miss any feel free to add some in:
    • The name "The Party Poopers" itself.
    • The event they were called to happens once every 30 cycles when the full moon shines. (Even the 30 looks inappropriate if you look at it hard enough.)
    • The full moon was shown to be two moons partly overlapping; which was also an icon on the building, all over the interior decor, and the shape of the alien's heads (only shown in shadow or partially.)
    • The entry door was toilet cover shaped.
    • The residence of the building, with their butt-shaped heads, were called the "High-nee" council (which continuously cracked Wander up).
    • Silvia said "we cannot afford to blow this".
    • The High-nee council was believed to be VERRRRRRY up-tight (anal retentative).
    • Pulling the rope to ring the door sounded a little like a flushing toilet.
    • "State your name and business" in response to pulling the rope.
    • The BUTTler stressed the beginning of his title and was the first person we saw who was a butt- head—I mean, has a butt-shaped head.
    Sylvia: "Oh, you have got to be kidding me!"
    • He told them to follow him to the hind-quarters.
    • When Sylvia attempted to convince Wander to not laugh at their heads, Wander interrupted with "but but BUT BUT BUT" (while pointing at his head) to indicate that he wouldn't be able to resist laughing at that.
    • Sylvia tells him no buts (meaning both, he shouldn't argue this and that it's not the time for but jokes because this is serious business).
    • Sylvia finishes the discussion with; "no more cracks"
    • The BUTTler says what sounds like "toot toot''' don't fall BEHIND'''".
    • He yells "AND DON'T FORGET TO WIPE" as they enter, after which he pauses dramatically and then points down and says "... your feet". The door mat is shaped like the other decorations on the building... (the overlapping "full moons")
    • All the paintings in the entry hall were gags, and Sylvia was averting her eyes while Wander looked ecstatic over each jokes he got: a stool, a caboose, someone pinching a piece off of the top a loaf of bread (the kind you cut into slices, meaning the top was...bottom shaped, and "pinching a loaf" is a euphemism for defecating), a bomb dropping (dropping a bomb is a euphemism), 2 melons next to each other, A hobo (sometimes also called a bum), a cow coming out of a pie (cow pie), A card that says 2 of spades (deuce), and the astrological symbol of Uranus. No others were clearly in view but one of them looked a bit like a turtle as far as we could see. We also later quickly saw one with two arches connected to a wall (a buttress).
    • Sometime during this there is a split-second shot of Wander sucking is face in from trying not to laugh. It looks like an anus.
    • The BUTTler told them to move into the bowels of the temple.
    • Even the word "but" mid sentence becomes too much for Wander
    • "We 'nees like big BUFfets so feel free to take a big juicy bite".
    • There were many ass-shaped foods along with a pile of puns for the food names: "rump roast", "pressed ham" (a term for mooning someone by pressing you bum against a window), "hot buttered buns", "moon cakes", "roasted haliBUT" (with an extra prominent butt and the eyes on the fish staring at it's own bottom), sparkling blobberry fizz (followed by a Wander's confused expression and a pause) "bottomless of course", and their galaxy famous "pupu platter" (Wander had to be held out a window after this).
    • A guy who's dragged out calls everyone else "bottom feeders" and leaves a dark trail when being dragged on the back across the floor
    • After the guy is out the door the butler says "I can't stand brown nosing" (this was enough to have to hold Wander out the window again)
    • The announcer was holding a toilet scrub, had a sash and collar that looked like toilet paper, and claimed his name was "Gluteus, the Hi-Nee Council's Number 2" he was there to lead them to the rear of the temple.
    • The council had apparently been backed up leading to some delay.
    • "They've been stuck on their thrones all day and they're positively pooped"
    • When Wander realizes he needs to take things seriously Sylvia tries to trigger a laughing fit out of him to ensure he's serious.
    Sylvia:"You aren't going to go in there and laugh your butt off...and really bum me're behind me all the way...I can trust you to stay serious until the very end?...No buts about it?"...from the bottom of your heart?"
    • The council's thrones look like toilets.
    • Their pseudonyms are announced: "the mighty Rear Admiral Keister Von Derriere" (holding a plunger shaped scepter, with two plungers on his robes), "Grand Vizier Boo-hoo-tay" (with rune on his shirt that looks like a crescent with a spiral in the center.. or really a toilet seat with the water flushing), "Shakely Rump, the money maker" (with a butt symbol on her dress with an explosion mark around it. It was also hard to hear, he may have said Shapely), "the twins Badonk and Adonk" (with toilet paper roll symbols on their cloaks saying 'b' and 'a'), and "last but not least Princess Buttforaface" (who has a scepter that's half plunger half toilet scrub, and a rune on her dress that's an upside-down but with a crown on top).
    • Rear Admiral Keister interrupts their plea to pull out a white handkerchief saying "pardon me I'm quite stuffed up" He blows his nose, essentially a long fart. Or worse.
    • The sound of him blowing his nose disturbs local birds which have the bodies of starfishes (a euphemism for "anus").
    • High-Nee Council:"so you really think a bunch of people with heads like ours would call themselves the hineys?"
    • They follow with "we are sick and tired of people kissing our... " *pause to laugh* "faces" (it's not even really a euphemism given what their faces are). The announcer also said "Can you imagine someone named Gluteus, my real name's Todd"
    • Sylvia ends on "thank you, it's been a long time since I really laughed my a-" but Wander stops her.
    • Fade out was a toilet flush.
    • In the stinger, we see Sylvia has caught it.
    Sylvia: (to Wander) "I'm sorry no one should have to suffer through that much juvenile and frankly tasteless humor". "We could have been spending our valuable time doing something worth-while. Enjoying nature's booty—Beuty! I mean beauty!"
    • We never see the faces of the High-Nees, they are only shown from neck down or from behind.


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