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Radar / Ultraman Geed

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For a kid's show, Geed does tend to have these moments...

  • Moa's affection for her childhood friend Riku. As if living and bathing with her (#4) as children were not enough, she even mentioned to have sleep under the same bed with Riku (#16). All this made both her and Riku are almost look like married couple, even as children themselves with her way of explaining her past to Laiha mean it like how she did "that" with Riku. Good thing that the boy is completely unaware of this.
    • Even better: in episode 16, when Pega admits to have been joining Riku and Moa's trip (date). Moa's reaction (of how her childhood is ruined) is somewhat doubtful, especially after Pega admits that it was him who she hugged in a haunted house instead of Riku.
  • in #12, Sui Asakura develops the power to perceive anything around Riku and mentions that he knew what did the boy hide under his bed. Some fans guess it to be Porn Stash, with Riku's denial reaction to Sui doesn't help.

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