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Considering Butch Hartman's previous two works, it shouldn't be surprising that T.U.F.F. Puppy managed to slip under the radar once or twice.

  • One episode gets away with a blatant Prison Rape joke:
    Kitty: Cheer up, Snaptrap. Once you're back in jail, you'll have plenty of time to make another soap friend.
  • When Dudley is distracted on his computer and drooling, Kitty asks if he's "surfing meat." His computer displays a large T-Bone steak.
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  • When T.U.F.F and D.O.O.M had to share offices, Dudley exclaims this little tidbit:
    Dudley: "I'd recognize that tongue anywhere!"
  • In "Snap Dad", Snaptrap starts dating Dudley's mother and says they met at the laundromat.
    Dudley's Mom: No grown man should be walking around with ketchup on his shirt.
  • A minor D.O.O.M "bear" villain called "Leather Teddy".
  • Keswick invents goggles that allow the user to see through peoples' clothes. Kitty was not amused.
  • In "Frisky Business", Dudley is completely naked on screen.
  • When Kitty shaves herself in "Hot Dog", her regular outfit is gone, and she is only wearing a Fur Bikini (except it's more like a one-piece bathing suit). In order to shave herself, she stripped off all her clothes in front of her co-worker and seems to be blatantly nude with her fur providing censoring ala Peter Griffin's fat obscuring his privates. Essentially, they got away with showing Kitty naked. (Although to put that in perspective, Dudley never wears pants anyway. Nudity isn't as big a deal for Cartoon Animals.)
    • Dudley also calls himself a "wiener" in this episode. It gets a pass due to the fact that it was a running gag due to him mixing up the words "winner" with "wiener" (the food)
  • A running gag is that Keswick's stutters often imply he's about to swear, until he does a Last-Second Word Swap.
    Keswick: His pies taste like sh-sh-sh-shoes.
    Keswick: What would YOU call a day of backbreaking labor and a cloud of toxic fumes? Totally fu-fu-fun!
    Keswick: Well that su-su-su-seems reasonable!
    Keswick: Oh, you are sooo fu-fu-fu-ffffFFFOUND OUT, Agent Puppy!
    Keswick: Ow, fu-fu-fu-fu-FINGER PAIN!!
    Keswick: Oh, sh-sh-sh-sh-sure, I'm going to starve!
    Keswick: (to Snaptrap) You rat ba-ba-ba-ba-bad guy!
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  • "Thunder Dog" has Bird Brain (a booby bird) plan to cause an avalanche to drum up business on his overpriced condominiums named "Rancho Boobamunga Estates".
    Kitty: (READING BILLBOARD) "Rancho Boobamunga Estates' pre-avalanche sale? You know what this means?"
    Dudley: "I'm stuck on the word ''boobamunga''. (gives a sneaky smile to Kitty)
  • In what is either a Stealth Pun version of this or an Accidental Innuendo, "Cruisin' For A Bruisin" reveals that Kitty uses tuna-flavored lip balm. If you need that explained: The pussy's lips taste like fish.
    • Speaking of, The Chief's tiny, tiny speedo in this episode. At the end of the episode, he's lounging in a pelican's mouth and they end up floating to the surface. "This is getting weird"
  • One episode shows the front of Bird Brain's house. The number in front reads "80085," which means "boobs."
    • He is what's known as a "blue-bottomed booby", which in Petropolis is a really rare species of bird.
  • In Top Dog, Dudley becomes Chief of T.U.F.F. and commissions a frisking robot, which goes around feeling people up at random - including Keswick, Kitty and the Chief. If the Chief's "four of it's hands are really cold" or Kitty's "make it stop frisking!" comments aren't enough for this, when it frisks Kitty it noticeably does so offscreen.
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  • At the end of one episode Dudley momentarily heads backwards through time in order to catch an icecream truck and returns wearing pants. He then instantly panics, screaming for someone to tell him how to take them off.
  • In "Pup in the Air" the Chief is working on a model ship when gravity is disabled and the ship starts floating toward the ceiling fan, with the Chief saying they have to do something "before the ship hits the fan." And later, after Dudley saves the day, he says he "almost lost (his) ship."
  • In "Bad Eggs", Birdbrain complains that his minion Bat ran up $11,000 dollars in hotel services and "hotel movies" during a week-long retreat in Vegas. He even looks embarrassed when he brings up the 'hotel movies'.

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