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Trust me, you are better off not knowing what they are wincing at.
Crap that got past the radar on Trollhunters.
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  • For one, people say "crap" multiple times.
  • Rule Number Three: When in doubt, always kick them in the gronk-nuks. Arguably the trollhunter's most effective technique, having been used by various characters. Jim even sums it up by saying that Rule Number Three is essentially "Kick them in the nards."
  • People may say "Son of a-" occasionally.
  • Holy Shish-Kebab! is said multiple times, making the viewers think they are saying "Holy Shit!"
  • Blood is shown sometimes, but most of the time it is green or purple blood from trolls, red human blood is shown in small amounts like nosebleeds and cuts.

    Part 1 
  • At the beginning of "Wherefore Art Thou, Trollhunter?", during training, Jim can be heard saying "What the hell" as Blinky explains the 3 rules to Troll-hunting.
  • In the end of "Gnome Your Enemy", Bular chastises Strickler for leading a security guard to their location. Strickler retorts that he actually let the guard find them as a "midnight snack" for Bular. We do not see the security guard escape successfully.
  • In "Waka Chaka", Tobes was able to distract Steve by telling him that the Neanderthals in the Neanderthal exhibit were topless.
  • Not something usually seen in kids animation but in "Young Atlas", when Jim tries to explain the concept of kissing to Draal, he explains that it can "go on for hours".
  • In “Recipe for Disaster”, NotEnrique mentions that he has a 9:00 PM feeding that he "don't wanna miss."
    • Toby accidentally finds Strickler's fetch (a miniature portal to the Darklands). When asked about what he found, Toby incorrectly thinks that it is a donut cushion.
    Blink: Tobias, do you realize what you've just discovered?
    Toby: Strickler's got hemorrhoids?
    Blinky: No, it's a "fetch," an artifact of great power, a pinhole-sized breach into the Darklands.
  • In "Airheads", Steve drank multiple energy drinks in order to keep up his stamina for the Touch-A-Truckathon. When questioned about his need to use the bathroom, he says that he "[has] it covered." This is mentioned, prodded and lampshaded for the rest of the episode.
    • Claire was able to get out of class to help Tobes with a gravity curse by telling the teacher that she was having "girl problems".
    • Toby said he is sexually declined to the whole class before he floated away and Miss Janeth did not approve it.
    • At one point, Strickler is off to another date with Barbara, and taunts Jim by asking if he has a breath mint on him — clearly implying that there may well be kissing later on.
  • In "A Night To Remember" Miss Janeth is way too excited about giving Toby mouth-to-mouth. It gets treated and depicted as though she is making out with him. It does not help that afterwards she wipes her mouth as though she just finished an intense make-out session. The only way she could excuse herself from be accused of paedophilia is that she was visibly blowing air into his mouth though she never did chest compressions, which is the most important part of CPR.

    Part 2 
  • At the end of Episode 2, Steve is found blathering about the weird things he's seen. The police officer's reaction makes it pretty clear he thinks Steve's been taking drugs of some kind and drags him off to call his parents.
  • In Episode 5, after Blinky is freed from his brother, he hits him with a staff saying "GOODBYE DIC-TATIOUS!" with a bit of a pause between Dic and Tatious. So. Dick-Tatious.
  • In "Just Add Water", Mary excitedly asks Coach Lawrence if they'll be learning how babies are made.
    • Additionally, at the beginning of the episode, when swerving to avoid the troll arm, the man we see at the beginning of the episode screams "SON OF A-". It's cut short but it's still pretty clear what he was attempting to say.
  • In the episode "The Creepslayerz" when Eli is worried about damaging his mother's car, Steve actually tells him to "grow a pair".

     Part 3 
  • When NotEnrique shows Claire her shadow staff footage on a teddy bear nanny cam, he says "I had to, eh, erase a lot of footage." Considering he's been recording Claire's room, it begs the question of what (other than long waiting periods) he had to edit out.
  • When Morgana possesses Claire's body, she asks Jim to take her home in a seductive, almost creepy tone.
  • Episode 6 takes it to the next level.
    • When Barbara tries to explain to everyone's parents that their children are in trouble, Claire's father directly asks if they are on drugs.
    • Later, Jim says their parents deserve to know what their kids do at night. Mr. Nuñez immediately yells, "What do you do at night with my daughter?!"
      Jim: We hunt trolls.
      Mr. Nuñez: Oh. Well, at least that's better than... the alternative.
  • A House Divided gives more disturbing radar buster - Jim's transformation sequence.
    • We cut to Jim, sitting in the bathroom, contemplating the amulet and ignoring Claire's call, while the bathtub fills. As the scene transitions from flashbacks to present, the others come into the house. Barbara begins frantically pounding on the door, begging him to answer. The others join in, with Jim only pausing upon hearing Claire's voice - until she mentions Morgana is free. Through the whole sequence Jim is silent. As he steps into the tub, he sees visions of his friends and family. Jim's face slips beneath the water, as the others manage to break the door down. They only find a churning, blood red tub, and an empty jar on the floor. The whole scene capped off by Barbara's pleading to know what happened to her son, and the immediate credits overlaid with a fading heartbeat only solidify the massive suicidal allusions the scene has.
  • Morgana's interaction with Angor Rot has some disturbingly sexual undertones, like stroking his face to reassure him that he's not a tool to her (which he quickly understands is a lie). It seems that, besides all the horrible things she put him through on-screen, she still did worse.

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