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The series

  • Several words pertaining to machinery and technology are used in place of swearing (e.g. "Skidplate" for "ass", "Oil Stain" for "shitstain", "Slag" for "fuck", "Glitches" for "bitches").
    • A uniquely specific version appears in "Predacons Rising", when Sentinel admonishes the twins to "...stop standing around with your pistons in your servos." "Servo" is commonly used to refer to Cybertronian's hands, and "piston", with the tiniest hop of imagination, clearly means "dick".
  • Sari apparently tells Optimus where babies come from in the second part of "Transform and Roll Out".
  • In "Home Is Where The Spark Is", Prowl tackles Bumblebee onto the ground, with his hands on his chest and his face mere inches away from his and saying "You should try it sometime" while smirking as Bumblebee blushes beneath him. Prowl's talking to Bumblebee about keeping his stillness of course.
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  • In "Along Came a Spider", Blackarachnia at one point says the questionable line of "Much as you'd love to give me a faceful of foam."
  • One of the items that Wreck-Gar takes from his trash bucket when he tries to figure out who he is in "Garbage In, Garbage Out" is a bra. He discards it after determining that it isn't his size.
  • The Constructicons Scrapper and Mixmaster provide a lot of this. Their obsession with drinking oil is blatantly a stand-in for alcoholism and they are occasionally seen hitting on cars as if they were attractive women.
  • Most of the Nanosec/Slo-Mo interaction in "S.U.V.: Society of Ultimate Villainy", particularly Slo-Mo's compliment of liking a man who works fast and Nanosec's reply that he likes a girl who takes it slow.
  • In "Sari, No One's Home", Mixmaster remarks "What the front-end-loader is that?" It was originally going to be "forklift", but that didn't make the cut.
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  • "Three's a Crowd" feaures Scrapper and Mixmaster watching a car being disassembled and reacting the same way men would to watching a stripper disrobing.

The AllSpark Almanacnote 

  • Erector's bio has Sentinel Prime describe him as "dysfunctional" and then ask the reader why they are laughing.
  • Some character bios and episode summaries have the character narrating them get away with saying "damn" or some variation thereof.
  • The excerpt from the Cybertronian newspaper "ALTernity Today" (which recaps the events of the episode "This Is Why I Hate Machines") mentions in one of the article previews that Rosanna had a "ware-drobe malfunction" at a rock festival.
  • In the page covering Decepticon weaponry in Chapter Five, Strika is said to be upgraded with twin Reverse-Higgs Nitronium Missiles. The illustration shows the missiles to be huge and round and preparing to fire from her breast area.

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