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Just because this franchise is a Merchandise-Driven bunch of cartoons about transforming robots doesn't mean that none of the shows had their share of adult references and jokes sneaked in.

Transformers works with their own Radar page

Transformers works without their own Radar page

  • Beast Machines
    • Thrust flips off Cheetor in "Savage Noble" and Optimus Primal in "Home Soil". This is facilitated by the fact that Thrust has a three-fingered claw hand, providing some plausible deniability.
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    • This exchange from "Spark of Darkness".
    Botanica: And what would you rather be doing?! Sticking your tail into a computer socket?!
    Rattrap: Heh, beats the heck out of plowing your little field of dreams!
  • Unicron Trilogy
    • In Transformers Cybertron, Thunderblast has very pronounced Underboobs, and this remains unchanged in the show's English dub in spite of the general rule of anime being heavily censored if meant to be viewed by younger English-speaking audiences. In the episode "Memory", there is even a scene where she has visible nipples. Oh and they bounce. Did they drug the censors or something?


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