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The cartoon

  • In the episode "Microbots", the Decepticons act like they're drunk after "overenergizing" on energon.
  • In the episode "Only Human", where Rodimus Prime, Arcee, Ultra Magnus and Springer have their minds placed in synthoid human bodies. Rodimus has (offscreen but implied) sex with a human woman named Michelle, the moll of the episode's villain Victor Drath.
  • "Starscream's Ghost" has, as TFWiki so eloquently puts it, Octane looking up robo-porn.
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  • "The Search for Alpha Trion" has a...questionable...scene where Optimus connects himself to Elita-1 (essentially his girlfiend) to "transfer his energy" to her, and then moans in the process. That's some transfer alright.
  • The "Hojoni" movie poster seen in the episode "Kremzeek!" depicts a naked woman covering herself.
  • The second part of "The Return of Optimus Prime" features use of Stan Bush's song "The Touch" from the movie, with the lyric "When all hell's breaking lose" not being removed or altered in any way.
  • The episode "Roll for it" has a Japanese message by the staff working on the episode, with it roughly translating to "Gah, I need a woman. Ain't there any hot babes around? Let's call it a day, get home quick and hit the sack. Hey, Habara, did you pop your cherry yet?note  Let's go hit a Turkish bathnote  some time".

The comic

  • The infamous "Prime's Rib!", a story exclusive to the UK version of the comic, establishes the female Autobot Arcee as being created by the Autobots to appease complaints from some straw feminists that whined about the Transformers identifying as male even though it was established in the comics that Transformers were technically genderless. When the Autobots question what makes an individual female, they determine that the answer is a variation in the upper chassis design. In addition, after Arcee singlehandedly thwarts a Decepticon attack, Hot Rod earns the feminists' ire by voicing his approval of female Transformers after accidentally colliding into Arcee and ending up in a heap with her upon the floor.


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