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Even if this was a Merchandise-Driven children's cartoon, the show still got away with a fair amount of adult-oriented jokes.

  • "Enter Dormammu!" has a scene where the Squad's physical makeups is being altered and one instance shows Falcon along with his pet falcon Redwing dressed up in wedding attire, with him in a tux and the falcon in a wedding gown. His remark: "Hey! It is NOT like that!"
  • "Night at the Sanctorum"
    • The heroes have to find a new place to temporarily live, and Iron Man reads off a list of heroes to stay with. He gets to She-Hulk and says to himself, "Well, maybe if it was just ME."
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    • While crammed in the back of the Punisher's van, one of the heroes starts muttering something about his nipple.
  • "Tremble Before the Might of M.O.D.O.K.!" has a scene where an emaciated Hulk's underwear falls down. Only the back view of his legs are seen when this happens, but that doesn't stop Iron Man from commenting on the situation.
    Iron Man: Hulk, you trying to lose us our G rating?
  • War Machine mentions something about Iron Man dating She-Hulk in "Tales of Suspense!":
    War Machine: Didn't you dump her when you found out she was—
    Iron Man: Gentlemen don't discuss such things!
  • When She-Hulk shows up in "So Pretty When They Explode!", she asks Iron Man why he never calls her. He responds with this line:
    Look, it's not you... It's just.. I've this thing about dents.
  • In "Honor Thy Sky-Father", Thor and Hercules face off in a competition. In one round, they have to fight an eight headed Hydra and bring back one of its heads. Thor rushes in, fights, and then brings back a bag.
    Thor: Behold! The head of the Hydra!"
    Reptil: Umm, Thor... That's not its head.
    Thor: It is not.. I see... But there were 8 of them!
    Wolverine: Okay, that was just gross.
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  • "Hehe, he said 'put out'" - Abomination, Election of Evil.
  • In "The Ballad of Beta Ray Bill!", the Stranger nearly calls Thor a "piece of" something. When Thor admonishes the Stranger and starts washing out his mouth, the Stranger starts insisting that he was trying to say "piece of work".
  • Fin Fang Foom loses his pants in "This Al Dente Earth", shocking even the mighty Galactus! (Interestingly, nothing is seen underneath.) Which makes it also a Shout-Out to the not kid-friendly Nextwave featuring a clone of Fin Fang Foom who was vexed over his lack of genitalia.
  • In "The Final Battle ('Nuff Said)!", Iron Man mentions Doom not being allowed near pools anymore, to which Doom insists that whatever Mr. Fantastic said, he was lying, and Doom was just leaking coolant. Iron Man says "coolant that color?"