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Radar / The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

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  • As the Invincibubble, SpongeBob tells everyone to get ready for "some serious aft-kicking here!"note 
  • Squidward sliding and flailing on the lower back of the sunbathing woman is a little...suggestive.
  • At one point during the film, Plankton suggests that post-apocalyptic Bikini Bottom should be renamed to "Dirty Bottom". SpongeBob does a bit of Lampshading there.
  • The scene with the ice cream girl is suggestive, to say the least. However, it appeared only in the trailers and TV spots.
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  • During the Rap Battle, one of the seagulls swears, which is censored by a bar and dolphin noise.
  • Plankton's code name for Karen earlier in the film is "laptop", to which she considers demeaning.

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