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  • When Piggy and crew go to acquire a celebrity host so the show can go on, they go to the studio. When they reach a certain trailer, Jack Black comes out in a motion capture suit and yells, "Hey, I told you, I'm not finished putting on my balls!". It honestly wouldn't have been so bad if he hadn't said that last word with so much force...
    • He also becomes the first human to go face-first into Piggy's crotch...admittedly, she WAS attempting a kung-fu move on him at the time.
  • During "Life's a Happy Song," a hippie played by well-known stoner Willie Nelson sings "Life is full of highs."
  • When confronting Miss Poogy, a rather husky-voiced and angry-looking Muppet, Miss Piggy takes a not-so-subtle look at Poogy's crotch area.
    Miss Piggy: Listen ..." [crotch check] "sister ..."
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  • Fozzie sings a song advertising the hotel he now works at, to the tune of "The Rainbow Connection". One line about cohabitation in a single room ends with "No marriage certificate is needed."
  • During the scene with Pepe's cameo, the song that is playing is "Time of My Life" from Dirty Dancing. This wouldn't be so bad, if they hadn't decided to have Piggy to be singing the most suggestive line in the entire song at that point. (Baby, I know what's on your mind when you say/'Stay with me tonight').
  • In The Great Muppet Caper, Gonzo is selling souvenir photos to diners at the Dubonnet Club, he suggests to one couple that a photo would be a "great memento for you and your wife"; the man replies that his wife is not feeling well, to which Gonzo says that perhaps she should be at home; the man then replies that his wife is at home. Flustered, Gonzo leaves the couple alone. Most little kids watching the movie did not understand the adultery joke, but you can be sure their parents did.


  • In the first episode, Sam the Eagle goes down a list of words they're not allowed to say on TV, including "crotchety," "twiddle" and "gesticulate," the last of which just means "moving hands"... which leads to shaking hands, which is the first step in making babies.
    • Fozzie interrupts a dinner between Rizzo and Yolanda.
    Rizzo: It was just getting good!
    Yolanda: It will be if this dinner goes well.
  • When Kermit is talking about how he and Denise started dating, the camera focuses to her in another room sucking on a straw.
    Kermit: We were at a cross-promotional synergy meeting, and we ended up, uh, cross promoting.
  • Signing a birthday card Zoot draws a picture that he thinks he can change into a saxophone.
  • After Piggy's date with Josh Groban, Swedish Chef adds his commentary.
    Chef: Der Piggy Gropin de Groban!
    Piggy: Oh, Chef, you've got a dirty mind! [sing-song] But accurate...
  • After Bobo is discouraged because he can't manage to sell any Girl Scout cookies to people on behalf of his daughter, Scooter suggests he could try the band:
    Bobo: Hey, yeah! Those guys are always happy!
    Scooter: Yeah. Legally, now.

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