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Watch out for this Loud...
Like most Nicktoons, there's no doubt that The Loud House would sneak in a couple of dirty or suggestive moments now and then, although some of them were so clever that one may not catch it the first time.
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  • Clyde's frequent Nosebleeds whenever he's around Lori. The episodes "Get the Message" and "Making the Case" reveals that he gushes over her feet and flatulence, respectively, although they haven't been mentioned since. This was toned down after Season 1, but it returned in an Up to Eleven way on "Change of Heart" where he gets a nosebleed six times. In Season 3, the gag and Clyde's obsessiveness with Lori were seemingly scrapped for good.

    Season 1 
Get the Message

Making the Case

  • Lynn's section of the trophy case contains a certificate reading "KICKS A+" as shown in the picture above.

A Tale of Two Tables

  • When Clyde is preparing Lincoln for dinner at the grown-up table, he honks an air horn whenever Lincoln does something wrong. When Lincoln takes cardboard Lori's bread, Clyde says, "Don't worry beautiful, I'll share my buns with you" before Lincoln honks the air horn.

Space Invader

  • After Lynn throws Lincoln's stuffed rabbit doll, he catches it and starts baby-talking to it, after which Lynn comments: "Y'know, I'm noticing a complete lack of balls in this room". Lincoln gets an uncomfortable look at that remark, which is followed by Lynn bringing in a pillowcase full of sports balls.note 

Changing the Baby

  • When Lincoln tries to take Lily from Luan and Lynn, he inadvertently puts his hands on their chests.

Ties That Bind

  • Early in the episode, Lori finds out Leni is using one of her shirts and angrily demands her to take it off. Leni responds she can't as there are boys present. The only "boy" present is Luan's dummy, which does an Eyebrow Waggle causing Luan to cover its eyes.
  • Mr. Loud talks about getting rid of "the one with the white hair" which he doesn't even know if it's his. He's actually talking about a tie with a white hare on it, but Lincoln thinks he's talking about him.


  • When Lori reveals that her "tank top" is actually Mom's old girdle, the rest of the siblings react in disgust.

Butterfly Effect

Along Came a Sister

  • When Mrs. Johnson chooses Lincoln to pet sit the class tarantula for the weekend:
    Mrs. Johnson: Frank needs to be fed twice a day and under no circumstances should he be let out of his cage. Unlike me this weekend...
  • There are two occasions where Lori calls the person looking under the door (to look for the tarantula) a "weirdo" for seemingly trying to peek on her when she's in the bathroom. The first time is her brother, the second time is an adult exterminator, which causes him to stutter and blush.

Two Boys and a Baby

  • A rather subtle Visual Pun where Lincoln uses a fishing rod to get rid of Lily's dirty diaper. As he reels it in, it accidentally hits the ceiling fannote , spilling contents all over the room. Thankfully, it's not shown to the viewers.

The Loudest Yard

Snow Bored

  • If one were to pay close attention to the screen of Bobby's computer, a chatbox can be seen on the left side, with the conversation being eerily suggestive. A girl messages him "Want to see it?" to which Bobby replies "Hey Cool," and "Ya". It turned out that she sent a picture of a cat, followed by "Meow" and his reply of "Wha".note 

Study Muffin

  • Lisa taking Hugh for a "class" in which she points out his six pack and then is about to do the same with his "gluteus maximus" while all the other sisters squee in delight. It's implied that Lori snaps a photo of Hugh's butt as Lincoln escorts him out of the room.
  • An eyeball flies out of their fight cloud as the girls are fighting.

    Season 2 
11 Louds a Leapin'
  • In Luna's second Christmas carol, her third line ended on the word "list", and she's clearly about to rhyme it with "pissed", but Mr. Grouse cuts her off.

Intern for the Worse

  • There's a shelf marked "Beer" at Flip's Food & Fuel.

Suite and Sour

  • The end of the episode reveals that the Louds were really kicked out of the hotel because Mr. and Mrs. Loud were caught on camera swimming naked in the pool after closing time. They lampshade this at the end when Mr. Loud states that they will tell the kids when they're older.

Lock 'n' Loud

  • Lisa accidentally reveals that she had cameras in the bathroom for a year, followed by her smiling deviously and walking back into the bathroom:
    Lincoln: Why is the bathroom the safe room?
    Lisa: Because of the cameras I installed last year.
    Lincoln: You installed cameras?!
    Lisa: (realization) Nooooo...?
Frog Wild
  • Mrs. Johnson's class is looking at Lana's new frog sanctuary towards the end of the episode when one of them asks about what two certain frogs are doing. This causes Mrs. Johnson to immediately cover the tank with a world map.

Cheater by the Dozen

  • For most of the episode, Lincoln and Clyde assume that Bobby is cheating on Lori with no given context. Among their suspects for cheating are an older woman, a man, and even a dog.
  • They inadvertently see Bobby taking off his pants from a camera they hooked onto a collar from the aforementioned dog, causing Clyde to cover his eyes in horror, mentioning that he isn't allowed to watch R-rated movies.note 

Potty Mouth

  • The entire episode in general is all about the Loud kids trying to make Lily stop saying what they believe to be the "D" word. For the record, she kept saying "dannit", which turns out to be her trying to say the word "donut".
  • The episode ends with Lily swearing for real, albeit bleeped much to the family's horror after Charles steals her donut.

The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos

  • When Ronnie Anne lifts the shower curtain, she sees Sergio, exclaiming the words "I'm naked!".note 

Job Insecurity

  • Mr. Grouse mentions at one point that he has a date with "two hot dishes"... of lasagna.

Health Kicked

  • Mrs. Loud does a seductive purr and winks to Mr. Loud after mentioning the tankini she bought on their honeymoon, complete with a saxophone sound and Mr. Loud saying, "Va-va-voom!". The kids, who are eavesdropping, react in disgust.
  • In another scene, Mr. Loud's pants fall off and Lori and Leni, who are hiding under their parents' bed, cover their eyes in disgust.

Lynn-er Takes All

No Laughing Matter



  • They probably got away with it because they insisted that it was fake at every chance they got. However, the episode shows rather gory imagery such as a decapitated head, a lot of realistic fake blood, people being threatened by a (fake) chainsaw, a bloodied corpse and a child being hanged.note 

Read Aloud

  • Buried among the huge bookcases is an author named "H. Jass".note 


    Season 3 
  • When the Louds are on a prison bus by mistake, Lana talks to a prisoner in the back. Upon noticing one of his (offscreen) tattoos, she believes that his tattoo artist forgot the lady's clothes and proceeds to draw over the private areas with a marker.


  • It's easy to miss, but Lisa's question of "Was your room well-ventilated when you worked with this glue?" implies that Lisa thinks Myrtle was high or otherwise drugged in some way when making the sweaters.

Pipe Dreams

Missed Connection

  • Bobby's attempt at ordering Lori a heart-shaped pizza fails when the twins answer the door instead and eat it for themselves. After flipping it over and Lana commenting that she thinks it's supposed to be a butt. As if there wasn't a more subtle way to put a joke about eating ass into the episode.
    Lana: "Mmm, I like butt!"


  • When a fight between the siblings pauses, Lola and Luan find themselves in an... awkward position.
  • When the siblings are discussing Lincoln "playing the friend card" during a meeting, Lola says, "During guard change, I'll sneak up on him in the shower!" Keep in mind that she watches a prison show in this episode.

Breaking Dad

  • Halfway through the episode, when Kotaro asks if he should get the van so they can head back, Mr. Loud says "Bell, no!".

House of Lies

  • Halfway in the episode, Lisa installs cameras all around the house to detect lies from the family, including the bathroom. The disturbing part? There's three cameras aimed inside the toilet and two inside the shower.

Antiqued Off

  • An easy one to miss, but we get this exchange:
    Lincoln: You know Lisa, she loves proctology!
    Clyde: I think you got the wrong “-ology”.
    Lincoln: And I think you don’t know Lisa.
  • Lincoln and Clyde attempt to promote Lynn's Table by making a commercial. Clyde is put in a tree costume that gets interpreted as a tree monster by the local news. When Clyde leaves, Mr. Loud warns him to watch out for the tree monster especially if it's offering candy.


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