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The movie gets away with a lot of stuff that couldn't be done in either live action or conventional animation, simply because Everything's Built with LEGO:

  • For instance, a character gets decapitated and his severed head is shown on-screen for nearly a minute, but it's neither squicky, gory, nor anything inappropriate.
  • Michelangelo (the artist) has brought a white statue with him to the assembly of Master Builders, the statue of David. Like the real statue it's nude, but unlike the real statue it's a Lego minifigure with nothing to censor.
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  • In the "Behind the Bricks" featurette, President Business moans about why they got Will Ferrell to voice him, then starts doing imitations of famous actors who he wanted to voice him. At one point he mentions Ryan Gosling, then takes off his shirt to reveal a six-pack, raises his eyebrow and a wolf-whistle sound plays.
  • Near the beginning, when talking about getting something to eat, a male construction worker says he likes giant sausages. The fact it's a stereotype that many construction workers are gay, there is no way this was a coincidence.
  • Metalbeard's story finishes with him escaping with nothing but his head (and sundry organs); represented in — thank Heavens — silhouette by a Lego snake and a few small, round pieces. Obviously his intestines and all them pod-shaped insides.
  • Vitrivius asks "Why are my pants cold and wet?", to which Wyldstyle reacts with horror. Turns out the submarine is leaking.
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  • Good Cop/Bad Cop tells Emmet he was found "convulsing with a strange piece", to which Emmet responds "That's disgusting!" Whatever he was thinking that meant is a mystery.
  • Metalbeard tells Benny the first rule of the ocean: never place your rear end on a pirate's face.
  • In the end when everybody's getting creative again, a French guy is happily sticking his croissant into a hole (in a plate).