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Considering that series is based on classical mythology...

  • Schist.
  • Much of Percy's interpreting for Arion consists of this.
  • In The Lost Hero, it mentions that Drew dumped, "everything from the bathroom waste bin- some pretty nasty things- all over the floor".
  • Piper's father says that he thinks "That Indian and Greek stuff is all bull."
  • In The Son of Neptune, the Amazon, Kinzie, blatantly flirts with Percy, telling him if he ever needs a new girlfriend, she's available. While we're never told exactly how old Kinzie is, it's safe to assume she's an adult (since not many teenagers can get jobs as security guards), whereas Percy is only sixteen. Plus, you have to wonder what Kinzie was thinking when she says Percy would look great in an iron collar and an orange jumpsuit.note 
    • Most likely she was thinking that males are inferior. She is an Amazon. Although, even that could be Radar combined with Fridge Horror, as in some of the myths the Amazons keep male prisoners as sex slaves.
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  • In the same vein as Percy and Kinzie, The House of Hades also gives us Leo and Calypso. There was also a part like this back in the first series, though with Percy instead of Leo. Keep in mind that, again, Percy and Leo are only about 16, whereas Calypso is over 3000 years old.
  • From The Mark of Athena we have one scene where Percy and Annabeth fall asleep together on the ship. With some of the dialogue, one has to wonder if the original scene was a Sexy Discretion Shot so that Riordan could get it past the radar.note 
    Annabeth: We just fell asleep together! We didn't do anything.
    Percy: We kissed a few times...
    Annabeth: Not helping!
    • This is reinforced when in a later novel Buford is programmed to shout Coach Hedge phrases and one then is “Put some clothes on!”
  • Percy referring to Ephialtes as "The Big F."
  • There is a scene in The Son of Neptune where Hazel takes Percy to the back of R.O.F.L. to help him get better and to call Camp Jupiter, while Frank goes outside to fight some monsters. Later, we find out that Percy and Hazel used an Iris Message to call Reyna...who at the time was taking a bath...did we mention that Iris Messages are basically video chat? Frank also says he would have paid to see that (meaning he would have liked to see Reyna's shocked look, not her in the bath...or would he?)
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  • Piper mentions that the dress Aphrodite conjured for her had a "v-neck so low it was totally embarrassing", which brings to mind Absolute Cleavage.
  • When the heroes meet Asclepius, they find that he has a very long list of his qualifications on his door. These include 'OMG', 'TTYL', 'INC.,' 'IOU', 'OD', 'SMH' and 'BAMF'.
  • When Piper, Annabeth, and Jason are on shore and need to contact Leo (on the Argo II), Piper remembers that Leo knows Morse code and that they have a mirror, so she starts to tell Annabeth, who finishes the thought with this gem:
    Piper: He'll be watching from the ship. Go to the ridge-
    Annabeth: And flash him!
    Annabeth's face reddened
    Annabeth: That came out wrong.
  • Percy growing more and more powerful is referenced a lot in this series, and, especially in his darker moments, he seems to, um...really enjoy using that power. When he first tries suffocating somebody telekinetically, he shudders, his internal monologue says the new power feels like heat rushing through him, and afterwards, he's distracted, tingling all over, and breathing heavily.
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  • Since most of the characters who were rapists or attempted rapists in the original myths pose as would-be suitors and mention marriage instead, it's a little strange when Gaia offers to give Percy as a Sex Slave to Calypso if she kills Leo.
    Gaia: I will free you and grant you any wish... Even a prize. Would you still have the demigod Percy Jackson?... He will be yours to punish or to love, as you choose.

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