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While this show is rated TV-PG on The Hub in America and is meant to be for families, the show still gets crap past the radar.

  • From "Alien Candy":
    Bully: ''Looks like somebody grew a pair."
  • Kell's nickname in "Game Over" is "Kell-Raiser," which is three letters off from a mild swear ("hell")
    • The word "hell-raiser" was actually said on "The Return of Lilly D" by the crazy old woman who was forced to make dolls by the Really You company. She described Lilly D as a "hell-raiser," then says, "Pardon my French."
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  • In "The Walls," Jeffery's dad tells Jeffery that the Klemit (a sugar-addicted demon that lives in his bedroom wall) didn't kill the old man who lived in their house; it was the fact that the old man was 114 and had a 29-year-old girlfriend.
  • In "Wrong Number", when Mrs. Biazevich confronts the girls in their room about the loud music, Steffani replies with a very sarcastic "Sure thing, Mrs. Biaze-VICH." The delivery of the line sounds awfully close to "Biaze-bitch".
  • Creature Feature gives us this gem right after John, who was turned into a tick creature, was on the receiving end of a Groin Attack. The actual impact occurs off-screen, but the dialogue makes it obvious what happened:
    Nathan: Ooh! Right in the...
    Lisa: In the what? Does he even still have any?
    (John doubles over in pain)
    Nathan: I'll take that as a yes.
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  • "Seance" mentions the ghost of Cyrus Clayton who was fired for drinking alcohol on the job, then brutally murdered his boss before his leg was shredded in an accident and he bled to death.
  • "Coat Rack Cowboy": Ethan and Frank first encounter Mad Dog McCoy in a Western saloon, where he's swilling whiskey.
    • Mad Dog McCoy's story of how he died: he shot the town sheriff, then ran for the hills until a posse of cowboys caught him and hanged him. He still has the noose scars on his neck.
  • In Dead Bodies, Jake tells Will to "Go to Hell." He may have meant the actual place, since Will is a ghost and is in between the mortal world and the afterlife, but it's still not something you'd normally hear on a children's network (despite that the show is rated TV-PG for scary/disturbing content).
    • Jake forcing Anna to shake her hand comes off with some rape-like undertones.
  • The antagonist of "My Old House" draws several parallels to that of a pedophile. The villain lures the protagonist away by showing her more love than her parents do, gives her sweets, and promises to take care of her as long a she remains loyal. Even further, the antagonist also shows signs of being a domestic abuser when he doesn't get what he wants.
  • In "Argh V," Sam's parents cheerfully remark that "you are what you eat!"...prompting Sam's father to call himself a "fruit cup." One wonders if the scriptwriter added the "cup" to that line to prevent the negative connotations of "fruit."
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  • In general, the many times kid protagonists end up dead — Will from "The Dead Body," Alex from "Sick", Audrey, Halftime, and Katie in "Detention," Sam and her family in "Argh V," the reference to the kids who died while playing with Mangler on "Near Mint Condition."
  • From Lotsa Luck:
    Greg's Dad: (arriving home) "There's my favorite family!"
    Greg's Mom: "Better be your only family."

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