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  • Notice how after La Muerte screams to summon Xibalba, when she discovers that he cheated, Xibalba has a bottle of wine and 2 glasses. If one were to imply further, there's a slight sexual implication, since they're married, would have drunk wine (if the reason La Muerte calling Xibalba wasn't about his cheating), and his sing-song voice.
  • It's a quick moment, but here, Xibalba is looking at La Muerte's breasts.
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  • At Manolo and Maria's wedding, Carlos grabs (or at least tries to) Carmen's butt. Seen here.
  • The Candlemaker says this while watching as Manolo is forced to fight several thousand bulls combined into one giant bull: "That is a whole lot of bull."
  • Are we not forgetting the scene where the mariachi guys are trying to help Manolo woo Maria? They admit to having gone to four bars and were obviously drunk and one of the songs they try to serenade her with actually uses the word sexy.
  • In the beginning during the school field trip, one of the students (a young Emo boy) is shown to be openly gushing over both Xibalba and La Muerte.

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